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House of Numbers Update – Now Available on iTunes

Get your piping hot download of “House of Numbers,” the award-winning ass-kicking documentary by Brent Leung that takes on the corrupt AIDS medical establishment and shows ’em what for…

Download iTunes Here. | Open iTunes Here.

And get ready for the expanded, all-you-can-eat DVD release, with 32 featurettes not seen in theaters, including hours of exclusive interviews, bonus research material – PLUS flying monkeys!! (Or maybe not flying monkeys, but yes to everything else – see the complete description at House of Numbers.com).

Robert Scott Bell-Palooza – Health Freedom Expo Chicago!

Robert Scott Bell on Health Freedom – defending your rights Savagely:

(Click to play, right click to download)

RSB Pt1 5-25-10

RSB Pt2 5-25-10

Health Freedom Expo Chicago – June 4-6!

Come See Robert Scott Bell and Liam Scheff at the Health Freedom Expo in Chicago, This Weekend, June 4-6. Robert will be hosting a presentation of “House of Numbers,” the award-winning, Earth-shaking documentary that’s got John P. Moore’s knickers in a bunch.

We’ll see you there – and don’t forget to take the Padian Challenge.

How to Scare the Bleep Out of the American People – Lessons from the AIDS Industry – A House of Numbers Exclusive

In this exclusive clip from House of Numbers, amFAR* founder, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend talks about his split with the group over their “scam” of the American public – the invention of “Heterosexual AIDS.”

(* amFAR – the American Foundation for AIDS research. Their happy slogan is “40 million infected, none cured.” They don’t mention that “infected” really means “HIV positive,” which, after examining HIV testing technology and practice, practically means nothing, except “living in poverty.”)

And Dr. James Redfield, Director Clinical Care and Research, Institute of Human Virology, lets us in on the early public relations decision that framed “AIDS” as an equal-opportunity sex disease in the mind of the generally uninterested, easily-frightened, happy-to-be-manipulated American public – and now in the world at large.

Watch and weep – and learn. Continue reading How to Scare the Bleep Out of the American People – Lessons from the AIDS Industry – A House of Numbers Exclusive