Charlie Sheen is Not HIV Positive – Because Nobody Is

– When everything is a lie….what’s true?

by Liam Scheff

Charlie Sheen is discussing his “HIV status” on national TV, and we can all be assured that The Media Insanity® will now be in full throttle, distracting from Fukushima, World War 3, declining petroleum sources, vaccine holocausts and other American sports. Soon hundreds of Hollywood starlets will be in the testing queue, to offer themselves to the vengeful God of Scientific Sex-Sin – even though none of them is remotely ill. (This is called “The worried well” in HIV in-speak.)

But as the cyclone wears on, very few will ask the question: How good or real is an HIV test? Even thought that should be the starting place…

Disclaimer: I covered this as a journalist for 10 years, and have little interest in returning to it, because it is a religion and not a science…but for the uninitiated:

The reality is: The tests do not work. They don’t diagnose anything specific. You can figure that yourself by reading the hundreds of citations in the literature about them, or just glance at their product warnings (their package inserts – aka “the fine print.”

And the drugs kill. You can figure that out the same way.

For more, Please Read: Knowing is Beautiful


Sex Crimes

Then move into the HIV test papers. Read and review all the literature you can eat.

The rest is in my book, Chapter 6.

Official Stories

Read Henry Bauer’s paper: HIV Tests Are Not HIV Tests

And the ARAS page with thousands of medical citations on the failure of the tests and drugs.

Or, watch this and get a tutorial in HIV testing…

One thought on “Charlie Sheen is Not HIV Positive – Because Nobody Is

  1. I have questions. But firstly to explain my position. I question the HIV causes AIDS mantra that many / most blindly accept. I have read about all of the dubiousness of HIV antibody tests. I am not convinced that HIV exists, let alone that it causes AIDS. It makes most sense to me that the original “GRID” cases were caused by toxic overload from multiple vaccinations, the over use of and missuse of antibiotics, recreational drug use including immuno-suppressant poppers, exposure to multiple microbes before which had been treated, untreated and untreatable.

    I read and post on sites that claim HIV causes AIDS and dissident sites, too. The pro HIV causes AIDS mantra sites do not print my posts that obviously question their mantra.

    Yet, I remember the very scary HIV/AIDS campaigns of the 1980s. So, I still fear HIV causes AIDS even though I have come to doubt it more and more.

    My question is about the claim that there is this event called seroconversion following HIV infection when the body supposedly produces antibodies to HIV and the person supposedly commonly experiences flu like symptoms. It is claimed that 80% of people given positive HIV antibody test results can trace their HIV seroconversion experience of that flu like sickness 1 to 3 weeks after their infection.

    Is this HIV seroconversion illness experience real? Or do people just look back to a time when they had a flu like illness and convince themselves that that instance was linked to them contracting supposed HIV? Or does this HIV infection actually cause a flu like illness and then nothing else?

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