Quitting AIDS Drugs Is Hard to Do, and Hard Not To…

AIDS critics often miss the point that quitting AIDS drugs is hard, and can be dangerous. The major thrust of dissidence has been simply to get people off the drugs, or to expose the great (and plentiful) frauds of the AIDS industry. But this is not a solution for people who are ill, who do want to quit the drugs, but do not have an understanding of the difficulties they will have in re-building their immune system – if that is indeed possible after, say, 10 years on chemotherapy drugs….AIDS critics, a.k.a. “dissidents,” often disregard or even scorn this reality. But what for? It is reality, after all.

by Liam Scheff
for RTB
June 2010

What is an Opportunistic Infection?

AIDS doctors call any illness that an AIDS patient has an “opportunistic infection.” These illnesses tend to be caused by weak molds and fungi that exist everywhere. One of the infections that defines AIDS is called PCP, or pneumocystic carinii pneumonia. Pneuomcystis carinii is a commonly occurring organism, appearing in the vast majority of human beings, but only causing disease in those who have severe immune suppression.

From the Wikipedia:

“The disease PCP is relatively rare in people with normal immune systems, but common among people with weakened immune systems, such as premature or severely malnourished children, the elderly, and especially persons living with HIV/AIDS, in whom it is most commonly observed.”

The Wikipedia authors don’t define HIV/AIDS here; if they did, the definition would be circular; ie, “people with immune deficiency have AIDS.” And people who are chronically exposed to toxins, drugs, and contamination of food and water sources are those who are made ill by bugs like PCP.

“PCP can also develop in patients who are taking immunosuppressive medications. It can occur in patients who have undergone solid organ transplantation) or bone marrow transplantation and after surgery. “

Note that PCP takes advantage of depleted and battered immune systems, but the ‘bug’ is found everywhere, in almost everyone:

“The causative organism of PCP is distributed worldwide and Pneumocystis pneumonia has been described in all continents except Antarctica. Greater than 75% of children are seropositive by the age of 4, which suggest a high background exposure to the organism.

A post-mortem study conducted in Chile of 96 persons who died of unrelated causes (suicide, traffic accidents, and so forth) found that 65 (68%) of them had pneumocystis in their lungs, which suggests that asymptomatic pneumocystis infection is extremely common.

Note that PCP is “dependent” on us “for survival”:

“Pneumocystis jirovecii was originally described as a rare cause of pneumonia in neonates. It is commonly believed to be a commensal organism (dependent upon its human host for survival).”

That means the normal tactic of PCP is not to kill its host, but to exist in low-volume and out of the way of major immune defenses. Only when there is no functional immune system does PCP proliferate. And so, people with immune suppression and deficiency get a terrible lung infection from an absolutely common, ubiquitous and weak little bug that healthy bodies just ping right off, and have no worry about.

HIV Profiling and Typecasting

If you have a weakened immune system and are a “white, suburban housewife” of means, you will generally be considered to have one of a variety of immune maladies, from “chronic fatigue system,” to various food, yeast and fungal allergies, to Lupus. But if you are a Dominican immigrant living in Harlem, or an African-American in Oakland, or a gay man in West Hollywood, you’ll be targeted for a different diagnosis entirely: “HIV positive.”

The medical establishment typifies a large group of people who have complex, drug- and toxicity-induced immune suppression as “HIV/AIDS patients,” as long as they fit into  pre-determined “HIV risk groups.” These include, specifically: Gay men, poor inner city residents, drug users, STD clinic patients, African-Americans and Africans.

These people are targeted for HIV testing demographically, in their neighborhoods, cities and countries. They are targeted individually by clinicians who are told to be on the lookout for those “at risk” who “must be tested.”

But the testee is never told the truth about HIV tests. The tests are non-specific and react (give positive results) for all diseases of immune deficiency, plus drug use, and pregnancy. They test for no one thing, and they test for everything. [Learn more about HIV Testing]

If you are in these “risk groups,” and you are ill, you will be pressured to “get tested.” At that point, the “HIV” label is applied, and all illness blamed on a single entity. But we’ve already seen how complex environmental and toxicological factors weaken the immune system.

In people given the “HIV positive” label, all of this is generally ignored, and patients are given a presumptive one-size-fits-all remedy known as “AIDS drugs.” So how well does it fit?

AIDS is not HIV

People in this large, targeted category who are ill, or pregnant, or who are children, are given strong drugs – AIDS drugs – which are based in a few classes of chemotherapeutic agents whose chemical function is to dismantle or prevent the creation of healthy cells in the body.

AIDS patients are generally given these strong AIDS drugs for any ailment they have – and these drugs certainly kill everything, like a good shot of bleach, or Monsanto “Roundup” herbicide on new buds in a garden. These drugs are effective toxins against molds, bacteria – and human cells.

People with weakened immune systems who quit the AIDS drugs still get infections such as candida, PCP and others caused by commonly-occurring air-borne molds. But they don’t have the drugs to kill the yeasts, so they take standard, broad-spectrum, cell-toxic antibiotics. These drugs kill pathogens – albeit less effectively than AIDS drugs – but like the AIDS drugs, they suppress patient immunity by stripping the guts and damaging mitochondria.*

In this case, PCP is treated with cyclical courses of antibiotics. But who does PCP pneumonia occurs in? People with weakened immunity from chronic exposure to drugs and toxins. What is the result of adding even more immuno-suppressive drugs to a problem caused by these same drugs?

* [Mitochondria are the energy-producing organelles within each of our billions of cells. AIDS drugs and some antibiotics severely weaken and disrupt them – which means that cells cannot perform their functions effectively, or at all. Deep exhaustion or chronic fatigue results, which effects all aspects of your biology, from muscular strength, to strength of immune response. Both antibiotics and AIDS drug kill the bacteria in our guts and bodies, most of which we need to live, and they weaken our own energy centers. Natural antibiotics, such as high-dose vitamin C, citrus seed extract, and oregano oil, plus nutritional approaches to infection, should be investigated as first-line defenses against moderate infection.]

AIDS Drugs Work…Too Well

Some AIDS patients come to become AIDS critics after prolonged treatment courses with AIDS drugs. These drugs are potent, they kill pathogens, they kill yeasts and fungi, bacteria and blood cells, liver and skin, collagen and bone marrow. They keep the bugs out of the patient, but they destroy the patient’s immune system at the same time.

Let me repeat that: AIDS drugs kill pathogens, at the expense of the patient’s immune system, organs and bone marrow. The destruction of the pathogens is quick, the destruction of the patient is slow.* People can live with a withering body caused by AIDS drugs for years, before the organs finally fail completely, because the drugs so effectively minimize the troublesome fungal and bacterial infections that nature uses to ably demonstrate weakened immunity.

* [This is most true of the “protease inhibitor” class of AIDS drugs which replaced AZT as the primary AIDS drug in the mid-1990s; their toxicities are lower and slower-building, in general, and become extreme and severe over time. This is not true of drugs like AZT and Nevirapine, which can be deadly very quickly.]

These drugs mask illness, while slowly destroying the patient. But, in the short term, they do “work” to rid the body of these yeasts and fungi – as long as the patient doesn’t quit the drugs (despite the intense side-effects), and discover their own immune system is gone.

Breaking Up is Very Hard to Do

A patient who has been on these immuno-suppressive drugs for four, five, six years or more, has little immune or digestive system left. The disfiguring and morbid effects of these drugs are quite enough to make many AIDS patients quit them for a time, or for good.

A brief recess or ‘vacation’ from the drugs can bring a feeling of vitality back to the patient, because their bodies are finally able to produce proteins and blood cells again, and their intestines aren’t being bombarded by poison. But eventually, the price of having so damaged the immune system is paid in the appearance of chronic yeast and fungal infections – the hallmark of “AIDS.”

Patients are then given the choice – go back on AIDS drugs, or take the non-AIDS standard medical solution: strong antibiotics. But antibiotics as a treatment for PCP are going to be a temporary solution, and one that makes things worse after treatment. I (and my friends and colleagues) have seen this happen with people who quit the AIDS drugs, but who do not take major steps to rebuilding their bodies and immune system.

That course of antibiotics further erodes the gut, and so is followed by another yeast infection, which is followed by another course of antibiotics….all the while further destroying the gut, the mitochondria, and creating a breeding ground for yeasts and now antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Freedom is not Free

AIDS critics often miss the point that quitting AIDS drugs is hard, and can be dangerous. The major thrust of dissidence has been simply to get off the drugs, or to expose the great (and plentiful) frauds of the AIDS industry. But this is not a solution for people who are ill, who want to quit the drugs, and who do not have an understanding of the difficulties they will have in re-building their immune system – if that is indeed possible after, let’s say, 10 years on chemotherapy drugs.

AIDS critics, a.k.a. “dissidents,” often disregard or even scorn this reality. But what for? It is reality, after all.

If I told you that a man who had been a major heroin addict for 10 years, and had quit, was having a variety of severe health problems two or three years later, would you be surprised?

Or a woman who had undergone cancer chemotherapy for an unheard of 10 years! Then, two years after stopping the drugs, she decided to have a baby. What would you say were the risks to the mother; to a fetus from such a long exposure to toxins? Would her age make a difference in potential health outcome? Do you see any immediate or long-term dangers in these scenarios?

AIDS dissidents have tended to ignore such realities. Dissidents too often are in the habit of telling everyone that as long as they quit their AIDS drugs, and “reject the dogma,” they’re gonna be okay – just fine, nothing to worry about. In fact, they’ll be FREE!

But it’s just not so. The AIDS diagnosis lives in the realm of death and disease. That’s where the mainstream lands it; that’s where they put it. AIDS, as a disease category, lives on top of some very serious and complex clinical problems. And so AIDS patients are going to have damaged immune systems.

The Gut-Level Reality

The most common illness in AIDS patients is fungal infection. The common cause, I think, is an absolute reduction of the healthy bacterial colonies in the gut, a chemically-impacted liver, depleted thyroid and adrenal glands, plus mitochondrial damage and weakness. In some populations, this is exacerbated by a total removal of mucous and essential probiotic bacteria from the intestine and bowel, due to antibiotic use.

This is compounded by the carcinogenic chemicals often used in lubricants sold to the gay community, which enter the bowel, and penetrate the blood. Constant or regular enemas, often used for ‘hygenic’ purposes by some gay men, also strip the colon bare of its necessary immunogenic coating, and healthy bacteria, creating another entryway for even mild pathogens to create disease.

In AIDS – that is, immuno-deficient patients – the gut has to be re-invigorated, re-moisturized, re-made. The glands and cells, including mitochondria have to be rebuilt, re-nourished and fed; cells have to be allowed to die off, where they’re too weak, and come back where they’re not. This is an intense and intensive process, requiring a great deal of nutritional support, and natural antibiotic use (like vitamin C, citrus seed extract, and oregano oil, among others).

Sugar, alcohol, and all malnourishing factors must be gotten rid of, jettisoned, and replaced with healthy foods, anti-oxidant rich nutrients and supplements, and other specially-geared natural pharmaceuticals and compounds. Stress must be reduced – in fact, all major stressors must be avoided. Major travel and exhausting work must be postponed.

Quitting the Dogma – Mainstream and Dissident

It must be emphasized to people considering quitting the drugs after prolonged use, that AIDS is real. Yes, the AIDS mainstream is corrupt. Yes their specific theory, of a ‘sexual, viral, T-Cell depleting, silent, wily, fragile, tricky, hard-to-pin down single cause infection,’ is absolutely bonkers. It is contradicted by their own research at every turn, and has been for 25 years.

But AIDS, as in complex immune dysfunction, centered in the intestine and bowel, in reduced blood cells and weakened mitochondria – is very, very real. AIDS is major immune depletion which allows chronic fungal infection. Rehabilitation is possible, but it requires absolute commitment to healing regimen. It is not guaranteed just because mainstream AIDS dogma is rejected, or because mainstream drugs are quit.

It is necessary for all AIDS patients and critics to understand that the toxic standard AIDS medications do “work,” in the sense that they do, in fact, kill the yeasts, fungi and bacteria that are the bane of immuno-deficient patients. And in someone beset by chronic candida – the hallmark of ‘AIDS,’ they do seem to help in the short term, but at a cost. They also kill the cells, and then the organs, and then the patient. They kill – and also replace – the patient’s immune system.

Quitting these drugs requires a life-altering commitment to rebuild that immune system, if it can be rebuilt. A natural regimen focused on rebuilding the cells, and suppressing the ability of fungus and bacteria to replicate and thrive is required. Rebuilding the patient’s immune system and not compromising it further is a better solution for long-term rehabilitation than either a “till death” course of AIDS drugs, or, conversely, no plan at all.

And searching for that, and testing it, and forwarding it into the medical studies, is the business that ‘AIDS rethinkers’ have to get into.

For your consideration,

Liam Scheff
June 2010

with special thanks to Jonathan Campbell

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13 thoughts on “Quitting AIDS Drugs Is Hard to Do, and Hard Not To…

  1. When I quit it was the last resort and best resort. i just eat well and supplement with Sutherlandia OPC http://thm-a03.yimg.com/nimage/e9c66b59befa918c now more cd4 no more viral load until i figure out why i got in to the situation in the first place.

    i am in better health though starving from no money and food at home but i still plant my own food and don’t eat any of the rubbish i used to eat and guess what it give the body its basic need to function to its full potential and design.

    what is think is hard in leaving arv is dealing with the mental scare that comes with leaving them surviving with alternatives is easy once you deal with the mental scare that is attached to leaving arv therapy or chemotherapy or any other toxic regiment.

  2. Hi Onnie,

    The abandonment of people by the AIDS establishment is a crime and a deep pathological sickness on their part. That they turn their backs on people who are sick, or struggling, because they don’t want toxic ARVs is precisely why it can be said, without exaggeration, that the business of mainstream AIDS is not health or medicine, but is a bizarre cult of death.

    But…AIDS patients need options, health protocols worked out by groups of people with clinical immune deficiency, and put into informal or formal test groups over time. The results don’t have to be published in the Lancet – we can do it ourselves, to the extent that it can be seen publicly that there are actual health protocol options for AIDS patients.

  3. Thank you for this important article Liam!
    Whether people like you or not, or agree with you to a certain percentage or not, is irrelevant. The facts are the facts. Truth is truth.
    One can not take these drugs long-term, over the course of many years, and expect to quit them and be completely healthy.
    They damage the body. That’s what they are designed to do.

    Proper nutrition and supplementation are vital in repairing the cellular damage done by ARV’s. One simply can not ignore this fact.
    It might be possible that we have a lot less sick, dying, or dead dissidents if more of us would understand the importance of “re-building” the body after toxic ARV damage has been done.
    It is not impossible, but it does require some knowledge, help, and most certainly, diligence and commitment.

    I agree with Onnie, for many people, just trying to overcome the mental mind-**ck of quitting these drugs is huge. One must be strong mentally and have a good support system, then be willing to do what it takes to regain health and wellness.

  4. Liam,

    You’re brave to broach this discussion. I cringe when I hear some of the stuff that comes out of the mouths of fellow rethinkers. While we may have done a good job at making the argument that “HIV” is not the cause of “AIDS”, we’ve earned a failing grade providing information and support for maintaining and improving the health of those who grasp that message, particularly those who have opted to discontinue HAART.

    Thanks for continuing to put that conversation front and center.

  5. One more thing, Liam. I appreciate your continued focus on the gastrointestinal connection to what is called “HIV/AIDS”. I’m more than convinced that what goes on in the gut has a profound impact on immune health and is at the heart of the matter.

    Let me alert you to a recent paper (http://www.scipub.org/fulltext/amj/amj1283-86.pdf) that’s worth looking at. It’s the latest I’ve seen which points out the connection between disease progression and zinc deficiency in “HIV+” people. Zinc deficiency provides a very simple explanation for the T-cell abnormalities seen in “HIV+” people. Without sufficient zinc thymulin (the hormone which governs t-cell maturation and differentiation) becomes inactive and your T-cells ratios become skewed. Researchers have known this for quite some time; it’s nothing new. But the authors of this paper and others on the same subject continue to fail to connect the dots. Why are “HIV+” people deficient in various nutrients such as zinc? Are we just not eating right?

    Here’s a big part of the answer. The absorption of zinc and other micronutrients is directly affected by what’s going on in the gut. Lactobacilli, one of the many strains of beneficial bacteria that live in our intestinal tract, actually enhance significantly the absorption of nutrients, including zinc. Given that we already know that “HIV+” people have shockingly low numbers of beneficial gut microbes (in some cases they were considered “undetectable” by Gori et al), it should then come as no surprise that we are lacking in zinc and, in turn, suffering from the consequences of these deficiencies. For many of us who are “HIV+”, the gut is the most important yet most overlooked aspect of our well being.

    These are the kinds of basic issues we need to be talking about if we want the dissident message to have any traction or relevance. And again, I’m thankful that you keep bringing it up.

  6. I know everytime I say this it’s leftfield but ARV’s generally cause severe anemia which then depletes iron and starves infections of iron supply and stopping them.

    Iron depletion limits intracellular bacterial growth in macrophages

    The effect of iron depletion on chronic hepatitis C virus infection

    And iron feeds the rest so in my opinion anemia caused by Antiretrovirals is the same effect as using leeches, you bleed the blood which has iron and stop the infections except leeching is safer.

    “Fundamental cellular operations, including DNA synthesis and the generation of ATP, require iron. Viruses hijack cells in order to replicate, and efficient replication needs an iron-replete host. Some viruses selectively infect iron-acquiring cells by binding to transferrin receptor 1 during cell entry. Other viruses alter the expression of proteins involved in iron homeostasis, such as HFE and hepcidin. In HIV-1 and hepatitis C virus infections, iron overload is associated with poor prognosis and could be partly caused by the viruses themselves. Understanding how iron metabolism and viral infection interact might suggest new methods to control disease”
    Viral infection and iron metabolism

    Iron and microbial infection.

    “Patients who developed a fungal infection had substantially increased transferrin saturation values and ferritin concentrations at diagnosis together with low serum transferrin and high serum iron concentrations. This profile was present in patients with a fungal infection regardless of the underlying haematological disorder. CONCLUSION–Increased transferrin saturation values and high ferritin concentrations may be additional risk factors for the development of systemic fungal infection in patients with haematological malignancies.”
    Iron metabolism and fungal infections in patients with haematological malignancies.

    Iron Regulation and an Opportunistic AIDS-Related Fungal Infection

    This sums up the problem, we need iron to fight infections while at the same time we need to starve the bugs of iron…

    “Studies have shown that the more iron in a given population, the more that population is vulnerable to intracellular opportunistic infections (OIs) in AIDS, mainly because these microbes make use of the intracellular iron to proliferate, and could render infections deadly. In contrast, macrophages that lack iron are effective in preventing an establishment of infection. We propose that reduction in total body iron could be a valuable treatment option for some intracellular infections, including OIs. We suggest two options to deprive pathogens of using intracellular iron (i) to practice regular blood-letting, an ancient treatment option, and (ii) to down-regulate hepcidin, the key hormone involved in the regulation of iron balance and recycling.”
    Can iron depletion inside macrophages serve to prolong HIV disease progression?

    Their words…
    “We suggest two options to deprive pathogens of using intracellular iron (i) to practice regular blood-letting, an ancient treatment option…”

    Copper kills off bugs and is often tied to zinc levels…

    Deactivation of HIV-1 in Medium by Copper-Oxide Containing Filters

    So I recommend copper foods…

    You don’t take iron supplements.
    You eat the copper foods, squeeze a lemon a day to absorb the iron and copper properly.
    Plus take a 100mg of B6 at night to absorb the iron.
    Most of these things are not tried at the moment.

    This also makes sense of the danger of taking too much Vitamin C.
    Vitamin C absorbs copper but also moves it out of the body if you take too much, so when people take too much Vitamin C without adequate copper in the diet the effect is also to deplete the copper needed to kill bugs.
    It also can make hyperthyroid symptoms and wasting worse as copper is needed for the thyroid.
    My thoughts anyway.

  7. Under the subject “Breaking up is hard to do…” you didn’t mention the highly addictive nature of drugs like Sustiva, which is being smoked like crystal meth. Unsurprisingly, Harvard uberpharmaslut Daniel Kuritzkes conducted the drug trials for a highly addictive drug that delivers meth-like highs to gay men – many who are already addicted to meth!

    Now why would an industry that paid $8 billion to settle dozens of criminal and civil complaints since 2004 market a highly addictive hallucinogenic CNS stimulant to meth users and addicts who are targeted for HIV testing and treatment? I wonder…

  8. One more item… since PCP exists in our lungs from birth to death, any pathologist who looks for it will find it if that’s what they’re looking for.

    If you’re hit by a truck the pathologist will identify blunt-force trauma as the cause of death. But if you’re the daughter of woman like Christine Maggiore, the pathologist will identify PCP (AIDS) as the cause of death – even though the truck-crash victim will have PCP in his/her lungs.

    Death is the ultimate immune compromise. When we die, we no longer produce antibodies that suppress antigens like PCP and yeast – which keeps growing until the growth media (decaying body) no longer supports it. If that’s what they’re looking for to identify AIDS, they’ll always find it.

  9. The battle should be joined at the mindset of those in medical community who feature rigor mortis instead of rigor. The “frozen-in-time” problem extends to other diseases besides AIDS where the objective is to get people on a lifelong drug regimen.

    Alas, profit-driven “growth economics”, as currently framed by Wall St capitalism* is a major driving force. Medical industry CEOs want certain chronic diseases to be the basis of lifelong treatment with pharma (toxic) petroleum-derived drugs.

    The issue is beyond AIDS, as Liam points out. Low T-cells or other HIV/AIDS markers can show up in other medically recognized conditions such as Gulf War syndrome.

    This too is what AIDS dissidents need to recognize. The war for more and more drugs extends to chronic cardiovascular et al diseases. The “economic hit men”** of institutionalized medicine could care less about what health actually is and will continue efforts to drive alternative physicians (who practice as sketched above) out of business.

    Liam has made clear the hazards associated with a do-it-yourself approach to “changing course” when on AIDS meds. So I for one would prefer that “success stories” not be put forward by dissidents in a couple of sentences. In fact, let’s make that stronger. Those who go public on-line should have a physician validate their success story.

    A physician would not be necessary of course, for those capable of recognizing their true health status. But at this stage of the “epidemic”, these are likely the same people who won’t take the “HIV test” in the first place.

    *As opposed to the “social capitalism” of the European Union. E.g. all German health insurance companies are private, but non-profit.

    **and women

  10. Hi Gene,

    Thanks for the nice comments. One note:

    “Liam has made clear the hazards associated with a do-it-yourself approach to “changing course” when on AIDS meds.”

    I don’t mind a do-it-yourself approach, if it is sound and sane, and based in good nutrition, diet, etc. There are protocols linked that I strongly encourage all to read and consider, as they clean up diet and health practices, rebuild intestinal health, etc.

    What I do mind is the total lack of any plan, that lands people back on AIDS meds, because they had no idea how to take care of themselves at all.

    The problem with turning to an M.D. is that a mainstream doc, by and large, will have a poorer understanding of actual restorative health than just about anybody on earth; and certainly will be inferior in that regard to a well-studied, experienced natural therapies adviser or practitioner.

    So, if you want to get better, it’s a lot of work, you’ve got to do the reading, make the changes, and feel encouraged to consult a nutritional counselor – you can always contact Jonathan Campbell through his website to get more information on his protocol, or write Matthias Rath and do the same.

    But I don’t want to have anyone feel the AMA is going to fix this for AIDS patients – it’s not. M.D.s are not. We have to. It’s up to those with the diagnosis, or who are critics of the mainstream, to figure it out and make it work.

  11. Liam’s point that we desperately need to test and compare protocols can’t be stated strongly enough. The excitement over this or that missing puzzle piece does little for those who need clear and easy-to-access information on how to correct immune deficiency and damage done by ARVs, other drugs and malnutrition. What we need is solid data on which approach best rebuilds immune function and restores gut health, which is where 80 % of our immune system resides.

    From an article in my favorite examiner of alternative medicine, the Townsend Letter, on bone broth: “Cartilage supplementation also stimulates B, T, and macrophage immune cells.12 According to Murray and Pizzorno, malnutrition (protein deficiency) is the most common form of immune suppression in the world.13 That is because the immune system is composed primarily of protein, including antibodies, receptors and chemical signalers. When it is further considered that 80% of the immune system lines the gastrointestinal tract, the role of cartilage gains importance, since it can nourish both the gut and the immune system.14″


  12. On Bone Broth….in UK and Ireland it is becoming nigh on impossible to get bones. After the CJD scare, BSE, and highlighting of poor conditions and toxic growing practices in the production of meat ‘yields’, new laws were passes prohibiting the sale of bone, bone marrow.The cost of a Lamb Shank escalated in one year from under 3 euro to 8,9 euro…African women new to our shopping mall exp of food sourcing, were very resourceful in seeking out bone direct from abbatoirs to supplement the lack of availibility to the ordinary harrassed consumer.Thats anecdotal but says a multitude in why we are programmed to fail. Colustrum is another source and can be supplied in supplement form. I think,personally, you must repair the gut lining before anything else.Oregano Oil is harsh and if your condition is systemic not local you may be overwhelmed with toxins and dessiminate the infection. Clark made a wise point about premature statements of cure/full recovery.The pressure to perform in some front line dissident dialogues and not fall foul of being part of what has been described as a Death Cult ..is intense. Thoughtful commentary on that has been dismissed by insiders condescending to outsiders who may be much more knowledgeable in fact.There are many many studies of alternative treatments for AIDS. They are just not making headlines.There have been for two decades.It is a question to ask, why is this the case?What is happening to the knowledge gained from these studies,trials? Who benefits? Who owns this knowledge and what are they doing with it? There are many nutritional programs funded by the Global Fund.They have developed many protein malnourishment targeted interventions that have transformed communities… All under the auspices of HIV=AIDS by single pathogen with “co-factors”,yes, but not necessarily as complementary to ARVs.Often in the absence of them. But Health is a commodity in a two tier system.Said as a white ‘middle class’ suburban Internee without medical insurance as it does not buy a lot of alternative health treatment yet. In light of that over arching fact, side by side with the fact that most of those diagnosed are on low to acutely stressed middle incomes…the diagnosis is in more ways than one a life sentence for all those who by default remain tied to the governing estates of the system.There are good links here. Pity there was not some funding to publish a journal on outcomes in alternative treatment trials.

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