“We’re Not Responsible for What We Tell You” – Medical Authorities to You

by Liam Scheff

Please read the following, looking for “Don’t Blame Us!“:

“EOHHS makes no warranty of the information available from this Web site and assumes no legal liability for the accuracy or completeness of the contents of the Web site.”

“ACCURACY AND CONTINUITY OF SERVICE. The State makes no guarantee of the completeness or accuracy of any information provided. It makes no promise or warranty to maintain or update this public service or information contained and made available to the public. The State may suspend or discontinue this service at any time, or it may elect to charge a fee for access or use. The user assumes the risk of verifying any materials used or relied on.”

The source of the first? The Massachusetts State Department of Health and Human Services. The people who come up with flu pandemic warnings, fake HIV test information, and forced vaccine marches. Mass.gov

The second – the State of Utah Department of Health. Health.utah.gov

What these two legal disclaimers are telling you is the following:

“Do Not Trust Us. We’re just expressing our opinions. It’s a lark, and a whim, and nothing more than that, when we tell you that you’re all going to die, and to trust us because we’re the experts.”

Stay tuned for an upcoming report from OMSJ.org on the topic – and remember. The health authorities are admitting: “We’re only bloggers, just like the rest of you!”

With my thanks to Clark Baker for sharing the info…

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