6 thoughts on “How HIV Causes AIDS – the Mainstream View – A House of Numbers Special – Redux!

  1. Still “being worked out”!!!! After 25 yrs, over 300,000 people systematically slaughtered, and 200 BILLION of my tax dollars!!! Your time has come to an end.
    The word is out, the gig is up, and people are beginning to pay attention.
    And by the way gentlemen, thank you for the priceless interviews you’ve provided for the film.

  2. If we haven’t been able to work out by now “how exactly HIV causes AIDS”, 25 years on, then why are we not exploring alternative hypotheses of AIDS causation? And why do those mainstream medicos and scientists insist in treating patients with dangerous meds that have not proven their efficacy?

    Other interests than healing the sick? Let’s hear it!

  3. Just ran across this one:


    The Brothers Flexner

    As the 20th century unfolded, three brothers, Abraham, Simon and Bernard Flexner played a sinister hand in shaping the outline of the next 100 years in the areas of medicine, politics and international intrigue. These brothers intensified the fire that was set to heat the cauldron from which arose the toxic brew known as HIV/AIDS…

    Some historical background to put this incredible “lightness” of professional views on HIV/Aids into perspective.

  4. Very nice, good overview by Dr Banks, including naming names.

    AIDS is a lynchpin of domestic and foreign corporate “mind control”, with the “economic hit men” of medicine never to be underestimated. They are, of course, very special, those shown above, cultivating the art of doublethink while accusing rationalist opponents of same.

    They are like what John Perkins – (must read is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) – WAS. He brilliantly illustrates the type of doublethink necessary to say, compose reports on IMF funded electricity development in South America while knowing that the masses of people won’t benefit from the proposed IMF loans.

    I still maintain the hope that Jay Levy will finally write such a book. It’s my belief that, like Perkins, he (or maybe Weiss) will confess his “eagerness to serve the corporatocracy and gratify my own appetites.”

    “I had craved the excitement and money that the profession offered. Like a fish seduced by a shiny lure flashing through the water, I had snatched it.” (The Secret History of the American Empire, John Perkins, pgs 103 and 105)

    It is within the insidious nature of modern medicine – these “shiny lures” – summed up in a godlike authority over the lives of ordinary human beings.

    Of course, it is such widespread public acceptance, never thinking twice about following “doctor’s orders”, that demonstrates how far down the “road to serfdom” America has traveled. Thanks to the corporatocracy, there’s a crucial “shortage” of self government in “the land of the free”.

  5. if they are not sure about the hiv virus kills cells and cause aids why are they so sure that the so called hiv virus cause aids when the Luc Montagnier’s paper does not even prove that hiv virus exists,25 years and $200 billion of the tax payer money has been used and waste into fraudulent experiences.STOP GENOCIDE PEOPLE WITH YOUR TOXIC DRUG THAT DOES CURE THE DISEASE INSTEAD CAUSE DISEASE ITSELF

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