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HPV, The Virus That Doesn’t Cause Cancer – New Video – Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell at the Health Freedom Expo

Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell present “HPV, The Virus that Doesn’t Cause Cancer” at the Health Freedom Expo in March 2012. Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories, presents the history of bad cancer ‘virology’ that led to the rotten ideas infesting science today; a lousy science that gave us “HPV, the virus that does (but doesn’t) cause cancer,” and the idea that every disease of poverty and immune deficiency in poor people is caused by a single particle. And we laugh a bit along the way….

Read more in “Official Stories”

Reason Magazine Becomes Momentarily Reasonable – Please Join the Conversation

RTB: An important update on the OMSJ’s courtroom exposure of the fraud of HIV testing and a chance for you to participate in the discussion. (With thanks to Terry Michael for forwarding the news).

In a continuation of the paradigm-shifting Fort Bragg case, (the libertarian publication) just posted a lengthy piece on the military trial in which an Army sergeant was acquitted under a military “HIV panic” law. HIV Revisionism in Fort Bragg Acquittal

The Reason Hit&Run blog quoted extensively from the piece by Terry Michael on the case. The Hit&Run piece also notes Clark Baker, Nancy Turner Banks and Rodney Richards, linking to OMSJ and to Nancy’s web site.

We suggest that those interested in open discussion of HIV testing and fraud now go to the Reason piece and leave comments. Please write under your own names, describe your credentials, and your experience and knowledge of the HIV testing fraud, in clear arguments.

Oppression Unlimited – New Film

RTB: A new film on our friends in London at HEAL

“Oppression Unlimited” is the story of Mike Hersee’s ex-lover, Cornelius Abraham, who died at the young age of 22 years old. His HIV positive diagnosis was just one of the many oppressing obstacles in his life.

Cornelius was born with a heart defect, but was otherwise healthy. His upbringing in a strict Seventh Day Adventist family was difficult as his parents tried to exorcize him and told him that he was going to go to hell for being gay. While dating Mike, he was very psychosomatic and would get sick according to the emotional issues he was having in life. Cornelius was also very dependent in his relationships with people and he quickly became attached to Mike.

Mike had sex as the receiving partner, unprotected, with Cornelius approximately 70 times after Cornelius was diagnosed “HIV Positive,” but Mike’s subsequent HIV test results were negative.

When Mike broke up with Cornelius, it took away Cornelius’s will to live, affecting how Cornelius took care of himself and in Mike’s opinion Cornelius ended up dying of a broken heart (literally, he died of two heart infections).

To view Mike Hersee’s full story, click HERE

Mike Hersee is one of the co-founders of HEAL London. HEAL stands for Health Education AIDS Liason.

Mike became more interested in helping people with HIV and AIDS diagnoses to overcome the stigma and pressures that come with the identity of testing positive.

In the film, Mike Hersee is being played by Brian Rohan and Cornelius Abraham is being played by Irving Green.

Go to to watch the trailer

HIV Tests Die On Trial…Again!

RTB: HIV tests really do not test for HIV.

The case, closed Tuesday, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, put a sergeant on trial for “spreading HIV.” But, did he “spread” anything? Except some willing partner’s legs??

Sorry, but. What did he really “spread?” Was he really “HIV positive?”

The answer came from the judge. A potential 37 year prison sentence was reduced to:


Why? Because HIV tests have no standards. they come up positive for EVERYTHING. They have no value, at all.

And the military judge agreed. The Sergeant is free to live his life. He still is stuck with the lousy fake diagnosis. But what value does it have? It doesn’t even hold up in court.

To thank for his defense: The OMSJ, Clark Baker, and the defense team who went to N.C. to ask the experts: “What do you mean by ‘HIV Positive?'”

Read the report at

Return Your HIV Diagnosis Now

RTB: The OMSJ has made it easy for you to turn in your false HIV diagnosis. Please read their article on “Erasing HIV’s Scarlet Letter,” and download the “Differential Diagnosis” forms, linked at and below.

Erasing HIV’s “SCARLET LETTER” [Link]

1. Your first letter reminds your doctor who you are.  It should contain short questions about a) the tests he used, b) how the diagnosis was made, and c) the kind of response you seek.

If you are asked to come in for a visit, do so – and bring a recording device.  During your visit, turn it on and lay it in plain sight so that both sides will know that the conversation is being recorded.

In some states and countries, it is illegal to secretly record someone.  If the device is sitting in the open, it should not violate any laws.  If you’re not sure, turn it on and say clearly that you are recording your conversation “because what they will say is important and you don’t want to misunderstand anything they’ve said.”  If they refuse, leave the recorder on and re-state that they want the recording device off.  Then leave the clinic, go home and write another letter.

If the doctor happens to respond in writing and identifies the test used, you’ll probably find the test in this list.  If he doesn’t identify it, pick one test, and ask if he used that test.  Mail your certified letter.

Your follow-up letters should ask exactly how he conducted his diagnosis.  He should explain exactly how he ruled out each of the 100+ conditions that are known to “cross-react” to HIV tests – conditions that include flu, tetanus and hepatitis shots, pregnancy, colds, the flu, physical injuries, and so forth.  Your doctor should be able to list ALL OF THE KNOWN CROSS-REACTIONS and explain exactly how he ruled out each one.  If he fails to answer this simple test, it suggests that he did not conduct a competent diagnosis.

Just as a policeman must rule out gunshot wounds, stoke, diabetic shock or other ailments before arresting someone for drunk driving, your doctor must identify and all of the known conditions that cause false positive test results and explain exactly how he ruled them out.

Your objective is to pin down the doctor.  Don’t let him play “hide the penny” with you.

Once you’re satisfied that your first letter and follow-up questions have been answered, move to second letter.

2. Your second letter addresses questions about your CD4 count and flow cytometry.

This is important because the CDC has used a CD4 count of under 200 to identify AIDS cases.  Unless the doctor can describe exactly how the test was conducted, you must assume that the test used was improperly calibrated, was recalled, or was conducted by a lab tech who didn’t know what he was doing.  The fact that both Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics paid multi-million dollar fines to settle felony complaints should be enough to ask many follow-up questions.

3. Your third letter can ask for a complete list of all of the pharmaceutical reps who visited his clinic in the past decade and how much money, free trips, speaking fees and other payment he received from the drug industry.

4. Use this letter if you are asked to return to the clinic for additional testing.

Because all HIV tests are inaccurate, unreliable and presumptive, taking one or a thousand tests is as unreliable as using one or a thousand broken clocks to verify the time.  Pin down the clinician on the tests that you’ve already taken before wasting your time with new tests.

5. Use this letter and this list to write each of your next letters.

For example, ask him how he ruled out Herpes simplex, and if he knew that the virus is known to cross-react with HIV tests.

Except for the first letter, the rest can be modified and sent in any order.  At some point, ask for copies of all of your medical records.  If a criminal complaint is ever filed against you, these letters and medical records will likely come in handy.  More likely than not, securing the records early will prevent someone from making changes when you start asking them embarrassing questions.

Use the comments section of this report for questions as a FAQ.


HIV Test Fraud Liberation Day

by Liam Scheff
for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News

It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon to the doctor or clinician who gave it to them, that no further infections would occur, no HIV would be spread, and the entire notion of this virus would disappear entirely. What would be left in this scenario is not a world plagued by HIV infection, but a world in which many people are ill for many reasons: Poverty, pharmaceutical poisoning, street drug abuse, toxic environmental poisoning, pure starvation, filthy parasite-ridden water and fear. A fear promulgated and propagated by the AIDS medical front.

We on the Robert Scott Bell Show are proud to present a new video documentary release from the “House of Numbers” special edition film series – “HIV Testing Exposed, Revealed and Deconstructed.”


What are HIV tests? What do they do?

They are protein tests – they look for reactions between proteins in the test kits, and proteins in your blood.

But where do the proteins come from? The answer will astound, and possibly liberate you, and anyone you know who has ever been given one of these fraudulent tests.

In the course of two hours, we hear from AIDS industry and medical experts, who in their own words reveal in no uncertain terms that HIV tests are a complete and utter fraud – a game of three-card-monty, that overlay a cult-like belief system, a myth – the myth that AIDS is a transmissible sex disease.

AIDS – acquired immune deficiency – is real enough, and easy to ‘acquire’ through many means – through drug, pharma, water, food poisoning; through prolonged intoxication with chemicals, or restriction of essential nutrients.

But while immune deficiency is quite real, HIV is entirely fake. Does this statement surprise you? Shock you? In the course of two hours, investigative journalist Liam Scheff, and host Robert Scott Bell will walk you through the experts on parade, as they tell you, in their own words, how the HIV test was constructed out of entirely normal proteins, that occur in both sick and healthy people. These proteins were supposed to come from one virus – but they come from a witch’s brew of cultured, contaminated cell lines in government laboratories, which had been growing for most of the 1970s. They were useless proteins looking for an illness to attach themselves to. Why? To keep the funding going.

The CDC was saved from destitution by the invention of the “HIV” paradigm. The World Health Organization has grown into a world policing, economic weapon of war, in light of their ability to ruin nations with make-believe “HIV” tests, (and the SARS, Bird and Swine flu tests that followed suit). Much of the ‘third world’ has been made into pharma slave states, because we have been given this profoundly effective myth: That sex is dangerous for some people, and so they must be tested.

But what are we testing them with, and what for?

You will hear Hans Gelderblom, electron microscopist, admit on camera that what became HIV tests, was from the beginning, “Eighty Percent Dirt.” You will hear Ph.D. researchers describe the invention (by fiat, and consensus agreement) of “HIV proteins,” out of normally-occuring cellular proteins. And you will hear the high priests of “HIV,” Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier and their peers, describe HIV tests as entirely flawed Rube Goldberg devices – one leading to another, leading to another, all in an attempt to create an overwhelming conclusion that a dozen useless tests must be more meaningful than just one.

When they know the truth: A dozen times a fraud is an even more profound fraud – and this fraud is now being perpetrated against Africans, Indians, Chinese, Eastern and Western Europeans, South and North Americans, and citizens worldwide, with entirely disgraced ‘rapid tests,’ now used in vans and at folding tables in parking lots, to grab the poorly-educated and hurl them into the pharmaceutical maw.

On World AIDS Day, we at the Robert Scott Bell show declare a worldwide moratorium on HIV testing — you can now download this show, and the House of Numbers exclusive HIV testing video, walk it into your clinician, your doctor, your school, workplace, your CEO or C.O.’s office; bring it to social studies, science and math classes, discourse and debate clubs; post them on your webpage and blogs, burn them onto CDs and MP3 players, and spread the word.

Turn in your HIV test result. Return it to the manufacturer. After all, they’ll tell you in the fine print that it is a ‘diagnosis’ with no value at all. And begin to reclaim your life, sanity, and your sexual identity – it is not the government’s right or responsibility to decide for you how you shall choose a partner, nor how you shall be drugged.

Take this information, and spread the well-described and understood reality of HIV testing: It is an absolute, irredeemable  fraud. And if you are ill, and have any kind of immune deficiency, your challenge is to slowly but concretely educate yourself about the illnesses that plague us in our modern world. Illnesses of toxic exposure, from denatured and chemically altered food, polluted water and air, and chronic exposure to gut-rending pharmaceuticals.

We on the Robert Scott Bell show will continue to talk about how to recover from immune deficiency. It is a challenge for all of us. What we need to do for the innocent victims of the HIV test fraud, is to NULLIFY that false label, and let them have the mental space and sanity to pursue health without being chased by the pharma nightmare that is daily inflicted upon so-called “AIDS patients.”

This is going to be a two hours like no other we’ve done. We will plumb the depths of the HIV testing fraud, and let the mainstream, in their own words, describe it to you, and release you from it.

Join us today at 12pm EST, and then downloadable for your MP3 player, on for World HIV Fraud Day.

And spread the word, by sharing the broadcast and the “House of Numbers” documentary with everyone you know, at every level of professional life in your town, village or burg, wherever you live in the world.

Join us to listen, and later click on the Robert Scott Bell archives link for the show download.

And remember – the power to heal truly is yours. And the power to turn in your HIV diagnosis, belongs to you, today.




The Mainstream Again Admits – HIV Does Not Exist as a Unique Particle

by Liam Scheff

Dear voyagers of dark and dusky paths; of shattered highways, of broken dreams. Wilkommen!

How good it is to see you in the old haunt, reading the medical journals, looking for clues this Century’s greatest lie (well, since 2001 we’re competing with some whoppers…but).

Have a stroll through this mainstream review of all things retroviral nonsense. This paper provides a basis of understanding the AIDS mess deeply from their point of view (the point of view of bad science in many labs reaching consensus agreement).

So, please read along. Take your time. Take some dramamine, if needed, or ginger tea. Many of the leaps of logic will induce vertigo… [cached]

Understanding AIDS theory goes like this:

A. It is a sexually transmitted particle – Yes or No.

B. It or They Kill T-Cells – Yes or No.

C. It is a Distinct particle with a distinct shape, size, (morphology) and physical characteristic – Yes or No.

(Why? because that’s (supposedly) how infectious particles in the body are supposed to work – like jigsaw puzzle pieces. The need a particular size, and physical features to do their jobs).

For “A”, see Padian, see this:

175 couples. Doing it. In, out, up, down, front, back, six years of study time (plus all that came before): Zero ‘conversions.’ No negs became pos. Why? Because they weren’t shooting drugs – meaning, they didn’t raise their antibody count to a rancorous level, so as to tick off the touchy non-specific antibody tests.

For B?

Easy. See the mainstream’s defense of how they can’t figure out if/how anything is even remotely affecting T-Cells. Read “The Happy Exosome.”

From the inception of the paradigm in 1984, to the present, the answer is the same: “We don’t know, but keep sending money”:

•  “We are still very confused about the mechanisms that lead to CD4 T-cell depletion, but at least now we are confused at a higher level of understanding.” — Dr. Paul Johnson, Harvard Medical School (Balter 1997)

•  “We still do not know how, in vivo, the virus destroys CD4+ T cells…. Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the loss of CD4+ T cells, some of which seem to be diametrically opposed.” — Joseph McCune, immunologist (McCune 2001)

•  “Despite considerable advances in HIV science in the past 20 years, the reason why HIV-1 infection is pathogenic is still debated… There is a general misconception that more is known about HIV-1 than about any other virus and that all of the important issues regarding HIV-1 biology and pathogenesis have been resolved. On the contrary, what we know represents only a thin veneer on the surface of what needs to be known.” — Mario Stevenson, virologist (Nature Medicine 2003)

•  “Twenty-five years into the HIV epidemic, a complete understanding of what drives the decay of CD4 cells – the essential event of HIV disease – is still lacking…. The puzzle of HIV pathogenesis keeps getting more pieces added to it.” — W. Keith Henry, Pablo Tebas, and H. Clifford Lane (Henry 2006)

So, it’s still a “puzzle” to the mainstream. Do T-Cells die when in the presence of “HIV” DNA? (Which is always different!) No. Or, “We’re confused at a much higher level of understanding” is the official answer.

For question C? That’s what this is about…See below. See this – with pictures even. No distinct shape or size.

1. There is no single thing called “HIV” (“it” is never the same, because “it” is a “they” – and they knew it from the start) – The crap we’re finding is “Extremely Variable.”

“Every ‘isolated’ strain was different from the other also when obtained from the same individual but at different times.”

Is that a particle? No, it’s a fishing expedition with genetic re-assembling (later PCR), and culturing techniques. They call different things by one name. Have a glance:

“The ground for the feud was the following. Montagnier sent his first isolate LAV/BRU to Gallo in July of 1983. In May of 1984 Gallo’s coworker Sarngadharan brings one of Gallo’s five HIV strains (HTLV-IIIB) that grew well in a continuous cell line to Montagniers laboratory in Paris. In July of 1984 Montagnier sends Gallo a second sample of LAVBRU since Gallo had complained that the first didn’t grew well at NIH. Gallo then found and reported[33] that HIV was extremely variable; every isolated strain was different from the other also when obtained from the same individual but at different times. “ — Genomic diversity of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome virus HTLV-III: different viruses exhibit greatest divergence in their envelope genes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1985 Jul;82(14):4813-7.

Right. Get it? Nothing is ever the same? Even when it’s the same thing?

“Converging lines of research have linked human T-cell lymphotropic virus type III (HTLV-III) to the pathogenesis of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. A characteristic feature of this virus is its genomic heterogeneity, which occurs to varying degrees in different viral isolates.” – Hahn BH, Gonda MA, Shaw GM, Popovic M, Hoxie JA, Gallo RC, Wong-Staal F.

Right! It’s always different! (Wrong. It’s not the same bloody thing, you bleeping morons). What they’re doing is fishing out different bits of genetic stuff from the ‘redundant’ genome – they used to call it ‘junk DNA,’ now it’s ‘important epi-genetic DNA,’ now it’s “exosomal DNA.”

Here’s how that works:

2. Highly Variable – Because “HIV” is not a Single Entity. “It” is a “They,” and “They” are HERVS or Now, “Exosomes”:

H-I-V is really H-E-R-V

AIDS researchers have been forced to admit time and again that their “HIV” is morphologically identical to “HIV-like particles” they find in “HIV negative persons.” This is true even though their “HIV” has the bad habit of having no standard size or physical quality – it can be too small or too large, and still be “HIV” to determined true-believing AIDS researchers.

This is why AIDS patients can “suppress” or stop the production of “HIV” by taking Selenium and other pro-methylating micronutrients. Why? Because returning cells to healthy levels of methyl production is good for bringing order back to loose and disordered DNA. Methylation stops or slows the production of these transposable elements. These are mistakenly thought of as “viruses,” but “HIV” is “LAV,” which is and always was human endogenous retroviral expression in stressed and damaged cells.

And this is at least part of the reason why HIV tests are so lousy.* Humans and animals produce HERVs under stress and illness, and so “HIV tests” are really “HERV tests,” and react with proteins produced by people who are suffering from almost any illness, drug abuse, vaccination, or, of course, pregnancy – because HERVs are expressed like wildfire in the placenta. *(The other reason is because Gallo’s HIV test slurry came from so many different people, mixed with so many different chemical and biological elements, it’s really impossible to know what they’re testing for).

John p. moore of aidstruth.orgFinally, this is why “HIV” (LAV or HTLV) doesn’t kill T-Cells. This has been the central claim of the AIDS paradigm – but it was proven false from the start. Robert Gallo invented the idea of slow T-Cell depletion by a scavenging, ravaging retrovirus in order to package his product with enough fear and anxiety, covered by pseudo-scientific technobabble, so pure belief would make it stick. Gallo sold his mixed cells containing HERVs (or HTLV-III, which was both as functionless and fraudulent as his other “human lymphotropic viruses”) to Abbott Labs. But he sold them in…ready? T-Cells. His “HIV” Grows in T-Cells. It’s called an ‘eternal line’ of production, in T-Cell leukemia. It never dies. Because HERVs don’t kill T-Cells.

Do you know what does cause T-Cells to suffer? De-methylation of DNA by exposure to pharmaceuticals and toxins.

3. What Kind of ‘Virus’ is ‘HIV’? It’s as many as they need it to be. A type-C a type-D, etc.

It’s supposed to be a “C.” Or. Well. Here, in Jay Levy’s lab, it’s a “D”:

Isolation of lymphocytopathic retroviruses from San Francisco patients with AIDS.

Levy JA, Hoffman AD, Kramer SM, Landis JA, Shimabukuro JM, Oshiro LS.


Infectious retroviruses have been detected in 22 of 45 randomly selected patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and in other individuals from San Francisco. The AIDS-associated retroviruses (ARV) studied in detail had a type D morphology, Mg2+-dependent reverse transcriptase, and cytopathic effects on lymphocytes. The viruses can be propagated in an established adult human T cell line, HUT-78. They cross-react with antiserum to the lymphadenopathy-associated retrovirus isolated from AIDS patients in France. Antibodies to ARV were found in all 86 AIDS patients and in a high percentage of 88 other homosexual men in San Francisco. This observation indicates the widespread presence of these lymphocytopathic retroviruses and their close association with AIDS.

But for everybody else, it was a “B.” No, a “C.” No. Well… nobody really knew. Or cared.

If they could outsmart themselves, they could certainly outsmart the public.

Let’s Look at the Numbers:

From their mouths to your ears: 22 out of 45 ‘AIDS’ patients have ‘infectious retroviruses.’ Pardon? Where’s the 100 percent correlation for infection? Answer – they don’t care. It’s never to be found.

Where do the proteins come from? They were and are Propagated (grown, made) in an adult HUMAN T-CELL LINE.

What is “HIV” supposed to do?

Kill T-Cells.

Where does the mainstream GROW ‘immortal’ lines of ‘HIV?’

In T-Cells.

Can we all go home now, and get on with our humping?

Back to their numbers…

Antibodies to this ‘specific, never-the-same’ retroid were found in … 86 AIDS patients and in a high percentage of 88 other homosexual men.

Good news. I guess you can find it anywhere…

4. Don’t Worry About “HIV”Bothering Anyone…It’s “Fragile”

“HIV is an enveloped virus and hence fragile. Most certainly they had lost the virus envelope in their purification of the virus.”

You can find the Perth researchers citing AIDS theory originator, Robert Gallo, saying that MOST lose their envelopes AFTER or DURING budding. So it’s all a very, very fragile soup of non-uniform, never-the-same crap. Poor dears! I bet they cried during “Girl, Interrupted.” (I surely did).

“In the same issue of Science where Montagnier and his colleagues published their study Gallo pointed out that “the viral envelope which is required for infectivity is very fragile, it tends to come off when the virus buds from infected cells, thus rendering the particles incapable of infecting new cells”. Because of this Gallo claimed that “cell-to-cell contact may be required for retroviral infection”. — Marx JL. Human T-cell virus linked to AIDS.” Science 1983;220:806-809.


But, what’s this? A Cure Already! Way back in the Eighties!

Gallo also said, years ago (and this was new to me) that AIDS was curable with ‘chemokines’:

“Gallo brings more than his reputation. He already has several promising projects on the fast track. Last fall, he identified what he called chemokines — naturally occurring molecules that suppress HIV in vitro. These could prove a powerful treatment for AIDS. He’s following up on the vaccine research of Jonas Salk and Daniel Zagury, and trying to develop a “vector vaccine,” one that uses the smallpox virus to deliver particles that might trigger an immune response against HIV. He’s developing a treatment for Kaposi’s sarcoma, the deadly skin cancer seen in many AIDS patients.

Any of these paths could lead to a blockbuster product. “AIDS will soon drive the whole biotechnology field,” Gallo predicts. “It will be worth ten times ten our efforts here.”

Good news, because the redoubtable wikipodium says that they are ‘found in all vertabrates,’ so I guess the spinal column has cured AIDS.

5. HIV Proteins are not HIV Proteins, Are Only Sometimes or Later, or Perhaps Another Time Important (or not), Depending…

In HIV-ology, proteins with numbers (daltons – microscopic weight) are very important. The good news is you can find these “HIV specific proteins” in everybody. In pregnant women, in their children, and certainly in sick people, arthritic, alcoholic, whatever, poor, starving, etc. They occur everywhere, in animals too.

“The French group did not detect gp41 in their immune precipitation studies using purified LAV. Their inability to detect this protein in their ELISA or immune precipitation experiments is probably the main reason that their positive scores with AIDS and pre-AIDS sera were so low.”

Hey, isn’t ‘gp41’ the capo da tutti of all HIV proteins? But, well. Bah. Besides p24, which shows up everywhere. So. You know. Screw it, sure it’s important. But, you know, we don’t want to be anal-retentive!

Nope, You don’t have to find any “HIV” proteins in “HIV.” Monty found a p25, not a p24 (but I’m sure that was just an accounting error); and he didn’t find any very important p41…

And what’s this: “Scores were so low?” This means, yes, the tests SUCK.

6. HIV Occurs in SOME AIDS Patients…

Or, really “reverse transcriptase” occurs in some, or alot of AIDS, and also non-AIDS patients. Because when they say, “HIV,” they mean, “We found this enzyme, and we’ll say it’s a virus. We know it’s not, but you’re never going to figure that out.”

Reverse Transcriptase is an enzyme process, (many enzymes) which ‘copy’ material from RNA to DNA.

They used to think this “backward copying” was a big deal, because it contradicted DNA-wonderbrats Watson and Crick, (who were wrong about almost anything, anyway, except they figured out where to put the phosphates – on the inside. Linus Pauling put them on the outside, so he didn’t discover DNA, and they ‘did.’)

The mainstream used to get so excited about RT (reverse transcriptase), that they liked to imagine that it only occurred in Tumor Viruses (which no longer are said to really exist as such, so they were relabeled retroviruses, which are now being rechristened, ‘exosomes.’)

But the HIV quacks spend their time and your dollars looking for RT.

That is, You don’t have to find anything anywhere consistently, as long as the NIH is paying your tab (and you’re spending their (I mean, the taxpayer’s) dough). How many AIDS patients ‘have HTLV/LAV/LAI/HUT9’ etc??

So here you can find RT in….

The 48 HTLV-III isolates [Yes, they don’t really mean “isolate,” they mean reverse transcriptase] were obtained from –

•    18 of 21 tested patients with unexplained lymphadenopathy and leukopenia, with an inverted T4/T8 lymphocyte ratio (designated pre-AIDS), [No, it was probably not ‘unexplained,’ it’s just not politically correct to talk about poppers]
•    3 of 4 clinically normal mothers of juvenile AIDS patients,
•    3 of 8 juvenile AIDS patients,
•    13 of 43 adult AIDS patients with Kaposis sarcoma,
•    10 of 21 adults AIDS patients with opportunistic infections, and
•    1 of 22 clinically normal homosexual donors.

10 out of 21. 13 out of 43. With their version of “HIV” (reverse transcriptase). And they sell THIS to the public? What a sick bunch of … right. Research dollars are needed to help these poor lab jockeys along.

So, here they’re working on improving HIV tests, because they come up pos for everyone who’s sick in any way, and they want the protein reactions to focus on the drug addicts and gay men:

In a second accompanying paper…The number of sera that gave positive scores in the ELISA were:

•    43 of 49 (88%) of patients with AIDS (two of whom had developed AIDS after blood transfusion)
•    11 of 14 patients with pre-AIDS, [“I am your doctor. I regret to inform you that you have….Pre-AIDS… You’ll have to wear a condom on your face, because HTLV-iii is very fragile, and you don’t want to break it, do you?”]
•    3 of 5 intravenous drug users (of which one positive ways also homosexual),
•    6 of 17 homosexual men.
•     Out of 186 controls only one scored positive in the ELISA (1 of the 164 normal subjects).  [“Normal subjects,” ie, not drug addicts. Here they’re getting better at gearing the tests to people with drug and other-related antibody production]

Pretty good, huh? They’re getting the tests to work a liiiiitttle better on sick people. 88% of their AIDS patients now click the tests. Impressive. You’ve just identified that 88% of the people are sick. And also everybody else.

Now, here are retro-antibodies showing up in all immune illness:

•    “The controls also included 3 patients with hepatitis B virus infection, 1 with rheumatoid arthritis, 6 with systemic lupus erythematosus, 4 with acute mononucleosis, and 8 patients with lymphatic leukemias.Of the latter some were positive for HTLV-I.”

Wow! More people are ‘positive’ for more fake retroviruses, based on a finding of non-specific antibodies and reverse transcriptase…

How’s this for an hypothesis:

Sick people produce more retroviral proteins and reverse transcriptase than very healthy people. As do pregnant women, drug users (file under ‘sick,’), people starving to death and riddled with parasites (see ‘sick people’), and, well. You get the gist.

7. HIV Proteins Can Be Added to the Consensus at Any Time, if Someone Important Says So.

The mainstream worked in waves, with different cell cultures, different cancer T-Cells, different labs. They all got different results.

They welded them together to create a consensus idea of “HIV”.

“None of these 22 control patients scored positive in the ELISA or Western blot. Of note, in Western blot the antigen most prominently and commonly detected among all of the sera from AIDS patients had a molecular weight of 41,000 (now designated gp41).

It was presumed that this is a virus envelope protein (which later turned out to be correct). Others, including myself, have later confirmed that gp41 is extremely reactive in ELISA of sera from HIV infected individuals. In fact we have found that an ELISA having as only antigen a peptide with the amino acids GKLICT, representing an epitope of gp41, reacts positively with the majority of sera from HIV infected individuals.”

It was presumed! And so it was. And Don Francis, and Jay Levy, and all the other members of the goon squad made some dollars too, by adding more crap proteins to the mix, that didn’t show up elsewhere. How great for all of them, to find different crap proteins in different people that they all added to the consensus agreement bitch’s brew; that was then sold to Abbott labs, to make fake HIV tests.

Let’s have a holiday in their honor.


And we’re back where we started. p41 is important, except when it isn’t. Like in the premiere Nobel-prize winning papers on “LAV” (I mean…HT…L…..whatever, you get the point….

And the proteins get added after the fact, and there’s no there there.

Anyway, read the paper. It’s illuminating, especially in the deep criticisms of Montagnier, the chronic ad hoc additions; the papier mâché  nature of the whole thing… built from failure, from nothing, with each group finding nothing like the previous, and improvising a theory out of it – “HIV.”

Really, improvising:

“We found a ‘new protein’ to your thing; sure you never found it, but that’s science – it’s a mystery!! Let’s add it into the consensus model!”

And extra credit to anyone who wants to figure this one out:

“It is noteworthy that B.R.U.’s serum reacted with 90–100% of the co-cultured cells from B.R.U and the healthy donor since we know that only the CD4 positive cells should be infected. The B.R.U.’s serum also reacted with 90–100% of the HTLV-I producing cells! If this were to be due to a possible double infection with HIV and HTLV-I again only CD4 positive cells should be positive. More likely something unrelated to either HIV or HTLV-I was detected by the B.R.U. serum, in my opinion most probably mycoplasma, a common contaminant in cell culture.”

How cross-contaminated can something be and still be “pure?” And yet it’s still proof..of………..???

“The 0.5 to 2% positive infected umbilical cord lymphocytes may indicate retrovirus-infected cells. However, the lack of reactivity with the p19 and p24 sera with these cells is not a proof that the B.R.U. virus was not HTLV-I. The few percentages of possibly positive cells could simply have been missed with the specific antibodies but detected with the patient’s sera containing antibodies to all viral proteins. The paper does not present any photos of the fluorescent cells.”

They grow their proteins in contaminated cultures – umbilical cells, cancer T-Cells. Which contain…what…?

Anybody? Anybody…

Reverse transcriptase; retroviruses. All the stuff they’re looking for.  They’re always going to find what they’re looking for – which is cellular detritus.

Happy hunting. Interesting paper, most definitely worth reading, especially for the ‘fragile,’ ‘never the same,’ and the list of percentages…

Breaking News: HIV Tests Do Not Hold Up In Military Court

RTB: We’ve seen HIV tests fall apart under scrutiny in court – now we see it in military court, with thanks to the OMSJ.


“Because the case law surrounding HIV was mostly developed at the height of the HIV/AIDS scare 20 years ago, the government’s evidence is usually filled with gaps because it relies upon a variety of assumptions.  But the military’s current procedures for supposedly diagnosing people as HIV positive is scientifically, medically, and legally inadequate.”

– Eldon Beck, Captain, USMC, 24 Oct 2011

Two weeks after the Marine Corps dismissed all charges against Corporal RL, his attorney posted this report on the Marine Corps’ Defense Services Organization’s website.  These reports are seen by all Marine attorneys worldwide, and its contents will likely be reviewed by all other DoD and military branches.

Captain Beck left no question about OMSJ’s impact in the case:

“Our success in challenging the HIV issues in our case is largely due to Clark Baker (a former Marine, retired LAPD investigator, and licensed CA PI), Baron Coleman (a young civilian lawyer with expertise challenging HIV prosecutions), and other members of Clark’s team at the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ). Without them, we would not have been able to effectively challenge the HIV testing, chain of custody, and alleged diagnosis of our client…  You should contact (OMSJ) immediately if you are detailed to an HIV-related case.”

Because of the incompetence that exists within HIV clinics, hospitals and the NIH and CDC, OMSJ is not concerned about sharing it’s investigative strategy with prosecutors or alleged “HIV experts” who are called to testify as prosecution witnesses.  In fact, if prosecutors and their witnesses memorize OMSJ’s strategy, they would not file criminal HIV charges against anyone.

Capt. Beck concludes:

“(A)n HIV case is NOT a slam dunk for the government.   Get the right HIV experts on your team and you will probably be able to kill the case before trial.  If the government is reckless enough to go to trial, you will probably be able to get a strong win for your client.”

Capt. Beck’s complete summary is posted here.

Breaking News: HIV Tests Do Not Hold Up In Court

RTB: The OMSJ has gotten over thirty defendants liberated from their “HIV” indictments – by bringing the facts to court, and holding the “experts” to simple honesty and logic.

Step 1: Does anyone “have” HIV? Answer: “No, not based on HIV tests.”

The reality is this – there are no tests for HIV in existence, despite the massive propaganda peddled by the pharmawhores in media and medicine. There are …no tests that find a single, unique particle; these garbage tests react with every disease known to human kind.

When this resilient, repeated, incredibly well-documented and sustained evidence is to be presented at court, the prosecutors buckle, and offer lesser ‘plea agreements,’ so the humiliating and shameful reality of the HIV fraud isn’t paraded before a judge or jury.

In this case, Jason Young would have spent 70 years – the rest of his life – in prison, for being falsely accused of being “HIV positive.” Instead, he’ll walk out of prison in a couple of months. [Link]

HIV testing is an absolute fraud, and an absolute lie. If you know anyone who has been falsely condemned with one of these abysmal tests, please have them contact the OMSJ.

April Boden Reveals Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy California’s Children

by Liam Scheff

for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News

On Tuesday’s Robert Scott Bell Show (10-10-11) April Boden, vaccine activist, blogger and mother of a vaccine-damaged six-year-old in California, revealed her deeply insightful take on the politics of the two – count them, two – vaccine bills, that were just passed by Governor Jerry “Drug-Fever” Brown.

According to April (, “The whole thing was entirely calculated. On one hand you have bill AB499 which allows a minor to consent to vaccines without parental knowledge, on the other you have SB946 which is about autism insurance reform.”

These two bills were put to Governor Brown for approval on the same day, a crass calculation says April, as they pit one and the same group of activists – those concerned or mortified by vaccine damages – against each other. The first bill, AB499, allows students in public schools – and minors all over the pharma-crazed State of California – to be given drugs for any presumed sexually transmitted disease, including the Gardasil vaccine injection. Continue reading April Boden Reveals Big Pharma’s Plan to Destroy California’s Children

HIV is Just a Mammary

by Liam Scheff

Aids Industry to You: Take your pick, and suck liberally.

File under, “Puke me a river:”

Breast milk antibody both neutralizes human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and kills HIV-infected cells, according to a paper in the September 2011 issue of the Journal of Virology.”

So, the AIDS Industry (and complicit media) have killed thousands of women and hundreds of thousands of gay men with drugs… because breast milk ‘stops hiv?’

I think even most gay men would’ve taken a glug, if the Nazi med establishment had offered boob juice instead of AZT.

So, Aids is…over?

Tell RA to give articles like this first billing. I mean, never mind RA…!! Who needs ’em when you’ve got the world med establishment doing its best to kill HIV.

But wait, there’s more (money to be made):

“This finding indicates that enhancement of these responses through vaccination could help reduce HIV transmission via breastfeeding,” says corresponding author Sallie Permar of Duke University, Durham, NC. While HIV-specific antibodies have been identified in breast milk, this is the first study to investigate the virus-blocking functions of these antibodies.

Now, it’s the vaccine! Yes, it’s a vaccine sale, plus breast milk, that will kill HIV. Or, so says this piece of writ… Never mind that the vaccine efforts have been massive public failures – and make no sense (“HIV” infection is determined by antibodies. Vaccines are supposed to work by producing antibodies. Why a vaccine? Because people are willfully stupid. Incredibly gullible. Wildly uninterested in thinking critically. Motivated by fear and tribal identification. Ta-da!)

But wait! It’s been breast milk for years:

Sugar-containing compounds in breast milk may reduce the transmission of HIV to suckling babies, suggests a lab-based study.

Milk is already known to contain some substances that quell HIV. “Breast milk has all sorts of good stuff in it, such as antibodies from the mother,” says Louise Kuhn, who studies HIV transmission at Columbia University in New York.

Now Bill Paxton at the University of Amsterdam and his colleagues have homed in on anti-HIV compounds in milk that seem particularly powerful. They say the secret ingredient is Lewis X, a type of sugar also found in saliva and blood.

Wait wait wait….Wait. The “secret ingredient” to stopping HIV is “a type of sugar also found in saliva and blood?”Excuuuuuse me? So…wha? How? Why? We’ve killed hundreds of thousands and terrorized millions because… because… because???

But it’s still not good enough to allow African women to breast-feed. Nope, gotta kill them…uhm, ‘treat’ them with AZT.

You see, breast milk is good, but it’s also bad, so it must be mixed with stuff injected into infants. Or adults. Or, just spray breast milk on your privates:

But if the results hold true in further studies, they could lead to new ways to block transmission of HIV between adults during sex. “If it does work as a microbicide, it would be a great tool”

Or just have sex while bleeding. Or, use plenty of saliva. And if you don’t like any of those, just use copper:

Researchers from the U.S. and abroad have developed an inexpensive copper-based filter that may prevent HIV from being passed through breast milk and blood. They report their findings in the February 2008 issue of the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Just suck on a penny while you make whoopie. Or, eat a banana.

Your favorite oblong fruit might be even healthier than you realized. According to The Gazette (Montreal) newspaper, a new study has found that chemicals commonly found in bananas are as potent in preventing HIV as two synthetic anti-HIV drugs. Researchers say the findings could lead to a cheap new component for applied microbicides that prevent sexual transmission of HIV.

The miracle substance in bananas is called BanLec, a type of lectin, which are the sugar-binding proteins found in a variety of plants. Scientists have long been interested in lectins because of their ability to halt the chain reaction that leads to certain viral infections. In the case of BanLec, it works by binding naturally to the sugar-rich envelope that encases the HIV virus, thus blocking its entry into the body.

“The problem with some HIV drugs is that the virus can mutate and become resistant, but that’s much harder to do in the presence of lectins,” said lead author Michael D. Swanson. “Lectins can bind to the sugars found on different spots of the HIV-1 envelope, and presumably it will take multiple mutations for the virus to get around them.”


Right. Bananas. Milk. Pennies. Fill in punchline. Or just stop giving people the bleeding tests, because they don’t mean a damned thing...

Abbot Labs 2006 HIV Test

Abbott Labs

“At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood.”

“The risk of an asymptomatic [not chronically ill] person with a repeatedly reactive [positive] serum sample developing AIDS or an AIDS-related condition is not known”

“Clinical studies continue to clarify and refine the interpretation and medical significance of the presence of antibodies to HIV.”

“AIDS and AIDS-related conditions are clinical syndromes and their diagnosis can only be established clinically. EIA testing [that’s this test] cannot be used to diagnose AIDS, even if the recommended investigation of reactive specimens suggest that the antibodies to HIV are present.”

So…Can we all start having sex without punishing gay men, and pregnant women – and all of Africa?

All hear ye! End HIV testing, return your HIV ‘diagnosis’ to your doctor, and let them know that you’re getting a second opinion from somebody who bothers to read the medical literature.

* Thanks to the great Terry Michael, for providing the breast milk article at the top and inspiring the conversation.

NPR Admits – HIV Very Difficult to Transmit

“This American Barfbag.”

Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell do an impolite, complete, and blistering deconstruction of the ‘liberal’ view of AIDS – which is revealed by National Public Radio’s “This American Life” (the “Gossip” episode) to be little more than a renewal and redo of old Malthusian racism of the Imperial past…

Listen | Download

Listen on the RSB archive (hour two).



Special thanks to the Robert Scott Bell show and


In an unscripted bit of candor, University of Pennsylvania researcher Susan Watkins admits (on NPR’s “This American Life”) that “It’s actually quite difficult to transmit HIV” and that Africans “vastly overestimate” the probability of “transmission” through sex. But public radio and television have been forwarding the notion that “HIV is a sexually-transmitted disease” which is affecting tens of millions of Africans? Why this sudden about face?

RSB and ‘The Conspiracy Realist’ Liam Scheff take the elites to task, and reveal how the Ivory Tower set truly views Africans. Their view: Invade their personal lives, read their diaries, and engage in “ideational change,” all-the-while convincing Africans that “HIV” is a threat, despite admitting that it is not.

The end result – in the guise of “helping” poor rural and urban people, the Ivy League “HIV/AIDS” experts are out to control population – under the false pretense of ‘stopping a virus.’ Tune in for the explosive exposé…

“In Malawi, in southeast Africa, not gossiping can be worse than gossiping. Sarah interviews a young Malawian woman named Hazel Namandingo, who explains that because so many people have HIV and AIDS in Malawi, they often rely on gossip to figure out who’s safe to date or marry. It turns out this kind of gossip is the basis for a huge research project about AIDS in Malawi.”

Links: This American Life “Gossip.”

The Malawi Diffusion and Ideational Change Project (MDICP) – University of Pennsylvania “Ideational Change Project”

HIV Is Mutating Out Of Existence

RTB: We received this HIV agit-prop emission, caught on the great Pravda radio coming out of Pharmagrad, with story number one arriving courtesy of the great Terry Michael, who always finds the best articles from deep inside the brain hole zone of hiv-ology…

A New Plan To Mutate HIV Out Of Existence [Link]

Koronis Pharmaceuticals, a Seattle-based biotech company, has a potential solution to the HIV epidemic with KP-1461, a new kind of drug that essentially mutates HIV into oblivion. If it works, patients could eventually get off the drug altogether and remain HIV-free.

And Terry Notes that even the brain-dead mainstream sees greed writ large:

But as the tests continue, Koronis may run into problems forming partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies that are happy with the current state of the HIV drug market. “The business model is predicated on the chronic application of drugs that have very high margins,” says Koronis CEO Don Elmer. “What we can say clearly is that there is not a sense of urgency. Collectively [the big pharmaceutical companies] are quite happy to just to let things kind of evolve on their own, and they’re not particularly interested in figuring out how to change the overall standard of care.” Despite this, Koronis has had ongoing interactions with six of the seven largest pharmaceutical companies for the better part of the last decade.

Our response:


Hold on…..hold on…



oh…okay… okay.. uh… oh no… can’t stop it…here it comes again..


Oh, sorry. Sorry… sorry. Hard to… look.

It’s just, HIV is supposed to be ‘deadly and unstoppable,’ because it ‘mutates so often,’ and is so ‘wily,’ ‘fragile,’ and ‘hard to pin down.’

Or, as HIV-ologist, Robin Weiss says:

– Hey, “It’s complicated!” Says the master debater.

We’ve been told and told and told that its ‘mutability’ was what made it dangerous:

But evolution can also occur in a relative eyeblink. That’s the case when the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) becomes locked in a survival struggle in the body of a patient who’s taking powerful anti-viral drugs.

It’s evolution in fast-forward mode. The virus, replicating billions of times a day, can acquire new mutations at lightning speed: eventually, some of the genetic changes enable the virus to resist even the most powerful drugs. These drug-resistant viruses come to dominate the population and threaten the patient’s life. – From PBS, the Public Brainwashing Service (take the challenge!)

You see… it’s “evolution” in an eyeblink… Because “HIV” (which is no single particle, which is measured by tests that can’t tell if you’re a goat, a mouse, or a starving dude with parasites), apparently doesn’t get ‘better’ when you poison – er, ‘treat’ people with ‘life-saving’ (life-ending) drugs.

Hence, “it” must be “mutating.”

Get it? Because despite taking deadly drugs… right. People get very sick. (Shocking, I know).

Well AIDS industry…we relent. Have at it. ‘Mutate’ it out of existence. Whatever the bleep it takes to stop killing people and branding them sexual lepers all over the impoverished world.

So, for next week, The AIDS industry will take on a new task; stop fighting and embrace that ‘mutation. Mutation is good. Let’s mutate that old AIDS eugenics industry right ‘out of existence.’

But darn it, we at RTB admit to ourselves that we too need some pharma-type money. we can pretend to do crap all day long and lie to Congress about it, too, you know…