How to Scare the Bleep Out of the American People – Lessons from the AIDS Industry – A House of Numbers Exclusive

In this exclusive clip from House of Numbers, amFAR* founder, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend talks about his split with the group over their “scam” of the American public – the invention of “Heterosexual AIDS.”

(* amFAR – the American Foundation for AIDS research. Their happy slogan is “40 million infected, none cured.” They don’t mention that “infected” really means “HIV positive,” which, after examining HIV testing technology and practice, practically means nothing, except “living in poverty.”)

And Dr. James Redfield, Director Clinical Care and Research, Institute of Human Virology, lets us in on the early public relations decision that framed “AIDS” as an equal-opportunity sex disease in the mind of the generally uninterested, easily-frightened, happy-to-be-manipulated American public – and now in the world at large.

Watch and weep – and learn.

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Director Brent Leung: Did you leave amFAR or did you [and Mathilde Krim, the then assistant director] have  a falling out?

Jospeh Sonnabend (co-founder amFAR): Well, I left and then we had a falling out. And the reason I left was that I thought it was my show. And then one day I came to the office and it was one of the networks who had received a press release from us. (And first of all, I was amazed that anything came from us without me knowing about it).

And the press release said that ‘heterosexual AIDS is about to happen’ and that straight men are gonna drop in droves, and I said something like, “That’s bullshit, where did you get that from?” And then I went to Terry Beirn, (that was the publicist I hired who was in the room). And I said, “What the hell is going on?” And he said, “Oh, yeah, we’ve been working on this.”

They never told me! And it was a total fraud and scam. It was  a fund-raising ploy, but so efficient that it resulted in a Time, a Life magazine cover, which said “No one is safe from AIDS.” And Reader’s Digest – and they know how to do this things – put stories all over the place.

And I called Mathlide [Krim] and I said, “What the hell are you doing? You don’t have any evidence that this is happening! And you’re going to freak out straight guys!” And I’m going to have to take whatever… and indeed I did – I remember a man calling me and said he was with a prostitute three months before. “My daughter drank out of the same glass as me, is she going to be alright?”

I mean, things like that started to happen. And then, I said, “The next thing you’re going to do is to cause violence against gay men.” Because…the only…there were drug addicts and things.. but there were a sub-section of gay men who you could look at and say, they’re gay, and, you know, just a sub-section – and they would be the targets of violence.  And I said “that’s what’s going to happen.” And it did happen.

And I said, I can’t be associated with this…I have no control…this is a terrible thing to be doing. And then I had a falling out with her. I was really pissed off, really, I thought it was terrible.

Joseph Sonnabend: Interestingly enough, years later I had a meeting with them over some other issue, and Terry Burn, we reminisced over this; would have been four or five years later. And he said, you know, “if we had to do it again, I’d do it again.”

Because once he put out this scare, the money started to flow, when he did. And all of a sudden, AIDS was a very fundable project. And I suppose the psychology they worked on was the fact that they thought, ‘well, in Congress, essentially these white, straight, heterosexual men, you know, congressmen, and If they feel they can’t fuck around without being worried about AIDS, then they’re going to let the dollars out.’

And it worked.

Director Brent Leung: Isn’t that ethically wrong, to scare an entire population?

Joseph Sonnabend: What do you think? Listen, you live in this world, you know that’s exactly what they do!

New speaker:

Robert Redfield, MD
Director Clinical Care and Research
Institute of Human Virology

Dr. Redfield: At the first AIDS meeting, Life magazine decided to do a cover story. And I think if you remember, I have a copy of it. But it was the first major magazine to do a story on AIDS. Life Magazine. And Ed Barnes, if I remember, was the author. And I worked with Ed, because I really thought Ed was going to do a good magazine.

And the title of the magazine was going to be “The new faces of AIDS.” [showing magazine to camera] These are my patients…a number of…this gentleman, and this family, I actually started a foundation with. And this young girl is from GW.

But this whole thing was not supposed to be, “Now no one is safe from AIDS.” It was supposed to be “The new faces of AIDS” – a soldier, a family a woman. That was the purpose. So this article didn’t do what I wanted it to do at all! I was very angry.

Apparently, and I don’t know much about this, they market the covers of magazines in different areas. And the cover  “The new faces of AIDS,” didn’t do as well as the cover “No one is safe from AIDS.”

So now this new article which is supposed to get people to embrace the AIDS epidemic and all its new faces – most people never even read the article. They just saw the cover. “No one’s safe from AIDS.”

Different message.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also in the video, see researcher Mark Conlan discuss the 1996 Wall Street Journal article which exposed the fraud: “AIDS Fight is Skewed by Federal Campaign Exaggerating Risks.” Journalist Celia Farber discusses the public relations motive of the AIDS industry.

– August 2000, Mathilde Krim awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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2 thoughts on “How to Scare the Bleep Out of the American People – Lessons from the AIDS Industry – A House of Numbers Exclusive

  1. Very compelling and worth listening to …but where does it leave us now.. Our local mag says HIV is not the issue in Ireland anymore – its Chlamydia. “infections’ up by 1300% ………….. The front cover depicts a Terence Higgins Trust image telling young people to Take the test for HIV – “Treatments have never been Safer”. I went to hospital walking – talked into going back on treatment – , I left hospital three months later,unable to walk. I couldnt lift a teapot or climb a stairs.My lymph system went out of control requiring surgery, blood transfusions,I collapsed with dangerously low blood pressure but was sent to ‘physio’ to cycle a bicycle for 10 mins- 4km even though I had to be brought there by wheelchair. I went downhill after , still vomiting medications , hourly basis for three months in hospital, switched from one drug to another , some misapplied – I was swallowing a noxious liquid that was supposed to be intravenous , my weight plummeted and I weighed 39k . All my hair fell out. The skin burned off my feet from fevers. It flaked off my whole body in layers. I am ‘recovering’ now from “Full Blown AIDS” and one year on have been asked to run a marathon for local limited company people still refer to as a charity. I provide my own physio hit and miss, and have many days where I am too stiff to walk – all of my joints have been affected by what the medication did to me in those first months and continues to do , but my cd4 is 350 and my VL is negligble so hey – everything is great and chest pains are nothing to be worried about, noone else has had them , it s never been documented before etc etc etc . Another friend has died of a heart attack , his second. Three years before he died he told me it was his greatest worry and how a colleague had just died of same . They were both in 30’s . He was a prominent gay hiv activist and professional, newly married to his partner. If you say one word about these issues you are shot down as some kind of neurotic or troublemaker , in denial, in need of psychotherapy, you are bad news – crude simplistic dismissals . I dont blame the nursing staff as I found some sympathetic and worried but the arrogance of doctors and safe sex workers is depressing. Their lack of curiosity and their loyalty to a pay packet demeans people who have been labelled with this misnomer ‘HIV Positive’. However as they didnt dare penetrate the white middle classes with their testing campaigns you can t prove the emperor is wearing no clothes – fear and insecurity is stitched, patch by patch of meaningless propaganda, into the fabric of social consciousness, the not knowing for sure is the only finite.
    For those of us who must wear the dog tag , we are up against family family networks. We have children to protect from continual controversy so they get through teenage life and childhood unscarred, and sometimes it seems the ‘smarter’ thing to do is pretend you cant hear and stay on the bandwagon. After all = whats 20 years of medication paid for by a taxpayer. pills and safe sex campaigns instead of Sports Programs, Healthy Nutrition Programs , Community Gardener Growers Initiatives for Neighbourhoods living below the poverty line etc etc etc. It is a TAX. Pharma has placed a tax on our existence , and is reaping the benefits from a disease culture.

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