HIV-Negative Mice Test HIV Positive

From the study:

  • “Alloimmune mice (mice that have been exposed to cells from another murine [mouse] strain) were shown to make antibodies against gp 120 and p24 of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and mice of the autoimmune strains MRL-_tpr/lpr_ and MRL-+/+ made antibodies against gp120.
  • This is surprising because the mice were not exposed to HIV.”

So if they’re not infected with a virus, why is the test positive? Because they’re producing proteins that react with the non-specific test.

The authors go on to state that this may be so because general low-immunity (like that in lab mice) causes protein production of this type.

We use the test the same way on people – on those who are already sick, poor, deeply fatigued, drug-abusing, starving, without clean water, etc.

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