The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers

For General Release:
House of Numbers is a new film which does good investigative journalism in researching the nature of the AIDS industry. The film reveals deep-seated corruption within an industry that now has total control of the lives of tens of millions worldwide.

Have you ever heard of an investigation of the AIDS industry?

No, because the AIDS industry uses the fear-based and hate-fueled tactics of dangerous activists, not the open dialog of science, to force its agenda down the throats of millions worldwide. The individuals in charge of this massive propaganda attack are the AIDS Apartheidists.

What is an AIDS Apartheidist? It is a pharmaceutical activist intent on suppressing the Black population of Africa, the Gay population of the West, with a sex-death diagnosis based on over-applied and faulty tests, called “HIV tests,” which react with almost every recorded illness that occurs in people of poverty.

The AIDS Apartheidists are a group, led by John P. Moore, Mark Wainberg, Peter Piot, Jeanne Bergman and others, which claim to have the only allowable and non-disputable point of view about AIDS, a view which ignores all major studies on sex and immune deficiency, such as the 10 year study by Nancy Padian, among others, which points unequivocally to the fact that AIDS is not primarily a sex problem, but is in fact a problem relating to poverty, major drug and pharmaceutical abuse and environmental factors.

The AIDS Aparteidists live in the inherited shadow of history; they consciously or unconsciously recreate the racist, eugenic, population-controlling ‘science’ of the first half of the 20th Century, by attacking the Homosexual and Black African populations of the world with propaganda, forcing them to be tested with non-specific tests, and branding them with an irrevocable death sentence, which is enforced by non-stop social and media control and immensely toxic drugs. Tens of millions of people are given no option to challenge or refuse the AIDS Apartheid’s dogma; their non-specific test result is made into a scarlet letter, a badge of sexual leprosy interfering with, damaging or preventing their ability to procreate, have normal social and sexual lives, and forcing them onto a shortened lifetime of body damaging, altering and eventually or quickly life-ending drugs.

The AIDS Apartheidists are now gathering to hide their shame by attacking the new film, “House of Numbers,” which takes a fair and balanced investigative look at the processes by which HIV tests fail to conform to a single standard, but are applied to historically suppressed, isolated and abused populations, which either live in extreme poverty, or in the sequestered ‘Gay Communities’ in the US and Europe, where individuals are by and large, still forbidden from participating as equal citizens in their own countries.

The AIDS Apartheidists are creating a new worldwide Apartheid – the programmatic isolation and destruction of historically targeted and abused populations.

The AIDS Apartheidists want to interfere and intervene in the sex lives of all Africans, circumcising African men, pushing drugs into African women, all based on the over-applied weak science of HIV testing, which is not specific to any one condition, but does diagnose hundreds of ailments of poverty, and even conditions like pregnancy.

The AIDS Apartheid must be publicly opposed and its leaders forced to face those they malign and seek to suppress and destroy.

John P. Moore is the leader of the AIDS Apartheidists, and must be brought to face, in a series of public conversations, all those he debases and promises that “This IS a war, there ARE no rules, and we WILL crush you, one at a time, completely and utterly.” (These are Dr. Moore’s actual words regarding all those who challenge his monolithic, unquestionable Apartheid platform of non-stop drugging of Africans and Gay men).

Be aware, the AIDS industry is now deeply corrupted, and does not allow any public scrutiny or transparency. The AIDS industry must be opened and allow criticism and change, where it is violating human rights and conducting pseudo-science and racist science. The AIDS industry can only be righted when the AIDS Apartheidists within it are exposed and their misdeeds brought to public attention.

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8 thoughts on “The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers

  1. There’s are many words here that I’ve not seen connected with the AIDS industry until now. The one that actually knocked me out of my socks was the word ‘transparency’.

    This word is completely foreign to the AIDS industry.

  2. Let’s keep promoting interest in this film. I am waiting with fingers crossed that Brent will get back to me on the possibility of doing Italian subtitles.
    Hugs to all

  3. It doesn’t matter if the film doesn’t go far, it will get passed around “underground.” Like “Deep Throat,” and LSD, to give some crude examples. What the establishment resists, persists as a kind of bootleg pleasure. We’ve been living in two societies for about 40 years now anyway: the one that explores everything and the one that stays inside. Are you “cool” or “straight”?

    It’s all unfolding according to two principles: (1) calmly laying out the scientific evidence and (2) reaching the target audience of AIDS hysteria (blacks, Africans, gay men, lower classes), “dangerously” inverting social hierarchies. (That’s what they mean when they say we’re “dangerous,” guys.) Nobody can put the lid on the truth once it’s out. People will start refusing to take the “HIV tests” once they realize there’s no such thing that finds virus or anything specific to it like an antibody. They can say that’s not true, but the physical evidence is open for anyone to see.

    The defining struggle of the 21st century is who gets to define physical reality itself. When physical evidence is lying around for anyone to see, those seeking social control are going to have to either hide it (impossible) or create so much hysteria around it that no one really knows what they’re looking at.

    I’m proud of us. But I fear for us. The wider war is reality versus fantasy, and it’s going to heat up. A lot of institutions already rest on fantasy. They’re not going to go down without a brutal fight.

  4. The AIDS Industry is one of the most corrupted on the planet – it needs the eyes of the world on it to right itself, it needs deep investigation by news agencies, it needs penetrating public discussion.

    The AIDS industry is now doing whatever it can to prevent this from happening – that includes vicious name-calling, libel, slander and smearing of anyone who brings up the conflicts of interest and corrupted research that has cost hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars.

    The AIDS industry cannot be trusted, nor should it have the authority, to form public policy or perception of itself. Just as any normal industry is expected to be held to public accountability, so must the AIDS industry be made transparent.

    Just as we expect all news agencies – PBS, NBC, CNN and FOX – to uncover the hidden practices of industry and business – even to the level of the Pentagon – so we must tolerate, expect, and demand full investigation and transparency in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, and in the AIDS industry.

  5. Thank God, I hear you are doing something to stop these moron doctors who poison our veterans. Our government owes our hero soldiers a lot better. How can I help? I am new to this group, and I’m just finding out how to use facebook. But I can’t believe what I am reading. YOu are all over the internet!

    Who are these morons over at the doctors group? What is this all about? Can’t anyone see that these doctors are criminal for taking pharmaceutical money? I work with a lot of doctors at the veterans hospital. Can I help you?

    Please let me know, and God bless you for your work

  6. very day I ask my self this question. How can i reach the people on the ground. one on one is very slow.

    I need to know if there is any organisation /individual who could fund a fact sheet which i would write in my local language and strategically distribute to cover the country. the each pateint on arv can have a choking question for their doctor and the pharmacist. Arv medicine promoters/manufacturers are smooth crimnals.

    I can not pretend to be in the Aids mainstream to get funding, i just cant. Many activists copuld be knowing the truth but just can not bite the hand that feeds them. those who could should be in to the idea of freeing Africa from the slavery of HIV medicines. Slavery in Africa is still active and alive, a slave to the twice a day treatment which slowly sucks out the life from us Africans.

    Previously slaves were whipped, tht was better becuase they heald th woulds though un happy, the slavry from ARV is silent and diplomatic, such that when you speak about it, you are named and shamed.

  7. My letter to the Spectator, which canceled a debate on “House of Numbers”

    Dear Ms. Vela,

    I understand your frustration at trying to form a “balanced” panel to discuss the film “House of Numbers.” Please allow me to express my regrets after hearing from the venerable Dr. Gordon Stewart that you felt you had to cancel this discussion.

    I feel a very important point has been missed here. This “balance” you speak of is not between two views of AIDS science, but between talking about these issues and not talking about them. Between speech and silence. This “other side” has made very clear — publicly — that any kind of talk about these issues is unacceptable and should be censored, because these matters are, they say, settled. In fact, they have arrogantly asserted on many occasions that laypersons cannot handle the kind of information presented in this film. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that they have refused to participate. They do this kind of thing often.

    For example, the filmmaker negotiated in advance for a panel discussion at the Boston International Film Festival, but the parties were unable to come to an agreement because the faction identifying itself as “the community” (local pharmaceutical-company-funded AIDS organizations) insisted on a one-sided “panel” of their own people. When it was determined that there would be no panel discussion, they worked behind the scenes to obtain protection from the Boston Police to make their own presentation after the film. This consisted of simply reading a statement that would have taken up all of the allotted time, allowing for no questions.

    In other words, they simply took over the event, with an armed show of force. Yes, right across the street from historic Boston Common.

    When the audience there — of which I was a part — expressed its outrage at this turn of events, their “mediator” threatened to have us thrown out. Were we to be thrown out of an event we ourselves had promoted? It was preposterous.

    This is about accountability. The AIDS establishment has operated for so long without accountability that it cannot even comprehend not being allowed to censor others, take over events, and cancel appearances. Let their absence speak for itself. Let them be accountable for that, as recipients of public funds. It is, indeed, the point they wish to make: that no discussion of these issues is legitimate, and that they will take no questions from the public that pays their salaries. Please let them make that point, without ratifying it yourself. Holding the discussion without them would make a statement that censorship is not acceptable.

    No compromise is possible.

    This film itself lets all parties speak, from all points of view.

    Look at just one consequence of “no discussion.” Here in New York, the city authorities have taken children away from their families for lack of “adherence” to the drug treatments that this film questions — because “everybody knows” those drugs work. Because there is no accountability in this system, they have done with these children what they wish, including enrolling them in toxic, painful and debilitating experimental drug trials — when the very reason they were taken was that their families found they did better off the drugs. Today, one politician, city councilman Bill de Blasio, is running for Public Advocate based on his record of doing, effectively, nothing about these trials. He is possibly the next new mayor of New York. See

    Again, I beg of you, do not yield. Discussion or no discussion? You are affiliated with a respected media institution. State your intention outright and courageously: Do you stand for censorship or discussion?

    Elizabeth (Beth) Ely
    New York City

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