Scientists Zero in on Protein that Stops HIV

by Liam Scheff

That wily HIV retro…er…vir…uhm… Trojan Exosome! It is made by our cells using our own proteins! It appears to be harmless but must secretly be dimishing stimulating doing SOMETHING toaroundnearin the vicinity of … in the same body in which there are some T-Cells, because as everyone (who is not a denialist), K-N-O-W-S: “HIV is THE one and only cause of AIDS.”

Here are some scientists to tell you exactly how it’s done….

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But, beyond the FACTS, is the race for the CURE! It’s been a long race. More like..well…not really a foot-race.. Maybe more like about 10,000 marathons, bundled into one, long, expensive, toxic-side-effect riddled event.

In any case… Scientists, those noble masters of benign genius, are now finding that a magical protein might stop that rampaging, wily, fragile, lazy, hard-to-pin-down, constantly mutating, neutered, non-extant retro-trojan-exosomal bundle of your proteins (which in some people MUST be causing SOMETHING!)

You can read their ground-breaking research Here:

“Using a $225,000 microscope, researchers have identified the key components of a protein called TRIM5a that destroys HIV in rhesus monkeys. The finding could lead to new TRIM5a-based treatments that would knock out HIV in humans, said senior researcher Edward M. Campbell, PhD, of Loyola University Health System.

(Silly question, but….Do monkeys have “HIV?” Do they get “AIDS?” No? Uhm. Okay… well…whoo-hoo?)

And here you can see all the other bits of ground-breaking research that do stop AIDS, and may once again hold promise, but ran into trouble for marketing reasons. Like Selenium, a mineral found in organic wheat, and Brazil nuts. which causes methylation (organization) of DNA, and suppresses retro, er… exosomal expression (it suppresses “HIV”). But! But! But! That is not a pharmaceutical cure, and therefore cannot be safely packaged, sold and distributed to millions. (Also, there is no Product (Red) wheat or Brazil nuts).

Oh, but it’s all so complicated! If only somebody would put together an easy-to-understand VIDEO to make it all make sense!

Good news! Somebody has….

And so without further adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu, presenting, the Cure for HIV….

What, is it too subtle for you?

2 thoughts on “Scientists Zero in on Protein that Stops HIV

  1. To John P. Moore phd and all your other sick cronies who will face the wrath of god one day , whoever your god may be…..A reply to …….

    CDC Awards $42M In HIV Prevention Grants
    Main Category: HIV / AIDS
    Article Date: 05 Aug 2010 – 4:00 PDT

    It is pretty disgusting to see this $42 million dollars going towards something that i have failed to be shown proof of. I have contacted by email the CDC , THE FDA , THE WHO , The British HIV Association and every virologist and anyone to do with HIV infact , and not one single organisation has shown me the proof that HIV exists , or that if exists , the proof that it turns into something else.
    Apart from the cowardly emails and discussions i have come across with threats of death , this ranks as one of the most disgutting things i have read other than the same guidlines without any proof of HIV’S existence anywhere on anyones websites , all giving the same advice and no proof like the religeon it has become.

    I was diagnosed as having HTLV-111 , A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RETROVIRUS , yet told i was HIV positive and never told that HTLV-111 has nothing to do with HIV and does not turn into HIV. Yes , and i have that recorded from a very good source !!!

    Furthermore , I was treated with chemotherapy and had i continued longer than the 14 years i took this , i can assure every one of you i would have developed an aquired immune defficiency syndrome by prescription in the near future.
    I have been meds free since the 2nd of march 2010 , diagnosed HTLV-111 (Antibody) positive in JUNE 1986.
    I have never felt better.
    When you start to ask for proof of this so called virus that has never been shown to have been isolated , you will soon see the organisations mentioned above closing ranks and a wall of silence go up and the slimeballs crawling out the framework of this lie to threaten the likes of me to keep my mouth shut.

    Dont take my word for this , check it all out for yourselfs.
    Its a crime of the likes that is on a par with the eradication of a race !
    Free your minds , never stop questioning.
    Join the revolution to stop this genocide !
    If anyone of you have what it takes to say enough is enough instead of apathy for these Aids Tzars , there is a human race out there who need food and water instead of chemotherapy !

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