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  1. Karri Stokely was given her HIV positive diagnosis in 1996 (the mid-90s) after a botched C-section led to a deep and long lasting septic (blood) infection that required her to be on antibiotics for months and months. Feeling wane (the antibiotics), and not knowing the cause, she sought medical advice. Eventually a doctor suggested an HIV test, she took it, and was ‘reactive’ (no surprise given long-lasting bacterial infections, and the pregnancy – both of which cause HIV tests to come up positive).

    Karri was told then that she would die if she did not take HAART, powerful, black-box AIDS drugs. She complied, taking these drugs for 11 years, feeling sicker and sicker, getting weaker and weaker, all the while being told it was “AIDS” that was doing it to her, and not the cell-killing, bone-marrow suppressing, cancer chemotherapy and genetic dismembering drugs that she was taking.

    In 200X (? 2006?, 2007), while taking the time to research the drugs she was on, she came upon the research that ably demonstrated that HIV tests are fraudulent and HIV theory is bankrupt. After much reading, she quit the drugs.

    Since quitting, she has had health issues related to the destructive nature of taking what are essentially cancer chemo drugs for 11 years – namely, the destruction of the intestines and bowel, so that normal functioning in this way has been impossible. Karri kept herself alive, and avoided the death that comes to most who take AIDS drugs for such a long time, by eating a tremendously healthy, often raw-food, organic, whole food diet, boosted by nutrient rich foods and supplements. Eating these foods, and living this way kept her alive, but taking toxic drugs for this long has done real damage to the intestines, and made normal operation of them impossible.

    This is the long-term effect of taking caustic, toxic pills. As a result, she has colonic issues, and has been suffering from what might be a puncture in the colonic wall. Karri also had an early run-in, before (?) the HIV pos ‘diagnosis’, with a digestive issue, for which a doctor suggested that she have her gall bladder removed – she obliged, being extremely open to standard medical practices. Losing her gall bladder, and the bile that it produces, has no doubt weakened her ability to digest and absorb food. This, compounded with a decade plus of the most toxic drugs, has left her digestion in tatters.

    She sought medical treatment for a possible puncture, and the septic infection that would be resulting. She found an Orlando colo-rectal surgeon, Dr. Samuel deJesus, of the CRC medical group (Orlando) , who agreed to take her on as his patient. She filled out the pages and pages of material on her prior medical history, including two sections on having tested ‘hiv positive.’


    Dr De Jesus email:
    [email protected]

    Dr. deJesus worked with her and instructed her that he would be doing several surgeries, which might place a skin graft over any potential hole in the colon. He did one surgery, which left Karri with bleeding from all of her lower orifices. Dr. deJesus then approached Karri in a panic, demanding to know how it was he didn’t know she was HIV positive (despite the fact that it was written in her medical history); he then refused to do any further surgeries on her, despite the fact that she was bleeding from the first go-round.

    Dr. deJesus was then accompanied by the local AIDS mafia ‘experts’, (including Dr. Paul Wiliiamson – ) who demanded that Karri start the very drugs – the black-box labeled ‘HAART’ drugs – that destroyed so much of her life and body to begin with. She asked them to show her how any of these drugs would help her; she asked to see any medical study that demonstrated how any of these drugs, which have killed so many hundreds of thousands of gay men – would ‘boost her immunity’ while she prepared for whatever surgery was necessary to fix the hole or issue with her colon.

    The doctors, each and every one of them, REFUSED TO ANSWER her question, and talked over her as though she had not said anything. This scenario was played out numerous times in the hospital room in Orlando, in front of witnesses, including her husband, and Dr. David Rasnick, who had come to be a witness and support.

    Dr. Williamson, under pressure from the patient advocacy group in the hospital, eventually relented, and did an exploratory surgery, to see if there was a puncture. He said he did not see one, but was instead worried that a CMV infection (which he claimed was responsible for the hole), was now eating away at Karri’s brain, causing her “AIDS dementia.” Dr. Williamson then lied directly to Karri’s husband Joe, relating that Karri wished information to be given only to Joe, and not to Dr. Rasnick, who was there as counsel. In other words, the AIDS machine was busy playing “divide and conquer,” accusing Karri of being insane, because she asked for sound medical advice; and attempting to destroy her support structure.

    The AIDS mafia doctors use “AIDS dementia” as their final bargaining chip to bully reluctant patients into taking the drugs. “AIDS dementia” is seen in people who take drugs for so long that it destroys their bodies and mind – like people on street drugs for prolonged periods; or as in the early cases of AIDS, people with late-stage syphilis. (It has been noted by researchers like Colman Jones, and biologists like Dr. Lynn Margulis, that early AIDS was tertiary syphilis – and that ‘mysteriously’ syphilis has disappeared from the public health record in the era of the “AIDS” diagnosis. In other words, some part of AIDS is a renaming of syphilis).

    In Karri’s case, however, just asking the question – ‘can you demonstrate how these drugs will help me?’ is enough to bring out the ‘AIDS dementia’ stick. Independent journalist Liam Scheff, and independent researcher David Crowe, have seen the AIDS mafia doctors use the ‘dementia’ label to bully women into drugging their children and themselves, often to death.

    So, Karri Stokely, having endured 11 years on AIDS drugs, which have ended so many lives, is today suffering extraordinary damage to her intestines, which follow such drugging – and the AIDS doctors solution is?

    More of the same.

    And Karri at present has NO doctor who will attend to her real and pressing medical needs, because the AIDS mafia has poisoned the well – or is trying to.

    Below is the on-the-day email from Dr. David Rasnick, detailing some of the events described above (used with his permission):

    From: Rasnick David
    Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 7:27 AM
    Subject: Karri’s experience Sept 16.

    Please send out this short summary of Karri’s ordeal at the hands of doctors.

    Yesterday was the most sinister, brutal, horrifying experience of my life. I woke this morning angry with the terrorism (Karri’s own word) the priesthood of medical doctors is inflicting on Karri. It is hard to convey in words what she is going through at the hands of these hopelessly deluded doctors. The doctors were nervous and defensive when Karri respectfully but forcefully refused their insistence that she was an end-stage AIDS patient and would not take their deadly drugs. She explained her decision eloquently, knowledgeably and thoroughly. She left every one of the doctors speechless. They had not a single response. She knows more about AIDS than they do.

    The doctors categorically refuse to treat her rectal ulcer unless she takes the drugs that almost killed her before. Instead of answering Karri’s specific question how immune suppressing drugs would improve her immune system, the doctor didn’t every try to give an answer. Instead he broke down emotionally, explaining how he prayed the night before for her. He attempted to brow-beat her into taking the anti-HIV drugs plus ganciclovir (another nucleoside analog for CMV) and bactrim and other drugs as prophylactics against PCP etc. He said if she listened to “Dr. Rasnick” she would be dead in 6 months, would not live to see her teenage children marry and so on. Karri didn’t stand for that a minute, telling him that in 1996 doctors told her the same dire story.

    Earlier that morning, in infectious disease doctor (HIV specialist), with 20 years experience was surprised to learn that ganciclovir for CMV comes with a black box warning label. Some expert. We wrote him off immediately.

    Later that afternoon Karri told a different surgeon that if he could explain to her how immune suppressing drugs would improve her immune system she would take them. That really put him on the spot and he did not respond. She repeated her offer and again silence.

    I must go back to the hospital and see what this day brings.


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