HPV, The Virus That Doesn’t Cause Cancer – New Video – Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell at the Health Freedom Expo

Liam Scheff and Robert Scott Bell present “HPV, The Virus that Doesn’t Cause Cancer” at the Health Freedom Expo in March 2012. Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories, presents the history of bad cancer ‘virology’ that led to the rotten ideas infesting science today; a lousy science that gave us “HPV, the virus that does (but doesn’t) cause cancer,” and the idea that every disease of poverty and immune deficiency in poor people is caused by a single particle. And we laugh a bit along the way….

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Reason Magazine Becomes Momentarily Reasonable – Please Join the Conversation

RTB: An important update on the OMSJ’s courtroom exposure of the fraud of HIV testing and a chance for you to participate in the discussion. (With thanks to Terry Michael for forwarding the news).

In a continuation of the paradigm-shifting Fort Bragg case, Reason.com (the libertarian publication) just posted a lengthy piece on the military trial in which an Army sergeant was acquitted under a military “HIV panic” law. HIV Revisionism in Fort Bragg Acquittal

The Reason Hit&Run blog quoted extensively from the piece by Terry Michael on the case. The Hit&Run piece also notes Clark Baker, Nancy Turner Banks and Rodney Richards, linking to OMSJ and to Nancy’s web site.

We suggest that those interested in open discussion of HIV testing and fraud now go to the Reason piece and leave comments. Please write under your own names, describe your credentials, and your experience and knowledge of the HIV testing fraud, in clear arguments.

Joan Shenton Reviews “Official Stories” by Liam Scheff

RTB: A review of Liam’s new book “Official Stories” by one of the best in the business.


“Liam Scheff writes with filmic energy. His quick cuts, graphic images and verbal agility are all delivered with the speed and deadly accuracy of a seasoned comedian’s one liners. We have long needed this approach to the telling of a story that has been almost impossible to tell – that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS and that big science and big pharma have got it wrong for the past 30 years. It’s is difficult to explain that something doesn’t do something, but Scheff tells the very complicated story behind the official story in a completely understandable way with simple and incisive sentences like: ‘In the beginning there was an idea and it was stupefyingly incorrect. But no one could ever say so because they were getting paid to put it right.’ Bottom line, Liam Scheff is brilliantly funny. But his genuine concern and compassion is never absent. His description of how unlimited gay sex and life in the fast lane led to the loss of a “functional immune system” is an important social document, and his anger in the stark description of the poisoning with AZT of 100,000 young gay men will be remembered forever. Don’t miss this book.”

– Joan Shenton – Filmmaker and Author of “Positively False – Exposing the myths about HIV and AIDS.”

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Joan Shenton’s Immunity Resources Foundation, film and books.

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Official Stories – Buy The Book!

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Official Stories Chapter Excerpt – Survival of the Fittest

A preview of “Official Stories,” from Ch. 8 “Darwin is Dead.” What is Darwinism? What does it actually offer? Is it a science, or a philosophy? We’ll explore the question – and get some hard answers in the book.


Survival of the Fittest

by Liam Scheff, from “Official Stories.”

We have grown up with the expression. We use it when we see someone fail at something so miserably, so spectacularly, that we can only acknowledge the triumph of disaster. It is the phrase that college boys use to mock a fraternity brother who falls down the stairs drunk, or leaps off a hotel balcony into a pool below, hitting the diving board on the way down, breaking some number of bones in the process, having consumed more alcohol than is almost physically possible.

“Survival of the fittest!” The phrase is now commonplace. It has been employed in schoolyards, by scientists and leaders of nations, alike. Its philosophy has been embraced by the likes of Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. Which should bother people, but doesn’t. So, what does it mean?

Darwin saw that the island finches were different, slightly. Some had longer beaks, some shorter. Some birds were a little taller, larger or smaller, with a little more or less of a wingspan. Some really hated “Sex and the City” while some found it tolerable, though it really described the lives of the gay men who wrote the show more than actual women in New York. I mean, come on, a new guy every week? That’s boy’s town.

Because Darwin had to exclude the idea that things had always been this way and that these changes had been made by magic, or a god or spirit, he had to come up with a naturalistic explanation. And he tried. He called it “natural selection,” which is pretty tricky. Because it turns the old Christian God into “nature,” and makes you think that it didn’t. But almost no one noticed, because they so wanted to get rid of the damned Church, meddling in everybody’s bloody business.

I mean, really. Burnings at the stake, witch-huntings, endless taxation. Scandal after scandal with the clergy. Some of the monasteries were more like jelly-making whorehouses than places of reflection and worship. “Screw them,” said the new scientific elite. “We’ll support the best contender, even if it is a dog.”

And here it is: “Natural selection” and “survival of the fittest.” Let’s unspool it in a little dialog I call, “Define your terms.” Continue reading Official Stories Chapter Excerpt – Survival of the Fittest

Oppression Unlimited – New Film

RTB: A new film on our friends in London at HEAL

“Oppression Unlimited” is the story of Mike Hersee’s ex-lover, Cornelius Abraham, who died at the young age of 22 years old. His HIV positive diagnosis was just one of the many oppressing obstacles in his life.

Cornelius was born with a heart defect, but was otherwise healthy. His upbringing in a strict Seventh Day Adventist family was difficult as his parents tried to exorcize him and told him that he was going to go to hell for being gay. While dating Mike, he was very psychosomatic and would get sick according to the emotional issues he was having in life. Cornelius was also very dependent in his relationships with people and he quickly became attached to Mike.

Mike had sex as the receiving partner, unprotected, with Cornelius approximately 70 times after Cornelius was diagnosed “HIV Positive,” but Mike’s subsequent HIV test results were negative.

When Mike broke up with Cornelius, it took away Cornelius’s will to live, affecting how Cornelius took care of himself and in Mike’s opinion Cornelius ended up dying of a broken heart (literally, he died of two heart infections).

To view Mike Hersee’s full story, click HERE

Mike Hersee is one of the co-founders of HEAL London. HEAL stands for Health Education AIDS Liason.

Mike became more interested in helping people with HIV and AIDS diagnoses to overcome the stigma and pressures that come with the identity of testing positive.

In the film, Mike Hersee is being played by Brian Rohan and Cornelius Abraham is being played by Irving Green.

Go to www.hivorlive.com to watch the trailer

Official Stories – The Book – Table of Contents

Official Stories

by Liam Scheff

© 2012

For sale June 1, 2012

Official Stories Cover


“Official stories exist to protect officials.” With the opening line as our guide, we pry open the vault of “official-dom” and see what lies beneath. Drawing information from 10 years of investigative journalism, Liam invites you to join the hunt for the details that lie just beneath the surface.

In this heavily-researched but irreverent book, we’ll look under the rocks and stones of our culture: From CIA and JFK, to 9/11 and Shakespeare; from Vaccination to HIV to Big Bang theory, and more.

We’re going to find out what’s real, what’s true, and what’s just an “official story.”

  • Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?
  • Is HIV the cause of AIDS?
  • Do vaccinations save lives?
  • Did the Big Bang really happen?
  • Is the Earth growing?
  • Did a lone gunman kill JFK?
  • Is America fighting for democracy around the world?
  • Was 9/11 an intelligence failure – or a success?
  • Does the polio virus cause polio?
  • Do HPV shots protect girls from cancer?
  • Did Darwin get evolution right?
  • What is in outer space?

Praise for “Official Stories”:

“Candid, concise and hard-hitting” – Jim Marrs, Author/Investigator “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy”

“The book is dynamite…a superb summation.” – Dr. Charles Geshekter, Emeritus Professor

“Humorous and fast-paced.” – Clark Baker, Director OMSJ.org

“Revealing and entertaining satire.” – Terry Michael, Director of WCPJ.org

“We’re hooked, and we want to be hooked.” – Jon Rappoport, Author/Investigator “The Matrix Revealed”

“A great read to elevate consciousness and awareness on who we are and what we are doing here.” -Liana Werner-Gray – Founder of The Earth Diet and Co-Founder of ALIVE New York

“Brilliant and timely. Good luck putting this book down, because with each chapter you will want to know about the next ‘Official Story.'” – Robert Scott Bell, Homeopath and National Radio Host


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Table of Contents:




Official Stories (c) by Liam Scheff, Out June 1, 2012

Official Stories
Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need
by Liam Scheff

“Official stories exist to protect officials.” With the opening line as our guide, we’re going to pry open the vault of “official-dom” and see what lies beneath. Drawing information from 10 years of investigative journalism, Liam invites you to join the hunt for the details that lie just beneath the surface.

In this heavily-researched but irreverent book, we’ll look under the rocks and stones of our culture: From CIA and JFK, to 9/11 and Shakespeare; from Vaccination to HIV to Big Bang theory, and more.

We’re going to find out what’s real, what’s true, and what’s just an “official story.”

About the author:
Liam Scheff is an investigative journalist, radio host and stand-up lecturer on the contemporary myths of science, politics and culture.

He has broken national stories of pharmaceutical badness, been published widely in print and on the web, and has worked on and been featured in films that have not yet been banned by the state censors. To his credit, he’s also been libeled on the front page of the New York Times. (See Ch.6)

Find him on the web in print, on radio and in performance at liamscheff.com, reducetheburden.org, the FBI social network (facebook), and on the Robert Scott Bell show.

HIV Tests Die On Trial…Again!

RTB: HIV tests really do not test for HIV.

The case, closed Tuesday, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, put a sergeant on trial for “spreading HIV.” But, did he “spread” anything? Except some willing partner’s legs??

Sorry, but. What did he really “spread?” Was he really “HIV positive?”

The answer came from the judge. A potential 37 year prison sentence was reduced to:


Why? Because HIV tests have no standards. they come up positive for EVERYTHING. They have no value, at all.

And the military judge agreed. The Sergeant is free to live his life. He still is stuck with the lousy fake diagnosis. But what value does it have? It doesn’t even hold up in court.

To thank for his defense: The OMSJ, Clark Baker, and the defense team who went to N.C. to ask the experts: “What do you mean by ‘HIV Positive?'”

Read the report at OMSJ.org: http://www.omsj.org/issues/ustd

Poor Witches

RTB: A New York City AIDS-Cult experience brought this on…

“Oh, the AIDS ribbon. You still believe in that fairy tale? That people get sick for no reason, because they had sex a twenty or forty years ago? Yeah, that was a good one, they really fooled a lot of people…. you know, they used to convince a lot of people that some of them were witches. They’d drown them in public, and the crowd would say, ‘poor witch, but nothing could be done.'”

by Liam Scheff

Attack of the AIDS cult in NYC. The workers in a Whole Foods store were wearing the red (pity/suicide) ribbon. I said, “What’s that about? Why are you promoting pharma crap?” One fellow said, “We’re raising awareness.”

I said, “for what? For how sex is dangerous? For how some people are sick? How does that help anyone?” He was perplexed. He said he had an uncle who was “pos,” and the drugs were saving him. I said, “The drugs are toxic.” He said, “Yeah, they are, they really are.”

The next day, I said to a truly stupefied girl working there, “Why are you guys wearing those ribbons? You know that the drugs you are promoting are all FDA black box drugs?” She didn’t answer, hardly responded. She then said they were wearing them to support someone in the store who had made them (who was either newly “pos,” or had a friend who was – it wasn’t very clear). She said, “Whatever you think, sir.”

I said, “Whatever I think? You can look it up, if you like. AIDS drugs, black box.”

But she was wearing the ribbon, “raising awareness,” and when I shared my “awareness” with the girl she didn’t want it. The AIDS cult doesn’t want your awareness; they want your stupefied, idiotic pity.

Well, screw that. You raise my awareness, I’ll share it with you.

Here’s what I’ll say from now on: “Oh, the AIDS ribbon. You still believe in that fairy tale? That people get sick for no reason, because they had sex twenty or forty years ago? Yeah, that was a good one, they really fooled a lot of people…. you know, they used to convince a lot of people that some of them were witches. They’d drown them in public, and the crowd would say, ‘poor witch, but nothing could be done.'”

And then I’ll probably get thrown out. But what the hell.

Screwing More HIV Positives is Good For You, Says AIDS Establishment (Or, What to Wear When the Mainstream Commits Suicide)

RTB: We don’t even begin to know what to do when the mainstream begins to openly commit public suicide, but cheer.

From PLoS Pathogens, and a cancer research group in Seattle, we now have the following theory:

Have sex with as many HIV positives as possible, to protect you from…yes, that’s right. HIV.

No, you don’t misunderstand. This is what they’re saying:

“Women who have been infected by two different strains of HIV from two different sexual partners – a condition known as HIV superinfection – have more potent antibody responses that block the replication of the virus compared to women who’ve only been infected once.”

Yes. Get “infected” over and over again. Yes, that is what they’re saying. Because the whole thing is a Sham, and always has been.

Do you need them to spell it out for you? They’ve been lying to you for 30 years.

“The study suggests that harboring a mixture of different viral strains may be one way to promote a robust antibody response. The findings also suggest that being infected with two different HIV strains not only leads to a strong response, but also a more rapid response that is capable of recognizing many other HIV strains. “

Yup. So, if you’re going to screw, screw twice. And then you’ll be protected. By antibodies. To something that doesn’t exist.

Hey Anthony Fauci, please, go screw yourself, maybe that will help you become less of a eugenicist.

(Fauci is head of NIH and has destroyed millions of lives worldwide with criminally fraudulent HIV tests, and he’s just one of hundreds of bogus researchers stealing tax money to murder people, with their ignorant ‘consent’ of course.)

Back to the funny papers. I personally have got to get to the “HIV” clinic and find at LEAST two people to have sex with. Because then I’ll be protected. From HIV.

The original article:

SEATTLE – Women who have been infected by two different strains of HIV from two different sexual partners – a condition known as HIV superinfection – have more potent antibody responses that block the replication of the virus compared to women who’ve only been infected once. These findings, by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, are published online March 29 in PLoS Pathogens.

“We found that women who had been infected twice not only had more potent antibody responses, but some of these women had ‘elite’ antibody activity, meaning that they had a broad and potent ability to neutralize a wide variety of strains of HIV over a sustained period time,” said senior author Julie Overbaugh, Ph.D., a member of the Hutchinson Center’s Human Biology Division. It is estimated that only about 1 percent of people with HIV are so-called “elite neutralizers” who are able to potently neutralize multiple subtypes of the virus.

“Individuals who become superinfected with a second virus from a different partner represent a unique opportunity for studying the antibody response and may provide insights into the process of developing broad neutralizing antibodies that could inform HIV-vaccine design,” she said.

The study suggests that harboring a mixture of different viral strains may be one way to promote a robust antibody response. The findings also suggest that being infected with two different HIV strains not only leads to a strong response, but also a more rapid response that is capable of recognizing many other HIV strains.

The researchers tracked the immune activity of 12 superinfected women from Mombasa, Kenya, over a five-year period and compared each to a control group of three singly infected women. Overbaugh and lead author Valerie Cortez, a doctoral student in her lab, assessed the ability of antibodies present in superinfected and singly infected women to neutralize a spectrum of circulating HIV-1 variants. In doing so they were able to determine whether the presence of two viruses compared to one made a difference in immune response. The researchers controlled for variables such as antibody response prior to superinfection and biomarkers of immunity such as CD4+ T cell count and viral load.

The study found that superinfected women had, on average, 1.68 times more neutralizing antibodies than non-superinfected women, and they scored much higher in their ability to neutralize the virus – superinfected women had 1.46 times greater potency than the singly infected women.

More than 1.1 million Americans are estimated to be living with HIV today, and every nine-and-a-half minutes someone in the U.S. becomes infected, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. An HIV vaccine is considered the best approach to long-term protection from HIV infection, but attempts to develop such a vaccine so far have meet with limited success.

“The holy grail of an HIV vaccine is to elicit antibodies to the virus because antibodies have been shown to block virus infection. But there has been little progress in determining how to elicit such antibodies with a vaccine. The study of individuals HIV infected who have developed strong antibody responses to the virus may shed light on the best approach to design a vaccine that will induce an effective immune response,” Overbaugh said. http://www.eurekalert.org/

You heard the man; go get screwing.

Oh, you can contact them, if you want to point out how broken their paradigm is:

Contact: Kristen Woodward



Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Study finds HIV ‘superinfection’ boosts immune response

Findings may provide insight into HIV-vaccine development

Arsenic and Old Lies – Or, An Argument about History

RTB: A letter from the legendary Cal Crilly, turned into an article; quoting heavily from sources, including Mike Baillie, author of “New Light on the Black Death,” Cal weaves together an argument that should attract the interest of those working to eradicate the war against biology, currently being waged by the pharmaceutical juggernaut.

Take it as a counter-argument to the fictions we receive in school, and on PBS.


Did Arsenic or other poisonous gases cause the Plague?

by Cal Crilly

Did arsenic cause the plague,was it rats at all, when comets and meteors hit they leave earthquakes and severe earthquakes will release gases and poisons like arsenic.

If there were meteors in the sky they could have hit an area like Kamchatka in Russia so eyewitnesses were few or even volcanoes like Katla exploded in Jan 1311, what else exploded?

Eruption of the large Icelandic volcano happened and there were natural world events of unimaginable destruction.

I love that bananas in 1633 came to the UK, it was the first happy thing in 400 years.

Arsenic causes all the symptoms of Bubonic plaque, add things like possibly Uranium and Lead from the sky at the most pessimistic and we get exposed to these chemicals via breathing and ultimately end up drinking it and eating animals dying from Arsenic too.

And it is horrifying.

Continue reading Arsenic and Old Lies – Or, An Argument about History

Return Your HIV Diagnosis Now

RTB: The OMSJ has made it easy for you to turn in your false HIV diagnosis. Please read their article on “Erasing HIV’s Scarlet Letter,” and download the “Differential Diagnosis” forms, linked at OMSJ.org and below.

Erasing HIV’s “SCARLET LETTER” [Link]

1. Your first letter reminds your doctor who you are.  It should contain short questions about a) the tests he used, b) how the diagnosis was made, and c) the kind of response you seek.

If you are asked to come in for a visit, do so – and bring a recording device.  During your visit, turn it on and lay it in plain sight so that both sides will know that the conversation is being recorded.

In some states and countries, it is illegal to secretly record someone.  If the device is sitting in the open, it should not violate any laws.  If you’re not sure, turn it on and say clearly that you are recording your conversation “because what they will say is important and you don’t want to misunderstand anything they’ve said.”  If they refuse, leave the recorder on and re-state that they want the recording device off.  Then leave the clinic, go home and write another letter.

If the doctor happens to respond in writing and identifies the test used, you’ll probably find the test in this list.  If he doesn’t identify it, pick one test, and ask if he used that test.  Mail your certified letter.

Your follow-up letters should ask exactly how he conducted his diagnosis.  He should explain exactly how he ruled out each of the 100+ conditions that are known to “cross-react” to HIV tests – conditions that include flu, tetanus and hepatitis shots, pregnancy, colds, the flu, physical injuries, and so forth.  Your doctor should be able to list ALL OF THE KNOWN CROSS-REACTIONS and explain exactly how he ruled out each one.  If he fails to answer this simple test, it suggests that he did not conduct a competent diagnosis.

Just as a policeman must rule out gunshot wounds, stoke, diabetic shock or other ailments before arresting someone for drunk driving, your doctor must identify and all of the known conditions that cause false positive test results and explain exactly how he ruled them out.

Your objective is to pin down the doctor.  Don’t let him play “hide the penny” with you.

Once you’re satisfied that your first letter and follow-up questions have been answered, move to second letter.

2. Your second letter addresses questions about your CD4 count and flow cytometry.

This is important because the CDC has used a CD4 count of under 200 to identify AIDS cases.  Unless the doctor can describe exactly how the test was conducted, you must assume that the test used was improperly calibrated, was recalled, or was conducted by a lab tech who didn’t know what he was doing.  The fact that both Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics paid multi-million dollar fines to settle felony complaints should be enough to ask many follow-up questions.

3. Your third letter can ask for a complete list of all of the pharmaceutical reps who visited his clinic in the past decade and how much money, free trips, speaking fees and other payment he received from the drug industry.

4. Use this letter if you are asked to return to the clinic for additional testing.

Because all HIV tests are inaccurate, unreliable and presumptive, taking one or a thousand tests is as unreliable as using one or a thousand broken clocks to verify the time.  Pin down the clinician on the tests that you’ve already taken before wasting your time with new tests.

5. Use this letter and this list to write each of your next letters.

For example, ask him how he ruled out Herpes simplex, and if he knew that the virus is known to cross-react with HIV tests.

Except for the first letter, the rest can be modified and sent in any order.  At some point, ask for copies of all of your medical records.  If a criminal complaint is ever filed against you, these letters and medical records will likely come in handy.  More likely than not, securing the records early will prevent someone from making changes when you start asking them embarrassing questions.

Use the comments section of this report for questions as a FAQ.


Gut Flora, Intestinal Mucosa, Antibiotics and AIDS

Liam Scheff: A Holy Mackerel moment this morning as I received Felix de Fries’ paper on immune suppression as Caused By antibiotics – the antibiotics that were THE CAUSE OF what we think of as early AIDS cases. Holy Mackerel because it’s exactly what we’re working on, because it’s what we’ve been saying, because it’s what happened…and is happening to people taking AIDS drugs. 

Have a look-see, and combine this with the rest of our papers on Recovery from immune deficiency. And remember, AIDS is real, HIV is FAKE.

Study Group AIDS Therapy c/o Felix de Fries Eglistr. 7 CH-8004 Zürich

To those concerned, their doctors and carers. To the media
Zürich, 1st December 2011

Gut Flora, Intestinal Mucosa, Antibiotics and AIDS

by Felix de Fries

New studies on the effects of today’s antibiotics on the intestinal mucosa – with a surface area of the size of a football pitch and where more than 70% of all immune cells are to be found – have shown that they lead to:

– Lasting changes to the composition of gut flora, a reduction in benign bacterial strains which produce compounds for accessing nutritional components, a decrease in the diversity of bacterial strains thus compromising the flexible reaction to infections and the rapid return to a steady state, increased migration of the locally established bacterial strains to other organs where they cause pathogenic effects, (A1)

– Transformations to the genetic structure of individual bacterial strains, (antibiotic resistance), the exchange of resistant genes between bacterial strains and as a result the suppression of benign intestinal bacteria by resistant bacteria, (A2)

– Increased colonization of fungi (Candida albicans) which in the process form roots, change their metabolism and secrete toxins (A3)

– Reduced production of antibodies against foreign bacteria and fungi caused by bacteria and reduced production of toxins with which bacteria in the gut mucosa activate immune cells against viruses, bacteria and parasites. Decrease in the production of the body’s own defense substances against these pathogens and in the process a reduction in defence against infections in the intestines, the mouth, the rectum and the sexual organs, (A4)

– Decrease in production of energy in bacteria and in immune cells via the colonization of receptors on the cell surface, blockage to the membranes of their mitochondria and to protein synthesis in mitochondria, (A5)

– Reduced production of substances for the protective film on the gut mucosa by bacteria and as a result injuries, haemorrhaging and an increased permeability of the epithelium leading to increased contact of immune cells to nutrient particles in the gut mucosa. This causes ongoing inflammations of the gut mucosa which in time overtax the local immune regulation and immune tolerance, together with the dissemination of intestinal bacteria to other organs this finally leads to inflammatory reactions in the whole organism. (A process that can similarly be triggered by cereals containing gluten and foodstuffs with acid-producing or histamine-containing substances), (A6)

Destruction of bacterial strains in the small intestine which trigger the formation of Th17 cells and as a result changes to the balance between Th17 cells and regulating T cells (Treg) which govern the immune tolerance in the intestines, the reactions to inflammations in the gastrointestinal tract and the production of autoreactive antibodies. This after some time leads to a general reduction in T4 helper cells, to chronic intestinal inflammations and to an advanced systematic inflammatory reaction in the whole body. In the process the defence against bacteria, fungi and parasites in the brain, lungs and other organs shuts down. (A7)
New studies on Aids describe the AIDS as being characterized by:

An increased permeability of the gut mucosa and chronic inflammation of the gut mucosa which later spread bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract to other organs throughout the body where they act pathogenically (A8)

A progressional reduction in Th17 cells in favour of regulating T cells (Treg) (in the acute phase the so-called HIV infection) and as a result the reduction of all T cells in the intestinal zone and later in the whole body and thus to an increase in autoreactive, polyclonal antibodies against cytoskeletal proteins, the cell envelope and bacteria (A9)

Representatives of the HIV-AIDS model trace back the reduction in Th17 cells to direct damage of all T cells by the so-called HI retrovirus (and in the quasi analogous model with rhesus monkeys to the SIV lentivirus) that can be activated by the administration of autoreactive antibodies or alcohol, leading to illnesses (A10). There have been no presentations, to date, of how exactly the postulated infectious HI retroviruses attack and destroy T cells. Neither the viral load nor the T4 cell-counts are reliable measured values regarding the course of the disease in test positives. As HIV to this day has not been proven as a retrovirus using the criteria defined by Luc Montagnier et al. it has to be seen as a laboratory phenomenon from which a variety of measured values have been derived (A11) Fluctuations in the so-called viral load are according to the new studies mentioned above indirectly linked to increasing or decreasing intestinal inflammations and permeability of the gut mucosa.

The supporters of the HIV/AIDS model do not wish to accept that a progressive transformation of the gut flora and damage of the gut mucosa from repeated administration of antibiotics could be responsible for the reduction of Th17 cells and as a result in all T cells and thus for chronic systematic inflammation in the intestines and later throughout the whole body.

Antibiotic specialists like Geoffrey Canon and Jeffrey A. Fisher and MDs such as Robert Root-Bernstein and Heinrich Kremer had already since the 80s suggested the connection between extensive administration of antibiotics on selected patient groups (male homosexuals, intravenous drug users, promiscuous swingers) and AIDS (A12) and correspondingly advocated a limited, targeted administration of antibiotics for these patient groups together with immune system supportive, probiotic therapy for the recovery of the immune system after administration of antibiotics. As diverse studies have shown (A13) the immune cells can be activated by the administration of probiotics and immunomodulative substances and excessive immune reactions corrected so that defence capacities against bacterial, viral or parasitic infections can be re-established.

Sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes genitalis, granuloma, urethritis, trachomatis, bacterial vaginosis etc.) which are considered as generators for so- called HIV infections and seroconversion in the HIV antibody tests have been treated for years with diverse available antibiotics (A14) and today, despite continuous appeals by the WHO for limited use of antibiotics, an increasing number of the pathogens occurring (e.g. Neisseria gonorrhoeae) are resistant to various classes of antibiotics making successful treatment of these diseases increasingly difficult (A15). Also pathogens of endemic diseases in developing countries such as tuberculosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, mycobacterium avium, herpes simplex, leishmania or salmonella septicaemia, all of which are treated with antibiotics are increasingly resistant to specific antibiotics, making treatment of these diseases that are AIDS-defining after a positive result in HIV tests (A16), extremely difficult (A17). However, targeted information about sexually transmitted diseases to risk groups has lead to a reduction in proliferation which is also reflected in a reduction in the administration of antibiotics.

Although anti-retroviral therapy (ART), as a bacteriostatic, cytotoxic chemotherapy decreased the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), increased the number of T cells and thus extended the life expectancy of those treated, with ART the appearance of many classic AIDS-defining diseases (Kaposi’s sarcoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia, tuberculosis and cryptococcal meningitis) could not be avoided in any case making necessary the additional administration of antibiotics parallel to ART (A18).

Supporters of the HIV/AIDS model admit now that by means of ART the extent to which the number of Th17 cells and other T cells can be maintained or increased is dependent on the existing damage to the gut flora, the gut mucosa and the spreading of intestinal bacteria throughout the body. They are now studying whether with the administration of probiotics (together with ART or alone) the gut flora can be influenced in such a way as to reduce the permeability of the gut mucosa and the spreading of intestinal bacteria and improving the defence capacities against bacteria and viruses (A19).

The fact, that immune deficiencies underlying disruptions can only be subdued and not treated causally by means of ART does not induce the supporters to fundamentally re-think AIDS therapy. That life expectancy for those treated by ART, even in western countries, is still considerably shorter as for the general population they trace back to ‘non-AIDS-specific’ diseases (liver and kidney failures, cardiovascular diseases, nerve diseases and certain forms of cancer) which they consider to be premature aging processes and not the compulsive results of continuous damage to mitochondria by ART (A20).

Based on today’s knowledge on the effects of antibiotics on the gut flora and the intestinal mucosa and their effect on T cells, in addition to malnutrition (A21), drug consumption, contaminated drinking water and environmental toxins, the expansion of AIDS-defining diseases (at the beginning of the 80s only pneumocystis carinii and Kaposi’s sarcoma and the later many other endemic infectious diseases and later still also TB) has to be traced back to repeated administration of antibiotics (A22) and failure to provide therapy for the re- establishment of gut flora and the gut mucosa after administration of antibiotics and not to the postulated HI retrovirus newly discovered in 1984.

The postulating of a new, immune weakening retrovirus (HIV) transmitted by infection and the construction and introduction of tests that identified an increased titer of autoreactive, polyclonal antibodies against proteins from the cytoskeleton and cell envelope of human cells and bacteria from an arbitrarily set level on as ‘HIV’ positive, served from 1984 onwards above all to deny the shocking ensuing effects of antibiotics and the emerging antibiotics resistance and to hide both of it from the general public. Male homosexuals and other members of risk groups were urged on the evidence of a sexually transmitted, lethal disease to practice less risky sexual behaviors.

According to the accepted paradigm, where infections were only to be treated by the administration of the right antibiotic against the hostile pathogen, many doctors sought a new super antibiotic after the onset of the AIDS crisis which they believed to have found in the form of AZT (and other nucleoside analogs) which were supplements from 1996 by protease inhibitors which could slow down inflammatory reactions by interfering with cell division (also of bacteria). What they do not accept to this day is that through uncontrolled administration of antibiotics, often without precise analysis of the pathogens in labs and through the non-application of probiotic, immune-supporting therapy after antibiotic administration every day new HIV-positives and AIDS patients were created and thus releasing an epidemic of the so-called HIV retrovirus throughout all corners of the world.

How far it is possible to successfully treat damage caused by antibiotic administration to the gut flora and gut mucosa and to other organs as well as infestation by parasites by means of probiotic administration, amino acids, trace elements and vegetable matter (A23) will be decisive for finding out whether AIDS-defining diseases can be successfully treated in the coming years. Provision of sufficient and healthy nutrition, clean water and a probiotic, immune system supporting therapy will represent a central challenge for medical institutions all over the world in the coming years.

That the complications and side effects associated with ART could be reduced by administration of immune system supportive substances was already confirmed in 2002 by a clinical study (A24). Although pharmaceutical companies like Roche and Squibb, thereupon published extensive brochures on supplementary treatment to ART with amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, they had only a little influence on actual treatment of those affected. As health insurance companies do not reimburse patients for such substances – they have to pay for them out of their own pockets, they are not prescribed by doctors – in sharp contrast to ART therapy which including laboratory costs more than 20,000 Euros per patient per year. It will be interesting to see whether this will be the case in the future after the latest insights from AIDS research.

Felix de Fries

Attachments: AIDS and the Mitochondria: http://ummafrapp.de/skandal/felix/mitochond/AIDS_and_the_mitochondria.pdf
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HIV Test Fraud Liberation Day

by Liam Scheff
for the Robert Scott Bell Show and Natural News

It may come as a shock to realize that if everyone in the world who was supposed to be HIV positive, suddenly no longer cared about this designation, and returned the diagnosis and red ribbon to the doctor or clinician who gave it to them, that no further infections would occur, no HIV would be spread, and the entire notion of this virus would disappear entirely. What would be left in this scenario is not a world plagued by HIV infection, but a world in which many people are ill for many reasons: Poverty, pharmaceutical poisoning, street drug abuse, toxic environmental poisoning, pure starvation, filthy parasite-ridden water and fear. A fear promulgated and propagated by the AIDS medical front.

We on the Robert Scott Bell Show are proud to present a new video documentary release from the “House of Numbers” special edition film series – “HIV Testing Exposed, Revealed and Deconstructed.”

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OajiyoWmKiE
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/32537863

What are HIV tests? What do they do?

They are protein tests – they look for reactions between proteins in the test kits, and proteins in your blood.

But where do the proteins come from? The answer will astound, and possibly liberate you, and anyone you know who has ever been given one of these fraudulent tests.

In the course of two hours, we hear from AIDS industry and medical experts, who in their own words reveal in no uncertain terms that HIV tests are a complete and utter fraud – a game of three-card-monty, that overlay a cult-like belief system, a myth – the myth that AIDS is a transmissible sex disease.

AIDS – acquired immune deficiency – is real enough, and easy to ‘acquire’ through many means – through drug, pharma, water, food poisoning; through prolonged intoxication with chemicals, or restriction of essential nutrients.

But while immune deficiency is quite real, HIV is entirely fake. Does this statement surprise you? Shock you? In the course of two hours, investigative journalist Liam Scheff, and host Robert Scott Bell will walk you through the experts on parade, as they tell you, in their own words, how the HIV test was constructed out of entirely normal proteins, that occur in both sick and healthy people. These proteins were supposed to come from one virus – but they come from a witch’s brew of cultured, contaminated cell lines in government laboratories, which had been growing for most of the 1970s. They were useless proteins looking for an illness to attach themselves to. Why? To keep the funding going.

The CDC was saved from destitution by the invention of the “HIV” paradigm. The World Health Organization has grown into a world policing, economic weapon of war, in light of their ability to ruin nations with make-believe “HIV” tests, (and the SARS, Bird and Swine flu tests that followed suit). Much of the ‘third world’ has been made into pharma slave states, because we have been given this profoundly effective myth: That sex is dangerous for some people, and so they must be tested.

But what are we testing them with, and what for?

You will hear Hans Gelderblom, electron microscopist, admit on camera that what became HIV tests, was from the beginning, “Eighty Percent Dirt.” You will hear Ph.D. researchers describe the invention (by fiat, and consensus agreement) of “HIV proteins,” out of normally-occuring cellular proteins. And you will hear the high priests of “HIV,” Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier and their peers, describe HIV tests as entirely flawed Rube Goldberg devices – one leading to another, leading to another, all in an attempt to create an overwhelming conclusion that a dozen useless tests must be more meaningful than just one.

When they know the truth: A dozen times a fraud is an even more profound fraud – and this fraud is now being perpetrated against Africans, Indians, Chinese, Eastern and Western Europeans, South and North Americans, and citizens worldwide, with entirely disgraced ‘rapid tests,’ now used in vans and at folding tables in parking lots, to grab the poorly-educated and hurl them into the pharmaceutical maw.

On World AIDS Day, we at the Robert Scott Bell show declare a worldwide moratorium on HIV testing — you can now download this show, and the House of Numbers exclusive HIV testing video, walk it into your clinician, your doctor, your school, workplace, your CEO or C.O.’s office; bring it to social studies, science and math classes, discourse and debate clubs; post them on your webpage and blogs, burn them onto CDs and MP3 players, and spread the word.

Turn in your HIV test result. Return it to the manufacturer. After all, they’ll tell you in the fine print that it is a ‘diagnosis’ with no value at all. And begin to reclaim your life, sanity, and your sexual identity – it is not the government’s right or responsibility to decide for you how you shall choose a partner, nor how you shall be drugged.

Take this information, and spread the well-described and understood reality of HIV testing: It is an absolute, irredeemable  fraud. And if you are ill, and have any kind of immune deficiency, your challenge is to slowly but concretely educate yourself about the illnesses that plague us in our modern world. Illnesses of toxic exposure, from denatured and chemically altered food, polluted water and air, and chronic exposure to gut-rending pharmaceuticals.

We on the Robert Scott Bell show will continue to talk about how to recover from immune deficiency. It is a challenge for all of us. What we need to do for the innocent victims of the HIV test fraud, is to NULLIFY that false label, and let them have the mental space and sanity to pursue health without being chased by the pharma nightmare that is daily inflicted upon so-called “AIDS patients.”

This is going to be a two hours like no other we’ve done. We will plumb the depths of the HIV testing fraud, and let the mainstream, in their own words, describe it to you, and release you from it.

Join us today at 12pm EST, and then downloadable for your MP3 player, on NaturalNewsRadio.com for World HIV Fraud Day.

And spread the word, by sharing the broadcast and the “House of Numbers” documentary with everyone you know, at every level of professional life in your town, village or burg, wherever you live in the world.

Join us to listen, and later click on the Robert Scott Bell archives link for the show download.

And remember – the power to heal truly is yours. And the power to turn in your HIV diagnosis, belongs to you, today.