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Dr. Nancy Padian (b. 1952) is a medical researcher who is the executive director of the Women's Global Health Imperative at the University of California, San Francisco, an RTI International group researching global women's health issues. She is senior director of prevention at the Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation.[1] Dr. Padian has been noted as among the "world's foremost experts on the heterosexual transmission of AIDS".[2]

Dr. Padian gained an undergraduate degree in child development and education from Syracuse University.[1] Though initially wanting to become a psychologist, she was drawn to epidemiology by its potential to improve the lives of many people.[2] She subsequently received a master's degree and a doctorate from the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.[1] Beginning her graduate programs in the first stages of AIDS research, Dr. Padian was among the first to conduct large-scale studies proving heterosexual transmission of the HIV virus that causes AIDS[3][4] and establishing risk factors that can be avoided to minimize harm.[2][5]

Dr. Padian has refuted attempts by AIDS denialists to claim that HIV is not sexually transmitted by misusing her epidemiological work.[5]

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