How Are You Staying Healthy With Your Diagnosis?

RTB wants to know: What are you doing to stay healthy?

Drugs, micronutrients, clean-living, excercise, prayer, socialization, meditation, sex, yoga, writing, talking, reading, walking, thinking, fighting?

What has worked? What hasn’t?

What’s your trick to staying healthy?

Share your experience and your regimen…

4 thoughts on “How Are You Staying Healthy With Your Diagnosis?

  1. A lot of the things I do to improve my health are already named above, but here goes:

    Rethink how you define “health”. Instead of numbers on lab reports, consider how you feel. Learn to listen to your body.

    QUIT SMOKING. The single biggest change that improved my health.

    Find a good alternative practitioner to advise you on an elimination diet to identify food sensitivities. Dairy, sugar, processed foods are all candidates for suspicion.

    Initiate as many of the following as possible: acupuncture; meditation; yoga; resistance and aerobic exercise training (include walking, biking or swimming); neurofeedback; hypnosis. Find what your body responds to and practice it. If it doesn’t help you, let it go.

    Dietary and nutritional supplements, especially antioxidants, selenium, glutamine, NAC and ALA are important. They are not a substitute for eating a balanced diet of fresh foods.

    Pay special attention to your gut and intestinal health. Consider flushes, enemas and probiotics. Get help from a knowledgeable practitioner, if possible. Google “intestinal dysbiosis aids”.

    If taking ARVs, consider stopping them before your health declines. Be prepared for some withdrawal effects and don’t freak out when surrogate markers (VL and cd4 counts) jump or dive. That’s normal and natural. In my case they stabilized, though I no longer strive for “undetectable” because I don’t consider that number a measure of good health.

    Typically a list like this includes advise to find a sympathetic doctor who is open minded, but I’ve given up on that. Sorry. It may be a different situation in other areas. For the most part, we’re on our own and must rely on each other, imo.

    Learn as much as you can about what is not going on in your life and body. If you’re here, that’s a good sign you’re on the right path.

    (more information about my personal path on my blog)

  2. It’s not a coment rather a situation.
    tested 3 weeks ago with elisa and positive
    retested in lab with elisa and positive hiv
    with a result saying 151.3,is this a viral load or what?
    I live in a society where HIV is rejected and stigma is unbearable on all sides,ie family,work,friends.
    The psychological stress is intense and i fear the consequences might trigger a serious illness like cancer and wipe me off from the earth surface.
    If not isolated where these pictures of HIV come from?
    They show an RNA,envelope and all details.
    I’m new with this situation but i fear the stress will lead me to unsafe shores but in anyway it will not lead me to use toxic medicines.

    1. Hi Balango,

      Well, you should read about HIV tests and see what they are known to determine.

      You should read about pictures of HERVs (or HTLV-III) and see what you can see there.

      And you should ask yourself if any of these HERVs affect T-Cells at all.

      And you should look after your health as a real commitment, by looking at stress, diet, nutrition and all other factors.

      But, you’ve got a lot of reading to do, and I’ll assume you have the motivation to do it, given this damned unethical diagnosis. My sympathies are with you for that, but you’ve got to do the homework…

      Let us know how it goes.


  3. Here is my dilema:

    I live a pretty normal life, drink occasionaly, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs and just found out that I have HIV.

    I was tested to day and I could say nothing! Not a single sound. Didnt even cry!
    I know that is not healthy, I know that I’m still in shock and yes, I have learnt about Aids before and I have had workshops and all that. But now, it has hit home. I am the one with HIV, I am the one who is facing all of this, this is the only site I could turn to for help and a support system.

    I am afraid of this disease and now it is mine and cant run from it! I am faced with being HIV positive for the rest of my life! How do I tell my boyfriend? How do I look him in the eye and tell him that I have a virus? How do I look him in the eye and say I am carrying a disease and I might have infected him?

    How do I continue with everyday life after this?
    How do I look my mother in the eye and tell her that I am dying?

    How do I even?!!??!!

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