HIV Tests Stink! Ask Your Doctor All About It!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

HIV Tests STINK! They have no standards, come up positive in anybody whose got a runny nose anywhere on the planet, and they constitute the greatest medical fraud since…well, since ever. They’re it. The biggest boondoggle medicine has ever produced.

Now, for your enjoyment, a box of stickers to paste on your site, attach in emails, or print and hand to your local medical professionals.

Please see the links at the bottom of the image to direct the curious research-minded soul to further heights of ecstasy and passion. Er, research, I mean.

The images come in three sizes – a large 1400 px, a med 800 px, and a small 300 px. Use them freely wherever HIV tests are SOLD.

[Click ’em to see what size they are, and save the images you want to use to your computer. Collect ’em all!]

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