4 thoughts on “Super Padian

  1. Right on Nancy! And make sure to side-step this little problem during your interviews.
    Oh, and by the way, my husband and I are “living proof” of her outcome. We had unprotected sex for 7 yrs before I was given a “positive test result”.
    And an AIDS diagnosis, based on NOTHING but a t-cell count.
    He tested “negative”.

    Keep ’em coming, Liam!

  2. As you can tell just by looking at her face, Nancy Padian is one hot, sultry little siren herself, surely well attuned to the party scene in San Francisco.

    Maybe some day she will sit down and tell us why, after 30 years of “AIDS” cases in her City by the Bay, the cumulative number of heterosexual female AIDS cases is 302, or 10 (ten) per year.

  3. Making fun of such a rube is fun. But the really sad thing about this kind of double-talk is that it has victims. It actually kills marriages, people — even babies — to continue to believe, contrary to the evidence, that HIV is sexually transmitted. I call that “dangerous.”

    Nancy Padian – Such a dangerous woman indeed.

    I’d like to see HER accused of “killing babies in Africa.” Instead of me, for once. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  4. one day people will realise the mistakes. i think more ordinary people than you know , understand the questions exist and have not been satisfactorily answered and that hiv is now unfairly used as a vehicle for so many other issues of social behavioural modelling….
    My ex tested positive and I did. He had a VL of over 100000 and cd4 170 approx he said and he had been ill, I had VL of 5000 cd4 800.they said I was a long term non progressor but not responsible for his infection . Our son tested negative. Everyone else did . I breastfed my son in hospital…but we have to fight this – now in Europe they are convicting people for having unprotected sex if they are hiv positive. At the same time POZ magazine aired a podcast from a conference citing a study that said conservatively that there is little risk of transmitting HIV when the ‘virus’ is suppressed to below 50 copies. More mixed messaging from mainstream . They were not advocating for people to have unprotected sex but the castration continues…into law courts for indiscretions resulting in a positive test in sexual partners even where sex was consensual and status known..

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