Nutrition Essentials for AIDS Dissidents (and Everyone)

Asking and Answering the Question: What’s Wrong with AIDS Dissidence?

by Liam Scheff

AIDS critics have made a thousand valid criticisms of the mainstream medical approach to AIDS. A summary might go something like this:

1. AIDS in the ‘third world’ is a brand name for poverty and lack of basic sanitation, food and nutrition resources and protection from pathogenic illnesses (malaria, TB, sepsis, dysentery).

2. HIV is not a single particle but a collection of what appear to be HERVs and loose proteins;

3. HIV tests, which are derived from loose proteins found in both AIDS and non-AIDS patients, test for no one thing, and seem to test for every disease known to humankind. They are unethical and should not be used to diagnose any specific illness.

4. These HERVs and proteins appear to be mostly lymphotropic (expressed in the lymph nodes), and are not a sexually-transmitted problem.

5. These HERVs and proteins do not deregulate, attack or ‘kill’ T-Cells (CD4), which is the only meaningful prediction of AIDS theory.

6. AIDS drugs are ‘Black-Box’ labeled chemotherapy drugs, which destroy bone marrow, white and red blood cells, body fat and protein structures, collagen and skin, and internal organs; they lead to death.

Given this list, it’s hard to see where AIDS critics have gone wrong. And yet, they have not managed to convince the public to ‘rethink AIDS,’ despite being correct in a majority of their negative predictions and their critical analysis of the AIDS industry. Reasons for this failure go to the fact that AIDS, as it is understood, is a religion, and not a science. AIDS functions at the level of a conserved religious belief, impervious to falsification, closely mirroring old and even ancient Biblical and tribal prohibitions and values.

AIDS critics, often self-labeled ‘dissidents,’ have also had some stunning losses of people in their ranks who claimed to be ‘perfectly healthy’ despite being HIV positive, who then died suddenly or unexpectedly. There are many mitigating factors in health, and no person holds the key to total understanding. But I would like to ask this question:

Is there something that ‘dissidents’ do that causes ill health?

I have observed dissidence and dissidents, and long ago came up with this answer: Yes, there is something both dissidence and dissidents do, or fail to do, that causes and contributes to ill health. In sum, dissidence, as a practice, is a negative attack method. It is a railing against an authority with an effort to destroy the authority, reject it, or otherwise dismantle it, but to put nothing in its place.

AIDS dissidence, in my opinion, has often failed because it does not offer a method of treatment or healing for the people with immune deficiency who are now called ‘AIDS patients.’ AIDS dissidence tends to hold the line that what people have to do is to reject a dogma, and then they will be saved. Rejecting a dogma means that they disbelieve HIV tests, reject the AIDS label, and reject AIDS drugs.

While there are very good reasons for rejecting HIV tests and AIDS drugs, it is harder to reject a label of illness, when illness is real. AIDS is immune deficiency,  and it is real for millions of people around the world. It is not a sexually-transmitted problem (unless you consider poverty and drug abuse ‘sexually-transmitted’), and it is not a virally-transmitted problem with a final, one-size-fits-all prognosis. It is a highly-treatable, often recoverable set of conditions – but these conditions are often quite real and quite troubling.

Candida, or yeast and fungal overgrowth, is a primary illness in many people suffering Immune Deficiency disorder. Many people come to this through an immune system weakened by long-term pharmaceutical or illicit drug use. Many more through endemic poverty and deficiency. Many more through other toxic exposures and chronic debilitating stress.

There are many remedies to these conditions, but they require focus, attention to lifestyle and dietary change, including supplementation of essential anti-fungal and probiotic nutrients, and essential amino and fatty acids, plus clean water. AIDS dissidence has not, by and large, made any use of these therapies, and has instead banged on for decades now, about the failure of AIDS research.

While I agree that AIDS research is deeply riddled by fraud and corruption, I see a need in dissidence for a health regimen, for solutions offered to AIDS patients. This site,, was founded with that in mind. And on that note, I would like to introduce a few concepts that I hope we can build in the coming months and years.

Oprah’s RTB’s Book Club.

Every movement has their Bible. We need a good book on nutrition, and fortunately one exists:

Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford (at

Please get this book. I consider it to be a non-optional book for all people concerned about the AIDS diagnosis, and who want to better understand how to use their kitchens to come to better personal health.

I have been using it for 20 years, have lent it, given it to, bought it for many friends and family members. It is not a cult, or a single-pointed practice. It is a great resource for understanding many foods and their effect in the body, as well as different cooking methods and their effect. It is essential, and if you don’t have it, please buy it. You can get used copies or older editions at a discount, which will work just fine.

Preparation Counts

The approach in the book is an integrated East/West analysis of many individual foods, how they work in the body, how to prepare them for different conditions and the effects of different preparation styles. Questions of food preparation and style of cooking are never asked in Western medicine in reference to health, but they are essential. For instance, grain prepared as crusty, hard bread will have a different short and long-term effect on the body than grain prepared in a soup.

A dried, hard crusty bread will require a great deal of liquid be donated by the body in the digestion process. The blackened or carbonized grains are carcinogenic, the hardened, deeply browned grains are hardly digestible. If the bread uses white flour, almost all nutrients, with the exception of carbohydrates and some proteins, have been removed. If the bread is whole grain, the nutrients are there but the presentation – highly glutenized and baked – is harder to access in digestion, and may pass through the system.  On the other hand, a boiled/water cooked grain is more digestible, imparts moisture into the body (rather than reducing it), and is easily assimilable.

Whole integral grain (brown rice, whole wheat berries, rye, millet, oats) will have a different effect on the body than a highly milled version (white rice, bleached wheat, etc). In the first case, essential nutrients and fatty acids will be present. In the second, they will be absent. The loss of selenium and fatty acids causes illness. The presence of these nutrients prevents and reverses illness. There is a difference.

You’re All Wet (So Stay that Way)

Diet matters, and food preparation matters. Our bodies are mostly warm, salty water. A large percentage of the food we eat should be in the form of stews and dals (bean and grain porridges), hot soups and broths. In this way, our food keeps us hydrated, and we don’t thirst for so much water or sugary drink between meals. It is always helpful to start a meal with soup –  hot, salty water with a few herbs, spices or vegetables. This opens our digestive passages, gets us producing enzymes, and gets us breathing. Our salt should be sea salt, or complexly mineralized salt. Seaweed should be in the diet as a regular food, for the trace minerals and nutrients it provides.

Meat should be eaten with consideration, not as a regular food, and I strongly favor animals that are much lower on the food chain, such as smaller cold-water fish (as opposed to large deep-water fish). I favor plant proteins from lentils, peas, beans, soy and grain for the majority of amino acids. They are easier to digest, and contain less of a toxic load of accumulated pesticides, deleterious fats, antibiotics and animal hormones, which do have an effect on our system.

It is Winter, So Why are You Eating Ice Cream?

We have gotten used to being out of balance – or really, totally disconnected – from the seasons and natural growth cycles. We fill our bodies with cold liquid and wonder why we feel sluggish and ill. We stuff ourselves with bagged, popped or puffed refined carbohydrates, and wonder why we are at once overweight, but lacking in energy. Eating seasonally will change the way you related to your body and surroundings, and will put you in contact with a deeper sense of understanding of your body and its needs.

Foods to eat are foods that grow and survive the season. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are the key indicator to what’s good to eat. Bitter greens grow in the spring like weeds, and are good for cleaning out winter excess. Summer greens are sweeter and more nourishing, and will help cool your body in hot months. Fall gourds and onions take a lot of cooking, and contain a great deal of stored energy for autumn and winter.

Fruit is a summer food that we’ve taken to eating all year round. We have to moderate fruit, and especially tropical fruit consumption to be in tune with our local environment. Apples don’t grow in December in Maine, but they will keep in a root cellar, or as dried fruit. Carrots and gourds can survive all winter this way, so they’re good to be purchased year-round.

Vegetables are sources of all essential vitamins and minerals, and should be consumed regularly. Dark greens, parsley, kale, collards; dark roots, beets, carrots, and pungent vegetables, onions, ginger, are all regular use vegetables, and provide beta-carotenes, B-vitamins of all sorts, iron, a lot of calcium, magnesium and a host of other nutrients now known to improve or increase healing from illness.

Dried grains and beans, herbs and moderate spices are available year-round, and form the basis for a thousand good meals. Whole grain pasta with olive oil and greens is a great spring or summer meal. Long cooked wheat berries with chick peas and onions is a winter meal that will strengthen your blood and keep your muscles warm. Cooking seasonally is something to practice and emphasize in a healing regimen.

Foods to Avoid

Not everything is created equal, and foods created since the Industrial Revolution have shown us that better living is not necessarily done through chemistry. The major culprits are altered fats, white flour, and sugar.

Fats are essential nutrients; they make cells, they give us energy, they lubricate our system and coat our nerves. We are made of proteins and fats. If you do not have a good source of fats, you will have many illnesses, and many which effect skin, as well as energy and immunity levels.

Good fats come from naturally-occurring sources that are cold-pressed and chemically un-altered and untreated. These include extra virgin olive oil, which should be a light green color, sesame oil or toasted sesame oil, cold-pressed flax seed oil, or a mixed high-quality, high-nutrient oil like “Udo’s Oil,” which uses flax, hempseed, sesame, coconut and other nutrient-dense oils in combination.

Bad oils are those which have been pressed ‘hot,’ (heated during pressing), which come from pesticide-treated seeds or grains, and especially those which have been “hydrogenated” or “partially-hydrogenated” to make them solid or semi-solid. Most yellow oils in plastic bottles sold in the grocery store are oils of very low quality, which are highly oxidized and not fit for healthy consumption. Choose your oils with care.

Heating oils to deep-frying temperatures will turn even good oil into a bad one, by altering its chemical bonds. Avoid deep-fried foods, meats, chips and sweets, if health is a concern. Most oils should be added to food after or near the end of cooking, for their nutritional value, and not to fry the food.

The Drugs in your Pantry: White Flours and Grains and White Sugar/Brown Sugar

All rice begins as brown rice, just as all wheat begins as whole wheat. White rice is brown rice that’s had its nutrient layer scrubbed off mechanically. Someone had the idea that ‘refining’ grains would lead to a more ‘refined’ and cultured sensibility, and somehow, most of western humanity has been eating ‘scrubbed,’ nutrient-deficient grain ever since.

Whole grains contain B-vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that keep your cells and nervous system in good shape. Scrubbed and stripped grains offer you none of this, and thus require it to be borrowed from your body. A body deficient in B-vitamins and fatty acids develops physical and neurological diseases. A body with these nutrients is resistant to these diseases. Stick with the whole grains of good quality, and prepare them yourself, at home for best health.

Sugar is a molecule derived from a 99% refining process from sugar-cane or sugar-beets. There exists a database of studies about the damage done by refined sugar that you can find in print or on the web. From obesity, diabetes, cancer, mental illness and behavioral disorders, to skin, gum and hair disorders and major and minor digestive ailments, refined white sugar can exacerbate and even cause major chronic illness.

Refined sugar is addictive; it is a habit that demands to be fed regular and increasing amounts to maintain mood and energy levels. If you are addicted to sugar, then you will know it to be a drug that is hard to quit. In order to quit, you will need to upgrade the quality of the food that you eat, choosing less refined sources of food, until you arrive at a place of eating whole, integral foods and grains. Getting from one to the other is a challenging process, but it is essential to do, and one that you must undertake mindfully, and with commitment and focus.

Sugar is a food that robs your body of B-vitamins, creates an acid internal environment, feeds bacteria, fungi and yeasts, causes harmful bacterial and fungal overgrowth, candida, sore throats, bodily fungus, and depletes immunity, focus, cell integrity, and reduces your ability to absorb nutrients. It is a drug you must quit, and replace with sources of sweet things that are naturally-occuring, that are eaten much more rarely than we have been trained to eat sweets in the West.

Alcoholic beverages function similarly to sugar in many ways, but contain an absolute poison in the form of alcohol itself. Alcoholic beverages that are naturally-fermented and not mass produced can be enjoyed by persons in good health, in moderation. But if you are in health crisis, avoid this toxin.

Building on a Good Foundation

Soft ground becomes mud in the rain, and bricks placed on top will sink down into it. That is, if you want to build a strong, stable house, you’ve got to start with a good foundation. The dietary practices briefly outlined above, and in “Healing with Whole Foods,” will help you build that foundation. But you still will need to supplement even the best diet with specific nutrients that are difficult to get by diet alone. This is especially true in certain environments, or as a result of increased need because of serious illness. The most important nutrient of this kind is a natural-source Vitamin C.

This acid is not produced in the human body, but it essential and absolutely required for the building of collagen, which comprises our skin and connective tissue. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it cleans the rot out of your system, and it is an anti-cancer molecule. Food sources of vitamin C include sour berries and citrus fruits, and locally grown versions of these should be on your regular menu.

Good Vitamin supplements are always food-sourced, and not the synthetic, compressed rancid-smelling multi-vitamins sold by major manufacturers. RTB will cover supplementation in greater depth in upcoming articles. You can read more in the links that follow, so…

Stay Tuned, and Read On…

RTB will be covering health and healing more as a regular feature. For further reading, I strongly urge you to pick up a used or new copy of Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods, which deserves to be as much of a ‘dissident Bible’ as any dissident literature. I will also refer you to Tony Lance’s article on Intestinal Dysbiosis (a bad intestine due to toxic exposure that allows fungal overgrowth and prevents nutrient absorption); and also Cal Crilly’s articles on reversing cancer and AIDS with nutrients; Jonathan Campbell’s supplement regimens for reversing serious bacterial and fungal overgrowth in AIDS and Candida-suffering patients. Finally, please read Roberto Giraldo’s data-rich article of studies exemplifying nutritional treatment of AIDS.

And here are two web resources to explore basic macrobiotics as an approach to food selection, preparation, cooking and health:

In sum, the clock has turned, it’s past midnight, and a new day is dawning; those dissenting from the standard AIDS model have to do more than be “right” about the mainstream being “wrong.” We have to do better, and know more about health, so we can be a boon to our friends who are given the diagnosis, and who want a way out.

Kind regards,

Liam Scheff

12 thoughts on “Nutrition Essentials for AIDS Dissidents (and Everyone)

  1. What an excellent intro to an essential aspect of being healthier.

    You do make it sound simple. If learning new ways of eating isn’t difficult, why do so many of us struggle with keeping this information before us?

    Personally, I found it easier to quit smoking than to stay true to reasonable dietary guidelines like these, which are not new to me.

    One thing that helps is to be frequently reminded of how important–and how easy it really is.

    Thanks, Liam.

  2. Great post Liam. Thanks.

    I’ve heard great things about Paul Yaeger’s e-book “Immune.” He writes that he had full-blown AIDS and became well by altering his diet. I haven’t read it (yet) but it fits in this discussion.

  3. I don’t have HIV or AIDS but am disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and then also developed Lyme Disease. I recently did a Kryptopyrrol (KPU) test, which can pinpoint specific nutritional defficiencies caused by a chronic infection etc. My numbers showed my immune system isn’t working and neither are my detox systems. Dr. Klinghardt has a protocol to address this, which includes high levels of zinc, B6 (+ the P5P form), Biotin and a few other nutrients. After a few months on this protocol, the immune system starts to work again and the body starts to dump toxins. It is recommended to monitor copper levels while on this protocol.
    I wonder if this protocol could help those with HIV/AIDS as well? Just Google Klinghardt KPU for more info.

  4. I nearly died end of 2007. (“diagnosed” early 2002). At the last minute a dietitian suggested I might be “Gluten Intolerant”. The dietary changes saved my life – without question. Dramatic recovery literally started “overnight”. It’s taken 3 years of excruciatingly slow progress as I had NO ONE to help inform me how to use foods/nutrician to heal – and had to learn myself through trial and error. Worked on this 24/7 for 3 years. Went off all HIV medications this past December – another dramatic leap in health resulted. Very lucky my foods helped me make it through the “detox-tunnel”. Followed my intuition around foods and made it! I’m now healthy, can walk again, have my natural cognition back – EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING in this article maps DIRECTLY to all the discoveries of dietary clues and keys – that I had to make through trial and error over the last 3 years. EVERYTHING in this article VALIDATES my findings (and therefore – I would think – my EXPERIENCE validates YOURS!). Makes me wonder too, if the gluten intolerance notion is another area of big clues for this condition of the gut that can cause one to test “positive”. THANK YOU for your work in this area. I will be working to pass on this information in whatever way I can. THANK YOU!! (you may contact me)

  5. PS. I went rock climbing yesterday – if that tells you anything! (I was completely disabled. Wheelchair, in bed all of 2007, lost all physical and mental capacity. I was a mess! Only 6 months ago was still only walking short distances with 2 canes(!)) IT HAS WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Perfect. I just joined questioning aids with the inquiring as to this very topic.

    Thank you. I’ll begin by getting the book recommended.

  7. Nutritional science is about in the same shape as AIDS science. Nutritional studies fail to take into account the agricultural and pedological factors producing the food. Agricultural science justifies its practices by denying that food varies significantly in nutritional value. It sounds good when you say that because there are more people on the planet you need higher yields of food per acre. It doesn’t sound quite so good when you come to understand that the higher yields per acre are obtained at the expense of the total nutritional value per acre.
    A quote from the soil scientist, William Albrecht, whose papers I have studied, “It’s not the overpowering invader we must fear, but the weakened condition of the victim.”
    Gary Wilson

  8. Some people practicing raw vegan diet believe that food
    is cooked to not contain a balance of micronutrients. In this
    case ultrasonication is often more effective when combined with other
    anti-microbial methods, such as:. People who engage
    in a daily regimen of drinking three to six ounces of Nopalea Juice say they
    have more energy and generally feel better overall.

  9. Most of the AIDS dissidents only believe in criticising the establishment for the wrong approach in fighting the scourge of AIDS.

    The dissidents have wrongly overlooked the great importance that a correct diet can play in preventing and controlling the symptoms of AIDS.

    Nutritionists have an important role to play in helping the persons who are suffering from AIDS.

  10. I am 71 years old. I have not taken any allopathic or non-allopathic drugs to treat myseif for any disease in the last 46 years. I have been using only suitable combinations of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for curing and controlling the symptoms of any diseases that affect me.

    I have used Nutrition Therapy even for controlling the symptoms of AIDS that have been affectng me for about 30 years.

    The most important fact is that I have survived till my present age of more than 71 years with the help of Nutrition Therapy and also have avoided the use of ALL types of drugs. I hope to live some more years in reasonably good health.

    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

  11. The theory that a retrovirus like the so-called HIV causes AIDS is based on total fraud. The theory is against the very basis of Allopathy and its principles. The pseudo-scientists propagating the theory that HIV causes AIDS are the worst fraudsters who are pretending to be great scientists. They are many times worse than the peddlars and smugglers of narcotic drugs.
    How can the peddlars of extremely toxic Anti-Retro-Viral drugs (ARVs) claim that the presence of antibodies in AIDS patients prove the progression and worseniing of the “disease”, which is actually a syndrome that cannot be caused by any single type of virus. It can never be caused by any retrovirus.
    The presence of antibodies indicates the body’s response to fight the disease. How can any smart guys use the ARVs to destroy the very antibodies that are fighting the disease?
    The extremely toxic ARVs can only make the patients more sick and to die many years earlier. The promoters of the HIV theory have perverted Allopathy and made it stand on its head. They are only going to destroy Allopathy and bury it very soon.
    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

  12. The AIDS 2014 Conference that ended on 25 July in Melbourne was a massive flop. There was no announcement of any effective cure or any effective vaccine for AIDS.

    Even by using celebrities like US ex-President Bill Clinton as publicity stunts, the organisers were not able to attract more people. The number of delegates were only 12,000, which was a drastic decline from the 22,000 delegates in Vienna four years back. There has been a rapid decline in the number of supporters for the HIV causes AIDS theory.

    By acknowledging the deaths of 36 million people due to AIDS in 30 years, the medical scientists have admitted their massive failure in saving all those people who had died young. They have now declared that they MUST get 16 years MORE to find a definite cure. Only by 2030, they HOPE to eradicate the AIDS pandemic from the world.

    Actually, the HIV believers do not even know all the real causes of AIDS. So how could they have found any cure for AIDS even in 30 years?

    Millions of people have been mentally tortured with the bogus HIV tests and also chemically tortured with the administration of extremely toxic ARV drugs by ignorant pretenders.

    The AIDS dissidents have a golden chance to expose the false propaganda and empty promises of the HIV theorists. The AIDS dissidents can unitedly launch massive counter-attacks against all those who have been propagating the theory that HIV causes AIDS.

    Ashok T Jaisinghani.

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