China – HIV Positive Man Turns Negative, But More Tests On the Way

RTB: This report demonstrates what a fluid, polyreactive and non-standardized test means in practice: No result is necessarily permanent. “Free AIDS tests pledged in China,” the report immediately following, lets us know that the push is on to get more poor, rural Chinese onto the AIDS test and drug regimen. What is AIDS in rural China, a land of immense poverty, lack of sanitation and clean water, and heavy, dangerous industry like mining and coal production? No definition is offered. But the projections of millions infected, based on non-standardized testing has been used in Africa for a decade or more; the redactions of those projections have followed suit.

Jilin HIV carrier claims tests show disappearance of virus

If the negative test results are verified, Mr Wen would be the first person in China to become free of HIV after contracting it. -Reuters


Wen Congcheng []

BEIJING A CHINESE farmer has been given the all clear from HIV six years after testing HIV-positive, Xinhua news agency said on Monday.

Mr Wen Congcheng, from the Chuanying district of northeastern Jilin, first tested HIV positive in 2001 at the Chuanying Disease Prevention and Control Centre when it was screening blood-plasma donors.

‘Late in 2003, he was re-confirmed to have HIV/AIDS as a result of another test, this one by the disease prevention and control authorities of Jilin province,’ Xinhua said.

‘After learning of the negative test result in July, Wen went to the First Hospital of China Medical University and (another) three hospitals for HIV tests, which all proved to be negative.’ The results could not be immediately confirmed independently. Xinhua said experts at Chuanying were not clear why Mr Wen tested negative, and further research was needed.

‘I do not think that any drug has helped Wen to become clear of the virus,’ Xinhua quoted an expert as saying.

If the negative test results are verified, Mr Wen would be the first person in China to become free of HIV after contracting it.

China has become increasingly open about Aids in recent years, after initially denying the spread of the disease. But in some areas the epidemic is still stigmatised and civil society groups engaged in Aids prevention work are periodically harassed.

In 2003, Andrew Stimpson, a 25-year-old Briton, tested HIV-negative 14 months after testing positive, sparking a media frenzy of speculation in late 2005 when the case came to light.


Free AIDS tests pledged in China

Updated: 2004-04-15 09:19

China offers treatment solace for sufferers.

China will start providing free AIDS tests for the general public as well as free treatment for infected people who can’t afford it, the government said amid stepped-up efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

China says 840,000 of its people are HIV-positive and 80,000 have full-blown AIDS. But the United Nations AIDS agency says the number of infected people in China could rise to 10 million by 2020 without more aggressive prevention efforts.

State television reported the plan for free AIDS testing on its midday national newscast. Plans for free medication and treatment were announced on the Health Ministry’s Website.

The announcements didn’t say how many people were expected to use the services or how much they would cost.

The ministry’s announcement included a list of medications that would be provided free, but didn’t give details of the income level required to qualify for them. In Beijing, government clinics offering AIDS tests has been increased from four to 22, the Beijing Daily reported.

The AIDS virus is believed to spread in China mostly through prostitution and intravenous drug use, but health officials worry that the disease could spread to the general population.

Until recently, AIDS tests were available only in centers that treated sex workers and drug addicts, but health officials now encourage them for pregnant women and some other people.

Early detection and intervention is a more effective and efficient way to prevent and control AIDS, said Ray Yip, expert with the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Speaking at the press conference in Beijing on Tuesday, Yip announced that the CDC would launch a Global AIDS Program in China, cooperating with the Chinese government.

As the director of CDC-GAP China Office, Yip said GAP was launched to help countries with limited resources control the spread of the HIV virus, create a better treatment and care environment for AIDS sufferers and improve detection and intervention of possible infectious cases.

China had opened the GAP program in 10 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

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  1. i have a question, if mr Wen was not using any drug, hw come he was HIV negative? and what was his CD4 and virul load counts before the first test and after the second test?

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