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Viral Load and TCells

RTB: Improvement and recovery from Aids requires addressing all factors influencing health, and pushing back from the two major surrogate markers that dominate all current Aids treatment protocols: Viral Load and T-Cells. These surrogate markers fail to address or correlate with actual health concerns. Aids patients must push back from the mainstream’s slavish devotion to these two laboratory markers, and embrace a more complex view of health. Continue reading Viral Load and TCells

Parasitic Worm Infections Increase Susceptibility To AIDS Viruses

ScienceDaily (July 24, 2008) — Persons infected with schistosomes, and possibly other parasitic worm infections, may be more likely to become infected with HIV than persons without worm infections, according to a new study.

Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, United States) and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School (Boston, United States) found that the infectious dose of an HIV-like virus necessary to infect rhesus macaques was 17-fold lower in animals with acute schistosomiasis than in controls.
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MMWR 2001 – Variation among Major Brand Aids PCR

Your ‘Viral Load’ is either 3,849 … or 118,000 … or 259,018 – depending on the lab which is running your test – with the same sample.

What do these tests measure? What do they mean? Depends on your risk group. These tests are used to keep people in the testing, medication loop, once they’ve passed the first few rounds of Elisa “testing.”

Testing PDFs

  1. Antibody Confirmation Tanzania.pdf
  2. Amfar-Propaganda.pdf
  3. AIDS-NoHIV-Ghana.pdf
  4. AIDS Surveillance Africa Case Defns.pdf
  5. AIDS Virus-HIV Test
  6. Abbott Labs
  7. Australia-Guidelines-for-Interpretting-HIV-Test-Results.pdf
  8. CDC-Instruction-for-Test-Interpretation.pdf
  9. Cervicovaginal Antibodies (Negative women test positive).pdf
  10. Cows-Goats-Babies-Test-Positive.pdf
  11. Dogs-Test-Positive.pdf
  12. False-Positives-in-Pregnancy-Hispanic.pdf [HTML Link]
  13. Fallibility Of Western Blot.pdf
  14. False Positive HIV Test.pdf
  15. False-Positive-from-two-sequential-ELISA.pdf
  16. FalsePositiveELISA-1993.pdf
  17. False-Positive-HIV-Lupus.pdf
  18. False-Positive-WB.pdf
  19. False Negative Antibody HIV.pdf
  20. False Positive HIV because of HepB.pdf
  21. Flu Vaccine Causes HIV Positive.pdf
  22. HIV Screening in Russia
  23. HIV Assays For Screening Confirmation.pdf
  24. HIV Infected But Seronegative.pdf
  25. Max-Planck-Institute-HIV-Counseling-for-Low-Risk-Clients.pdf
  26. Mice-Test-Positive.pdf
  27. Oraquick-Rapid-Test.pdf
  28. New-Approaches-to-diagnosing-HIV.pdf
  29. PCR-Viral-Load-False-Positives.pdf
  30. PCR-No-Gold-Standard-1996.pdf
  31. PCR-false positve in 59 year old man.pdf
  32. PCR-Infants-Analysis.pdf
  33. PCR – Failure To Quantify Viral Load Pregnant Woman.pdf
  34. PCR CDC Review.pdf
  35. PCR-Aptima-HIV-1-RNA-Qualitative-Assay.pdf
  36. PCR-No-Virologic-Gold-Standard-2001.pdf
  37. Roche Amplicor PCR Test (1999)
  38. P24-Misleading.pdf
  39. P24-Test-Coulter.pdf
  40. PCR versus HIV Culture.pdf
  41. Pregant-Women-Test-Positive.pdf
  42. Reveal-Rapid.pdf
  43. Serological Diagnosis Recombinant Polypeptides1.pdf
  44. Testing-and-Confirmation-Brasil.pdf
  45. Transient Positive HIV Tetanus.pdf
  46. Vironostika-HIV-Test.pdf
  47. UK-Interpretation-Guidelines.pdf
  48. WB-Test-Epitope.pdf

No Gold Standard: One, Two