We Really All Are “HIV Positive.”

by Liam Scheff

We really all are “HIV positive.”Think about it. What does “HIV positive” really mean to people. It means:

1) You’re going to die one day; someday, you don’t know when precisely. But it will happen, and you will be sad.

2) Sex is no longer safe for you, and you have to tell people that you are damaged.

 Well, what’s the news?

We’re all going to die one day; there is nothing anybody can do about that. And sex is dangerous for all of us. And it always has been.

You can break your heart, your soul, give too much, risk too much, give too little, reveal your damages, weaknesses, frailties; get pregnant, get an actual STD.

Of course sex is inherently dangerous. We don’t need a bullsh*t test (that doesn’t test for anything) to figure that out for us.

And we really do all ‘test’ HIV positive, if you don’t dilute the blood samples. Run the blood samples as is, or at a low dilution, and we all have the damned protein/antibody reactions:

“Since all undiluted blood specimens react positive on the ELISA test, a test that supposedly tests for antibodies to HIV, the results presented here suggest that every single human being has HIV antibodies. And this suggests that everybody has been exposed to HIV antigens. ” [Link]

I asked an “AIDS specialist” about this too. Dr. Cohen, who ran or runs the gay men’s clinic in Boston, said the same thing. “We all test positive if you don’t dilute the sample?” I asked. “Yes, that’s the way it works,” he said. [Link]

So, “HIV” is just another way of stating the ancient reality – Life has a time limit, so live it. Don’t sit in front of the TV waiting to die, or to live. And sex is inherently risky. The 60s didn’t change that.

And of course you’ll get sick if you have sex with 30 people a week – or a night – and do drugs all the time. Big freaking surprise.

Wake up AIDS morons. It’s called the human condition.

3 thoughts on “We Really All Are “HIV Positive.”

  1. HIV\AIDS Is becoming more and more like a mind game!
    The Dr would say you are HIV positive, the patient no I’m not
    Dr. yes you are! Patient no I’m not

    But, if one make mistake to believe the Dr. then you become a HIV subject!

    Just like religion! Just believe and wish for a miracle bang! You get a free drink (retroviral) from a friend!

  2. Hey,
    I really like the content on this website, since I too believe that hiv/aids is an environmental illness primarily caused by benzene contamination in the body. I recently had unprotected sex with another man and have been freaking the hell out for the last several weeks over whether or not I have hiv. Could anybody please help ease my mind?

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