Listen Up – Health Care Freedom Will Be Gone Before You Know It! Listen and Act NOW.

by Liam Scheff

Listen to the broadcast  – Robert Scott Bell on Obama, Reed and Pelosi (and big Pharma’s) buyout and criminalization of your right to treat yourself  with natural medicine: Part One | Part Two.

Wake up my fellow Americans, and listen: Unless you are a drug-addicted pharma zombie, “Health Care Reform” is going to leave you in the dust, and make you a criminal in your own home for using tea and ginger for treating your colds and allergies. If you think this is an exaggeration, tune into the state of socialist medicine in France, which has made it illegal to grow and use common medicinal herbs in your vegetable garden!

Pay attention to the words behind the flash coming out of Obama’s press machine. Don’t be diverted or overwhelmed by the clanging sturm und drang of the Dem’s push to get ‘reform’ down your throats before they lose this year’s Congress (because that’s what it’s all about – for them, it’s just a way to convince themselves that they won’t be losing in 2010 and 2012).

Listen and listen again to Robert Scott Bell’s brief but absolutely true talk on the sweeping socialist medical ‘reform’ (straightjacket) that the Pharma-crats are pushing your way.

If you love your pharma drugs, all the better for you – but if the day comes when you don’t want that mandatory injection for the pandemic scare that turns out to be a sham, fraud or “over-estimation,” then listen up, and call, call and call, email and email your State Senator and Congressperson and tell them: “NO on the so-called Public Option.”

When San Francisco Representative Nancy Pelosi can tell the entire country that they can be put into PRISON for not buying in to a STATE MANDATED system, one that forbids, excises and precludes any use of natural care, vitamins, nutrition, or self-directed health care – then we’ve heard the bell toll.

Listen up. Get moving. No on this damnable, execrable nonsense. We’ve got bigger issues to attend to nationally. Pretending to fix healthcare is no substitute for actually addressing pharmaceutical and medical corruption, which are rife and rampan; indecision and corruption in immigration policy; massive fraud in banking and on Wall Street, and the now endemic illness that is our over-reaching federal Government.


Listen to the broadcast – Part One.

Part Two.

3 thoughts on “Listen Up – Health Care Freedom Will Be Gone Before You Know It! Listen and Act NOW.

  1. It’s great to see you speaking out! Very rare for people to take on this prickly divisive subject head on! And thanks too for linking to my article. See also this more recent article on the same subject: “And Outside of the Left or Right Healthcare Systems?” – Questions about the NHS, the alternatives, the lack of alternatives, and other burning questions…that may remain unanswered…
    There is a constant push and shove going on in France, with bans being muscled in, pushed back out by the activists, then slithering back again, a constant exhausting battle where the natural health activists, patients and parents mostly end up losing; like the small natural seeds association Kokopelli who were attacked by Monsanto (supported by Codex Alimentarius) for ‘unfair competition’ and who have consequently had to urge people to grow those darned illegal seeds in their gardens as often as they can in order to protect natural seeds and traditional biodiversity. We have had to become criminals.
    As for alt med, the bottom line is that genuine alternative practitioners tend to live in fear of being singled out and used as an example, most practise in a grey area of semi or total illegality and the new associations coming in to protect them sadly end up serving the interests of the establishment sooner or later. For example, my massage therapist was practising illegally for years, both massage and yoga. She got threatened by the Ordre de Medecins for being a guru of an illegal sect for her yoga classes a few years back. But there has been a type of progress, albeit temporary in my, and her opinion. Associations have been created to protect the practise and teaching of yoga and massage for example, but in order to stay in those assocations you usually have to attend yearly retraining schemes that are financially prohibitive to most practitioners, making it tempting to return to illegality. The only ‘natural health practitioners’ who can do so without a worry in the world are the mainstream medicine GPs who would never dream of offering anything even vaguely alternative or natural for anything other than ‘stress’.

  2. How deep is the pharmaceutical rabbit-hole? Listen to my podcast interviews with investigative journalist Jon Rappoport:

    1) In this exclusive podcast interview, we reveal the depths of the danger and why Nancy Pelosi thinks it fair to imprison Americans who refuse to participate. Liberty’s end?

    2)Robert Scott Bell talks with investigative reporter Jon Rappoport about the THE SMOKING GUN at the congested heart of the American medical system:

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