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What Would White South Africa Do?

RTB: White men fighting to give very toxic drugs to Africans, for the purposes of curtailing their sexual problems. (or so says the gov’t). Dressed up in pharmaceutical garb, it’s the same old song. The medical literature abounds with reports on the often fatal effects of AZT, a drug given to pregnant African women who are given the polyreactive HIV test result. The White establishment in South Africa states that the Black President is not qualified to read this medical literature and interpret it correctly. In fact, no one is – unless they agree that AZT must be given to pregnant Black African women.

AZT – would you feed it to your children en masse, based on bad antibody tests, White South Africa?

Martin Weinel’s critique of Mbeki – Anthony Brink replies
Advocate Anthony Brink
27 March 2009

A defence of the former president’s challenge to the scientific orthodoxy on AIDS, by the author whose writings triggered it

Martin Weinel, Thabo Mbeki and AZT: Bogus Scholarship in the Age of AIDS: A Case Study

In ‘Thabo Mbeki, HIV/AIDS and bogus scientific controversies’, published on Politicsweb on 19 March 2009 (see here), Martin Weinel calls the question Mbeki publicly raised in late 1999 over ‘the safety of AZT when used to reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV’ an ‘inauthentic scientific controversy’.

He means that giving AZT to pregnant women is incontestably safe, and no informed person would suggest that it may harm or even kill their babies. Let’s examine this. Continue reading What Would White South Africa Do?