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Who is Allowed to Question the AIDS Industry? NO ONE.

Who is allowed to question the industry whose drugs are all deadly? Whose tests are junk science? NO ONE says the church of biological mysticism.

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You may know a man by the company he keeps the famous proverb says. If that’s true, it may come as a surprise to know who Robert Gallo, the co-discoverer of HIV, is friends with. His circle includes a convicted embezzler, a perjurer and identify thief, and two professors and an AIDS activist who have been harassing and defaming Gallo’s detractors for decades.  And in every situation, they attack the individuals, not the questions they raise.

The revelations surfaced in an email that connects the academic and corporate ties related to a defamation lawsuit brought by Clark Baker, founder of the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice (OMSJ), against Jeffery Todd DeShong, an AIDS activist in Texas. Since 2009, DeShong has used numerous aliases in an effort to defame Baker, calling him a lair and a fraud, in an effort to ruin OMSJ, whose mission is to defend victims of medical and scientific corruption.

As the email indicates, DeShong’s “colleagues” and partners in vengeance include Atlanta doctor James Murtagh M.D., Cornell Virology Professor John Moore Ph.D., University of Connecticut social psychology Professor Seth Kalichman Ph.D., and the controversial “co-discoverer of HIV,” Robert Gallo M.D.

What’s it all about?

It’s straightforward. The AIDS story is incomplete – the drugs are too toxic, the tests are too faulty, and the diagnosis, too severe.

Now to the obvious question:  Why would Robert Gallo, a leading scientist with the National Cancer Institute for 30 years, the reputed co-discoverer of HIV and the patent holder on the first HIV test, need an army of attackers?  Real scientists with confidence and integrity let the evidence speak for itself and have no need to silence their critics.  All these years later, it seems clear that Gallo is still defensive about the unanswered questions related to his HIV research. And with good reason.

A startling 1993 report by the Office of Research Integrity found Gallo guilty of misconduct for misrepresenting in a key 1984 Science paper that he had been the first to discover HIV, when in fact, it was Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute in Paris who was the first—and ultimately won the Nobel Prize for the discovery.  The report said Gallo had “intended to mislead the scientific community” and he showed an “intent to deceive” readers of the paper “to maximize his achievements while minimizing those of the French,” wrote Science. Although the evidence against Gallo was considerable, sanctions against him were light, but he was eventually forced out of the NCI.  Despite his scientific misconduct, Gallo continues to receive millions of dollars in funding from the pharmaceutical industry, NIH, and NIAID.

All these years later, the vitriolic attacks against Gallo’s detractors continues, ruining many lives and reputations in the process.  It is time to put a stop to it and, with any luck and a fair trial, Clark Baker’s defamation lawsuit against AIDS activist Todd DeShong will be the first step in disbanding the company Robert Gallo keeps.

The amended complaint and responses can be found at:

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The Robert Scott Bell Show – Liam Scheff & Terry Michael – Baby Rico

Save Baby Rico! Lindsey Nagel’s baby boy is still in state custody, being drugged and poisoned because of the inevitable result of a cross-reactive non-specific antibody marker test that has no standards. While mainstream media reports that a child has gone HIV negative after a questionable drug cocktail, the facts surrounding the claim lack genuine scientific validation. Liam Scheff and Terry Michael join RSB today for a very important discussion. See below and learn why every baby in America would test positive for HIV:

HIV Super-duper Rapid Nanotechnology Test (Fraud!)

by Liam Scheff

The HIV police are coming for you! They’ve got a “nanotechnology rapid test!” Yes, they can tell you in SECONDS if you’re…Right – not infected with anything specific at all – because the “test” is actually for a protein that occurs in millions of people* called “P24.” (and who knows, maybe all humans).

But at the Daily Mail, they think it’s gangbusters.

“Colour-coded blood test that turns blue if you have HIV is 10 times more sensitive than current methods” blares the headline, ignoring all reality.

Yes! The test turns BLUE! Like a sexual organ squeezed too hard, too long. Or, something like that. But, what does the test test for?

After lying to the public about the nature of “HIV” and “AIDS,” they admit that:

“The new sensor works by testing serum, a clear watery fluid derived from blood samples, in a disposable container for the presence of an HIV biomarker called p24.”

Ah, P24. “HIV biomarker.” And a “biomarker” for .. well, right. Just being alive. No, this protein is not a stand-in for any particular particle at all. Theirs is a synthetically-produced protein blob whose molecular weight is about that of a great deal of the stuff that you produce in your own cells everyday – especially if you have any gut-related illness (see ‘gut related immune deficiency‘ and learn about fixing your intestines).

And, in the standard medical literature, you can see how rarely or often it shows up in people who are and who aren’t supposed to have it, if you want to bother with the details. (ahem. Daily Mail. Hello?)

Right. Not them, but you. Coming soon to your gay or poor neighborhood – new tests! Because, as always:

The mainstream is trying to kill you.

Or, have it your way – they just don’t know any better. Is it that the pod people who write this crap are bleeding idiots who can’t figure out how to do a cross-referencing or fact-check on an article? Or, is it that the purpose of mainstream, brainwash-the-masses media is to lie to you?

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Read the hidden history and real causes of what was AIDS in the gay community, versus AIDS in Africa – and understand the myth of HIV and HIV testing – in Chapter Six of “Official Stories,” by your narrator, Liam Scheff.

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Understanding HIV Testing, for Beginners

RTB: HIV Tests have no standards, and come up positive for nearly every disease known to humankind, if you bother to read the medical literature on the subject. But this information is never offered to patients, or to the general public by the media.

The implications of these facts are profound – millions and millions of people have been robbed of their lives, their freedom, health and medical choice by these absolutely fraudulent tests.

But all of this typically fails to convey the reality of receiving an unethical, but enforced “HIV diagnosis.” So, let us present our little play, here on RTB theater:

You Are Under Arrest, For Life (an HIV Test Parable)

by Liam Scheff

A cop comes to your door, knocks and tells you that you’re under arrest for a terrible crime – a sexual crime which will result in the death of someone.

You say, “but I’ve committed no crime.”

The officer says, “We’re in charge of determining who has and has not committed a crime.”

You say, “How do you know you have the right person?”

“We have a description.”

“Of me?”

“Of… someone with some of your characteristics, we think.”

“You think?”

“We don’t have any actual photos, or standard descriptions in that regard, but we’re sure it’s you, because you were listed as a probable suspect.”

“How was I listed as a… a what?”

“You were listed as an ‘at risk’ suspect, actually for years.”

“How’s that?”

“Because you’re in the database as ‘at risk.’ I don’t make the rules, I’m just reading what’s there. It’s official.”

“Can I appeal? I didn’t commit any crime!”

“No, once you’re listed, and in the database, and if we think you’re guilty, then you’re guilty forever, for life, and you can be prosecuted for any sex-murder crime.”

You pause, and think, as the handcuffs go on.

“Is someone dead? Is that why I’m being arrested?”

The officer answers, “No, no one is dead – not yet. But we’re arresting you because someday, someone might be, and that will be your fault, according to the database…”

You panic. The blood leaves your face. You slump and are carried out of your house.

You’ve been…

“HIV Tested.”

Learn more about HIV Testing here and here, and Tell Your “HIV” Doctor to Go Learn about it too…

The Politics of HIV – “Sticks and Stones”

RTB: The OMSJ outlines the politics of HIV, the pharma hit squads, and their tactics. A must read, here’s an excerpt from “Sticks and Stones”:

Judas Horses

For hundreds of years, cowboys have trained horses to lead wild herds into captivity.  Like the helicopter-cowboys that terrorize roaming herds, the drug industry uses the media and Judas horses to drive gullible Americans toward their dangerous drugs and meaningless tests.

Arguably, the industry’s most famous pony is basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson, whose early retirement created an unprecedented explosion of calls to AIDS hotlines and clinics.  Although reportedly cured by 1997, Magic has earned millions by pushing HIV tests and drugs in black communities.  In 2006, Magic received $60 million from Abbott Labs alone.

While Magic pushes pills in black communities, Peter Staley remains the industry’s undisputed prima donna in the gay community.  Shortly after researchers suggested that junkies (1988) and homosexuals (1992) could be used to educate the public about AIDS, the NIH, CDC and drug companies found in Staley a former bond trader who was not only a gay meth addict, but also had the skills to pitch deadly drugs (It was like being drunk or high.  Actually, I kind of liked it) while organizing a homosexual army that the drug industry could use to push drugs under the pretext of human rights.

This wasn’t a new tactic.

Drug Sales as a Human Right

Larry Kramer

Six years after the first group of promiscuous gay men began to appear in hospitals in 1981, Reagan Administration officials were still grappling with unanswered questions about HIV.  At the same time, playwright Larry Kramer and 300 other gay activists (including Staley) descended upon the FDA to demand relaxed regulations, low pricing and AZT (Retrovir).

When President Reagan asked about the controversy, then-HHS Secretary Otis Bowen MD warned that AZT “is very toxic and destroys blood cells and organs.”  Ten weeks later, NIH virologist Samuel Broder declared that AZT “reduces the occurrence of life-threatening opportunistic infections”.  (What Broder didn’t disclose was that, as the inventor of AZT, he could made millions from the drug.)  After weeks of withering accusations that homophobes were withholding lifesaving drugs from dying gay men, the White House relented, which led to the small spike (.00015%) in mortality.  Coincidentally, mortality tapered in 1996 when they lowered the dosage.

Staley’s Army

Gay activism has been tied to HIV from the beginning.  When the AIDS hysteria of 1983 fizzled to mortality levels of .0076% in 1986, CDC officials began to worry that taxpayers wouldn’t fund treatment for a small number of sick men.  Drug makers needed activists to push drugs while the CDC needed sick men.  To make that happen, drug companies sponsored dance parties where thousands of men were recruited in baptisms of depravity:

The NIH reported:

In addition to smoking and snorting (meth)… some administer the drug anally.  This type of administration of the drug along with unprotected “marathon sex” with numerous partners can damage the rectal lining and increase the likelihood of HIV and other STI transmission.

Peter Staley

The NIH funds (directly and indirectly) propaganda sources like POZ, The Body and organizations like TAG and websites like AIDSMeds – both of which were founded by charismatic gay meth-addict Peter Staley.  Staley’s handlers also used him to establish gay activist groups like TAG, AFFA and Act Up.  In 2009, Staley asked for 100,000 more activists to join his army.

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Scientists Zero in on Protein that Stops HIV

by Liam Scheff

That wily HIV retro…er…vir…uhm… Trojan Exosome! It is made by our cells using our own proteins! It appears to be harmless but must secretly be dimishing stimulating doing SOMETHING toaroundnearin the vicinity of … in the same body in which there are some T-Cells, because as everyone (who is not a denialist), K-N-O-W-S: “HIV is THE one and only cause of AIDS.”

Here are some scientists to tell you exactly how it’s done….

– Click! for more.

But, beyond the FACTS, is the race for the CURE! It’s been a long race. More like..well…not really a foot-race.. Maybe more like about 10,000 marathons, bundled into one, long, expensive, toxic-side-effect riddled event.

In any case… Scientists, those noble masters of benign genius, are now finding that a magical protein might stop that rampaging, wily, fragile, lazy, hard-to-pin-down, constantly mutating, neutered, non-extant retro-trojan-exosomal bundle of your proteins (which in some people MUST be causing SOMETHING!)
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Russia Times Shows Western Media How to Report on Government-Scientific Fraud

by Liam Scheff
for RTB

When the Nation that gave the world “Pravda” is producing the only honest reporting on the international AIDS conference….well, we’re through the looking-glass, aren’t we?

The Russia Times does due diligence in exposing the AIDS fraud, by covering the conference of AIDS critics, which ran alongside the mainstream’s billion-dollar tin-cup-rattling (we want more money!) blow-out in Vienna, Austria, last week.

Dr. Christian Fiala, who organized the conference of AIDS critics, was surprised to find that the response of the AIDS mainstream, and the major media, was to put their fingers in their ears and hum:

Nevirapine is good!! AZT is good!! HIV tests are good!!!”

And so it was a nice surprise to see one news outlet cover the conference – the mainstream and critical – fairly, honestly – like JOURNALISTS USED TO DO, before they all became slavish whores, (or whorish slaves?) to the medical-industrial complex.

Go and read the coverage, and write the Russia Times to let them know you appreciate their lack of party loyalty to the NIH-WHO-CDC-Pfizer-Glaxo-Squibb KGB.

Russia Times on the AIDS Conferences: Continue reading Russia Times Shows Western Media How to Report on Government-Scientific Fraud

AIDS is (once again) Over – “Virus Burning Itself Out” Say Officials

by Liam Scheff

It was just last year that the “heterosexual epidemic” was over. And now, suddenly, yes… here it is again. In fact, it was over in 1996. So the experts now say.

HIV burning itself out - AP

Yes, it’s not the science was always bogus, pliable beyond reason, infected with a filthy rottenness that made Enron look like a bunch of honest fellas…

No, it’s that.. well, read for yourself (from the Associated Press):

“Whether previous U.N. initiatives are responsible for the epidemic’s downturn is uncertain. Some experts said the drop in HIV may simply be a result of the virus burning itself out, rather than the result of any health interventions.”

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CDC to American Public: Pandemic on the Way! No, Really! No, We Mean… Really! Be AFRAID! And Get Vaccinated! No, REALLY, We’re SERIOUS This Time! No, We Really Are! Come On! Do What We Say!

“I wish they had tested and that I knew for sure whether they had it. I’m not anxious to give them an experimental vaccine if they don’t need it.”

However, the CDC recommendation for those who had “probable” or “presumed” H1N1 flu to go ahead and get vaccinated anyway means the relatively small proportion of those who actually did have H1N1 flu will be getting the vaccine unnecessarily. This exposes them to rare but significant side effects, such as paralysis from Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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Will the Real Seth Kalichman Please Stand Up?

RTB: What does it take to be a qualified, orthodox AIDS thinker? Please find below the story of Dr. Seth Kalichman, and his alter-ego, Joseph C. Newton, as they instruct the world in matters of science, right-thinking, and true-belief.

Dr K. and Mr. N.

Dr. Seth Kalichman, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut (that’s 406 Babbidge Rd, Storrs, CT – mark that address), has written a tremendously [you tell us] book, called “Denying AIDS,” in which he claims to have held interviews and conversations with many AIDS critics (who he lovingly equates with ‘Holocaust Denialists.’

Let’s give him some points for cheek and imagination, shall we? Certainly critics of any large, industrial, multi-national, capital-earning project deserve no less than to be equated with the few people who deny the existence of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jewish and other minority peoples of Europe in WW2, n’est-ce pas?

We must remember to forget, after all, that the Holocaust was a social, but also a medical and scientific project, the systematic “Eugenic” annihilation of millions of people, carried out by men in lab coats, and others just ‘following orders.’ History, if we read it, can tell us where we are… but who reads history?
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WHO: Snail Flu Super-Pandemic Rushing Toward US Border

RTB: The press is so easily bought by the Government Health Agencies, that it’s nigh impossible to distinguish truth from parody these days…

AP: World Health Organization announces threat of mega-pandemic Snail Flu. Hundreds of Billions in Peril. Roche and Bristol-Meyers-Squibb Readying Experimental Vaccine.

It has been reported in scientifical papers soon to be published in Nature, that snails that were exposed to monkey feces in the Dominican Republic and South America have developed a new strain of super-flu called Y2K2. Several dozen cases of the superstrain are now reported in Costa Rica, and barreling at lightning speed toward US borders. The flu is notable for the threads and gobs of snail-like liquid that emerge from the noses of people infected with Y2K2, the virus that causes Snail Flu.

Anthony Fauci, Capo-da-tutti-capo of the National Institutes of Health stated in a memo that “billions of lives could be at stake, if this flu threat isn’t seized upon and given maximum exposure as quickly as possible in every news outlet, talk show, magazine, radio broadcast and internet page; If we don’t create a massive awareness of this problem, perhaps hundreds of billions of people could die.”

When Dr. Fauci was instructed in an internal memo that there are no more than 8 billion people on the planet, Dr. Fauci wrote back: “That is no reason to lower the number, our estimates are good. That is just what the Snail Flu denialists are counting on.” Continue reading WHO: Snail Flu Super-Pandemic Rushing Toward US Border