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Do you have a story to tell about HIV testing? About Aids drugs? About the Aids industry or doctors? A personal success story? Consider submitting your story for publication at RTB.

  • Have you recently been given an Hiv test result? Do you currently have a “positive” diagnosis?
  • What has your experience been? With the drugs, with the doctors?
  • Have you been on Aids drugs? Did they help, or hurt? Or both?
  • Have you discovered methods of improving or regaining health using food, micronutrients, excercise, or other non-toxic medicines? Do you use specific supplements to improve your health while on standard drugs?
  • Are you stigmatized because of your test result? Would you like to challenge your test result legally?

Send us your story, and we’ll feature it in our ‘featured articles’ section.

  • When you were tested, did your doctor or clinician tell you that the tests give no single, standardized result?
  • Did he or she tell you that you were permanently infected?
  • Did he or she give you access to the standard medical literature on Hiv testing, or the Aids diagnosis?

Tell us your story, and RTB will write to your doctor or clinician and ask them why they haven’t given you all the literature on HIV testing, and we’ll publish their response.

Submit your story in the pane below, or to [email protected] Please include your full name, an email where you can be reached, and how you would like to be identified in your article (ie. only first, or first and last name).

17 thoughts on “Write For Us

    1. 12/15/2011

      I found your site today and am very impressed with your presentation of facts as I have come to understand the truth regarding HIV/Aids.

      I have lived with this “virus” for about 25 years. I am fairly healthy, active, and athletic. I take no meds….not even over the counter ones. I was on ARV for a month or so about 10 years ago, but have never been on ARVs for any extended time. ….only that one try for a month or so.

      I know that popular HIV belief is untrue. I have lived with this condition and realize that elimination of toxins and providing nutrients at the cellular level are key to well-being….even beyond HIV. This must also be necessary in my lifestyle medically and figuratively (including the elimination of toxic situations and toxic thinking).

      Can you provide me with more background information on your organization? It seems it would take a rather large staff to keep the web site’s presentation so impressive.

      I am tired of being quiet about what I know and have experienced with HIV. I want to be more vocal and join today’s dissenting movement.

      Please let me know how I can contribute or perhaps start a associated effort here in the deep south…New Orleans, LA.

      Warm Regards,


    2. Hi Kev, this is a really nice and courageous story, what I want to know, did you have any syndromes ever in ur life or u just went to get tested?

    3. 6/23/2012

      In response to your question, I did have episodes, which is what I think you are asking. I had only a few over 25 years (3 or 4). Only one sent me to the hospital for pneumonia. This was way before I even tried ARVs. The others were flu-like.

      I learned a lot from these episodes and I am (strangely) grateful that they occurred for the following reasons:

      1. Lifestyle – I begin to see the connection between my illness and how poor my lifestyle was during the periods leading up to the episodes, i.e. not eating, sleeping, and exercising properly. ….not being mentally positive and spiritually endowed. …partying, drinking and not getting proper rest. Put simply, I changed my entire outlook and lifestyle.

      2. Cleansing/Elimination – I begin to recognize how powerful cleansing, detoxing, meditating (psyche cleansing),prayer (spiritual cleansing) and exercise (psychological cleansing) alone could positively impact my immune system and overall health. I found that exercise is the best alternative cure for depression and hopelessness. I also discovered that it activated different body chemicals that cleansed the liver and brain. I realized that drinking excessive amounts of pure water during illness had dramatically positive effects.

      3. Holistic Health – I fully embraced the well-body concept. …no longer trying to address an ailment in particular, but creating a mind-body space that was unattractive to disease, illness, and negativity.

      4. Esteem – I became courageous as a result of all the many people who deserted me, and who judged me, while I was ill, as for a period I became emaciated. I began to develop and ‘I will show them’ and a ‘I not gonna go out like that’ attitude and fought my illness and truly believed that everything will be alright.

      …and it worked.

      The episodes were truly a blessing for they are symbolic in a sense. They warn you that you must take better care of yourself, and in a multi-faceted, all encompassing way.

      Also, once you work through the episodes, if you follow as I did, you will be thoroughly strong and full cleansed. You will see things very different. You will look better, feel better, and will be poised to begin a new life.

      But this route is not for everyone. It requires a lot of determination, faith, love of God & self, the ability to let go, and the ability to believe in miracles.

      I hope that this answers your question and that of one else.

      Make it a great day!

      Warmest Regards,


    4. hey i have a story to im 24 years old i was born in birmingham alabama on march 20 1988. ok when i was 18 years old i moved from alabama to washington state i was talking to a female and we had unprotected sex 26 times but i later found out she was crack head but i love skinny women a friend of hers told me she was hiv postive after i heard that i kicked her out of my apartment the i was stressing out so bad because i was thinkiing i was postive for hiv because i had sex with her 26 times and oral sex with no condoms a year later i got tested and it came back negative i got six months later negative and then three months later i got tested again and it was negative. so i did some research on hiv as more i read i finnaly realize that people who do do hard weaken their own immune sysstem and cause a postive result on hiv test and the hiv drugs cause false postive i know hiv is not a deadly disase it just the drugs company trying to make money. so know im married and just had son and he is healthy and me and my wife and daughter

    5. That’s scarey do you have any proof?

      I’ve heard so many false positive testing in the south.


    6. HIV AIDS is not a virus. The simple fact is 9/10 HIV-positive people have used cocaine. This cocaine contain solvents and these solvents kill T cells over time. This epidemic began when cocaine flooded the country in the late 70s and early 80s. If you look at early HIV AID Deaths, you will find that many of the decks have a connection to solvents. if you want to know more, and how the cause of AIDS the conspiracy to deceive those affected by AIDS, you can call me at 917-577-2002

  1. I’d like to write a post on my blog above, and maybe here about RTB. I only recently learned of the site via AME, which has recently upgraded their own platform from MSN groups.
    IMO, these are exciting steps forward for the dissident/questioning/rethinking community and deserve more attention.

    Two questions that strike me right off are: who founded RTB, and how long has the site been up. Forgive me if the answers are on the site, but I didn’t see them.

    I’m one of those LTNP (ten+ years) who has rebuked ARV for more than six years and all pharmaceutical drugs for more than two years. The further I get away from them, the better I feel, and THAT is my definition of “good health”.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jonathan Barnett

  2. HI . plz i just want to know what is :

    latest Reference Range
    HIV INterp of HIV
    Low : ( NEG)

    please what this result mean?

  3. Hi,

    I am just wondering if you still accept guest post on your blog? Is it still the same guidelines?

    Do you allow links inside the main article?

    Is there a fee that I need to pay?

    Please let me know



  4. Hi,

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    Sharon Freeman

  5. Hello,
    First of all thank u very much for this site. And sorry for my english. I’m trying to find any information concerning the HIV protocol for children. i’m living in france. hiv positive since 2006. in 2009 i give a birth, and refused to give azt to my child. he is alive and everything is ok with him, they did’nt do any test because me and my husband were against it. than i gave a birth one more tome, but in that time i had advanced labor, so they started to give medicaments from the first day. and that time they were carring my child in the hospital more than 2 month regulerly giving her azt. after 1 month they found anemia and then aids. when we started to show our agression they deprived of our parental rights. when they gave my child i promised to give her azt and escaped to another country. in 3 month child died((( i returned to france and no i have the same situation almost. i gave a birth 3d time, she is ok, they gave her azt 5 days and then they said that she is gonna stay in hospital because i’m foolish and want to kill my children i said that i do not against azt anymore, so they said that they have already asked judge to give them official right to to leave child at the hospital. judge did not give them right. so, we are at home finally, but the day after police came with doctors, i did not open the door, and really really scared. i hope u understood me, because i’m writing this with trembling hands, don’t know where can i find the help or suggestions, maybe i can litigate. if someone can help me or know the stories with succesful end, plz i’m begging you to react as soon as it posiible.

  6. I had been diagnosed a year ago. Came back positive. I still did another test later a few months again. No one responeded to me. So I went to the clinic they told me if they didn’t call me then everything is fine. So I tested positive then negative but since I tested positive first. They still wanna continue to do viral load so they would no when to put me on arvs. But I won’t ever take that. Never had no health issue since I tested positive till nw I’m still strong and going. Just eating healthier and doing cleanses. What I really wanna share is. While signing the consent form. I started reading it. The first few sentences read “hiv tests don’t detect an actual virus. Antibodies to a virus supposedly hiv” some condition can cause the test to test positive. And as soon as I got really into it. The nurse stopped me and told me hurry u jus need to sign the paper.” So u can’t read something first before u sign it? Hmmmmm!!!!!!

  7. I would like help returning my recent diagnosis, with the scarlet letter. Only use the name sunshine to identify me for online purposes and comments are replys. I would like for Reduce The Burden and OMSJ to do an investigation on my recent 2013 diagnosis. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

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