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The Deadly Vagina Meme

Do Michael Douglas’s Wife and Girlfriends have Carcinogenic Vaginas?

by Liam Scheff

The internet is popping with reports that Michael Douglas’ love of cunning linguistics caused the throat cancer he underwent radioactive chemotherapy for in 2011. But, is it so? Did this Lothario of legend truly lick cancer from the gleaming thighs of his many mistresses? Or was something else to blame?

Michael Douglas has lived the life of a conquistador. He revels in his civilized excess – booze, cigars, women. He’s listed in the top cigar smokers of all time and pictured on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine. Indeed, he is a lifetime smoker and drinker.

The mainstream understands that tobacco and alcohol are toxic poisons; the burning embers of chemically treated tobacco products are irrefutably carcinogenic. Mike therefore has a problem that follows demonstrably from lifestyle choices – from sucking on and drinking carcinogens and cell-deregulating toxins.

But, we’re being asked to ignore reality and look at the invisible, undetectable scapegoat: the “HPV virus.” Continue reading The Deadly Vagina Meme

Lupus Causes HIV Positive Results

RTB: HIV tests come up positive for everything. Here researchers find that ‘specific’ HIV test proteins are…yes, non-specific. Again. And again. And again. But, they note, anyone with an ‘autoimmune disease’ should always be tested for “HIV!”

What about the ‘false’ results? They declare using a Western Blot should sort it out. Never mind that Western Blots contain precisely the same proteins as ELISA tests. Never mind that they have no standards for interpretation from lab to lab, country to country; or that some countries, like the UK, won’t use them because they consider them so awful!

But because the tests are so awful, they ‘suggest’ using PCR. Which work just as well. Ehm…badly. You can read about the wonders of PCR Here – these tests also have no standard, give no reproducible results, and come up positive and negative in the same sample from lab to lab, hour to hour, minute to minute. It’s a real ‘wheel of fortune’ with “HIV Testing.”

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Is the AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test a Measure of Fat?

RTB: We’re pleased to present another research essay by Cal Crilly. Cal has provided some truly groundbreaking work in understanding ‘Why retroviruses appear in autoimmune disease, cancer and Aids,’ and we recommend that you read his entire oeuvre, or body of work here at RTB, to follow his often whimsical journeys into wonderful and remarkable insight.

The AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test: A Measure of Fat?

by Cal Crilly

Well I swap the odd message with a HIV+ lady in Europe when I get to a net cafe every couple of weeks as I don’t know if anyone else does.

In her last couple of messages she said she “was worried about her CD4 count going down as the doctors would then harass her to take antiretrovirals” which in the past made her very sick. She also said that while her CD4 went down she felt better and heather than ever…

So I looked.

I have been an observer of the AIDS story for a good 13 years now, if I wander into a net cafe it’s because I noticed something you need to know.

I may be wrong about these observations but if I don’t mention them then no one else will say it….

So to me it looks like CD4 is mainly a marker for cholesterol and arterial plaque not the immune system. CD4 and CD8 counts goes up with cholesterol and nicotinamide will make cholesterol and CD4 go down because it’s a fat metaboliser. CD4 cells gather at the areas of arterial plaque and tell white blood cells to come and gobble up the cholesterol. Continue reading Is the AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test a Measure of Fat?

PCR Breakdown! Today on the Robert Scott Bell Show

Today on the Robert Scott Bell Show:

Investigative journalist Liam Scheff returns with the shocking truth about polio and the polio vaccine! Also, what is it that they don’t want you to know about Smallpox?

We’ll also dismantle the scientific myth that Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests can actually provide evidence of microbial causation in any disease, including HIV, Bird Flu, HPV and cervical cancer.

Did you know that the HPV vaccine is now linked to epilepsy?

How about the DPT vaccine link to permanent brain damage?

Robert shares with you some remedies for pulmonary/lung disorders that the FDA would rather you not know.

How is it that ABC can report better outcomes for patients who are being prescribed fewer drugs, while another story claims that babies and toddlers need to be drugged for depression?

Listen in by going here:

The HIV Innocence Project – Spread the Word

RTB: An important update from the OMSJ

If you have been charged with an HIV-related crime or civil action – or you represent someone in such action, contact OMSJ immediately.

  • In 2008, a Texas court sentenced Willie Campbell to 35 years in prison for spitting at a police officer.
  • A year later, Philippe Padieu faced five to 99 years for having sex with several women. He lucked out with a 25-year sentence.
  • In December 2009, an Arkansas Court sentenced Christopher Gray (18) to 15 years in prison.

These men were sentenced not because they have deadly infectious diseases but because they did not understand how to defend themselves against junk science.

HIV tests do not detect HIV. AIDS drugs cause cancer and kill. Many HIV medications contain drugs like Sustiva (Efavirenz), an undisclosed benzodiazepine (BZD) analogue that compromises immune function after ONE DOSE and can produce life-long psychological and physical injuries.
(More information about HIV drugs and the diseases they cause is found here.)
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False Positive or Negative PCR Viral Load in Pregnant Woman in Zaire

HIV Positive, HIV Negative. The ‘twain often meet. HIV tests have no standards, give reactions for dozens to hundreds of known and unknown reasons.

Here a woman in Zaire, described as “immundeficient” with tuburculosis, and pregnant, is put through a ‘viral load’ run-around. She is positive and negative.

And that’s HIV testing, folks. Which is why it should be illegal as a diagnostic tool….

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Find HIV like the Experts – Understanding Viral Load

RTB offers this easy-to-follow tutorial on PCR “Viral Load.” By following the order of operations in this graphic, you will be able to understand how AIDS researchers discover all of those wildly ‘mutating’ strands of ‘HIV.’ It is well established by AIDS researchers, who are never wrong, that HIV can entirely change its genetic structure in seconds! How does ‘it’ perform this trick?

Quitting AIDS drugs OK, say Italian researchers

LOTTI stands for the LOng Term Treatment Interruption study, which recently reported that “Scheduled Treatment Interruptions” (STI) for toxic AIDS drug cocktails do work.

Although some results from the LOTTI study were first reported back in November, 2008, the complete report wasn’t published in the journal AIDS until April, 2009 and was finally published on Medscape this month.  In an industry that often falls over itself rushing to trumpet breaking news to the media, this sluggishness to report good news (for people on HAART, if not the pharmaceutical industry) is certainly suspect.

The randomized, controlled, prospective  LOTTI study concluded that those patients who took vacations from their HAART drugs fared as well clinically as those who took their drug cocktail continuously. “The two strategies may be considered clinically equivalent,” stated the study’s authors. Even more importantly, more than a fourth of those who quit their cocktail of drugs never had to restart them, even though the mean length of time in the study was more than four years!

What is so exciting about this scientifically controlled study is that it offers hope to those people who are currently taking anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs, but are concerned about long term effects, or are already experiencing illness because of toxicity. Based on the study’s results, there are not only no good reasons for HAART patients to stay on the drugs continuously and indefinitely, there are several advantages to stopping them:

  • Reduced toxicity – Not surprisingly, the LOTTI trial found that those patients randomized to the  continuous HAART arm of the study experienced more cardiological problems due to the effects of drug toxicity. These problems are well known, and modern clinical practice is to attempt to “manage” them with… yep, more pharmaceutical products. Other known effects of continuous use of HAART include disfiguring body effects called lypodystrophy, liver disease, bone problems, aberrant blood levels such as lipids, enzymes and hormones, and more.
  • Drug “resistance” – The boogeyman most frequently used to discourage patients from considering drug interruptions–was also higher in the continuous HAART cohort. Of those in the STI arm who developed resistance, all but one did so after viral suppression was achieved, and while on HAART. In other words, being off the drugs did not cause resistance, but being on them did! This contradicts the “common wisdom” pronounced by most HIV practitioners.
  • CD4 counts – While about the same number of patients from each arm reached one of the primary end points (death or disease), those in the continuous arm had a mean CD4 count of 891, compared to 557 in the STI arm. So much for the protective power of higher CD4 counts.
  • Cost effectiveness – Daily treatment cost for patients on STI was less than half that of the continuous HAART group. Cost alone should not be the determining factor in treatment, but there never seems to be enough money to fuel the AIDS machine, so this is an important finding.

LOTTI results challenge SMART study

The largest study of the STI treatment strategy to date, the SMART study, was sponsored by the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and was terminated early, supposedly because early results showed virologic failure and deaths for those on STI’s. The design (and execution) of SMART has been challenged and the study may serve better as an indication of the tremendous influence of pharmaceutical interests on the U.S. health research industry than on STI itself. Current treatment guidelines are based on lifelong adherence to what might best  be described as chemotherapy.

One question raised by LOTTI is: if so many people do well once they stop taking the toxic drugs, why should otherwise healthy people start taking them in the first place?

(Note:  this report is a summary of a longer discussion of the LOTTI results on my blog here.)

Misdiagnosis of HIV Infection by HIV-1 Plasma Viral Load Testing: A Case Series

RTB: Which Test is a Test? The Viral Load test is not standardized, gives variable, non-diagnostic results, that are interpreted against the clinical view of the patient: If they think you are an AIDS patient, they will value the test.

Each of these individuals tested “positive” on Viral Load tests and negative on other HIV tests. The tests are poly-reactive, non-standardized and non-diagnostic. Despite all of this, the authors put forward the notion that the antibody tests (ELISA and Western Blot) are quite good. But Western Blot has been phased out because it gives too many ‘indeterminate’ test results, and has no standard for interpretation, and Viral Load is used to “confirm” antibody testing.

The authors add: “Only patients who have a high pretest probability of a positive result should be evaluated for primary HIV infection using plasma viral load testing.” In other words, unless the clinician believes that someone is immune suppressed, or in a group considered to be “at risk” for AIDS (Gays, Blacks, drug addicts), the individual should not be tested with Viral Load.

Download PDF


A previously healthy 12-year-old boy, whose HIV-infected mother is cared for at one of our institutions, presented for evaluation of a positive plasma viral load (PCR) of 1254 copies per/mL determined by using the branched-chain DNA assay (Chrion) for HIV-1 RNA.

The patients’ mother had received a diagnosis of HIV infect around the time of his birth, and the patient had tested negative for HIV-1 by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) several times in the years after his birth.

Although the patient reported no risk factors for HIV infection, he underwent plasma viral load testing after his primary care physician noted a skiing lesion that was interpreted as herpes zoster. At our institution, the patient subsequently had a negative result on HIV-1 ELISA, a normal CD4 cell count and a CD4:CD8 ration, and a negative plasma viral load…His skin lesion was diagnosed as impetigo, and he remains in excellent health 3 months after his initial presentation.

The patient tested negative for HIV-1 antibody on (an) HIV-1 oral specimen collection device..

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False-positive HIV Diagnosis by HIV-1 Plasma Viral Load Testing

RTB: The PCR or Viral Load tests do not diagnosis infection, or conform with results from HIV antibody tests, as is seen in the case below. The M.D.s are clear that the test must be “cautiously interpreted within the context of the patient’s entire picture.” And that the test’s accuracy is interpretive, according to concepts of “probability.” Probability, not of being infected with a single or particular particle, but probability of being like other people who have the AIDS diagnosis. Continue reading False-positive HIV Diagnosis by HIV-1 Plasma Viral Load Testing

Which of These is HIV?

RTB: HIV tests are poly-reactive and non-standardized; they give no single reaction, and react with no single disease. The list below, from the National Institutes of Health Reference and Reagent Program, is “The Source of Critical HIV Research Materials.” These are what scientists and researchers refer to when they refer to HIV. There is no single particle, no reference particle for HIV tests, and no complete particle.

The proteins and genetic strands are assembled from sub-fragments and partial genetic strands, copied using PCR tests and stitched together with molecular cloning and engineering technologies. Is HIV itself a multiplicity of particles, proteins and events, mistakenly stitched together under one name? Is this why so many illnesses give “positive” reactions on “HIV tests?”

How many different entities are we now collecting under the name “HIV?” Is HIV a catch-all for many activities in the body, some indicating disease, some not? This would explain the diversity and difficulty with HIV testing.

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AIDS Drugs Make Patients Older, Faster

RTB: This 2009 study reports that people who test HIV-positive, and who take AIDS drugs show characteristics of advanced aging in their T-Cells  – in other words, these people were older than their calendar age. All of the ‘positive’ trial participants are on a multiple-drug “cocktail” of FDA Black Box label drugs, meaning any of the drugs that they’re taking can and have caused death, or permanent injury, including organ damage and failure.

  • “HIV-infected subjects (median 56 years) with good immune reconstitution and viral suppression had immune changes comparable to older (median 88 years) HIV-negative subjects.”

The researchers don’t count this as a factor – they simply don’t consider drug toxicity in people given the AIDS diagnosis. Even these researchers cannot see beyond the intense weight of the overly-certain “HIV Positive” stigma, which is based on poly-reactive HIV testing.

The study notes that the Viral Load has been lowered considerably; the researchers don’t refer to major studies that demonstrate that Viral Load does not correlate with healthy T-cell production, or with clinical health. But this remains the goal of standard AIDS care.
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Viral Load – Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t

RTB: The New York Times Admits that PCR Testing, (Which is Used to Diagnose Aids, Sars and Bird Flu), is too sensitive, not accurate, and is used to ‘invent epidemics’


New York Times
Published: January 22, 2007

Dr. Brooke Herndon, an internist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, could not stop coughing. For two weeks starting in mid-April last year, she coughed, seemingly nonstop, followed by another week when she coughed sporadically, annoying, she said, everyone who worked with her.

Before long, Dr. Kathryn Kirkland, an infectious disease specialist at Dartmouth, had a chilling thought: Could she be seeing the start of a whooping cough epidemic? By late April, other health care workers at the hospital were coughing, and severe, intractable coughing is a whooping cough hallmark. And if it was whooping cough, the epidemic had to be contained immediately because the disease could be deadly to babies in the hospital and could lead to pneumonia in the frail and vulnerable adult patients there.

It was the start of a bizarre episode at the medical center: the story of the epidemic that wasn’t. Continue reading Viral Load – Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t

Ask the Experts about Understanding Your Labs – The

Gold Standard

Aug 4, 2001 [Here]

Hey Doc,

Why is there no Gold Standard when testing for the presence of HIV? Instead of looking for antibodies thought to be exclusive to HIV, wouldn’t it be better to isolate actual virus in a suspected HIV+ person?

Why are the standards of testing and diagnosis different in most countries to that of the US? If I test positive in the US, I may not test postive in let’s say Canada or the UK. Don’t you think that’s odd?

Are the tests standard in most countries for diseases like, let’s say, Chicken Pox or Hepatitis? Continue reading Ask the Experts about Understanding Your Labs – The