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Breaking News: HIV Tests Do Not Hold Up In Military Court

RTB: We’ve seen HIV tests fall apart under scrutiny in court – now we see it in military court, with thanks to the OMSJ.


“Because the case law surrounding HIV was mostly developed at the height of the HIV/AIDS scare 20 years ago, the government’s evidence is usually filled with gaps because it relies upon a variety of assumptions.  But the military’s current procedures for supposedly diagnosing people as HIV positive is scientifically, medically, and legally inadequate.”

– Eldon Beck, Captain, USMC, 24 Oct 2011

Two weeks after the Marine Corps dismissed all charges against Corporal RL, his attorney posted this report on the Marine Corps’ Defense Services Organization’s website.  These reports are seen by all Marine attorneys worldwide, and its contents will likely be reviewed by all other DoD and military branches.

Captain Beck left no question about OMSJ’s impact in the case:

“Our success in challenging the HIV issues in our case is largely due to Clark Baker (a former Marine, retired LAPD investigator, and licensed CA PI), Baron Coleman (a young civilian lawyer with expertise challenging HIV prosecutions), and other members of Clark’s team at the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ). Without them, we would not have been able to effectively challenge the HIV testing, chain of custody, and alleged diagnosis of our client…  You should contact (OMSJ) immediately if you are detailed to an HIV-related case.”

Because of the incompetence that exists within HIV clinics, hospitals and the NIH and CDC, OMSJ is not concerned about sharing it’s investigative strategy with prosecutors or alleged “HIV experts” who are called to testify as prosecution witnesses.  In fact, if prosecutors and their witnesses memorize OMSJ’s strategy, they would not file criminal HIV charges against anyone.

Capt. Beck concludes:

“(A)n HIV case is NOT a slam dunk for the government.   Get the right HIV experts on your team and you will probably be able to kill the case before trial.  If the government is reckless enough to go to trial, you will probably be able to get a strong win for your client.”

Capt. Beck’s complete summary is posted here.

How HIV Causes AIDS – the Mainstream View – A House of Numbers Special – Redux!

From their mouths to your ears – it’s the AIDS mainstream, showing a little unexpected humility. What’s beneath the surface of all this doubt?

From “House of Numbers,” now on Apple iTunes, and Amazon Video on Demand, and coming to DVD tres vite. Be there, or be nowhere…

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How Many is Too Many? A Question for John P. Moore, et al.

by Liam Scheff

A public request for the record, for the AIDSTruth.org cadre:

Dr. John P. Moore, Mr. Seth Kalichman, Ms. Jean Bergman, and company:

I have been for years now impressed by the doggedness with which the AIDSTruth group has done everything in its power to bury, hide, obfuscate, libel, slander, and mostly squirrel away from the public, the story of the orphans used in dangerous AIDS drug trials in New York City. Dr. John P. Moore (of the Weill Cornell medical center), together with Ms. Jeanne Bergman (AIDS activist), have made a point of telling the public media, usually through bullying letters, threatening libel, to ignore and bury the story – that the orphans were used to no bad end, and that even though many died, there is nothing to be alarmed about.

It’s all fine, if they say it’s fine. And that’s supposed to be good enough for you, should you care to be concerned about using orphaned children in drug trials.

So, after years of wondering at the lack of humanity in these people, I’ve given up. I simply want to know: How many is too many?

To Moore, Bergman, Kalichman, et al:

1). How many children would have to die in or following a drug trial for to care? For you to be even slightly concerned over the nature of the drugs or trial? Give us a figure – we know the number is greater than 200 out of 532 – which is the number in the case of the New York orphans. Ballpark it for us. 300? 450? All of them? Or, is there no limit to the number of deaths that can be tolerated in an AIDS drug trial in children?

2). How many children having their stomachs cut open would be too many? Stomachs cut open to facilitate a plastic tube, through which drugs are pumped, and cannot be refused? What percentage is just ‘too much’ in your estimation?

3). How many buffalo humps, and breasts on boys from Protease Inhibitors would be too much for you to think “okay?”

4). How many uncounted ‘adverse effects’ would be too many to cover up in Uganda?

5). How many toxic FDA Black Box labeled drugs given to a four year old child at one time, at higher than normal doses, would be too many? More than 7 – we know that already. So, name it.


Please do, fill in the blanks, so the rest of us know what we’re dealing with.

Just wondering, since nothing seems to have any effect on any of you, as long as it bears the word “NIH approved.”


Liam Scheff