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Conspiracy Realist Vs. Conspiracy Theorist – Front Row Battle!

The Conspiracy Realist versus Conspiracy Theorists! It’s a hot time on the PsoNick Aitchison show (Type 1 Radio Lounge) out of sunny Brighton, England battling out the Judy Woods concept of 9/11. Liam Scheff isn’t buying it – he’s detailed the 9/11 story in “Official Stories” Ch 4. But the crowd battles back with their arguments of energy devises and unknown Tesla machines. It’s a hot, hot, HOT conversation!

The talk then shifts gears to an exploration of the various conspiracy ideas of HIV and AIDS, and Liam weighs in with his 10 years of front-line research into the topic, featured in his book “Official Stories” (Ch 6). Then to Shakespeare, and finally Big Bang (MYTH!) and the Electric Universe (REALITY!)

Arsenic and Old Lies – Or, An Argument about History

RTB: A letter from the legendary Cal Crilly, turned into an article; quoting heavily from sources, including Mike Baillie, author of “New Light on the Black Death,” Cal weaves together an argument that should attract the interest of those working to eradicate the war against biology, currently being waged by the pharmaceutical juggernaut.

Take it as a counter-argument to the fictions we receive in school, and on PBS.


Did Arsenic or other poisonous gases cause the Plague?

by Cal Crilly

Did arsenic cause the plague,was it rats at all, when comets and meteors hit they leave earthquakes and severe earthquakes will release gases and poisons like arsenic.

If there were meteors in the sky they could have hit an area like Kamchatka in Russia so eyewitnesses were few or even volcanoes like Katla exploded in Jan 1311, what else exploded?

Eruption of the large Icelandic volcano happened and there were natural world events of unimaginable destruction.

I love that bananas in 1633 came to the UK, it was the first happy thing in 400 years.

Arsenic causes all the symptoms of Bubonic plaque, add things like possibly Uranium and Lead from the sky at the most pessimistic and we get exposed to these chemicals via breathing and ultimately end up drinking it and eating animals dying from Arsenic too.

And it is horrifying.

Continue reading Arsenic and Old Lies – Or, An Argument about History

The Mainstream Again Admits – HIV Does Not Exist as a Unique Particle

by Liam Scheff

Dear voyagers of dark and dusky paths; of shattered highways, of broken dreams. Wilkommen!

How good it is to see you in the old haunt, reading the medical journals, looking for clues this Century’s greatest lie (well, since 2001 we’re competing with some whoppers…but).

Have a stroll through this mainstream review of all things retroviral nonsense. This paper provides a basis of understanding the AIDS mess deeply from their point of view (the point of view of bad science in many labs reaching consensus agreement).

So, please read along. Take your time. Take some dramamine, if needed, or ginger tea. Many of the leaps of logic will induce vertigo… [cached]

Understanding AIDS theory goes like this:

A. It is a sexually transmitted particle – Yes or No.

B. It or They Kill T-Cells – Yes or No.

C. It is a Distinct particle with a distinct shape, size, (morphology) and physical characteristic – Yes or No.

(Why? because that’s (supposedly) how infectious particles in the body are supposed to work – like jigsaw puzzle pieces. The need a particular size, and physical features to do their jobs).

For “A”, see Padian, see this:

175 couples. Doing it. In, out, up, down, front, back, six years of study time (plus all that came before): Zero ‘conversions.’ No negs became pos. Why? Because they weren’t shooting drugs – meaning, they didn’t raise their antibody count to a rancorous level, so as to tick off the touchy non-specific antibody tests.

For B?

Easy. See the mainstream’s defense of how they can’t figure out if/how anything is even remotely affecting T-Cells. Read “The Happy Exosome.”

From the inception of the paradigm in 1984, to the present, the answer is the same: “We don’t know, but keep sending money”:

•  “We are still very confused about the mechanisms that lead to CD4 T-cell depletion, but at least now we are confused at a higher level of understanding.” — Dr. Paul Johnson, Harvard Medical School (Balter 1997)

•  “We still do not know how, in vivo, the virus destroys CD4+ T cells…. Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the loss of CD4+ T cells, some of which seem to be diametrically opposed.” — Joseph McCune, immunologist (McCune 2001)

•  “Despite considerable advances in HIV science in the past 20 years, the reason why HIV-1 infection is pathogenic is still debated… There is a general misconception that more is known about HIV-1 than about any other virus and that all of the important issues regarding HIV-1 biology and pathogenesis have been resolved. On the contrary, what we know represents only a thin veneer on the surface of what needs to be known.” — Mario Stevenson, virologist (Nature Medicine 2003)

•  “Twenty-five years into the HIV epidemic, a complete understanding of what drives the decay of CD4 cells – the essential event of HIV disease – is still lacking…. The puzzle of HIV pathogenesis keeps getting more pieces added to it.” — W. Keith Henry, Pablo Tebas, and H. Clifford Lane (Henry 2006)

So, it’s still a “puzzle” to the mainstream. Do T-Cells die when in the presence of “HIV” DNA? (Which is always different!) No. Or, “We’re confused at a much higher level of understanding” is the official answer.

For question C? That’s what this is about…See below. See this – with pictures even. No distinct shape or size.

1. There is no single thing called “HIV” (“it” is never the same, because “it” is a “they” – and they knew it from the start) – The crap we’re finding is “Extremely Variable.”

“Every ‘isolated’ strain was different from the other also when obtained from the same individual but at different times.”

Is that a particle? No, it’s a fishing expedition with genetic re-assembling (later PCR), and culturing techniques. They call different things by one name. Have a glance:

“The ground for the feud was the following. Montagnier sent his first isolate LAV/BRU to Gallo in July of 1983. In May of 1984 Gallo’s coworker Sarngadharan brings one of Gallo’s five HIV strains (HTLV-IIIB) that grew well in a continuous cell line to Montagniers laboratory in Paris. In July of 1984 Montagnier sends Gallo a second sample of LAVBRU since Gallo had complained that the first didn’t grew well at NIH. Gallo then found and reported[33] that HIV was extremely variable; every isolated strain was different from the other also when obtained from the same individual but at different times. “ — Genomic diversity of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome virus HTLV-III: different viruses exhibit greatest divergence in their envelope genes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1985 Jul;82(14):4813-7.

Right. Get it? Nothing is ever the same? Even when it’s the same thing?

“Converging lines of research have linked human T-cell lymphotropic virus type III (HTLV-III) to the pathogenesis of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome. A characteristic feature of this virus is its genomic heterogeneity, which occurs to varying degrees in different viral isolates.” – Hahn BH, Gonda MA, Shaw GM, Popovic M, Hoxie JA, Gallo RC, Wong-Staal F.

Right! It’s always different! (Wrong. It’s not the same bloody thing, you bleeping morons). What they’re doing is fishing out different bits of genetic stuff from the ‘redundant’ genome – they used to call it ‘junk DNA,’ now it’s ‘important epi-genetic DNA,’ now it’s “exosomal DNA.”

Here’s how that works:

2. Highly Variable – Because “HIV” is not a Single Entity. “It” is a “They,” and “They” are HERVS or Now, “Exosomes”:

H-I-V is really H-E-R-V

AIDS researchers have been forced to admit time and again that their “HIV” is morphologically identical to “HIV-like particles” they find in “HIV negative persons.” This is true even though their “HIV” has the bad habit of having no standard size or physical quality – it can be too small or too large, and still be “HIV” to determined true-believing AIDS researchers.

This is why AIDS patients can “suppress” or stop the production of “HIV” by taking Selenium and other pro-methylating micronutrients. Why? Because returning cells to healthy levels of methyl production is good for bringing order back to loose and disordered DNA. Methylation stops or slows the production of these transposable elements. These are mistakenly thought of as “viruses,” but “HIV” is “LAV,” which is and always was human endogenous retroviral expression in stressed and damaged cells.

And this is at least part of the reason why HIV tests are so lousy.* Humans and animals produce HERVs under stress and illness, and so “HIV tests” are really “HERV tests,” and react with proteins produced by people who are suffering from almost any illness, drug abuse, vaccination, or, of course, pregnancy – because HERVs are expressed like wildfire in the placenta. *(The other reason is because Gallo’s HIV test slurry came from so many different people, mixed with so many different chemical and biological elements, it’s really impossible to know what they’re testing for).

John p. moore of aidstruth.orgFinally, this is why “HIV” (LAV or HTLV) doesn’t kill T-Cells. This has been the central claim of the AIDS paradigm – but it was proven false from the start. Robert Gallo invented the idea of slow T-Cell depletion by a scavenging, ravaging retrovirus in order to package his product with enough fear and anxiety, covered by pseudo-scientific technobabble, so pure belief would make it stick. Gallo sold his mixed cells containing HERVs (or HTLV-III, which was both as functionless and fraudulent as his other “human lymphotropic viruses”) to Abbott Labs. But he sold them in…ready? T-Cells. His “HIV” Grows in T-Cells. It’s called an ‘eternal line’ of production, in T-Cell leukemia. It never dies. Because HERVs don’t kill T-Cells.

Do you know what does cause T-Cells to suffer? De-methylation of DNA by exposure to pharmaceuticals and toxins.

3. What Kind of ‘Virus’ is ‘HIV’? It’s as many as they need it to be. A type-C a type-D, etc.

It’s supposed to be a “C.” Or. Well. Here, in Jay Levy’s lab, it’s a “D”:

Isolation of lymphocytopathic retroviruses from San Francisco patients with AIDS.

Levy JA, Hoffman AD, Kramer SM, Landis JA, Shimabukuro JM, Oshiro LS.


Infectious retroviruses have been detected in 22 of 45 randomly selected patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and in other individuals from San Francisco. The AIDS-associated retroviruses (ARV) studied in detail had a type D morphology, Mg2+-dependent reverse transcriptase, and cytopathic effects on lymphocytes. The viruses can be propagated in an established adult human T cell line, HUT-78. They cross-react with antiserum to the lymphadenopathy-associated retrovirus isolated from AIDS patients in France. Antibodies to ARV were found in all 86 AIDS patients and in a high percentage of 88 other homosexual men in San Francisco. This observation indicates the widespread presence of these lymphocytopathic retroviruses and their close association with AIDS.

But for everybody else, it was a “B.” No, a “C.” No. Well… nobody really knew. Or cared.

If they could outsmart themselves, they could certainly outsmart the public.

Let’s Look at the Numbers:

From their mouths to your ears: 22 out of 45 ‘AIDS’ patients have ‘infectious retroviruses.’ Pardon? Where’s the 100 percent correlation for infection? Answer – they don’t care. It’s never to be found.

Where do the proteins come from? They were and are Propagated (grown, made) in an adult HUMAN T-CELL LINE.

What is “HIV” supposed to do?

Kill T-Cells.

Where does the mainstream GROW ‘immortal’ lines of ‘HIV?’

In T-Cells.

Can we all go home now, and get on with our humping?

Back to their numbers…

Antibodies to this ‘specific, never-the-same’ retroid were found in … 86 AIDS patients and in a high percentage of 88 other homosexual men.

Good news. I guess you can find it anywhere…

4. Don’t Worry About “HIV”Bothering Anyone…It’s “Fragile”

“HIV is an enveloped virus and hence fragile. Most certainly they had lost the virus envelope in their purification of the virus.”

You can find the Perth researchers citing AIDS theory originator, Robert Gallo, saying that MOST lose their envelopes AFTER or DURING budding. So it’s all a very, very fragile soup of non-uniform, never-the-same crap. Poor dears! I bet they cried during “Girl, Interrupted.” (I surely did).

“In the same issue of Science where Montagnier and his colleagues published their study Gallo pointed out that “the viral envelope which is required for infectivity is very fragile, it tends to come off when the virus buds from infected cells, thus rendering the particles incapable of infecting new cells”. Because of this Gallo claimed that “cell-to-cell contact may be required for retroviral infection”. — Marx JL. Human T-cell virus linked to AIDS.” Science 1983;220:806-809.


But, what’s this? A Cure Already! Way back in the Eighties!

Gallo also said, years ago (and this was new to me) that AIDS was curable with ‘chemokines’:

“Gallo brings more than his reputation. He already has several promising projects on the fast track. Last fall, he identified what he called chemokines — naturally occurring molecules that suppress HIV in vitro. These could prove a powerful treatment for AIDS. He’s following up on the vaccine research of Jonas Salk and Daniel Zagury, and trying to develop a “vector vaccine,” one that uses the smallpox virus to deliver particles that might trigger an immune response against HIV. He’s developing a treatment for Kaposi’s sarcoma, the deadly skin cancer seen in many AIDS patients.

Any of these paths could lead to a blockbuster product. “AIDS will soon drive the whole biotechnology field,” Gallo predicts. “It will be worth ten times ten our efforts here.”

Good news, because the redoubtable wikipodium says that they are ‘found in all vertabrates,’ so I guess the spinal column has cured AIDS.

5. HIV Proteins are not HIV Proteins, Are Only Sometimes or Later, or Perhaps Another Time Important (or not), Depending…

In HIV-ology, proteins with numbers (daltons – microscopic weight) are very important. The good news is you can find these “HIV specific proteins” in everybody. In pregnant women, in their children, and certainly in sick people, arthritic, alcoholic, whatever, poor, starving, etc. They occur everywhere, in animals too.

“The French group did not detect gp41 in their immune precipitation studies using purified LAV. Their inability to detect this protein in their ELISA or immune precipitation experiments is probably the main reason that their positive scores with AIDS and pre-AIDS sera were so low.”

Hey, isn’t ‘gp41’ the capo da tutti of all HIV proteins? But, well. Bah. Besides p24, which shows up everywhere. So. You know. Screw it, sure it’s important. But, you know, we don’t want to be anal-retentive!

Nope, You don’t have to find any “HIV” proteins in “HIV.” Monty found a p25, not a p24 (but I’m sure that was just an accounting error); and he didn’t find any very important p41…

And what’s this: “Scores were so low?” This means, yes, the tests SUCK.

6. HIV Occurs in SOME AIDS Patients…

Or, really “reverse transcriptase” occurs in some, or alot of AIDS, and also non-AIDS patients. Because when they say, “HIV,” they mean, “We found this enzyme, and we’ll say it’s a virus. We know it’s not, but you’re never going to figure that out.”

Reverse Transcriptase is an enzyme process, (many enzymes) which ‘copy’ material from RNA to DNA.

They used to think this “backward copying” was a big deal, because it contradicted DNA-wonderbrats Watson and Crick, (who were wrong about almost anything, anyway, except they figured out where to put the phosphates – on the inside. Linus Pauling put them on the outside, so he didn’t discover DNA, and they ‘did.’)

The mainstream used to get so excited about RT (reverse transcriptase), that they liked to imagine that it only occurred in Tumor Viruses (which no longer are said to really exist as such, so they were relabeled retroviruses, which are now being rechristened, ‘exosomes.’)

But the HIV quacks spend their time and your dollars looking for RT.

That is, You don’t have to find anything anywhere consistently, as long as the NIH is paying your tab (and you’re spending their (I mean, the taxpayer’s) dough). How many AIDS patients ‘have HTLV/LAV/LAI/HUT9’ etc??

So here you can find RT in….

The 48 HTLV-III isolates [Yes, they don’t really mean “isolate,” they mean reverse transcriptase] were obtained from –

•    18 of 21 tested patients with unexplained lymphadenopathy and leukopenia, with an inverted T4/T8 lymphocyte ratio (designated pre-AIDS), [No, it was probably not ‘unexplained,’ it’s just not politically correct to talk about poppers]
•    3 of 4 clinically normal mothers of juvenile AIDS patients,
•    3 of 8 juvenile AIDS patients,
•    13 of 43 adult AIDS patients with Kaposis sarcoma,
•    10 of 21 adults AIDS patients with opportunistic infections, and
•    1 of 22 clinically normal homosexual donors.

10 out of 21. 13 out of 43. With their version of “HIV” (reverse transcriptase). And they sell THIS to the public? What a sick bunch of … right. Research dollars are needed to help these poor lab jockeys along.

So, here they’re working on improving HIV tests, because they come up pos for everyone who’s sick in any way, and they want the protein reactions to focus on the drug addicts and gay men:

In a second accompanying paper…The number of sera that gave positive scores in the ELISA were:

•    43 of 49 (88%) of patients with AIDS (two of whom had developed AIDS after blood transfusion)
•    11 of 14 patients with pre-AIDS, [“I am your doctor. I regret to inform you that you have….Pre-AIDS… You’ll have to wear a condom on your face, because HTLV-iii is very fragile, and you don’t want to break it, do you?”]
•    3 of 5 intravenous drug users (of which one positive ways also homosexual),
•    6 of 17 homosexual men.
•     Out of 186 controls only one scored positive in the ELISA (1 of the 164 normal subjects).  [“Normal subjects,” ie, not drug addicts. Here they’re getting better at gearing the tests to people with drug and other-related antibody production]

Pretty good, huh? They’re getting the tests to work a liiiiitttle better on sick people. 88% of their AIDS patients now click the tests. Impressive. You’ve just identified that 88% of the people are sick. And also everybody else.

Now, here are retro-antibodies showing up in all immune illness:

•    “The controls also included 3 patients with hepatitis B virus infection, 1 with rheumatoid arthritis, 6 with systemic lupus erythematosus, 4 with acute mononucleosis, and 8 patients with lymphatic leukemias.Of the latter some were positive for HTLV-I.”

Wow! More people are ‘positive’ for more fake retroviruses, based on a finding of non-specific antibodies and reverse transcriptase…

How’s this for an hypothesis:

Sick people produce more retroviral proteins and reverse transcriptase than very healthy people. As do pregnant women, drug users (file under ‘sick,’), people starving to death and riddled with parasites (see ‘sick people’), and, well. You get the gist.

7. HIV Proteins Can Be Added to the Consensus at Any Time, if Someone Important Says So.

The mainstream worked in waves, with different cell cultures, different cancer T-Cells, different labs. They all got different results.

They welded them together to create a consensus idea of “HIV”.

“None of these 22 control patients scored positive in the ELISA or Western blot. Of note, in Western blot the antigen most prominently and commonly detected among all of the sera from AIDS patients had a molecular weight of 41,000 (now designated gp41).

It was presumed that this is a virus envelope protein (which later turned out to be correct). Others, including myself, have later confirmed that gp41 is extremely reactive in ELISA of sera from HIV infected individuals. In fact we have found that an ELISA having as only antigen a peptide with the amino acids GKLICT, representing an epitope of gp41, reacts positively with the majority of sera from HIV infected individuals.”

It was presumed! And so it was. And Don Francis, and Jay Levy, and all the other members of the goon squad made some dollars too, by adding more crap proteins to the mix, that didn’t show up elsewhere. How great for all of them, to find different crap proteins in different people that they all added to the consensus agreement bitch’s brew; that was then sold to Abbott labs, to make fake HIV tests.

Let’s have a holiday in their honor.


And we’re back where we started. p41 is important, except when it isn’t. Like in the premiere Nobel-prize winning papers on “LAV” (I mean…HT…L…..whatever, you get the point….

And the proteins get added after the fact, and there’s no there there.

Anyway, read the paper. It’s illuminating, especially in the deep criticisms of Montagnier, the chronic ad hoc additions; the papier mâché  nature of the whole thing… built from failure, from nothing, with each group finding nothing like the previous, and improvising a theory out of it – “HIV.”

Really, improvising:

“We found a ‘new protein’ to your thing; sure you never found it, but that’s science – it’s a mystery!! Let’s add it into the consensus model!”

And extra credit to anyone who wants to figure this one out:

“It is noteworthy that B.R.U.’s serum reacted with 90–100% of the co-cultured cells from B.R.U and the healthy donor since we know that only the CD4 positive cells should be infected. The B.R.U.’s serum also reacted with 90–100% of the HTLV-I producing cells! If this were to be due to a possible double infection with HIV and HTLV-I again only CD4 positive cells should be positive. More likely something unrelated to either HIV or HTLV-I was detected by the B.R.U. serum, in my opinion most probably mycoplasma, a common contaminant in cell culture.”

How cross-contaminated can something be and still be “pure?” And yet it’s still proof..of………..???

“The 0.5 to 2% positive infected umbilical cord lymphocytes may indicate retrovirus-infected cells. However, the lack of reactivity with the p19 and p24 sera with these cells is not a proof that the B.R.U. virus was not HTLV-I. The few percentages of possibly positive cells could simply have been missed with the specific antibodies but detected with the patient’s sera containing antibodies to all viral proteins. The paper does not present any photos of the fluorescent cells.”

They grow their proteins in contaminated cultures – umbilical cells, cancer T-Cells. Which contain…what…?

Anybody? Anybody…

Reverse transcriptase; retroviruses. All the stuff they’re looking for.  They’re always going to find what they’re looking for – which is cellular detritus.

Happy hunting. Interesting paper, most definitely worth reading, especially for the ‘fragile,’ ‘never the same,’ and the list of percentages…

Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

RTB: As the Gardisil vaccine continues to maim and kill girls and young women worldwide, Cal Crilly has investigated a plausible and more likely cause of cervical cancer – which occurs not in little girls, but middle-aged and older women. The link – Pharmaceutical hormones fed to women – ie Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – and  chemcals used in gasoline and sexual lubricants – parabens, and Benzene.

Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

by Cal Crilly

Well I watched my mother in law dying horribly from cervical cancer 6 years ago and I’m probably lucky I was politely given a divorce so I didn’t get to see the last year of her demise. It was devastating for my ex.

In the years before getting cervical cancer my mother in law was put on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help menopausal symptoms, millions of older women are on this hormone which stimulates cancer growth if it ever happens. And millions more are on the pill which also stimulates cancer growth.

Of course there is a massive propaganda campaign at the moment to sell the Gardasil vaccine to young girls in the false belief that some sort of immunity from the wart virus will save them later in life.

Is that vaccine safe?

  • “As of January 31, 2010, there have been 49 U.S. reports of death among females who have received Gardasil.”
  • Reports of Health Concerns Following HPV Vaccination.
  • Meet the Gardasil Girls
  • NY legislators push Gardasil mandate as more deaths are reported [Link]
  • Another Gardasil HPV vaccine victim [Link]
  • Another Gardasil death?: One irate letter to the NZ ministry of health [Link]
  • Grieving mother blames cancer vaccine [Link]

So are the adverse affects such as immediate death and brain damage worth the risk as compared to possibly? getting cervical cancer later in life?

Also note that there are 100 different strains of wart virus and the HPV vaccine is only for a few of them. And especially when the wart virus may not be the MAIN cause of cervical cancer?

“A vaccine against human papilloma virus 16 (HPV16)— which is the most common type of HPV and accounts for most cases of cervical cancer — has previously been shown to protect against HPV16 infection in women. However, most of the women in these studies were taking oral contraceptives, which regulate menstruation and production of sex hormones.” [Link] Continue reading Why The Wart Virus is Not the Cause of Cervical Cancer

Is the AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test a Measure of Fat?

RTB: We’re pleased to present another research essay by Cal Crilly. Cal has provided some truly groundbreaking work in understanding ‘Why retroviruses appear in autoimmune disease, cancer and Aids,’ and we recommend that you read his entire oeuvre, or body of work here at RTB, to follow his often whimsical journeys into wonderful and remarkable insight.

The AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test: A Measure of Fat?

by Cal Crilly

Well I swap the odd message with a HIV+ lady in Europe when I get to a net cafe every couple of weeks as I don’t know if anyone else does.

In her last couple of messages she said she “was worried about her CD4 count going down as the doctors would then harass her to take antiretrovirals” which in the past made her very sick. She also said that while her CD4 went down she felt better and heather than ever…

So I looked.

I have been an observer of the AIDS story for a good 13 years now, if I wander into a net cafe it’s because I noticed something you need to know.

I may be wrong about these observations but if I don’t mention them then no one else will say it….

So to me it looks like CD4 is mainly a marker for cholesterol and arterial plaque not the immune system. CD4 and CD8 counts goes up with cholesterol and nicotinamide will make cholesterol and CD4 go down because it’s a fat metaboliser. CD4 cells gather at the areas of arterial plaque and tell white blood cells to come and gobble up the cholesterol. Continue reading Is the AIDS CD4 T-Cell Test a Measure of Fat?

What Is AIDS?

RTB: Please read and pass along Jonathan Campbell’s excellent new historical review of immune deficiency and AIDS. Here’s an excerpt:

What is AIDS?

by Jonathan Campbell (and excerpt)

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This is not a “disease” in itself. It’s the inability to fight off disease vectors and toxins. There are bacteria, funguses (molds), and chemical toxins all around us in the air, in our food and water, and in our contact with others. People who have a strong immune system are able to deal with this; the immune system has numerous ways to stop these invaders from causing disease. People with weak immunity get ill all the time, and need constant antibiotic therapy to keep them from dying. We know that adequate nutrition and sufficient ascorbate – vitamin C – is needed for immune health.

History is filled with stories of deadly diseases, from the deaths of individual young people to the massive plagues of Europe. Why would this happen, sometimes even in cases where people seemed to have sufficient food? Why did some people survive, even though they must have been exposed to the same disease vectors? There are stories about Nostradamus, whose “rose pills” (containing ascorbate) apparently saved hundreds of people from the plague. For those that died, their immune systems were not up to the challenge of crowded living conditions, poor sanitation, contaminated water, and lots of disease vectors all around. (Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like conditions in many parts in Africa today?).

The answer is provided by the works of Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1930, Fred Klenner in 1949 and especially Irwin Stone in 1979. Albert Szent-Györgyi was the first to identify and isolate ascorbate (vitamin C) and identify it as essential to immune health and to recognize that humans and guinea pigs could not synthesize it internally. Klenner provided the first hint of using it for treatment of serious disease: he discovered that polio could be effectively treated – in fact cured – by intravenous ascorbate (vitamin C); he was probably the first physician to use intravenous ascorbate to fight disease. But it was Stone who clearly identified the medical-social problem in his groundbreaking work “Eight Decades of Scurvy.” He discovered that the amount of ascorbate consumed by most humans was insufficient to maintain our immune systems: the entirety of humanity was in a state of subclinical scurvy. Continue reading What Is AIDS?

Scientists Zero in on Protein that Stops HIV

by Liam Scheff

That wily HIV retro…er…vir…uhm… Trojan Exosome! It is made by our cells using our own proteins! It appears to be harmless but must secretly be dimishing stimulating doing SOMETHING toaroundnearin the vicinity of … in the same body in which there are some T-Cells, because as everyone (who is not a denialist), K-N-O-W-S: “HIV is THE one and only cause of AIDS.”

Here are some scientists to tell you exactly how it’s done….

– Click! for more.

But, beyond the FACTS, is the race for the CURE! It’s been a long race. More like..well…not really a foot-race.. Maybe more like about 10,000 marathons, bundled into one, long, expensive, toxic-side-effect riddled event.

In any case… Scientists, those noble masters of benign genius, are now finding that a magical protein might stop that rampaging, wily, fragile, lazy, hard-to-pin-down, constantly mutating, neutered, non-extant retro-trojan-exosomal bundle of your proteins (which in some people MUST be causing SOMETHING!)
Continue reading Scientists Zero in on Protein that Stops HIV

Quitting AIDS Drugs Is Hard to Do, and Hard Not To…

AIDS critics often miss the point that quitting AIDS drugs is hard, and can be dangerous. The major thrust of dissidence has been simply to get people off the drugs, or to expose the great (and plentiful) frauds of the AIDS industry. But this is not a solution for people who are ill, who do want to quit the drugs, but do not have an understanding of the difficulties they will have in re-building their immune system – if that is indeed possible after, say, 10 years on chemotherapy drugs….AIDS critics, a.k.a. “dissidents,” often disregard or even scorn this reality. But what for? It is reality, after all. Continue reading Quitting AIDS Drugs Is Hard to Do, and Hard Not To…

HERV not HIV – Liam Scheff on the Robert Scott Bell Show

What is HIV? A retrovirus, or a piece of human genome expressed under bodily stress and gene deregulation? (Or are they one and the same?) We ask and answer the question on the Robert Scott Bell Show. (See Robert and Liam at the Health Freedom Expo).

Follow along with the article An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple?

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Download pt. 1

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Download pt. 2

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Download pt 3

AIDS – A Kissing Disease?

Excerpt from How AIDS Didn’t Become A Kissing Disease (for
AIDS – The Kissing Disease?

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It should be noted that Gonda and Gallo’s picture [below] is of “HTVL-III” (later called “HIV”) in human saliva. The paper notes: “Virus was also isolated from the saliva of eight of the 18 individuals who were seropositive for HTLV-III-specific antibodies…from the saliva of four of the ARC patients and four of the healthy homosexuals.” That is, if you believe any of their research at all, we carry infectious “HIV” in our mouths. Is this something we’re told by the AIDS establishment?

Gonda - Gallo HTLV-III Saliva
AIDS Science Today

Twenty-five years of AIDS research have demonstrated the following: Gallo’s “HTLV-III” has no particular, reproducible size or gene sequence; the proteins that are supposed to belong to it and it alone are found in almost every human disease and condition. The “LAV/HTLV-III/HIV” proteins and gene sequences have to be cobbled together through ‘consensus agreement’ among different labs because while fishing in beaten-up cell cultures, researches always find different things to call “HIV.”

Finally, “HIV” in any or all of its forms, has never been shown to even remotely affect T-Cells, which is the only meaningful prediction of AIDS theory. But none of this has mattered to AIDS researchers, because AIDS theory is about fear, politics and social control, and has never been about science.

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An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple?

H-E-R-V not H-I-V
An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple?

by Liam Scheff

First, this is an area of exploration I’ve been reaching into, but am now firmly committed to, with many thanks to Cal Crilly (who I believe we are all indebted to) for leading the way. I hope you’ll jump in the pool with me. Keep your waders on and kick your feet, we’ll all learn on the way. Here goes…

Science Daily presents a new study describing an “on/off switch for retroviruses.” Did you know turning retroviruses off was that simple? Contradictions abound – here they describe retroviruses as ‘fatal,’ but intended for good; but they are generally considered normal, ubiquitous and non-toxic, except when they’re talking about their favorite cash cow, “HIV.”

“ScienceDaily (Apr. 10, 2010) — A University of British Columbia doctoral candidate has discovered a previously unknown mechanism for silencing retroviruses, segments of genetic material that can lead to fatal mutations in a cell’s DNA. The findings, published in the journal Nature, could lead to new cancer treatments that kill only tumour cells and leave healthy surrounding tissue unharmed.”

How do they intend to do this neat trick? By using an enzyme which determines how DNA is expressed. This brings us in line with Cal Crilly’s breakthrough analysis of ‘methylation,’ ‘demethylation,’ and the creation of retroviruses in AIDS, cancer and auto-immune diseases. Continue reading An On/Off Switch for Retroviruses – Can it be that Simple?

A Castle Wall Theory of Disease

RTB: We present another in Cal Crilly’s breakthrough series:

Retroviruses are reversed DNA from our Cells. Some obviously have function.

Viruses are reversed DNA from our cells and all mammalian cells. Hence viruses are our DNA simply reversed by Reverse Transcriptase to become RNA

Most of our disease originates from our own bodies as retroviruses/viruses come out of our genome and then land in the wrong places. This is caused by a process called DNA Hypomethylation which is a feature of EVERY disease known to man.

The Unified Theory Of Disease

by Cal Crilly

Or in other words the Castle Wall Theory of Disease as I call it to sound less pompous.

It’s 2.22am in the morning on the 22nd of April 2010 in Brisbane in Australia. My 8gig computer with a pre-year 2000 processor has just switched on.

To make it go I have to press F1 after half a minute when it freezes, then it gives the frozen blue ‘WELCOME’ screen at which point I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to make it finally work. (My screen saver is a lovely picture of Brighton Pavilion in England with two hedge sculptures of grown elephants and their two baby elephants in the Brighton Museum park in front of the Pavilion, in the picture are 3 couples in and around the sculpture with prams and 3 children under the Elephants, two of the women are pregnant, one of the couples is chatting while looking at their mobiles.) Continue reading A Castle Wall Theory of Disease

Six Ways to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Nutrition by Cal Crilly

I see a tumour as acting like a foetus, this is not new as many researchers both mainstream and alternative descibe cancer in exactly the same way….The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer is now over a hundred years old, this theory describes Cancer cells as behaving like the invasive Trophoblast cells that occur during pregnancy.

by Cal Crilly, reposted from


Pineapple flower – by Sepp Hasselberger  (Bromelain is obtained from unripe pineapples)

This is dedicated to Jacquie, my loving ex-mother in law who was a surrogate mum to me for a good decade. If I had known these things 5 years or so ago she might be still with us now but when I press send on this button here I know she’ll be behind me with the biggest cheesiest grin and she’ll be happy.

I’ve been giving dietary advice to various friends who have been passing this information on to relatives with differing forms of cancer. So far all the ones who have taken this advice are alive and also free of cancer, this is over a period of 3 years, 2 had surgery first and no more, one had surgery and chemo, one had chemo and radiation.

Writing this is an attempt to get a my interpretation of the cancer phenomena out of my head, to describe with proof what I think the data means and to come up with simple, affordable and doable self treatments that can be used with whatever other therapy is chosen. I’d like to see the work of oncologists who treat cancer get easier. I also want to see people get better and get on with their lives.

All I tell them to do is take up to 2 grams of Bromelain with meals. To get some form of Selenium food either from 3-4 Brazil nuts a day or from Broccoli and Garlic. I now recommend a bottle of Cod Liver Oil a week (I do this for psoriasis, it’s not recommended if pregnant). I suggest Green Tea as Green Tea and Cod Liver Oil work synergistically. Some Lysine tablets, at least 3 grams worth with cancer. Vitamin C, preferably from food such as lemons though Sodium Ascorbate powder will do. I haven’t advised people to take B3 or Nicotinamide but I now think I should.

So here’s why… Continue reading Six Ways to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Nutrition by Cal Crilly


RTB: We are pleased to present Cal Crilly’s patent submission (which is yours for the taking, should you want to take it up), for the treatment of HIV – which is, in reality a group of human endogenous retroviral sequences, which are activated in damaged or nutrient-starved cells. The sequences, aligning with the AIDS industries ‘gag, pol and env,’ gene-encoding regions, are really long terminal repeats in our own human DNA, which are expressed when they are no longer properly methylated (bound by methyl groups and restricted from over-production).

This work, if we at RTB may be so forward, is the future of AIDS research.

Patent for HERV and Methylation Activity Ratio Test,
by Cal Crilly
Continue reading Cal Crilly’s HIV (HERV) and METHYLATION ACTIVITY RATIO TEST

HIV Tests, Benzyne, Collagen, Cancer and Everything Else

RTB: No one thinks and no one writes quite like Cal Crilly. There’s deep insight and deeper connection in his process, and all AIDS researchers and critics should read his work. (I wish he’d write a few short articles to sum up some of the major planks, but work through it – it’s worth it). Reprinted from Sepp Hasselberger’s blog.

HIV Tests Are Not Tests

by Cal Crilly

Well I’m sure this is the first time a serious dismantling of the HIV antibody test has ever reached a mainstream publication and I bet the AIDS researchers involved are beginning to sweat and get a tad worried about losing their jobs. HIV Test Are Not HIV Tests. By Professor Henry Bauer. (Printed in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2010).

For 26 years they been fluffing on about sex viruses destroying our T-cells and giving us the mantra that their toxic pile of rubbish is going to save us. At the moment South Africa is actually on the edge of disaster because the AIDS scientists are campaigning to get EVERYONE in South Africa tested for HIV and President Zuma has gone along with the medical colonialists by offering himself up for testing. He knew he’d be alright because he had to take the HIV test before after that “washing himself in the shower after sex to make sure he didn’t get HIV” scandal, you all remember don’t you? But if you look closely it never sounded very convincing. Continue reading HIV Tests, Benzyne, Collagen, Cancer and Everything Else