Official Stories Now On Kindle and PC

“Official Stories,” the ground-breaking book by ‘investigative comedian’ Liam Scheff, is now available on Amazon’s worldwide Kindle platform for $9.99 US.

Please share this brain-stretching, mind-popping book which gracefully and wittily dismantles the great lies of our time – from U.S. history and Smedley Butler, to CIA, JFK and 9/11, to Vaccination and HIV, to Shakespeare, Darwin and the Big Bang – “Official Stories” leaves no stone unturned and no side un-pinched.

The book is optimized for Kindle and your computer with a hyper-lined Table of Contents and Chapter Notes section, and a revised copy-edit to make reading on the go a pleasure.


And don’t forget the paper-back edition for sitting by the fire, or the digital simulated fire, if that’s what’s going on at your house. (I hope not, but it’s a strange world.)


Thank you for your kind support and fantastic reviews over the last 10 months since publication. I’m happy to be making this excellent and unique book available to more people, more easily, and I hope you’ll spread the word.


Liam Scheff

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2 thoughts on “Official Stories Now On Kindle and PC

  1. I bought this book for my iPad, best ten bucks I ever spent (no really!). Awesome read, informative and funny.

    Thanks for putting it on kindle, makes it easier for those of us in far away places to purchase..


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