Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation


Lyn Turney*

School of Social Inquiry, Deakin University, Geelong, Vic 3217, Australia
Available online 13 July 2002.


Tubal ligation is a commonly used routine procedure for female sterilisation. It is promoted as a very safe and highly effective method of permanently controlling fertility. Yet, since the early 1930s, there have been reports in the medical literature indicating that there are both short-and long-term problems with the procedure. This article reviews the medical and scientific literature in which these problems are reported in an attempt to synthesise and make sense of the results and their implications for women. Contrary to the way it is promoted, tubal ligation is fraught with complications which place at risk the health and well-being of many women. Its sequelae includes many gynaecological problems ranging from torsion, hydrosalpinx, and endometriosis to irreversible interferences with the endocrine system. It is clear that tubal ligation is not the ‘clean cut’ procedure that it purports to be, and, in the interests of women, the myths about safety and efficacy need to be publicly dispelled.

The most common method of fertility control is tubal ligation. Physicians and some women promote tubal sterilization as an extremely safe and very effective method of permanent fertility control. Yet the medical profession has known since 1930 that significant numbers of women suffer serious and irreversible complications from tubal ligations; women have died from tubal ligation. Its mortality rates in Bangladesh, the UK, and US, are 1/5000, 1/10,000, and 1/25,000, respectively. Women experience complications both during and after surgery (e.g., twisting of the tube, sometimes accompanied by gangrene, and accumulation of fluid in a tube). After tubal ligation, many women develop endometriosis. Torsion, hydrosalpinx, and/or endometriosis contribute to increased menstrual pain. Disturbance of the local flora can cause sepsis (e.g., toxic shock syndrome). Some women have a severe inflammatory reaction to the silicone in clips and rings. Tubal ligation may be linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer.

Many sterilized women eventually undergo hysterectomy. Many women experience excessive bleeding during menstruation, but many physicians discount this as women not knowing their own bodies and subjective estimates of blood loss. Impaired ovarian blood supply and altered nerve supply to the tube and/or ovary are possible causes for post-tubal ligation menstruation problems. Many women experience memory loss, general decline in feeling of well-being, lethargy, and loss of libido after tubal ligation, indicating a spontaneous iatrogenic menopause. Yet physicians often attribute these symptoms to psychological problems, thereby denying women knowledge of their own bodies. Tubal ligation-induced problems should not be limited to the medical profession. We need to seriously examine the processes that keep this information from women.

Source: WOMEN’S STUDIES INTERNATIONAL FORUM. 1993 Sep-Oct;16(5):471-86.

Abstract: The most common method of fertility control is tubal ligation. Physicians and some women promote tubal sterilization as an extremely safe and very effective method of permanent fertility control. Yet the medical profession has known since 1930 that significant numbers of women suffer serious and irreversible complications from tubal ligations; women have died from tubal ligation. Its mortality rates in Bangladesh, the UK, and US, are 1/5000, 1/10,000, and 1/25,000, respectively. Women experience complications both during and after surgery (e.g., twisting of the tube, sometimes accompanied by gangrene, and accumulation of fluid in a tube).

After tubal ligation, many women develop endometriosis. Torsion, hydrosalpinx, and/or endometriosis contribute to increased menstrual pain. Disturbance of the local flora can cause sepsis (e.g., toxic shock syndrome). Some women have a severe inflammatory reaction to the silicone in clips and rings. Tubal ligation may be linked to an increased risk of cervical cancer. Many sterilized women eventually undergo hysterectomy. Many women experience excessive bleeding during menstruation, but many physicians discount this as women not knowing their own bodies and subjective estimates of blood loss. Impaired ovarian blood supply and altered nerve supply to the tube and/or ovary are possible causes for post-tubal ligation menstruation problems.

Many women experience memory loss, general decline in feeling of well-being, lethargy, and loss of libido after tubal ligation, indicating a spontaneous iatrogenic menopause. Yet physicians often attribute these symptoms to psychological problems, thereby denying women knowledge of their own bodies. Tubal ligation-induced problems should not be limited to the medical profession. We need to seriously examine the processes that keep this information from women.

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  1. Hi You say that you have arthritis. What type of arthritis. I have had my tubes done since 2003 and have had no problems but now I have been told I have bursits in my shoulder.

  2. I’ve always had issues with my periods and reproductive organs. In May of 2014, I started bleeding heavily continuously. I tried oral contraceptives as well as hormone supplements to stop it with no luck. After all of the tests and everything were done, all that anyone could find was a small (2mm) uterine fibroid. The doctor believed that it wouldn’t be cause of my issues, but recommended an endometrial ablation with tubal ligation. He assured me that there would be little to no side effects.
    By this time, it was September. So, I signed up. I had my surgery just this last October. I have had mood swings, headaches, digestive issues, and nausea ever since. I’ve gained weight and, occasionally, for seemingly no reason, the healed areas where they “went in” on my stomach sting or ache.

    If I had known it was going to be like this, I would have just found another way to deal with the bleeding.

    Shame on me for trusting my doctor, a trained medical professional, to tell me the truth.

    1. Don’t blame yourself Jenny for the Dr making bad suggestions for you. They are supposed to be someone we can trust. I also suffer from endometriosis due to my tubal litigation back in 2004. I ask God everyday for deliverance because I have come to be afraid of Doctors of today. I believe in the power of God and his healing. I have good days and bad ones. Sometimes I feel like my heart is moving and can’t under go the pain. I remember going to the Dr for it one time and he gave me pain meds. The medication sent me back to the emergency room.

  3. i am 28 i had my tubligation after my second child in 2006 i have been haveing problems also pain off and on in my pelvic and and i have a fibriod tumor in my utures and i also wished i hadnt had the tublegation done as well and no i have no insurance and extreme pain that i cant do anything about

  4. I had my tubs tied in Feb of 2014 after the birth of my 4 child and now I’m am rethinking it bc ever since I had it done I have had nothing but belly pain and I miss a lot of my periods and now I have noticed that when I have sex with my hubby I bleed which I don’t think is normal :(

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  6. I had my tubal done in 2000. Prior to this my periods lasted between three and four days. After my periods have become very heavy with big blood clots and they last seven to nine days. Sometimes I won’t even have a period or I can have two to three in a month. Pain also has increased. So here is my question to all that will read this, I am thinking about having a procedure that burns the lining of my uterus. This procedure is supposed to diminish or totally eliminate my periods. What are you thoughts on this subject.

  7. Hi, I’m 40 yes old, had my tubes tied in 2002, after my 5th child….I’m having some of these symptoms as well, Vaseline like discharge, ovary pain, cervix pinches, low back pain everyday, periods come a week earlier, sometimes I spot after my period, leg and hip pain, and all the symptoms of pregnacy, my periods went from five to three days, sometimes two, always tired, headaches, all of the above, right now, you couldnt tell me I’m not pregnant!….

  8. Glad I found this article and I’m not alone. 3 years ago after my 3rd child and 2nd C-section, I had a tubal ligation. Ever since then my periods have been horrible. My cycle is now every 24 days, bleeding lasts 7 days, first 3 days heavy bleeding with clots sometimes, and really bad cramping. Before the ligation, my cycle was 28-30 days, bleeding lasted for 4 days, hardly any cramping, and first day heavier bleeding but nothing like it is now. Ligation was my choice, because birth control really messes me up. When I was pregnant, I told dr that I planned ligation. He said okay and handed me a paper to sign. Barely discussed the procedure with me and when asking questions, brief answers or brushed off. I really wish we were told about effects it could have down the road. I’m now experiencing lower left abdominal pain for last 2 weeks, quite possible its not related. But whenever I have a symptom in that area, I often wonder??

  9. I had my tubes clamped back in 2006, after my second son was born. I didn’t have any problems until a few years in. I started having late periods, nausea, pain in the pelvic area. I have hormone issues. I feel like pulling my hair out! I’m now 35 and my dr keeps saying these problems are age related. I’ve been having night sweats for years. Here in canada the reversal would be 5000 or more. It isn’t fair

  10. Hi ladies! I want to start out by saying you all are so right! I will pray for each and everyone on this site,and them some! I am 40 and will be 41 in May. I have 2 children,a Son who is 16 and a daughter that is 12. After I had my Daughter in 2002,I destinctivly remember being in the hospital,and had already given birth to my beautiful Daughter! I had already planned on having a “Tubal” after giving birth. I can remember being very upset that the Anesthesiologist not wanting to put me to sleep for the procedure. Stating that it can be very dangerous to put one to sleep after giving birth. He also stated that it would be best if I came back in 6 weeks to have a Tubalugation. As I explained to the Anesthesiologist,that I worked for myself as a Hairdresser who rented a booth weekly. There was no way I could afford to come back in 6 weeks to have the procedure done. To make the long story shorter,they finally decided to do my Tubal the next morning. He told me as I had tears in my eyes that the only way they would do the procedure is if I had a Spinal. Now at this point I’ve already had a Epidural. Not to mention 3 in a half yrs earlier,I had already had 3 Epidurals while giving birth to my only Son in 1999. In which none of the Epidurals worked with the birth of my Son. Getting back to 2002 after giving birth to my only Daughter,this being the 4th Epidural in total over 3 in a half years. This Epidural worked. I had been through a lot,due to giving birth to my Daughter which was 5 lbs and 12 ounces. My Obg had induced me b/c he said my Daughter was well over 7 lbs. what a joke. Not! Back to having my Tubal,after crying my eyes out asking to be put to sleep,I agreed to do the stupid Spinal! Had the Tubulagation. Three to four years after this Tubal,I began to have horrific and Chronic pain all over my entire body! The good thing at that time was that I did work for myself,and I started having to miss days of work! Not like me at all! I absolutely Loved my profession. Never looked at it as a “Job”! As you all well know that if a hairdresser starts cancelling on you,ppl will go elsewhere. I didn’t understand what in the world was going on with my body? I’d go in and by mid day,I had to leave and go home and lye down! Migraines coming on etc.. Had Horrible menstral pain. Especially on the right side. I had every test in the world taken on my body. This went on for over a year. See my regular physician had refered me to a Neurologist! As I stated,multiple testing. After a year of test after test,I was Diagnosed with Chronic Fibromyalgia! This blew my mind completely. I studied this disease and went to my Neurologist every 3 mnths to be treated for Chronic Fibromyalgia! Now keep an open mind! Fibromyalgia can also cause Chronic pelvic pain,painful menstrals. Also migraines,you name it,Fibromyalgia can contribute to multiple things in the body,as well as female problems. So now it’s been almost 13 yrs since I’ve had my Tubal. In between those 13 yrs,I ended up having a “Perirectal abscess. Didn’t have a clue what was going on down near my rectal area. I had withstood such Chronic Pain for so long,that I figured it was a pulled muscle. It began to get so painful till I wasn’t able to sit whatsoever. I felt like I had fire set to that area. As my Husband got home from work this day,I was begging him to take me to my regular Dr. They had told me to come on in. Well as I’m there,pacing the floors like a maniac! They called me back. My regular Dr wasn’t there,so a nurse looked and checked it out. I’m laying on my side as she’s looking and she turns pale. As do I from feeling as if I’m about to literally Die! She says ..”You need to go to the ER ASAP! I’m like “Huh?” Confused and in so much pain my brain couldn’t quite catch up with what she had just said,as well as to the pain I was in. I was truly so scared. Then she tells my Husbsnd to take me to the Surgeons 1st. I’m thinking “She’s crazy” and I thought we were suppose to be going to the ER? Well she knew what I had,or at least she assumed she knew! I go to the surgeons and end up waiting and waiting. By this time I’m Hysterical!!! I mean truly Hysterical!! Pissed off as well. Then all of a sudden as my Husband and I were waiting in one of their biggest brightest rooms,1 Dr came in,and took a look. Now need I remind you I’m laying in this weird chair. Couldn’t sit or lay on my bottom. Well this Dr left as soon as he looked. I’m confused and hollering as loud as I can for someone to Please help me. I’m in so much pain I’m not going to make it. I’m thinking what the heck is going on? Well then after a while,5 to 7 Drs come in and all of them take a look! Now each one of these surgeons have checked me out,then all of then leave the room. Then a nurse came in and said..”we’re taking you to Emergency Surgery” oh I’m sick as ever to my stomach! Nobody has told me what’s going on at this point,and I’m really Mad and truly confused! Well they put me in a bed that rolls. They put me on the elevator and zoomed me directly to the hospital into surgery. Long surgery. When I wake up,I feel the worst throbbing and thumping pain I’ve ever felt in my life. They gave me pain medicine through my IV,and eventually put me in a room. The Dr came in and had told my Mom,and my Husband and I that I had a “Perirectal Abscess” couldn’t tell me how this happened whatsoever. Well the next day or 2 they sent me home with a “drain!” This was suppose to drain the abscess. I was to tke 4 baths a day to keep down infection. Now I’m thinking “I was already full of infection” but ok” Went a few days and to make this long story short,it had abscessed again. Only in a matter of days. Went bck to the surgeons office to find out that the surgeon that done my surgery,didn’t set up the drain correctly. I’m so pissed and confused again. Ok at this point every month or so it kept abscessing again and again. Now we’re going on like 6 to 7 times. One surgeon I kind of knew had said to me..”Kimberly,we’re at a lost at this point!” There’s nothing else more we know to do. I’m in Hell,and cried so much thinking ..”these wackos have messed me up” he ends up sending me to a “rectal Dr” I’m thinking ..why haven’t you already! So here I go to another Surgeon/Dr! Now this Dr is a Geniuse!! Truly he was!! After he started me on my next round of “Multiple” Antibiotics,pain meds! Tells me that truly there’s not a real answer as to how this happened. He’s the best Dr I’ve seen yet at this point. After this abscess abscessing multiple times,the proceeds to tell me of a Surgical procedure,that is suppose to be 80% effective. Stating that’s here’s an 80% chance that it wouldn’t happen abscess again. It was called “A Flap procedure” well I’m like ok! What I didn’t know was that the one of the other Surgeons wanted to “Stand in” for this surgery” he wanted to learn how to do this surgery! You don’t know what I’m thinking at this point. I’ll not get into that. Well needless to say the surgery was done and I was quite happy. It had been mnths since the surgery,and I had been babying this for mnths. Then out of the blue one day ,it abscessed again :.( Now I’m mentally about to loose it at this point!! Nothing else could be done for me anymore due to being cut on multiple times,if I had to be cut on again,there was a Great possibility that the muscle that works in the rectal area would be damaged and I’d have to wear a bag for the rest of my life. So I didn’t have anymore surgeries after that. I’m left with a horrific scar and till this day I’m scared to death it will abscess again. I noticed yesterday that when I went to use the restroom,that I was releasing mucus from both my rectum and vaginal area. I haven’t had a period in 2 mnths! I’ve always had my menstral. Even if it’s off a week or two. I noticed that my last menstral was horrible as usual,but it lasted for over 2weeks. I’ve had it kind of like that. This was over 2 weeks and I passed the biggest clots,in which I’ve done a lot since the tubal. This was truly the worst menstral I had ever had. Well I’ve not had another! I’ve been having hot and cold flashes,very moody,and insomnia horribly. Which isn’t new to me since I was diagnosed with Chronic Fibromyalgia. It just seems worse than usual. I’ve always had cycsit on my right ovary for mny yrs,since I was a teen! Had many rupture as well.
    What I found to be kind of odd is that I was googling my problems,and I ended up on this site! After reading every reply,it really had me thinking and it made me want to Share my horrific story! If I could help anyone with the issues/health problems I’ve had since that tubal,then maybe I can possibly help 1 or 2 women by sharing my story!! I want ppl to know what I’ve been living with for almost 13 yrs. At this point I’m not sure what to do next! After reading each and every comment,it has truly broken my heart! I wish someone had some kind of info or help for me,I’d be greatly appreciative!! I’ve never told a soul about what I went through with that abscess. Till this day I’m positive that my Tubal is the reason for my health problems and that abscess. God Bless you all for sharing! It’s as if God meant for me to find this site,and read all your comments! I have each of you in my daily thoughts and prayers! I’ve had to be SO STRONG THROUGH ALL THIS,NOT TO MENTION LIVING EACH DAY IN THE WORST CHRONIC PAIN EVER!! Not sure how much more my body can withstand!! I’ve seen so many Drs and been through so much,that I’m not sure a OBGYN would help??
    This is some of my story. Sorry it is so long! There was a lot I left out,due to it being so long! If anyone has any advise,I’d be grateful! God Bless to All!! Stay strong,and keep on posting comments for many that find their way to this site! Hopefully we all can help someone out there needing some answers. We all know we’re not CRAZY!! These Drs need to inform patients of side effects. I know I never was informed. I do know 100% that since I’ve had this surgery,that my health has declined quickly. Please say a prayer for me! My kids need me,and I need them! ????????????????????????????

    1. Dear Kimberly,what a touching story,my heart s bleeding for u sister.May God Almighty be with u and your family,I cnt even imagine what u r goin thru.You story hs shine some light and thank you for sharing with us.I was abt to make the biggest mistake of my life.My doctor insisted i cut my tubes during the c-section,i strongly refused and told him I m not emotionally ready,besides i still have to do my research on the side.Been using 3 months shot since giving birth,but started regreting since the injection has affected my hormones big time,even thought if only i did the tubal that day,i wld b at peace now.Thank u all ladies,thank u for helping me decide b4 it s too late.May God Bless U all.

  11. HAllo1I had my tubes done 9 years ago I been in and out hospital in past three mouths from passing out cold and hot bad headache Bad pain im my lower stomach And bleeding during Sexy I dont know what to do…

  12. Im really sad i didn’t see all of these messages till now, im 23 and just had my third baby via c-section, & had tubal ligation done, I have been experiencing some heavy bleeding with blood clots and bad cramps at night, i have never before got cramps ever during a period and i am still healing 6 weeks later but im hoping this will not continue. good luck to you ladies who are planning on it.

  13. Ok my final answer is No !!im not doing this.I set up an appointment after having my third baby but after seeing and reading all this I’ve made my decision..No no no and thank you God for letting me see this page.ladies Im so sorry really this is horrible. Its like im ready a holocaust book or a horror movie.????????????????

  14. Ok my final answer is No !!im not doing this.I set up an appointment after having my third baby but after seeing and reading all this I’ve made my decision..No no no and thank you God for letting me see this page.ladies Im so sorry really this is horrible. Its like im ready a holocaust book or a horror movie.????????????????

    1. Kimberly,
      My son had two peri-anal abscesses in one year and they were so painful. He was miserable. I’m
      So sorry you are living with this pain. Have you considered hysterectomy?

      I have had a persistent burning pain since my tubal right after my son was born, back in Dec of 2016 and my doc hasn’t even suggested endemetriosis. I’m in chronic pain and he’s just chilling out, knowing that is a very real
      Possibility. I am really starting to hate the medical profession.

  15. i had my tubal done 2 years ago and im now having trouble for months now with my period last from weeks to months at a time i got divorced october of 2013 n remarried to a great guy never had kids i have two girls by my ex husband of 4 year marriage n sept 19 2014 i married this great guy but these health problems have been messing with me so bad i even have migraine headaches from epidurals with both kids my back hurts where they put the epidural in my back same spot my period r really heavy my breast r sore just like im prego but i know for a fact im not bloating n gas cramping all the time i have a cyst on my left ovary i have been very depressed lately n very emotional n nauseated i eat maybe one meal a day i dont gain weight im 115 pds im 25 yrs old had my first child 8/31/09 my second 11/26/12 not long after my second is when i got my tubal done laparoscopy

  16. This was concerning, so I fact checked with another, peer-reviewed medical reference Web site. It gives a bit broader picture than the article cited above… “Large prospective studies have assessed the risk of hysterectomy after tubal sterilization. These have not shown an increased risk overall, but have reported a slightly higher rate of subsequent hysterectomy in women sterilized before age 30 [18,77-81]. The explanation in not clear, but may indicate a greater acceptance of surgical therapy for gynecologic complaints in this population….Virtually all studies have shown a REDUCED RISK OF OVARIAN CANCER in women who have undergone tubal sterilization, with odds ratios of 0.3 to 0.9 [2,82]…. There is also a reduction in hospitalization for pelvic inflammatory disease [83,84], although the procedure does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases…..Women should be reassured that there is NO EVIDENCE THAT BLEEDING OR UTERINE CRAMPING IS INCREASED DUE TO STERILIZATION[4-7]. This was illustrated in a five year prospective study that compared 9514 women who underwent tubal sterilization and 573 women whose partners underwent vasectomy [8]. Women who underwent sterilization were more likely to have a reduction in the number of days of bleeding (odds ratio 2.4; 95 percent CI 1.1 to 5.2), the amount of bleeding (OR 1.5; 95 percent CI 1.1 to 2.0), and menstrual pain (OR 1.3; 95 percent CI 1.0 to 1.8); the incidence of intermenstrual bleeding and menstrual cycle length were similar in both groups. However, WOMEN WHO WERE STERILIZED DESCRIBED MORE CYCLE IRREGULARITY (OR 1.6; 95 percent CI 1.1 to 2.3)…”

  17. Hi, I was so glad to have come to this website. I found it to be very informational. I had my tubes tied after my fourth child in 2010. The doctor told me that it would be best and didn’t I think that four was enough. Since I was high risk go ahead and do it. I really didn’t want to do it. But after him making me feel obligated to up the choice since I had kids already. So I did it. I regretted it the moment I signed the papers but felt like it was the right thing since the doctor said it would be best. So after I had it done I noticed my body changed. I experienced pains a week prior to my cycle every month. I grew up being an extreme athlete. Never felt cramps and had 2-3 day periods. Very light. Even after my children, my body stayed the same. After my tubal, came heavy bleeding. Headaches. I was always moody, agitated, pains in my legs, waist and back. I mean I felt so horrible. I was on strong medications to help. Well, thank God I’m a veteran. I found out last summer the VA will untie your tubes as long as you are in good enough health. So Feb 11th I had my tubes untied. First off let me say that, the first thing I felt was elated that as a woman I had to choice to have a baby. Never let anyone talk you into taking away that choice of being a mother. I love being a mother. Knowing you are a woman and can produce is a blessing. I can’t imagine how women feel that can’t and don’t have that choice, but I will say that with my tubes tied I felt that way. I felt like I couldn’t even if I wanted to. That I was doomed. I was angry at myself. Depressed among hurt. But I feel great. The surgery was a success. Even if I never have another child, I have the choice. Another thing I will say is that I had my cycle and I am back to normal. I had no idea that i was even starting. In the past four years I felt and knew each time. I would feel pains until it was over. This time it was quick and painless. I can’t believe that the surgery actually fixed the issue. Since its only been a month I will have to watch it and see but so far, I’m loving that my tubes are fixed and I’m whole again. So If you are a woman vet or a wife of a retired vet, please ask your primary doctor about the reversal. It is free to us and omg, it helped me feel so much better about choices I have made. Since I have been wanting another baby for a year or so, my and my husband plan to start in a couple weeks. We were told to wait until the end of the 12 weeks. But I have heard others try earlier and succeed in pregnancy. Hey, we have the choice now so we can wait the 12 weeks. We are so excited.

  18. Hi everyone I also wanted to share my story I to am going through so many painful and life changes I’m 35 yrs old and just had my son in Nov 17 2014 C-section since it’s my 4th child and they were also c section I was sure I did not want to go through yet another surgery so I talked to my doctor about my options and right away he pushed me into doing tubal ligation and even though I told him I did not want this procedure and wanted other options he kept mocking me by saying oh ok I guess will be doing a fifth c section s if it was a joke, so basically in every doctor appointment I will have he will constantly push the idea that I must do it and so forth I felt pressure even though that is not what I wanted , so at the end I was manipulated into signing a paper agreeing to it and was never told of no complications I even asked if it was gonna hurt and he said you won’t even feel a thing… since I had an early delivery at 36 weeks csection I had it done it was the worst decision I made I wish I would of not trusted my doctor and done research cause right after I got it I had 3 attacks as where my body shakes so severely as if you just through me into a freezer for about 5-8 min non stop the first attack happen whole in the hospital and I immediately called the nurse and she saw the whole thing and did nothing as if she didn’t know what was going on she simply said you just need another blanket…. ever since then I have gotten severe headaches, depression, anxiety attacks, mood swings, hair loss, gained over 30 lbs which I find impossible to lose and I never had a problem with this my whole body changed I am no longer the same …I ended up in the e.r for severe abdominal pain and they said I had ovarian cyst but didn’t find nothing else I know they know more than what they tell you, all I could say to everyone going through this is that we know our bodies and don’t let doctors tell you that it’s impossible for all this problems to be connected to tubal ligation cause it is!!!!

    1. I am born again christian so believe me what i say it is my true experience.I am mother of 2 boys and 2 girls.I am 40 years and a very busy mother ,a lecture and an MBA,student in Kenya.My last born was through csection which was on 8/8/2014.The first year after i experienced irregular heavy menses with lots of pain on my abdomen and also an increased weight.From last year,thank God,my period has stabilized without pain and has become light.Sex is more sweeter than before, have become more smarter and i thank God have stabilized.Fellow women, i have seen what you are undergoing, but it is not the time to blame any body.My advise is that,let us TRUST our maker the God of all flesh and healer and he will settle all our cases.God bless u and give u perfect health ALWAYS.AMEN.

  19. I also suffer from very heavy bleeding with the most excruciating cramps that I did not have before, I no longer have the energy I used to have since the body aches are constant not to mention I get swallen out of no where where I get pain in my knees and muscles….I pray to God he heels my body I am just 35 years old I shouldn’t have to suffer with all of this

  20. Hi ladies I’ve been going through everything that your all experiencing. I had my tubal ligation done after the birth of my now 3 yr old son In november of 2011. My ob never really told me about the risks of having a tubal ligation done about a month after i started cramping very badly to having been diagnosed with having dub for those of you who don’t know what dub is it’s dysfunctional uterine bleeding id be in severe abdominal pain which I have even when im not menstrual which drives crazy I have lower back pain and abdominal pains along with my chest and ribs hurting constantly and as of recent days major breast pains and tenderness. I was constantly going to my ob office for my tubal ligation problems for which my gynecologist wouldn’t even see me to talk to me about the issue. So I had to see a different ob in the same office and she prescribed me extra strength Motrin 800’s which didn’t even help. So a couple of weeks went by had to go back for follow up appointments which were ridiculous. Had been put estradiol to help get my hormone levels on track that didn’t help either. So I gave up on going back to the obgyn office cause they weren’t helping me. Im now 27 yrs old with a 3 yr old son who now doesn’t want to be an only child anymore. Every time he says to me mommy I want a baby sister it breaks my heart that I ever decided to have this procedure done :-( .. I’ve looked up having it reversed and the reversals cost a lot of money. But I believe if I save up just enough money i can get it reversed in time so that I don’t have to deal with all these issues it’s causing me. Not to mention the increased libido and increased appetite which I don’t mind but it makes no sense to me months ago I barely had any energy to want to have sex now out of nowhere i can’t wait to jump my fiance..
    If anyone has had this issue please contact me. .I really need to know if this is normal.

  21. I had a c section and had my tubes tied in august of 2014 after having my twins. I had always had heavy periods before but after the tubal it’s ridiculously heavy. Right before I start my period I have the worst cramping and once I start I have to change my tampon and pad every 30 min. I loose so much blood I feel light headed. And now my periods are so irregular. It does affect my every day life. It’s been 6 months since I had this done and am wondering if it’s only gonna a get worse. My ob/gyn never told me of any risks involved with getting this done. Now I wish I would have never had this done.

  22. Hi All.
    I had the final ligation done in 2012 and I must say I haven’t been the same. I’ve been called a hypochondriac and on and on. My husband doesn’t believe me when I say that tubal did something to me and it’s almost like I can feel the coils or whatever they clamped my ovaries with. I’m tired of this and it has made me feel very depressed, weak, tired, snappy, everything is increased by 10. Don’t know what to do. And I don’t know what I will be like weeks from now. I regret this and this is bull crap.

  23. I had the clamps put on after my c-section after my 3child in 2014 I been having pain in my left tube I been to the doctor twice they told they couldn’t do nothing for me i would have to go back to the doctor that did my surgery. I have night sweats,mood swings,back pain,memory loss,dizzyness,sometimes just want to sleep all day,depression ,and the list goes on if I would of knew this I would of never did it.

  24. Hi I had my tubes tied 2 years ago and every since my period cramps have been unbearable but it is not even during my cycle mainly after do I experience the worst pain in my lower back and stomach to the point I’m in tears I don’t know if its something from my tubal ligation but the pains are getting worst and lasting now up to weeks I can’t never get any help so I’m hoping someone here can give some advice

    1. I have. Signed the consent form to get this TL in a day time, I am already deciding not to go ahead with it. Am so scared of the effects it has on the equality of life. Four children is enough for me really but am going to go on other family planning methods until I get old enough not to have anymore baby ?. I really see from all the comments that vasectomy is good for men than us mothers.

  25. I had my tubes tied almost two yrs ago after my 3rd c section. I had switched from a family Dr to an obgyn about 3 wks before my due date due to complications. When I went to see her she asked what I planned on doing for birth control and I said tying my tubes would probably be best. So she backdated my consent form since it had to be signed at least 6wks prior to surgery and I had never seen her during that time. Some having my tubes tied I pour blood during my period, if I walk to much I have blood running down my legs, I went to the park the other day with my husband and son who is almost 2 and within 15 min of walking around I could feel blood gushing out of me and my jeans were soaked. Keep in mind I wear overnight pads full time during my periods now and it still is not enough. A few days prior my older son (who is 21) and myself took my two yr old to the park and same result, so embarrassing to be bleeding all over the place. My warning sign that I am getting my period is simply noticing blood running down my legs, the other night I thought did I just pee on myself while standing in the kitchen, but than looked down to see blood all over my feet. I use to get my period about 5times a yr and seriously would need to change my normal sized pad 2 times a day on heavy days, a box of pads would last me a few months, there was no medical reason I didn’t get my period every month and I wasn’t complaining! Since my tubal I get it about ever 5 wks I suppose and it doesn’t start off with the normal warning spotting, it just shows up by blood running out of me, lots of clots, sometimes changing my pad every hr or more, and usually lasts about a 7-8 days fairly consistently heavy the entire time. I also have suffered from hot flashes right since the beginning after having my tubes tied and have fog brain constantly along with severe fatigue and lack of interest in sex. The first few months I shrugged all of this off to my hormones getting back to normal after the pregnancy, but two yrs later I am still struggling to get the baby weight off (was never an issue before), very moody before my period (never a problem before, my husband use to even say he was so lucky he didn’t end up with one of those woman who get so moody one with pms….. well he has one now after 22yrs of marriage!) I constantly have hot flashes to the point where I occasionally feel like I am going to pass out when cooking or cleaning, and I am a total scatter brain and honestly could sleep the day away if not for my little guy. I started looking for causes online about a yr after I had him because I knew we were no longer at the point where I could blame things on my body getting back to normal. Now two yrs later my issues are exactly the same :( , I wish I had known side effects were possible, I would never have gone through with the tubal. I am not even 40yrs old yet, so will be dealing with this for many yrs I am sure.

  26. I had my tubes tied about 10 months ago after my third child was born. I’m 24 and do regret the decision. The possibility of not having more children does have me more sad then I thought, but hey there’s always adoption ????. The periods are worse. Heavier bleeding and sometimes severe cramps. I’ve even had times like a week before my period that my ovaries have hurt so bad I could almost cry. My face has broke out so much worse then it ever did in highschool. I’ve had horrible migranes and even had to have part of my cervix removed. I just think people need to think more before they get their tubes tied. It can really change your life.

  27. I had a tubal after my c section in 2003. My periods are painful along with ovulation . In 2008 I had ectopic pregnancy . I lost a tube and ovary ,then a year latter became pregnant again. I feel like I get cyst every month. I can hardly walk during my period or ovulation. My doctor now says hysterectomy is my only hope. Any one that can help let me know.

  28. I am 44 and got my tubes tied in 1993 the morning following my daughters birth. Every information I got I had to drag from the doctor. I got advise from women who had had it done before then, three women all of three got pregnant again. My sister recently had her tubes tied ( I hadn’t known until later) and had a miscarriage. The thing we’ve got to change is the silence. I’ve noticed that meds problems are still given top priority while a women is told that it’ll just go away after awhile like we are brainless whiners. When I confronted my doctor when he just answered “it’ll be fine- sign this” one piece of paper btw, I questioned him about what I had heard regarding tubal ligation from women that had had it done. His answer? “well. I’m doing this and you will be cut, burned AND tied. You ain’t EVER getting pregnant again! “. Then when my little girl was born I was put into a linen closet ( they were full that night) and screamed at for having to DARE have a child. That’s supposed to be a loving time, not “ow shit here’s another one”. We were on state assistance at the time and I was 21 and my husband going through his last year of college for Physical therapy. Its like women are in general blamed for population in general and only those rich beyond reason should ever have a child. We have been paying taxes for years now.
    We need to change how medical profession and perhaps gov’t really feel about women.

  29. I had tubal in November 2010 following birth of second child and c section. I have never been the same. I have had problems with constipation since baby was 1 day old! I even left hospital without having a bm. Mood swings, no period and many intestinal problems. ALL these symptoms were new. I never had any problems going to the bathroom!! I’m getting a reversal. I Will keep you posted. Gonna do research etched.

  30. Hi, I am expecting my fourth child and am 34 years old. one of my kid is severly autistic so I didt want to have more kids but this pregnancy happened. I have searched on the internet and found that Tubal Ligation is the permanent contraception, that’s what I was looking for. But now after reading all these comments I am confused , shall I do Tubal Ligation or not? because I am a very sensitive person and am sure I will go in depression if have the side effects of Tubal Ligation. Plz give me and advice.

  31. This article really concerns me. My second child was born November 2012 by cecerian section, during my surgery I decided to have my tubal ligation done. I never imagined all these symptoms I’ve experienced since could be from the tubal. Not really sure what to do. now. Doctors tend to throw you in the hypochondriac pool when you give them too many complaints. Without her actually saying it I get that feeling. It has caused me to feel hopeless.

  32. Hello. I’m 34 and I had my daughter 3 years ago, I too was told that getting a tuble would be the best way to go if I didn’t plan on having anymore kids… I regret it SO much!! My periods are HEAVY! I start cramping two weeks before I start, aand my period lasts for 3 weeks!!! My boobs are constantly sore and inflamed, I’m moody, no energy, been Dia with arthritis in both of my knees, hair is falling out, nauseous constantly, and run fever for no obvious reason out of no where.. I have pains that shoot through what I can only explain to be my ovaries, the pain goes from there to the inside of my thighs.. I have dandruff and I have NEVER had dandruff.. I wish the doctors could read all of these comments, they couldn’t refute that this is NOT all in our head!!!

  33. I just had my tubes tied after I woke up I found out I was pregnant. They asked my boyfriend if we wanted to keep the baby, of course we can’t afford another baby. That was the whole reason I was having it done. Anyhow my DR had to scrap out tissue, two different times in his office. Something doesn’t seem right about this. It’s been a week now and I’m having pain still as well as hot and cold sweats and being extremely tired. It’s crazy what I’ve been going threw, I just hope I feel better soon.

  34. Hi im 38 n havn same problems as yall are. I had my tubal ligation done right after my fourth child was born, and tht was in 99 and now jus found out last year that i hav hydrosalpinx which is fluid blockage in my lft tube n now there r some months tht whn i hav menstrual ill go sometimes 3 months straight with heavy bleeding, stronger cramps , passing big blood clots n now top it all off that now passing tissue. Can somebody please tell me that they can relate to that

  35. I had a this done in Feb, along with an ablation. I would bleed everyday & would have to have blood transfusions. Now a few months after, im tired all the time, i hurt everywhere and i am still bleeding. Not as heavy). But cramping is a lot worse.

  36. I am a mother of 4 children and 3 with disabilities. Adhd ,autism, and epilepsy. Post tubal ligation  syndrome  has changed my life for the worst .I feel I was robbed of being able take care of my children the way I was ment to.

    In 2005  had c-section / tubal ligation. During the c-section I felt I couldn’t breath I started to vomit while she was cutting. She ended up cutting my sons face close to his eye while cutting my uterus . while I heard him crying I was still vomiting and having trouble breathing while she continued to do the tubal. After the surgery  I really felt different, pain wise.
    The first month of my son’s life was spent in the bed I was so swollen from head to toe that it was painful and difficult to move around. My 3 month appointment, after my baby , with the obgyn I asked if it was normal to have extremely  unbearable  cramps during my period. She said maybe because your uterus  is tired after 5 pregnancies  in 6 years and said it should get better…..
    It didn’t , it only got worse about 1 1/2 years later  I went to the obgyn again  i told her it’s only getting worse  and now it’s accompanied  with blood that would at times run down my leg ,with a tampon or a pad on. She ordered a ultasound and did blood work. Everything came back normal. She said try drinking more water  and getting more exercise. I did, it Did not help.

    2010 I went in  again saying “listen it’s worst” now with the extreme  cramping and the blood there are times I’m so bloated I can’t sit up straight comfortably. And my pms,which includes ( cramping, bloating, nasea,depression, hopelessness, fatigue,dizziness, etc)   starts about 11 days before my period and doesn’t go completely  away until 2 days before my period stops, sometimes. she looked me over and said my thyroid  is a little large. She than order a ultrasound of my thyroid and a complete blood work. Three days after  they said my blood was fine. Two weeks after I received a call  from the doctor  saying she has scheduled me to see an endocrinologist because they found four nodules  in my thyroid  that need to be biopsied. After the biopsy, it was confirmed I had cancer, I was 28. After I had the thyroid ectomy and my levels  where closely monitored and controlled. For the next three years i have been  ping ponged between my obgyn and my endocrinologists because I was still experiencing  the extreme  pms and period symptoms. Recently I have been to the obgyn and she says she has done everything. Birth control ,blood level checking,  ultrasounds , vitamins, I evan stop wearing tampons. She has referred me to a Boston endocrinologists to go for further  test. I’m at a lost because I have been trying for years to just feel ok , not  3 /4 of a month I feel like crap. Three days of my period i can bearly move out the bed. I’m am currently  saving and rebuilding my creidt  so can get a tubal reversal  but at times in feels like an unachievable  goal. And a hysterectomy is just not an option  for me am only 32 and not ready to deal with no thyroid and no uterus. I just need to know that I’m not crazy and soon I will have relief. …

  37. I am confused after reading all this stories…I have my tubal ligation procedure in 16 days ? my doctor said it’s safe and at my age (39) it’s recommended. I do have three kids, two are adults. My husband won’t do a vasectomy and birth control pills make me sick…what to do??

    1. Tell your husband no sex unless he has a vasectomy. It’s much easier and less side effects than a tubal for you. Seriously, he needs to step up.

  38. I had mine tied in 1990 after the birth of my last son. I was 35 years old. Since then, I had severe cramps, bleeding, and many of the other symptoms you ladies are experiencing. I used to go through a box of overnighter pads like once a day for sometimes 8 days. I went to my doctor thinking I may have endometriosis, but he “confirmed” I didn’t. I was kind of disappointed because I thought if I did, I could have gotten a hysterectomy and my insurance would have taken care of it for the most part. But now I see it’s just something that we are expected to live with. Well, Now that I see so many people suffering, I want to do something about. I don’t know what to do, but I’m going to dive in and start asking more questions AND bringing more awareness to it. Since I’ve now gone through menopause, I no longer suffer the same symptoms, thank you Lord!!! In the bible, Jesus helped a woman who had “an issue with blood”. It’s time we started letting people know that with modern technology, SOMETHING can be done about it and we need to pay attention to this matter. It’s affecting our jobs, lives, sanity, and overall well-being. We may be a whole other minority, but we are IMPORTANT!!

    1. The University of North Carolina has one (ongoing i believe). They actually have a name for it Post-Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

  39. I know this thread is pretty old but I hope it reaches someone out there. I had my tubes tied in 2007 by med students. Two weeks ago I had a hysterectomy. I am so angry right now I could strangle those two med students. My left Fallopian tube was twisted and pushing blood backwards into my body. All the years since 2007 I have been to several doctors and they would say it’s a cyst. Horrible pain during my periods, felt like I was trying to give birth. My doctor that did my hysterectomy said there is no evidence of any cyst ever being on my ovaries. I am also angry because I have been treated like a drug addict looking for a fix when I really was in severe pain. Just letting you know if you have horrible pain and you menstrual blood is old looking keep in mind your Fallopian tube could be twisted and I don’t know how they become twisted I am going to ask when I go back for my six week check up.

  40. Unfortunately the ob , gyn and nurses are not being taught about the side effects in training. It’s disheartening going to medical professionals that specialise in women and realise that they know jackshit and are just regurgitating the crap they learnt from school. They fix everything with the pill and anti depressants. I went into a severe hormone shock after tubal ligation, my whole natural body clock went berserk then reset to a whole new rhythm. 18 months of hell and I didn’t even get to enjoy my last baby, as my health issues were that bad. Honestly this is a crime against women, they need to start doing proper research and teach upcoming doctors and come up with strategies to help the damaged women from this procedure. Shame on you health systems you have failed us!!

  41. I had my tubes tied after my last son was born in 2009 and I haven’t been right since. I am always tired then I’ve gained like 40 lbs and can’t lose it, period is so bad I cry and on top of that the sex drive is gone. I was not told any of this and its wrong that Doctors do not tell us things like this.

  42. In 2005 I had my tubes tied after giving birth to a 10lb 13oz baby vaginally. I’m suffering from a lot of the symptoms I’m reading about heavy mensies, fatigue, a Hernia inside near my belly button, pain, pain, pain all over, loss interest in almost every thing, I’m dizzy a lot, and I’m slow now I can’t remember names of simple things. No sexual desire I thought your forties is when things got great. I’d rather nap and not shower and fix myself up. Degenerative bone disease neck down to my toes hurt. This isn’t life. What did I do to myself?

  43. I am ligated for two years now. At this time im having a heavy menstrual bleeding. Its my fourth day. And kind of a scared that it wont stop. Do you guys experience this? Is there anything i can do,for this?

  44. Hi Everyone, im hoping i can get some insight from yall.. I am 29 years old & I had a tubal done on February 4, 2014, immediately following the cesarean birth of my son, & third child. Ever since then, my periods have been like clock work and my cramps were more manageable with little to no midol, however, the flow was A Lot more, and had lots of big and small clots. Everything was the same every month until September 2015. My period was a few days late, and lighter than usual, but I attributed it to the fact I was stressing out a lot because i was going to have to have Wisdom teeth extracted surgically, and i was also consuming 6-8 ibuprofen daily for about 3 weeks leading up to the surgery, to help ease the pain i was having. Then October came, and I didnt start until the 17th.. when i usually start on the 4th (& i started in september on the 6th). Now, this month, it is November 6, 2015, havent started my period, no cramps, but i have some Killer Lower Back Pain. my back is really stiff, i dont have much movement and the more i try, the more it hurts. the only way i can get comfortable is if i stand or lay down and that doesnt last for long before i need to change my position. Has anyone else had this? i dont have fever, chills, dizzy spells, nausea, constipation, diarhea, or any kind of discharge. the only Odd symptom ive also had since ive had my tubal, is i think im having some kind of hot flashes.. im hot all the time. winter is a RELIEF because im not walking around sweating all the time. im a little heavy set, like always, and i live in texas, but i have never had this issue; even after my first 2 pregnancies.

  45. I had my bilateral tubal ligation on 2016 after giving birth to my youngest daughter, it was an option to my husband and I because of my difficult pregnancies.. Having had experienced and suffered from bed rest and surgery while giving birth. It was an option suggested to us by my doctor.. We agreed right away not only because we trust my OB GYNE, but I know I could no longer bear another pregnancy and delivery. But from then on I noticed that I became irritable I easily get mad from my clients in the office or with my officemates even with my children.. I was not like that before, sometimes I could not just control my anger.. I dont know but it make me think sometimes that it was because of me having undergone BTL.

  46. Yes yes yes! I agree with all of you all! I have the same symptoms! Painful, not interested in sex any more and it hurts sometimes! I regret it everyday and I shouldn’t have got my tubes tied at all. I have gained 35 pounds in a matter of 6mts. I am so use to being a size 7/8 or 9 now I’m a size 13/14. I never had to deal with weight gain issues. I should have waited!

  47. in July 2013 I have had my tubes clamped. And since then I have had severe mood changes hot and cold flashes fatigue migraines that last for days abnormal heavy menstrual bleeding, with many cots. Sever low back pain. And know that it’s almost three years since the procedure I seem to be getting really unwell for the past week I have had low back pain migraine fatigue feeling sick from time to time and fever that comes and goes. If I would have known about all the possible complications with getting this done I would have never done it. I do believe that women who are suffering from symptoms like this should be entitled to have there tubes reverse free of charge.

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