Comments for Fri, 16 Jun 2017 21:39:41 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Dr. Luc Montagnier on Getting Rid of HIV Naturally by Thato Fri, 16 Jun 2017 21:39:41 +0000 You need Punicic acid found in pomegranate seed oil. Inhibit prostaglandins E2. There are many wondering on this, the “how to”. There is a signal called “cell proliferation” cytokine. Unless this goes through to the gene then forget. Prostaglandin E2 blocks it.

Punicic acid inhibits arachidonic acid and its metabolites which one of them is prostaglandin E2 a very well known immune suppressor. You may research on it.

Here is a link a study on Punicic acid.

Here is a study to give you perspective on the impact of prostaglandins E2

Research also on seminal prostaglandin E2 and sexually transmitted diseases.

I do not recommend people to take immune boosting therapy with treatment. There is no immune response where there is no pathogen. The ARV takes away the virus and gives the immune system the impression that the pathogen is cleared. Most probably this is what causes memory cells to go to rest, the famously known as HIV infected latent cells. When the pathogen is cleared the memory cells go to rest. That is what they do as a natural procedure. Patients should expect the natural procedures to take place when a pathogen is cleared. So the question is, what are the processes that take place in the immune system when pathogen is cleared? Then expect those in the case of antiretroviral because it takes away the virus. Also protease inhibitor is a concrete evidence that scientists can’t talk themselves out of that we are having a problem with active infected cells.

A Doctor I challenged in regards to an immune response said they use viruses to detect whether there are still infected cells. I marveled because you can’t use this in the case of ARV because it kills the virus before it comes out the cell. The protease inhibitor, targets viruses trying to bud out an active infected cell. Most of ARV target points are in the cell. Fusion is by cell membrane, reverse transcript by the cytoplasm, integrase by the DNA and Protease by the way out of the cell. Protease inhibitors are the only ones inhibiting produce of an already infected cell. So I asked whereof can science make this bold claim that they can clear HIV in the blood when they kill it before it can be detected.

The target points of Antiretroviral speak volumes. Where on earth have you seen a virus targeted at the points that Antiretroviral targets HIV??? The immune system does not chase after a virus at fusion, reverse transcript, integrase, budding. If the virus is not contained by the phagocyte and antibody and it enters the cell it must travel and infect the cell because by so doing the next step happens. The cell chops up the virus a bit and displays it on its outer body (MHC1) then the CD8 cell will recognise that the cell is infected then kill it.

Yes this can cause depletion of CD4 greatly if too many viruses are not put under control by antibodies and phagocyte then, then we investigate WHY AND FIX THAT.

How the world has allowed itself to put a fake chemical structure into their mouths yet make a big deal about fake clothing brands has baffled me. There is nothing as unwise as the antiretroviral. Which pathway does it use to transport its chemical structure? Cells have pathways by which molecules travel. Is antiretroviral permitted to travel in? Is it a natural thing? Was it predestined to? No, the immune system tells you the way in which the pathogen must be gotten rid. A more orderly form of healing.

Boost your immune system. Things to avoid.

When on an immune therapy don’t do the following

Unprotected sex, preferably abstain to avoid reinfection and for females also seminal prostaglandin.

Pregnant women must deliver first cause during pregnancy immune system is suppressed.

Treat colds, small infections quick not to burden immune response

Don’t take too much sugar
Have a good sleep.

This means do all things pro immune response not things that will destruct your immune response. You need to keep it on a plateau till the virus is completely gone. Take 1liter. (three tablespoons a day).

People may take all manner of antioxidants, protein etc unless you unblock the thing that’s inhibiting the “cell proliferation” signal then you are playing. It must get to the gene and the cells will begin cloning.

Comment on Dr. Luc Montagnier on Getting Rid of HIV Naturally by Thato Fri, 16 Jun 2017 20:59:46 +0000 Punicic acid found in pomegranate seed oil. Three tablespoons a day.

But tell me everyone, what is an immune response? What happens when ARV shoots bullets at the virus till it’s undetected? Will there still be an immune response? Phagocytosis, virus presentation to naive CD4 subsequently B cell activation? There is no immune response when there is no virus. The Berlin Patient first to be cured stopped treatment on the day he was to get stem cell transplant.

Immune system is the way to go but not on ARV, you really need the virus to stimulate an immune response in a boosted immune therapy.

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by MaryAlice Suggs Thu, 18 May 2017 05:08:34 +0000 I had my tubes tied after my 3rd child 9 years ago. I had bad periods before but now they are unbearable!!! I have mood swings, I’m tired all of the time, terrible cramps, pain in my back and legs and worse of all my vagina. It feels like my insides are falling out or that there is a bowling ball going to fall out. It feels like the pressure that you have when you are doing that last push In labor before the baby crowns. It makes me want to close my legs so something doesn’t fall out. The symptoms go on and on. I went back to my Dr that did my tubal and he said that I could take birth control. A few years ago I had a period that lasted over 30 days straight. I am passing huge clots. It’s gross. And so painful. The dr said that my periods would be lighter and better. That was a load of BS!!! They have been MUCH WORSE SINCE MY TUBAL!!!!! There has got to Be some solution for all this pain. It’s not a life anymore. Can anyone relate or have any suggestions????

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by Allison Rogers Mon, 15 May 2017 16:05:06 +0000 I don’t blame you for how u feel, I gave my consent at age 28, it just isn’t good to do that all especially in your 20’s, but it was done against your knowledge and that was so wrong!! I wasn’t ready emotionally at all, and it has been years and I don’t feel the same way about myself, but I’ve had to move on regardless, the doctor didn’t counsel me, I believe he was in it for the money, I made a bad choice. I don’t feel the same about these doctors myself, I believe in my heart you will be fine.. I needed to do research and talk to my spouse more and we pray on it, just young, impressionable and immature at the time…

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by Melissa Mon, 03 Apr 2017 07:49:32 +0000 I’m 29. Had my procedure in 2009 when my second son was eight weeks old. I was told I was too young, and the doctor asked repeatedly if I wanted to change my mind. All the way to the operating table. First thing, they said they were cutting, and frying them. I’ve had several piercings since I was a teenager. One is my nose, and the jewelry wouldn’t come out. The nurse said I could be electrocuted if they didn’t get it out. Well, they left it in, and just put tape on my nose. Once I was under anesthesia, I woke up for a split second. Long enough to hear the doctor say my eyes were open, and to turn the anesthesia up. After surgery the nurse asked me to rate my pain, groggy I told her it was at a 10. She mocked me as if I was milking it. I was in excruciating pain. Once home I couldn’t hold either of my kids. I could barely sit up. The incision in my navel got infected. The doctor decided just peroxide would suffice. Now my navel is highly sensitive. I get migraines that last for days. I’ve developed fibromyalgia, and celiacs disease. I used to hate naps, now I’m tired all the time. I’m always depressed. I cry like I’m pregnant. The first day of my period is so painful I can’t move. I just lay in a ball on the couch in tears. It feels exactly like labor. Induced labor. The worst was losing my daughter. Within a year of my tubal I got pregnant with a baby girl, and miscarried her at 18 weeks. I’d had an early miscarriage as a teenager, this was worse. I see my beautiful baby girl’s face every time I blink. I suffer from severe damage to my front right cerebral cortex. So I’m already crazy. This has made it so much worse. My PTLS is turning me into a psychopath. It’s getting worse, and worse. I’m running out of walls to demolish, and I’m scaring myself. The last thing is the random pain when I’m not hanging with Aunt Flow. I was told they were cut and cauterized. Yet just before I ovulate I get this sharp, stabbing pain that radiates to my hooha. It’s become all to easy to pinch nerves, and my sternum pops like bubble wrap when I turn my head. Not every time, but still. I have no insurance, no medicaid. And the only free clinic here only does STD testing, or hands out birth control. All of the community clinics are sliding scale, which doesn’t help if you’re too broke to even get on the scale. Can we not start a campaign to be heard about this issue? Something needs to be done. We need to find a way to end this torture. I was practically butchered by a doctor at the hospital in Marietta. I never ever had any real follow up on my actual tubes. No dye test. All my midwife did was check my incisions, and send me home with a prescription for Wellbutrin for the baby blues. I didn’t have the baby blues. I was overprotective because Joshua was born with a heart murmur. My boys are 11, and 8 now. I still hover over them. These doctors are, as I said, butchering, and poisoning us. There has to be something we can all come together to do. Look how many of us are in agony. And this is not the first page like this I’ve seen. I’ve read very similar stories on 3 other sites while searching for help with my PTLS.

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by Crystal Sun, 12 Feb 2017 02:16:36 +0000 I had a tubal ligation at 29, following my third csection. I didn’t realize until about a year later, when I was looking up info on how women felt after their tubal ligations, that it just may be the reason I had decreased milk supply and a host of other symptoms. I just did not feel like myself at all. It has now been three years since and unfortunately I feel worse. Everything from sever gas, thinning hair, decreased breast tissue, and pain during sex, to reoccurring vaginal infections, clotting periods, SEVERE mood swings week before and week of my period….. I have lost my zest for life… for being a mother and partner. I regret the decision to have a tubal ligation every single day. I hope that I’ll be able to have a reversal done… but I may not because of cost. I hope that it doesn’t get worse. I don’t know how much more I can take. So sorry to all of you women suffering out there. It is good to know that there are people that understand though. It’s hard for someone that is going through this to get it… hugs x crystal

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by Sally Fri, 10 Feb 2017 14:47:11 +0000 I feel like I am going mad. I had my tubal ligation 6 years ago and my health and memory have never been the same since. I now have had no period for two months and have tons of pregnancy symptoms but i am not pregnant, since my doctor has tested me with negative pregnancy test results. Could this be all linked to my tubal ligation? I cannot carry on like this much longer, ive lost weight through the nausea and it’s affecting my life. Thanks.

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by zipporah paul Fri, 10 Feb 2017 10:19:05 +0000 I am born again christian so believe me what i say it is my true experience.I am mother of 2 boys and 2 girls.I am 40 years and a very busy mother ,a lecture and an MBA,student in Kenya.My last born was through csection which was on 8/8/2014.The first year after i experienced irregular heavy menses with lots of pain on my abdomen and also an increased weight.From last year,thank God,my period has stabilized without pain and has become light.Sex is more sweeter than before, have become more smarter and i thank God have stabilized.Fellow women, i have seen what you are undergoing, but it is not the time to blame any body.My advise is that,let us TRUST our maker the God of all flesh and healer and he will settle all our cases.God bless u and give u perfect health ALWAYS.AMEN.

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by Ladonna Fri, 27 Jan 2017 00:57:58 +0000 I had tubial lig. And ablation 2 years ago and this last year i have been bleeding out, having huge blood clots, have to wear super tampon and pad and change every 1hr now but usef to be every 15 mins. Dr says she doesnt know why. Did biopsy and things were fine. She put me on bc it helped first mth but mth 2-5 have been on period everyday heavy periods. I went back to dr and now scheduled for hysterical in 2 mths. I cant wait.. this is horrible to live with.

Comment on Risk and contraception : What women are not told about tubal ligation by Shawna Gamble Mon, 23 Jan 2017 12:59:45 +0000 The University of North Carolina has one (ongoing i believe). They actually have a name for it Post-Tubal Ligation Syndrome.