Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation


Lyn Turney*

School of Social Inquiry, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic 3217, Australia
Available online 13 July 2002.


Tubal ligation is a commonly used routine procedure for female sterilisation. It is promoted as a very safe and highly effective method of permanently controlling fertility. Yet, since the early 1930s, there have been reports in the medical literature indicating that there are both short-and long-term problems with the procedure. This article reviews the medical and scientific literature in which these problems are reported in an attempt to synthesise and make sense of the results and their implications for women. Contrary to the way it is promoted, tubal ligation is fraught with complications which place at risk the health and well-being of many women. Its sequelae includes many gynaecological problems ranging from torsion, hydrosalpinx, and endometriosis to irreversible interferences with the endocrine system. It is clear that tubal ligation is not the ‘clean cut’ procedure that it purports to be, and, in the interests of women, the myths about safety and efficacy need to be publicly dispelled.

The most common method of fertility control is tubal ligation. Physicians and some women promote tubal sterilization as an extremely safe and very effective method of permanent fertility control. Yet the medical profession has known since 1930 that significant numbers of women suffer serious and irreversible complications from tubal ligations; women have died from tubal ligation. Its mortality rates in Bangladesh, the UK, and US, are 1/5000, 1/10,000, and 1/25,000, respectively. Women experience complications both during and after surgery (e.g., twisting of the tube, sometimes accompanied by gangrene, and accumulation of fluid in a tube). After tubal ligation, many women develop endometriosis. Torsion, hydrosalpinx, and/or endometriosis contribute to increased menstrual pain. Disturbance of the local flora can cause sepsis (e.g., toxic shock syndrome). Some women have a severe inflammatory reaction to the silicone in clips and rings. Tubal ligation may be linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer.

Many sterilized women eventually undergo hysterectomy. Many women experience excessive bleeding during menstruation, but many physicians discount this as women not knowing their own bodies and subjective estimates of blood loss. Impaired ovarian blood supply and altered nerve supply to the tube and/or ovary are possible causes for post-tubal ligation menstruation problems. Many women experience memory loss, general decline in feeling of well-being, lethargy, and loss of libido after tubal ligation, indicating a spontaneous iatrogenic menopause. Yet physicians often attribute these symptoms to psychological problems, thereby denying women knowledge of their own bodies. Tubal ligation-induced problems should not be limited to the medical profession. We need to seriously examine the processes that keep this information from women.

Source: WOMEN’S STUDIES INTERNATIONAL FORUM. 1993 Sep-Oct;16(5):471-86.

Abstract: The most common method of fertility control is tubal ligation. Physicians and some women promote tubal sterilization as an extremely safe and very effective method of permanent fertility control. Yet the medical profession has known since 1930 that significant numbers of women suffer serious and irreversible complications from tubal ligations; women have died from tubal ligation. Its mortality rates in Bangladesh, the UK, and US, are 1/5000, 1/10,000, and 1/25,000, respectively. Women experience complications both during and after surgery (e.g., twisting of the tube, sometimes accompanied by gangrene, and accumulation of fluid in a tube).

After tubal ligation, many women develop endometriosis. Torsion, hydrosalpinx, and/or endometriosis contribute to increased menstrual pain. Disturbance of the local flora can cause sepsis (e.g., toxic shock syndrome). Some women have a severe inflammatory reaction to the silicone in clips and rings. Tubal ligation may be linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer. Many sterilized women eventually undergo hysterectomy. Many women experience excessive bleeding during menstruation, but many physicians discount this as women not knowing their own bodies and subjective estimates of blood loss. Impaired ovarian blood supply and altered nerve supply to the tube and/or ovary are possible causes for post-tubal ligation menstruation problems.

Many women experience memory loss, general decline in feeling of well-being, lethargy, and loss of libido after tubal ligation, indicating a spontaneous iatrogenic menopause. Yet physicians often attribute these symptoms to psychological problems, thereby denying women knowledge of their own bodies. Tubal ligation-induced problems should not be limited to the medical profession. We need to seriously examine the processes that keep this information from women.

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  1. This is an important post as even without the wholesale removal of the uterus and/or ovaries – impairement ensues. What does this say about the the surgical procedure hysterectomy and the mythology of retaining ovaries after uterine amputation or removal.


    2. I’m so sorry that happened to you, and I do agree there should NOT be a stature of limitation being that it was unaware that he performed a surgery on you that you did not consent to.

    3. I had my tubes done back in 2011after i had my ddaughter and Sinse she is two years,old now i bbeen having problems with my tubal ligation Sinse ihaven’t had my period this month and how i just Now threw up from drinking a,soda and how im,not having any signs of flu or bleeding but have had some crampings bad but no signs of blood Can this be my,final impregnant

    4. I had a tubal litigation about five months ago, 11\13\15 to be exact. My period has just arrived. It is only my third one since. They are not pain full at all. They were before. But I have very heavy beeding, it just gushes almost like it was right after I had my last baby. I had a c section with my last baby and they did the tubal during c section. I did have a little depression but it could have been post part um. Also when you have a c section in scars your utrerus. This was my third c section so I am wondering if this heavy bleeding is a result of tubal or just my utrerus healing. Anyone Else have a similar experience, w similar symptoms. It would be interesting to know if I am not alone out there.

  2. I had a tubal ligation back in 1999, i have most of the side effects spoken about here & they are side effects that totally ruin your quality of life & your family. I only discovered these side effects were linked to a tubal ligation last year after 13 years of searching for answers. I have heard some women have had reversals & they are 100% recovered from all side effects. I also have debilitating fatigue, night sweats, muscle weakness, I had low milk supply to feed my baby I had after tubal ligation, food allergies, medication allergies, skin break outs, rashes, weight gain that continues all the time, the list goes on. Yet we don’t have the right to just book a doctor to do the reversal surgery, if we are lucky enough to get one it costs thousands of dollars, how is it fair they deny us the chance to have our quality of life back.

    1. Hey!!!! yes I’m having the same symptoms if not more.I have arthritis,ulcer, can’t sleep at night. I also have chills hot and cold. My doctor did not explain to me about the complication u have with u get your tubs tide. sense I had done my body has not been the same. I regret everyday.

    2. You are so right there it takes so long to save up the money with everday life as well. In the mean time you have to go through all the crap of this until you are able to save up money if at all you can. There should be some way we can have help to get them untide if we decide that we don’t want are tubles tide. But of course there is no help in my eyes doctor are all just out for money

    3. My heart goes out to you. I had a tubal ligation in 1976. It ruined my life. I’d never had migraines, arthritis, poor circulation, stomach ulcers, aphasia, memory loss, exhaustion, hot flashes, sleeplessness, or terrible female problems up until that time. If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t. I know I am much older now but I’ve had a very bad quality of life which has effected every relationship in my life. We trust doctors but our trust is often misplaced.

    4. I have all the same things as you happen to me, from the night sweats to allergies. I am only 29 it’s not fair to feel like I’m in menopause and just this morning have to lay in bed while someone comes to get my son to bring him to school then my 3 year old daughter have to lay in bed with me thankfully with the iPad but her scared hearing me make te same noises I did during labor because my period is that bad, she is so sweet cause she cuddled me. But it’s been horrible! My mum is worried something else is wrong on top of it all. I wasn’t warned of these and from what I keep researching it’s because “doctors don’t think it’s a real condition” I tell everyone not to do it and let their men do it because I regret it with every piece of me :( and don’t want a hysterectomy now because of it at 29-30 and possibly loss all want for sex with my husband which I know sounds stupid but it’s important to us and then I’ll be out from surgery and not be able to take care of my family or business I’m starting….
      -a frustrated sad wife and mother
      Anyone wants to email to vent or talk more [email protected]

    5. I have had my tubal ligation in 2003, I have also had a tubal pregnancy in 2013, so my questions about what’s going on with me is very alarming. I have been vomiting for 4days now nonstop. Have severe bloating I haven’t gained any weight but my stomach looks like I’ve swallowed a basketball. Now the migraines are becoming unbearable. It would be nice if it were only as simple as signing a paper. Now that I have no insurance the price of reversal is outrageous. I’m 3weeks late on my cycle and have read numerous scenarios that this could be. I’m not only in pain I’m also afraid. Any advice????

    6. I am a proud mother of 3 although they are all healthy teenagers. I’ve had a tubal ligation in 2003 but I’m now very concerned. I lost o e of my twins at 7mths. pregnant in ’98, miscarried in ’99, and have had a tubal pregnancy in 2013. I’m suffering from severe abdominal bloating, not to mention that I’ve been vomiting for 4days now, with terrible migraines. Although this seems like a pregnancy I’m concerned even more because I’ve had a tubal ligation in 2003. The research for these unanswered questions are not only alarming but very worrisome. The nausia and vomiting seem to start more in the early mornings or late evenings. How is it so simple to sign a statement for tubes to be tied yet cause thousands to be reversed. Not to mention I’m uninsured. The many sites and feedback are concerning me. I have so many unanswered questions. Can anyone relate to any of these sudden changes after undergoing a tubal ligation and several loses. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Just in case a test is negative at least I have this post as a backup. Thanks in advance from a very eager mother.

    7. I had my tubes done and im not happy at all no one told me about after and what would happen. I am still trying to get my medical to pay to have it reversed in hopes that things in life will be back to normal with my body and my life.

    8. Wild ladies it’s 2015,July had a ruptured tubular past August. Unknown almost killed me!! But I’m very very sick right now sweats at night diarrhea nausea straight sick feeling!! Thought was food but after my procedure periods are nuts!! Which I’m on too… Very odd.. Thanks! Bc I felt my body change left tube was removed bc of damage. Still have right… Ugh don’t think baby tho maybe, but the pain is crazy!! N I think I’m going nuts by memory loss!!! Joint pain circulation loss sucks!!ugh I feel like I’m going to be paralyzed one day.. N I’m only 30!! Straight crazy!!

    9. Am so sorry to hear wht happened to you..The 23th of last month I just had my tubes tied n is been around 4 night I woken up sweating really bad, I just hope this goes away soon….

    10. I had a tubial litigation 4 years ago and I have alot of the symptoms that you are having. I’ve never felt so bad in my life that I regret getting my tubes tied. I have sex with my husband and I have pain during it, I have cramping afterwards. I have allergies, headaches, night sweats, fatigue, can’t sleep, nausea, skin breakouts and depression so bad it affects my marriage. I was told that my uterus lining was thin and it wouldnt be a good idea to have anymore kids that I could die. I wonder now if that’s just what the doctor told me to get my tubes tied. I also have cyst on my ovaries. I never had health problems till I got the surgery done and my periods are heavy. I regret getting this surgery done.

  3. my tubes were tied during a c-section with my 3rd child. i was only 21 years old. i didn’t even know my tubes were tied until 2 days later. its a long story as to how this happened. i never wanted my tubes tied. my husband & i don’t even believe in birth control because of religious reasons. i tried to do something about it but kept getting blowed off by the doctors & even a few lawyers. i was very young & didn’t knew a lot about what i could do at the time. i wish i could go back. i went through a very deep depression after that & have up trying to fight it. a year later i ended up having to have a surgery to remove carcinoma from 95% of my cervix. i have been advised over & over again to have a hysterectomy because of all the problems i now have. i can’t go through with it because i still have high hopes i will one day have another baby. i stool suffer with the depression on a regular basis. it has messed up my whole life. I’ve recently find out more things that will help me in a case against the doctors & the hospital. it was definitely a case of malpractice. my concern is this, it was 6 years ago & i’m worried my time is up to bring a case against them. i wish i knew more about what i could do & then some days i just want to forget it ever happened & leave them be

    1. Hi I had the same procedure done in 2009, after I had my son. I started experiencing major pain 3 months ago. I just found out a month ago my left one came loose n slipped. I was wanting to know if there’s anything I can do or even if there’s a lawyer out there that will help? I’ve called around to a lot of lawyers n so far nothing Cuz there’s no major damages that I’m aware of. Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

    2. The same happened to me: a tubal ligation due to a medical error. This would be an extreme coincidence if it was performed by the same medical staff, but I’m curious to hear who your doctor was. Mine was Leibman at Englewood hospital.

    3. I don’t blame you for how u feel, I gave my consent at age 28, it just isn’t good to do that all especially in your 20’s, but it was done against your knowledge and that was so wrong!! I wasn’t ready emotionally at all, and it has been years and I don’t feel the same way about myself, but I’ve had to move on regardless, the doctor didn’t counsel me, I believe he was in it for the money, I made a bad choice. I don’t feel the same about these doctors myself, I believe in my heart you will be fine.. I needed to do research and talk to my spouse more and we pray on it, just young, impressionable and immature at the time…

  4. I just had an MRI of the knee done the other day (about 25 minutes long) and had really bad gas-like pains in the ovaries all night long! It was almost the same as it was just after my operation! I have had several MRIs before but they were all of the head and spine so didn’t bother the tubal ligation, but this one was quite the killer! Hope it didn’t fly somewhere else in the body. I thought these things were non magnetic!

    The worst thing about all of this is that I had asked to have my tubes cut almost 30 years ago and doctors pulled the stunt of trying them instead, which really upset me because I didn’t want garbage in my body. They probably wouldn’t get away with that in the States but this is Canada. I was so upset when they told me a week later that they decided that since I was just getting divorced I might want to change my mind again later, so they made up their own minds for me. After all, what could a stupid idiot like me know about what I would want in the future? I will never forgive them for as long as I live.

    Anyway, again, they have been OK up until now, but now they are coming out with stronger magnets. Believe it or not, this was only the Tesla 1.5. I don’t know what would’ve happened if it had been a Tesla 3!

    Probably won’t find out for a few years now if anything happened to those tubs in the process that would cause that kind of pain. Hope they won’t be floating around my body. One looks like a microchip and the other looks like a paper clip.

    Just a warning to others with clips. The medical profession has, and always will, tell people things are safe until 20 or 30 years later, and then they will usually reverse that decision.

    1. The clamps they use are not magnetic they are silicone covered surgical steal, so if you were having pain in your stomach it was most definitely not form the clamps.I also have tubal clamps, and have had many many MRI’s on my knee (3 ACL reconstructions and 2 hardware removals) also 2 back MRI’s. I agree the clamps cause more problems than they are worth , Sex is painful, menstruation is more like hell , the weakness , memory loss , and general pain is insane. But what options do we as women have? NONE insurance wont pay it, Medical assistance programs wont fund it, because no medical journal states the actual affects , just like NO doctor will admit that its a huge mistake and a painful life after words.

    2. I’ve had clamps put in me also when asked to have my tubes tied after 2nd child at 20, I found out I had clamps in me 2 years later when I went to a chiropractor who first takes X-rays and he showed me the clamps, I confronted the “doctor” and was told this was routine when asked to have tubes tied, had I been aware of this before hand I would NOT have done it!! So ladies be ware

  5. I had a tubal ligation in October 2011. I have since suffered from extreme menstrual cramps that reduce me to vomiting and bring me to my knees. I had my surgery when my daughter was almost 2 months old. My periods before getting pregnant with her(my 2nd child) were painful but not like this. Each month it becomes worse and worse. I do not want anymore children, I’m 30 yrs old with a boy and a girl. After the Dr performed my surgery, he informed me that he had put a hole in my cervix!! He acted extremely nonchalant about it but I have to wonder now if this is the cause of some of my problems. If anybody has any advice for me I would truly appreciate it.

    1. Tegan add me on facebook my user name is rachel tutton laura philip or ring me or text me on 07926414189 i av mager info on this i can tell u about as im in same boat an suing nhs trust me i know an its serious

    2. Thank heavens for this! I was what most people call a late bloomer. At 14 I found out that I had PCOS but had not yet started my period. This diagnosis came from an OBGYN when I was having severe pains in my lower abdomen but no bleeding. I was 17 when my cycle finally began and it has been horrible ever since. I was told at the age of 18 that due to my hormone levels, position of my cervix, and PCOS, I could not have children without medical help. I had and still have severe pain before, during and after menstration. I also have large golf ball sized clots that pass every cycle. No doctor has ever wanted to listen to me when I try to explain the problems and always say it is just the pcos causing it. I finally got pregnant, twice, and both pregnancies were very painful and the aftermath of my first nearly killed me. I bleed for an entire year after having my son via c section. So after my second I opted for a tubal ligation because my doctor thought it was better than a total hysterectomy which I was nervous about but wanted. It has been 6 months since my tubal and the pain has increased 10 fold. I wish I would have seen this before my tubal and I would have never had it done. I welcome menopause right now. I would much rather go through it then suffer from the pain of pcos and endometriosis.

    3. I had a tubal ligation done in June of 1995 after my second son was born. Since then I have noticed that my belly button would discharge a weird white, wax like thing periodically. And my belly button smells even though I clean it regularly and have excellent hygiene. I kept this to myself until this year because it was embarrassing and I wasn’t certain if it was normal. Recently I went to the doctor who told me that I have had an infection for over 20 years from the tubal ligation. He didn’t tell me how, or if, it could be treated. I am experiencing a lot of other health problems as well that have been ongoing for years. After reading some of these comments I am wondering if they have to do with my tubal ligation? Symptoms include, but are not limited to: – unexpected weight gain, massive weight fluctuations, pain in my abdomen during intercourse, stomach bloat, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, light headedness, brain fog, memory loss, shortness of breath, body aches and pains that often make it painful to walk, etc, etc. Is there anyone out there who could give me some information? I have had chest x-rays, ECG’s and bloodwork done to test my heart, liver, thyroid, iron levels, B12 and so forth. All results come back clear and the doctors are puzzled.

    4. Hi!
      I have the same symptoms. I had my tubal done after my c-section with my 3rd child in 2011. Ever since then I have the worst period cramps ever. It feels like my body is being ripped in half by my ovaries and it brings me to my knees. It’s affecting my work as a primary teacher and my ability to do things wrh my kids. My period is also extremely heavy. I go through a heavy pad about every 2 hours. I always had painful periods but never like this. I called my doctor for an appointment but that could take 6 months! I’m worried it’s ovarian cancer or something terrible but the more I read everyone’s comments the more it sounds like all of yours. Seems like really bad side effect :( I wish I would have known. Hot baths in special formulated bath bombs have helped me relieve some of the pain and so has naproxen but I don’t want to be on medicine the rest of my life!

  6. I have lived with pain . I’ve had blood clots and severe bleeding while I was on my menstruation cycle. Sometimes I could not sit down, because I had a very sharp pain in my vagina. It went straight up through my back. I couldn’t even sit down. It hurt so terribly sharp pain! If I had intercourse, it would hurt severely. I lived with that for close to 20 years. Then I was hemorrhaging so badly, every time I would have my menstruation. I would have to go to the restroom every five minutes. And blood clots would just poor out of me. I was so embarrassed ! My pants would be bloody. I could just feel the blood flowing like a water faucet was turned on. Then I went to a doctor who told me I had fibroids, and the fibroids were all around my uterus, and some fibroids burst through my cervix. I have a high tolerance for pain. So I just lived with it. I wonder if if my doctor did something wrong,But the pain consumed my every day life.

    1. Me too! I have this very same thing. I’ve had everyone, my husband, my family my doctors all treat me like I’m lying I feel so relieved that you wrote your story thank you.

    2. This is exactly what I’m dealing with now. Fibroid tumors is making my life a living hell. I bleed heavy everyday even when I’m not on my menstrual.

    3. I had tubial lig. And ablation 2 years ago and this last year i have been bleeding out, having huge blood clots, have to wear super tampon and pad and change every 1hr now but usef to be every 15 mins. Dr says she doesnt know why. Did biopsy and things were fine. She put me on bc it helped first mth but mth 2-5 have been on period everyday heavy periods. I went back to dr and now scheduled for hysterical in 2 mths. I cant wait.. this is horrible to live with.

  7. I got my tubes tides on 2010. Well actually they told me they did not tied them or cut them anymore. All they do is put a ring on them. Ever since the surgery i been experience abdominal pain, vomits and nausea. The pain is so bad that i end up crying on the ground holding my stomach. My mom was researching this and she believes the ring is whats causing all of my symptoms.I do not know what to do about it. Please help!

    1. Ladies…we all have messed up this time. I should of listened long ago and kept reading the bible. This tubal thing isn’t for women at all. I seriously can say i regret ever getting this done. But at the same time i didn’t want more kids at the time cause of my living situation then. God do work in mysterious ways….hope and pray god could forgive me and bless me with my tubes bk normal without complications…..all that man made stuff isn’t for us ladies…..i was young at the time but im blessed with two beautiful kids. Daughter twelve and son seven. Im thirty one now suffering just like u all ladies. When i go to the doctor about my tubes hurting, they want to recommend a pain instead of doing an ultra sound to actually see why its always hurting. They don’t care at all. Im leaving it all up God now..I’m tired of worrying and hurting….

    2. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for it! Unless you go into septic shock, then maybe they’d take them out, but no insurance programs even medical assistance none of them cover clamp removal , as it is considered Elective :( I have been fighting for the past 3 years and the best Ive gotten is $500.00 down and $100.00 every two weeks until the bill is paid off, but id have to have ca lateral or a co signer . My sister had her tubes tied (clammed) around a year ago, she ended up being admitted to the hospital over 15 times within a years time , they said she had an abdominal infection stemming from her ovary. Turns out her ovary was filled with gang green , and had leaked into her abdomen, causing abscesses covering her intestines her liver her kidneys and all the way back to her rectum , she was hospitalized after going into septic shock ( In the ICU) were they did emergency surgery they had to dump 2 gallons YES 2 GALLONS of saline water into one ovary to get the infection out. She still had the abscesses just riddling her stomach and with in a week of releasing her she was re hospitalized because 3 of them grew to the size of a baseball , now she sits with drains in her abscesses and a pic line in her arm so she can OD on antibiotics because NO surgeon will touch her because she is to high risk of becoming septic again. What a wonderful thing the clamp is. And do you think they removed it ? NOPE because that would be admitting that its a fraud. I dont think yours will go to this extreme i pray it wont, but i think people need to know how this “birth control” really works! Good luck with yours , I know i will continue to search for a loop hole because its been hell thus far!

    3. oh you guys are totally right I had mine done in 1984 and they never told me about the side effects either and I have a lot is side effects wow I can’t believe that these doctors are not telling us the side effects

    4. Did you ever find out what was going on? Have you tried to get a reversal? I’m having the same symptoms , started 5 days after tubal and has been 6 weeks now ,working on a reversal

    5. I had my tubes clamped after my 3rd child this past January, 2016, every since then I’ve gained weight even though I’ve tried so hard to lose weight.. I have no sex drive at all, and I throw up all the time. I’m up from 2-5 am everyday throwing up. It’s not the flu or a stomach bug. Idk what to do.. I can’t live like this.

  8. i had my tubes done after having my 3 son when he was 8 weeks old i woke with joint pain and extreme cramping/ spasm that caused me to black out twice before they got my pain under control.at my 6 week follow up was told that joint pain was normal in some people as reaction to gas. now 7 months have when by joint pain brings me to tears and tiredness struggling to keep my eyes open…i have been my gp’s pin pillow ever since with no leads except it started the day i had my tubes done. i just want answers has anyone else had the same reaction….. test and appointments getting into the thousands now … would have been cheaper to have another child

  9. Hello I’m Aimee and I’m 39. I had a tubal at 22 after my 2nd child. For years I loved it knowing I didn’t have to worry about birth control anymore. However, over the last few years my periods have gotten very heavy and very painful. Also, I have cramps, fatigue, and nausea all month. I really want a hysterectomy. However, I’ve been told without serious problems I can’t

    1. Hello I am 42 years old, my son is 22 years old, I had a tubal when he was 3 years old, with in the last 5 years I have been begging for a hydro, cause I cramp really bad and I was told if there is nothing medically wrong with me NO!!! I feel like if I am not having anymore kids, I should not have to deal with pain!!!

    2. Not true report asap and fill out a complaint form about your problems it will help if you ever have a lawsuit:)

  10. I had a tubal ligation at age 29, after my 4th child was born. I am 30yrs old now, and before the tubal, always had an EXTREMELY healthy libido. Now i could care less about intimacy or anything sexual, and have become quite the firecracker in relation to mood swings and depression. I have lost interest in many things and have felt severely fatigued irritable and all around unhealthy ever since the procedure. I was skeptical to have the procedure in the first place, due to horrible stories told by friends/family who have had had it done. I was SO very fertile that I thought it would be well worth the risk… now i regret it! My symptoms alone have caused turmoil in my relationship due to lack of energy and stamina being misconstrued as lack of interest in my partner. What can I do now!!!

    1. Yes queen I agree!!!! I’m going through the same exact thing. I pray that God would heal our bodies. I have not been the same sense tublagation.

    2. Save up money and have it remove asap and fill out a complaint form about your health problems to help ohters.

    3. I am 23 and I’m going through the same thing I have absolutely no sexual drive, dealing with hotflashes, extreme pain,and ridiculous menstrual cycles. This is ridiculous that the doctors don’t go into all of the side effects of this serious of a procedure.

    4. I had mine done after my girl 2nd child) at the age of 23. It’s 10 yrs later and I have extreme cramps, bloating and many other symptoms. I went from being a huge nymph to barely interested in sex. And this last 6 months I’ve had my period once. I’m always tired and sore. I had mine done as I was having an emergency c section and i requested it to be done. My 2nd pregnancy was very hard & I didn’t want to do it again. I was never told about risks until after the paper was signed and the procedure was done. And even then it was only the immediate risks/concerns. Nothing about long term. After my c section I had exploritory surgery. My gyno said he wanted to make sure I didn’t have a cist or any nicks on my ovaries or Uturan walls. He didn’t find anything though. Keep in mind this is the same doctor that caused me to have the emergency c section in the first place. I can’t do anything now because of statute of limitations and because both my girl and I came out of ok. But did I? Not so sure now. Plus we didn’t have the money to sue. We need more female gynos who will tell us the whole truth. Who knows a women’s body better then a women? Men can’t figure out how to talk to us most of the time yet they know how our bodies work better then we do. Give me a break.

  11. Hello all!!! I’m going through the same thing!!!!! I’m in pain all time. I had my tublagation two year’s ago, and sense than have a ulcer, arthritis, headache and sense than I been sick a lot. I was fine before.I’m so sorry for the woman who going through. tublagation wasn’t ment for woman to have.

    1. Save up money and have it remove asap and fill out a complaint form about your health problems to help ohters.

  12. Hello!!!! I just went to the hospital and found out that I have another ulcer. I don’t understand!!!!! I am in my thirties I’m not suppose be going though because I had my tubs tide. all these complications. God never intended for us to have our tubs tide.

  13. I had my tubes tied 6 months after my daughter was born, she was my 3rd child and it was done at 24. Since then I have had horrible bleeding,and cramps which I was told about. What I did not know was all the pain that would come with it or all the night sweats and hot flashes as well as pain during sex and I mean aweful pain where I felt like I was in labor type of pain and the cysts. Here I am 12 yrs later and just had surgery and found out I have endemetriosis and will be having a hysterectomy at 36 keeping my other overy that doesn’t get cysts on it. If truly knew the outcome of my decision I would never have done it. The pain I have dealt with during sex and everyday kills me and to think if I was properly informed trust me I would have never ever have done it.

    1. I feel ya. After my 3rd child and being a single parent I thought a tubal ligation was God sent. I already had my babies and I was good with a permanent solution. It has been a total nightmare since. First it started right away with the worst menstural cramps, heavy and long blood flow, mood swings, depression, and head aches. That was 2005. Now I cramp constently. Sometimes I have to wait for it to subside to move. My periods consist of large blood clots for as long as 7 days heavy. Sex has become a choice on rather I want to feel like I’m in labor BC I orgasm or just cramp hard for 10 to 15 minutes so I can please my husband. I’ve learned to hide it well BC the worst feeling in the world is when your husband is afraid to touch you cause he doesn’t want to cause me pain. I refuse to let it take away my sex life but the suffering in silence is a big price to pay. There’s several more symptoms like night sweats, freezing extremities, bad circulation in my leg and feet, fatigue, cramping after using the bathroom, and the list continues. I pray that God will help all the ladies suffering from these symptoms find a way to get help and healing. And also make others aware of the side affects of this procedure. God please make away for these women to be heard so that many of us can fix a mistake that was made from ignorance and that the doctors that put us in these chains will have to inform future women of the horrible side effects.

  14. Hi!I had my tubal in 2003 during a c-section.From the beginning I had extreme pain in my abdomen.More on my right side like someone was tugging at it.It was making me pass out all the time,even when I got home.Then 3 months later I started having seizures,from there my health went down.Thyroid issues,weight gain,the weight gain caused the diabetes,and sleep apnea,trouble losing it.Constant cramping and pressure in stomach and severe bloating at times just lying down or sitting is so uncomfortable and having clothes on too.Excessive Gas and since tubal sorry tmi but maybe someone will relate to this.A bowel issue,unable to go had tests to see why and some sort of blockage dont know what though.So docs only medicating to force faster movements and regulate.Mood swings were horrible and people were afraid to talk to me for fear of what mood.Memory,crying,headaches severe,medical bills in the thousands and beyond.Blood clots never had them before.Please if anyone relates or would like to talk more contact me.I am all in on this.Need to stop tubals and need to investigate them more.

    1. I had my tubal in 2007 . Since my period are so irregular that i keep pads on me. Also my sex drive at all. Cramp so bad i can’t leave my bed .i gain weight severally. Mood swing a week and half before i start their so bad that i scared of my own self.. i cant take the cramping

    2. I am 37 my tubes hve been tied for 13yrs i am experience all of these systoms.GAS,HEAVY BLEEDING,BLOATING,HEADACHES,MOOD SWINGS,IRRITABLE,HOT FLASHES.FATIGUE,im thankful i find this web site to know that im not the only 1 dealing with this issue i hve also become very depressed…..

    3. Hey, don’t know if you are still sick, but it sounds like your pregnancy might have triggered a gluten intolerance. Laugh if you want, I know all these fadders make it look unrealistic, but celiac can cause all those symptoms, and real celiac gets worse with time. Get it checked. Pregnancy, the flu, a cold, a severe injury all of these things cause celiac to pop up. Worth a shot at least.

    4. i am game for fighting…i thought i was the only one going through but hell im not…im in the process of pricing mines now to have it reversed.

    5. O my gosh, I thought it was just me. I had seizures most of my life but ever since I got my tubal ligation. The seizures are worse. I had to get a VNS Therapy just to slow them down. I’ve had really bad blood clots during my time of the month. Pain most of the time. I’m just good at hiding it. I want to sleep all the day away. But most the time I’m awake for awhile. Im just now 28 years old and have had my tubal ligation done by c-section 5 1/2 years ago. I’ve already had endometriosis and I’ve already had pre-cancerous cells and a couple other sicknesses that go along with the reaction and the side effects.

  15. I am going through the Same thing also. I got my tubes tied in 2002 and my body hasn’t been the same yet. I have had surgery to remove the fiber tumors an they have returned. My cycle is very heavy with a lot of blood clots, I get really dizzy I’m very weak, I stay on for weeks, i’m very depressed, I hurts when I have intercourse. I have night sweets. It crazy because they can tie your tubes with insurance but want untie them with it. It cost us 8 an 9 thousand dollars to get them untied can someone help us please.

  16. I had the tubal ring done in 1997 six months after my daughter was born . My right side under my ribs hurt off and on had it checked out everything was fine. If I had the money I get it reversed so tired of hurting and tired of the heavy periods.

  17. I got my tubal ligation done January 13th, 2012. They were supposed to go via laparoscopy, and when I came to after the surgery, they told me they just cut me wide open to make it easier. I was a newly wed at the time and we were unable to consummate our marriage for months. I had to go back in repeatedly to get high doses of antibiotics, the kind you can taste when you breathe. Gross. I had to deal with the beginning of gangrene and so many more infections.

    Ever since then, I’ve become moody to the point where I would say such horrible things to my husband, I would become a different person. I would be horribly mean, angry, depressed, and just plain insane. I would trash the house, scaring our beloved pet. The pain was so intense, it would make me vomit. I can hardly stand up straight when it’s close to menstruation time.

    I have regular headaches now bordering on migraines. I don’t eat as much as I used to, it makes me sick. My periods are so super heavy, I could soak a pad in an hour or less, and yet the doctors at the one hospital are telling me I just have heavy periods. They were never like this before the surgery, I can tell ya that. Blood clots like crazy, and sex is non-existent now. I’m grateful my hubby is standing by me for this. Makes me sad and angry that all this is happening.

    Doc that did the surgery was accused by others of malpractice. Not just on women, but she really messed up the circumcision of a young boy of a friend of my sister. He goes in now every few weeks to have excess skin removed, and it’s painful for him to urinate.

    I wish I had known about all these side effects. Everything I had looked up, I brought up to her prior to surgery and it was all dismissed as hysteria. I was worrying too much.

    Don’t think I am anymore.

    1. I am 45 ..I had a tubal was cauterized in 1999 my daughter was a month..Never had problems with my period prior to my tubal..Its been almost 16 yes.since ..Through out the yrs,I started noticing night sweats always really depressed when I’m on my period mood swings sometimes my first day I can’t even walk I have really heavy periods .I so regret having this done..

  18. I had the surgery 3 years ago and I’ve had not but problems I am now seeing my 3rd doctor and all they are doing is throwing medication after medication at me. I want the rings removed these doctors will not listen to me. I’m miserable and falling into depression due to the fact I can’t get any help with these issues doctors look at me like I don’t know what’s going on with my body.

  19. I’m 41 yrs old .i had my tubals done in 1993 after my 3 rd child. i had a lot of problems after that.2 miscarriages my in said.my last period was July 20 to 27.. i havnt had it yet. but I’m always tired nd upset stomach nd lower back pain. feels like I’m always hungry ..feels like i butterflies or gas.i find my shirts r gettin smaller bc my middle daughter is 21 we use to fit in each other clothes but not no more my normal size in bra is a b now I’m in a c plz help out .

    1. How did you have two miscarriages after you had your tubes tied. How did you get pregnant, doesn’t make any sense.

  20. I just would like to say thank you everyone! I signed a consent form to have this procedure done but now after reading the comments from you all I will not be following through with a tubal ligation. My doctor also told me there are very few side effects and they only occur in 1% of women. I hank God for causing me to question the decision I was making. I do pray that your situations physically are healed and that God give you all strength daily.

    1. I’ve had my tubes tied on June 8 2006 day after my second son I’ve had so much pain I wanted not get my tubes tied but no one let me back out I’m not with my son father now and me and my husband now want kids and can’t I have really bad blood clots pain in belly button and on side’s after period

    2. You did the right thing! I wish I had done more extensive research before going through with the surgery. I had mine tied, cut and burned, 6 weeks after my son was born. I now have painful periods, heavy bleeding and clotting, moodiness as well. This is terrible, I hope more women are able to see the truth about tubal ligation.
      Natural family planning is the best way to go. I will not recommend having a tubal ligation EVER! It has effected me in so many negative ways. Don’t Do It!

  21. Hello hun I’m starting to have the same symptoms after 8 years. It started a few months ago. But the cramps have become more severe and I’m vomiting as well. U have been searching for someone with the same symptoms. I can’t believe this if I would have known it would be like this I would have said no. I already thought it was crazy when my doctor stated they may have cut one side shorter then the other. This is so devastating.

  22. I too am suffering from having my tubes tied. I was diagnosed with catamenial epilepsy which i believe was caused from this surgery. I never had seizures or pain in my abdomen like i do now. Painful intercourse (like another person said) i have no interest in sex and my husband thinks it’s him. So frustrating. Severe menstrual cycles to where i can’t do much of anything cause im in the bathroom all the time. I can’t believe how many people are going through this. The doctor’s seem to think it’s all psychological well IT’S NOT it’s real and i never knew anything about all these problems.

  23. Hi there ladies I sure glad that i am not going through this alone.Had my tube tide 5 years ago an still have a lot of pain.I had to do because of health reason I’ve got hypertension an my medication did not agree with the contraception.I almost lost my baby an I don’t want to go through that experience again.

  24. Also had tubes cut. 42 years old and now facing hysterectomy for constant bleeding. Will it help or make things worse. Also suffer migraine fatigue and constant sickness

  25. I had my tubes tied and an ablation done in October 2012, within that week after my surgery my right ovary had flipped and there was minimal blood flow to the ovary. (My husband took me to the emergency room an they did the internal ultrasound and the tech could not even go near my right ovary or tube.) My doctor said it would correct itself however I have been in pain ever since on that side when I ovulate and because of the ablation I no longer get my menstrual cycle but I still have the cramps and they are worse then when they were before. I had very bad menstrual cycles that is why she did the ablation. Which the ablation seems to not be working any longer which is very possible. My question is since my right fallopian tube is flipped could the clamp have loosened because of that? Also if that could happen could I get pregnant? I have also since having the surgery I have been having major dizzy spells that they can not figure out what is causing the dizzy spells. I’ve been having major fatigue and always hungry and I have not had this big of an appetite in a long time and some other signs that would lean towards pregnancy. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I will be contacting my doctor for an appointment.

    1. You are very similar to me. Age 42, 4 pregnancies, 2 children.Tubes tied / albated in 2011 after 2 c sections . If I knew the problems I would end up with I would have never done the procedure.
      After second c, problems immediately on left side. Extreme pain , nausea, couldn’t eat anything but boost shakes b/c of pain for months. Took 3 years to find out that the left ovary had flipped up and stuck to my bowel (surgical adhesions) causing partial bowel obstructions. Lap surgery to unstick the ovary, also told that the other 1/2. Of that tube did not fully cauterize so I had been bleeding into my abdomen as well for 3 years. Diagnosed with Uterine Adenomyosis at that time as well. 1 year later ovary flipped up and wrapped around the colon again, just had it taken out this past year. HAVE YOUR GYN DO A LAP SURGERY AND OR MRI TO CHECK FOR SURGICAL ADHESIONS near your ovaries. Best of luck to you, I am still dealing with my issues.

  26. I had my tubes tied in 2009 and I have gone into menopause at 27 years old. I have found that in 1993 there was a petition started that would require surgeons to disclose the risks of premature menopause in tubal ligation patients but did YOU hear about it? I’m devastated, I have siblings who are 45+46 years old who haven’t gone through menopause yet. Ovarian isolated is the suspected cause.

  27. After tons of money for tests revolving around my digestion and stomach and I am reading this and hearing more about it. I see I have had escalating health problems since my tubal over 20 yrs ago! I am in bed in pain most of the time. I hope and pray for an answer and will not give up praying for everyone in this situation.

  28. I had a tubal ligation in 2010 after having my third child. I believe at the time I was more concerned about not having anymore children than I was about searching for any side affects. Now 4 years later I have notice more severe (I had bad cramps before but not like now) cramping , heavier menstrual flow, and fatigue. I have gain the most weight I have ever gained in my entire life time. I try to loose the weight it seems harder than its ever been. I usually have to take high doses of pain medication to stop the cramping. I do have terrible mood swings when its 7 to 10 days prior to my cycle. I understand the mood change for sex but its usually a distaste afterwards (eventhough the cravings for it is not often as well, I though it was an out of sight out of mind thing).I never thought to look into the effects of tubal ligation until now. As of tonight I did ask the Creator for forgiveness of my mistakes and that the Creator handle this situation for all women who has already done this as well as those who is deciding because we should not have to suffer like this. You are not alone ladies and I am glad to know I am not alone.

    1. I am haven no pain no bleading but nausea every morning I had a tubal a year ago but still tird could I be pregnet

  29. I have had my tubes tied since 2007 and I have had so much pain major blood clots pain in my legs..pain in my stomach back and its never ending go Weeks bleeding then months no blood..so many pregnancy symptoms for months but I can’t get pregnant tubes been clamped for 7 years….we need to take a stand against these clamps there hurting us more than helping..I wasn’t informed of none of these side effects..

  30. I had mine tied in 1994 after my last child in march about two weeks later I was seen for sever pain it hurt so bad I couldn’t even walk went through outpatient surgery again then my priods flowed very hard had to wear there overnight pads couldn’t go no were at alli went through that for years until 2013 when they took my tube out and I was only 40 at the time it took everything from me now I feel like im half of an women this is so sad that u weren’t told that this was going to happen to me at all its true what people are saying about this u forget a lot u always in pain all u would like to do is sleep it a way if u was like me I just started packing the pain away it was every day life even me bleeding was so heavy till I had to buy three bags of overnight to lay down then after years someone listened to me

  31. I had a tubal ligation back in 2001. I had just had my twins via c-section. The Dr performed the tubal right after my twins came out. After that I started having heavy bleeding. I would wear a super tampon and super pad at the same time and would have to change every hour. After 3 years of this I went to my gyn and she tested me and said I had fibroids. The Dr suggested a hysterectomy. So in 2004 I had the hysterectomy. Everything really went bad . I started with headaches abdominal pains on my right side severe gas memory loss low sex drive painful sex and now my skin is so dry from my scalp all the way to my feet. I mean severely dry. I also notice that I have a lot of static in my body. Like there is a magnet inside me. I’m so frustrated . My Dr thinks it is all in my head. I’m not crazy and I’m not on any medication so they can’t say it is a side effect from meds. I need help. If anyone can relate please let me know….

    1. I had my tubal ligation 18 months ago after my 4 th child , I had c-section , 2 natural , then last a c-section when they cut & tied after they delivered my daughter. I could smell the burning of the ligation I knew then I had made a mistake . My mother talked me into getting it done as I am a single mum of four. She didn’t want me falling pregnant again. And I never knew the risks or the hell I would endure as the doctors don’t tell you any of this , just sign so we can make our money . Straight after I had weeks of night sweats where the bed was soaked , nightmares, depression , pain in the ovaries, feeling of dread & hatred, stacks in my body , reactions to medications, nail & Hau no longer grow much. post tubal ligation syndrome which people who haven’t had a problem with their TL & the doctors think we are lying. Now 18 months on I had the heaviest bleeding for a month straight now I’m having black blood clots like snot come out every second day. I’m 36 & feel like I’m going through menopause , up until now I have never had a problem before the TL, my periods were every 3 weeks ,3-5 days & light.
      Now it’s all over the place. They say TL puts women into menopause early. I too want a reversal but can’t afford $5000 plus to get my body back, I’m in Melbourne & it’s expensive to reverse but the tubal ligation is handed out for free like a lollie. Do not have this procedure if our symptoms weren’t a living hell , we wouldn’t be on these sites.
      Good luck to everyone.

  32. Had my tubal this year after giving birth to my 3rd child with c section in Feb, never had problems like others but I gained a lot of weight and have never had my periods since…it’s been almost 8 months since my daughter was born without menstruating….is this normal?

    1. I had my tubes tied 13 months ago and still no period. I also breastfeed tho. But I too have trouble with my weight. And ir always look like I am prego cause of bloating and weight around my midsection. I hate it. But lately ive started having lots of cramps so may be the start of my painful periods. Been going on for a wk now no period yet

  33. Hi Ladies, we all confused about tubal ligAtion side effects I tide my tubes last year 2013 after have my 2nd son, I didn’t know their is 3 ways how to tide the tubes. I didn’t have any period in 7 months. Period running normal now. I feel different from everyday. I just been to see my doctor for another referral letter to sent me back to the main hospital, I hope I will get an answer shorty. I fight for my life to be normal I don’t wanted to end up like my mum she is going to have a Hysterectomy this Friday, she tide her tubes 40years ago she is to old to reopen her tubes again. she is going to removed her bladder I’m pretty sure doctor didn’t tell us the truth. We hope for a miracle to happen to heal all our broken hearts. My advise please be strong and fight again don’t let those stupids doctors to ruin our beautiful life God bless us as a MOTHERS.Good luck!!!!!

  34. I need help I had a bilateral tubal when I was 22 I’ve been having problems the last two years I stay sick all the time and I recently passed a small piece of plastic could that be a part of the clamps breaking off

  35. Hi I had this done after my son was born in 2000 and I was still hurting every time something or some one touched me around my belly butten for over 6 years. I am wandering if my system was trying to reject it because me Dr said they had came off.

  36. I went through surgery in Dec of 09′. The Dr used Metal tubal clips. I constantly have pains in the area where they are. I have went to the Dr multiple times about it and he constantly blames it on other things. I had surgery this last June and they found endometriosis. I have still been having the same pains. I’m not sure what to do. I want them taken out!!!! The only issue now is coming up with that kind of money! My husband and I have no children together and are desperate for help! The Dr’s around here are a joke.. I am afraid to travel, for fear any other Dr I see will try to give me the same run around bs I’m dealing with now!!

  37. You have 10 years to lay a complaint over here in new Zealand I stumbled upon this site I do usually put my 2cents in but I’m really confused as I was told so many good things about getting your tubes tied I got mine done 4 weeks ago and have not had any bleeding but just today had the cramps (really bad) I’m soo sore but I’m stuck on what I can do (for right now)
    I’m just looking for more answers as to why the sudden pain pretty much like labor

  38. I myself have had issues with my tubaligation. Only here lately that it. The past few months my monthly has come days or even a week early and now i am currently five days late. Instead of my period, all i have is clear mucous discharge and horrible cramping. My tubal was only done about a year and a half ago. (the day after my son was born) Going to the gyn tomorrow to try and figure out what’s going on .

  39. I was sterilized three years ago in the public hospital and I don’t know if what procedure was made. now I am married again we want to have two kids. when I bend down my whole stomach move to the side and feels like I have a cramps or sometimes my stomach gets swelling and hard like I am pregnant again.

    Please advise me what to do

    1. I also had my tubes tied..My stomach swells up,and my fallopian tubes and overies and I can feel seriose pain..i was poisoned in 2015 I believe it had something to with my tubes being tied..Ihave seriose pain in my legs and feet they hurt and my hands and feet go numb…Ive been to thousands of doctors. I have thybroids and suggested at my young age to have a hystrorectomy..I heard there is a good doctor in mexico that will reverse it..how can people do this to us for money..

  40. Hi I will be having my tubes tied Dec 17 2014 – I have 3 kids and do not want anymore but reading all of this I am getting scared -should I go through with this…
    I do have fibroid in my uterus with heavy bleeding 12-14 day period that why I decided to get the two producer done at the same time . what do I do help!!!!

    1. I feel the same way. I am supposed to go in on the 19th of this month to have it done and I am having second thoughts after reading. I do not want anymore children, we already have 3. I had complications during all pregnancies, and have tried almost every form of bc with problems. I already struggle with PTSD and did not know that this done could cause depression. I am so confused now, as I thought this would be the best decision for my health.

  41. I had a tubal ligation (laparoscopy) performed Sept 2013. Exactly a year later, Sept 2014 I began to have severe menstrual pains. I’ve had 3 children via csection & the last time I had issues with bad cramps were in junior high. Never had cramps, headaches, moodiness, or breast pain. Starting in Sept 2014, that all changed. I started my period & by nightfall I couldn’t walk I was crying in pain. My left lower pelvic region was in so much pain I couldn’t walk without crying. I had a migraine so bad my arms & neck hurt. My breasts felt like I had just had a baby they were so sore. Every month I get these symptoms but I usually get sore breasts 4 days before my cycle & I take 800mg ibuprofen everyday of my period now to subside the cramps & headaches. I still have the cramps with my period but I take pain relievers round the clock so they are not as severe.

  42. My name is robin harvey i got tuble clamps after i had my last son back in 2011. I use to be a very pretty girl. Since my doctors put my claps on my health has went down back. Iv gotten to were i can’t eat much maybe once a day i can’t gain no weight i keep losing weight, Iv started having these really bad cramps on my lower belly i mean 10 times worse than when I’m on my monthly , i always stay dizzy but its geting to here when i get dizzy i black out and fall out. I mean i ready thank these claps are messing me up but i don’t have the money to have them taking out of me what can i do? I’m at the point Im about to if i have to take them off my self. Im really scared that the clamps are hurting me back i never have been like this be for they was put on and now im afraid Im going to die. What can i do ?

    1. I’ve been the same way. I’m always dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, I’ve lost so much weight, my hemoglobin had dropped, I have shortness of breath. I’m really scared for my life

  43. I have had the same problem. Every Dr I go to says there is nothing wrong but yet I lay here day after day in pain. I recently found a place in north Carolina that will do a reversal for $6000.00 they take a payment plan. I’ve read up on it. It seems to be OK place.

    1. yes could you please tell me of this doctor in north carolina that will remove tubal clamps. i had my tubes clamped in 2005. since then i have pain that is inbearable during my periods. i also want to have more children if possible after having the clamps removed. please email me with more information. the reason for the tubial clamps was due to a automoblie accident. now i wish i never had it done at all. my periods have never been this painful….

    2. U av the same as i av post tubal ligation syndrome your tube swell an cause pain constantly to your back an stomach dizzy spell off food tired heavy periods phantom pregs headaches like migraine feeling sick heartburn bleeds between periods or no period at all an lose of sex cause libido an wen u do have it painful an dry an all this on top of swollen tubes is tubes rejoin clamps or clips cum off or move an the docs dont tell u none of this before hand check it out online its called ptls for short wen reversed u r always fine again an im like this an im being see in gynae in 3 weeks an suing

  44. I have had all of the same issues, and inadvertently found this page trying to see if I can ever carry another child. I also have rapidly growing cervical cancer that I can’t do anything about because I am uninsured. My seizures are causing a lot of problems in my relationships. :/

  45. I had my tubes tied In 2012 at the age of 22. I’m not having any complications from it…. Is this s something that I could develop later?

    1. Yes u could. I just hit three years and now I have endomitriosis and had bad infection in uterus. I just got out of the hospital. Not fun at all.

  46. I came here doing some reseach…wow! I am praying for you all. I have been debating with having a tubal or having my husband get a vasectomy. One thing is for sure, he is going. A Anesthesiologist friend of mine said he did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that it was 100 times better for him to get a vasectomy than his wife to go through with the tubal. He said too many complication could arise from a tubal and from reading the pervious posts, I agree.

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