Dogs Test HIV-Positive

“Retroviruses have been isolated from a wide variety of species including humans…Immunoblotting (Western blot) is routinely used for detection of antibodies in human sera against HIV proteins.”


“A total of 144 dog sera were tested on Chiron Western blot strips. Of these, 72 sera (50%) reacted with one or more HIV recombinant proteins.”


“Some canine sera contain antibodies that cross-react with different HIV structural proteins and to a limited degree with SIV (mac) core protein.”

“The majority of the sera reacted with the HIV core protein, although some sera reacted with more than one protein, which indicates a specific rather than a nonspecific reaction.”


“Antigenically-related”? – That is, something is reacting with the proteins in our ‘specific’ ‘hiv’ test.

“Cross-react with ‘Hiv-structural protein’” – What is that? It’s the “recombinant” thing we grow in bacteria and put into these tests which react with dog blood.

The tests give no one “Specific reaction,” and indicate no one thing.

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