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Eugenics is Today’s AIDS Science

by Liam Scheff

Population control, anyone?

Yes!” Say these eugenicists:

Project Prevention is already operating in parts of Kenya, where it is paying women living with HIV U$40 to accept long-term contraception. A doctor is paid U$7 per patient.

In Kenya, Project Prevention is working in Nyanza province where they place woman in groups of between 10 and 15 and give them a pooled amount of money to begin income-generating activities in return for accepting intrauterine devices (IUDs) as long-term contraception. Each woman then receives around R280 in return.

It might, of course, be of concern to women being targeted for life-long chemical birth control (ie, sterilization by pill), or irreversible surgical laparoscopy, to understand the rationale for WHY they are being so targeted. If “HIV positive” is the reason, then we must ask ourselves what “HIV positive means.”

And it means?

From the manufacturer’s disclaimer’s on the major tests, and the major medical literature:

“At present there is no recognized standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood.” – Abbott Labs HIV test – the industry ‘standard.’

“No standard,” means no way to determine a positive, or a negative, or one from the other.

How does this play out in real life? Everybody and anybody, and anything, can test “positive”:

“False-positive ELISA test results can be caused by alloantibodies resulting from transfusions, transplantation, or pregnancy, autoimmune disorders, malignancies, alcoholic liver disease, or for reasons that are unclear.” – Archives of Family Medicine, 2000

“For reasons that are unclear!” Well, sign me up. Sounds ‘scientific,’ doesn’t it?

“[I]t is very important to remind patients and clinicians that influenza vaccination may cause cross-reactivity with HIV antibody assays. The time course for such cross-reactivity remains uncertain.” – NEJM, 2008

That is, flu and other vaccination is a cause of “HIV positive” results. Do you think these tests ought to be used to sterilize African women?

“Alloimmune mice (mice that have been exposed to cells from another murine [mouse] strain) were shown to make antibodies against gp 120 and p24 of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and mice of the autoimmune strains MRL-_tpr/lpr_ and MRL-+/+ made antibodies against gp120. This is surprising because the mice were not exposed to HIV.” – Science, 1991

Which means? That mice, for no reason, have proteins that make the ‘HIV test’ come up positive…

Do you want to take this test?

“Heterophile [normal, human and animal, cross-reacting] antibodies are a well-recognized cause of erroneous results in immunoassays. We describe here a 22-month-old child with heterophile antibodies reactive with bovine [Cow] serum albumin and caprine [Goat] proteins causing false-positive results to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and other infectious serology testing.” – Clin Diagn Lab Immunol. 1999

What does it mean? In English – cow and goat proteins that were part of the test itself – made the test ‘test positive!’

But among the poor, this just doesn’t seem to matter. Positive or negative, they’re all positive when they’re black enough:

“[The test’s] error rate won’t matter much in areas with a high prevalence of HIV, because in all probability the people testing false-positive will have the disease. But if the same test was performed on 1,000 white, affluent suburban housewives – a low-prevalence population – in all likelihood all positive results will be false, and positive predictive values plummet to zero.” – AIDS Alert, 1998

And so, let’s sterilize women, just like ‘we’ (the Western powers) have all over the world, for decades…for the better part of a century. From Cold Spring Harbor, to Carrie Buck, to Margaret Sanger, to Himmler and Goebbels…to the UN Population Fund, to the Philippines, to India….

After the laparoscopy (sterilization) operation this young woman is helped outside. Photo by Nick Rain.

Western ‘scientists’ and do-gooders nary meet a poor women they don’t want to prevent from giving birth.

A big ‘thank you,’ by the way, can be made to Barbara Harris, founder of ‘Project Prevention,‘ who loves to be very concerned about the sex lives of others. As she’s stated, in reference to drug addicts:

We don’t allow dogs to breed. We spay them. We neuter them. We try to keep them from having unwanted puppies, and yet then women are literally having litters of children.”

Thanks Barbara, for sharing your insights. History has a word for people like you, of course…

And that word is:

Eugenicist. Or, Nazi. Depending on your mood.

Read all about HIV testing at RTB’s “Test” section, and at

Thanks to Terry Michael for forwarding the SFAIDS article.

Exclusive: AIDS in Uganda – Malaria and Suicide

by Ricci Davis

Independent investigator Ricci Davis interviews Bright, a Ugandan man whose brother-in-law was diagnosed with AIDS, and the tragedy that ensued. Davis uncovers the confusion regarding believed rates of official “transmission,” a lack of HIV testing in AIDS cases, and the nature of illness called AIDS – i.e. malaria and endemic diseases of poverty, plus starvation, medical neglect, and suicide.

Watch the Video

Question – Davis: Is it true that all families in Uganda have lost somebody to AIDS?

Answer – Bright: Not all families. Not all families, but most of them…like, uh…90% have at least lost somebody.

Davis: And do those families tend to be poor or…?

Bright: Poor? Yeah, especially those in the rural areas. But there are also… some rich people have also died.

Davis: Have you had a personal loss within your family…to someone with AIDS?

Bright: I lost a sister, I told you and my in-law, the husband to my sister. That was in 1999.

Davis: What happened exactly? Continue reading Exclusive: AIDS in Uganda – Malaria and Suicide

HIV Testing in Uganda – In the Clinic

by Ricci Davis.

Ricci Davis, independent investigator, interviews a worker in an HIV test clinic in Kampala, Uganda (2009). Watch the Video

Text (Ricci Davis):  I’ve just stepped into my local clinic in Kampala to inquire about the perceived accuracy of HIV antibody tests.

Davis:  So how accurate are these?

A: How?

Davis: How accurate is this test

A: They’re accurate.   They’re accurate.

Davis: How do you know?

A: I know ’cause I’ve used them.  Use them in less than ten minutes.  You have the results. Continue reading HIV Testing in Uganda – In the Clinic

AIDS Eugenics in Uganda

PLUSNews Uganda: Julius Ochen, a resident of Amuria, told IRIN/PlusNews that he had stopped taking his HIV medication.When you take these drugs without eating, they make you weak and reduce your strength – you feel like vomiting,” he said.

“It’s true that TB drugs and ARVs are very strong; if taken without food, they make someone doze and feel weak, but we encourage our clients to take them,” said Beatrice Okware, branch manager for the AIDS Support Organization in Soroti district.

Poor nutrition weakens the body’s defences against the virus, hastens progress from HIV to AIDS, and makes it difficult to take ARVs, which can sometimes increase a patient’s appetite. Sufficient food can help reduce some side-effects of ARVs and promote adherence to drug regimens.

by Liam Scheff

Would you take a drug that made you vomit and have diarrhea if you were already starving to death?

If you are a believer in the AIDS religion, the answer is…

Well… You wouldn’t take the drug, but you’d make sure that the starving people in Uganda did.

No, no hyperbole, just old fashioned insanity, and a touch of eugenics.
Continue reading AIDS Eugenics in Uganda

Infanticide in African AIDS Clinics?

RTB: What is troubling Africans – HIV or Malaria and Poverty? What are the results of excluding non-HIV positive children from medical treatment? This hidden camera interview in Uganda tells the story. This interview shows a reality you’ll never see in the Western press.

Independent researcher Ricci Davis interviews a technician working at Mildmay AIDS Clinic in Uganda. The text is taken from undercover video Davis took in Uganda. Thanks to RTB volunteers for the transcription.

Note – Toxic drugs given to hungry people, starving people who do not test “positive” turned away, exclusive funding of “AIDS” therapies versus infrastructure development, and – force-feeding toxic drugs to children who do not want, or cannot tolerate the drugs. The drugs are fed through tubes put through the nose into the stomach.

Investigating Infanticide – Mildmay AIDS Centre, Uganda Part 1:

This video has been temporarily removed, to protect the identity and rights of the interviewee.

Begin Transcript:

AIDS Clinic Technician (fit and healthy Ugandan man in his early 30s): “I have a relative. He’s HIV positive. When he got the ARVs [antiretroviral drugs, AIDS drugs] for the first time he developed some of these things that I have read here. So they told him to stop them for two months without taking anything. All the skin was full of rash and swell.

Question (Ricci Davis, off-camera): And how did they determine that that was the result of the drugs and not the virus?

Answer (Technician): It was the result of the drugs and not the virus. [The technician is reading the FDA manufacturers label for the drug containing Nevirapine (brand name Viramune)]. I think that was the cause.

Q: What was your cousin’s condition while he wasn’t taking ARVs or any other medications for two months.

He was not feeling bad but when he took this type of drug is what I suspected is where the cause came from. He started feeling funny – hypersensitivity, body reactions skin rash. And when it is taken without those combinations [when it is taken by itself] it can also cause some of the body organ is not going to function right. It’s what I can see here.
Continue reading Infanticide in African AIDS Clinics?