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Carotenoid supplements linked to improved AIDS survival

By Stephen Daniells, 10-Nov-2006
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A daily high-dose carotenoid supplement restored carotenoid levels and reduced “overall mortality” of AIDS patients, a group at risk of low serum carotenoid concentrations said to be predictor of death, according to new research from Canada.

The research highlights the need of further research into the role of micronutrients in AIDS management, but it should be stressed that the carotenoids are not a replacement for standard antiretroviral drugs, but a potential supplement .
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Vitamin C and S.I.D.S – Every Second Child


“One research worker in the laboratory had been immunizing animals against diseases like tetanus and Diptheria.  His experience showed that after being immunized, some of the animals died suddenly within 24 hours.  These deaths had been attributed to anaphylaxis.  Authorities the world over had decided that this was so (it is a severe allergic reaction).  I suggested that vitamin C deficiency was the cause.  The animals involved did not make their own.  Like primates they required it in their diet.   To discover the truth only required a simple experiment…..

The result was definite, unquestionable and final.  Half of a group of animals were supplemented with vitamin C before being immunised.  None died.  The un-supplemented half continued to die at rates equal to those found in previous experiments. Continue reading Vitamin C and S.I.D.S – Every Second Child

Methylation Therapy

Biomedical Frontiers: Winter/Spring 1996, Vol.3, No.2
Research Advance
Methylation Therapy

Researchers are developing therapies for AIDS and cancer that rely on a naturally occurring defense system within cells. This defense system, which is based on methylation of cytosines in DNA, is being used to inactivate deleterious genes.

Normally, cytosine methylation of promoters acts to restrict proliferation of parasitic sequence elements, says Dr. Timothy Bestor, associate professor of genetics and development. The process, in which methyl groups are attached to cytosine residues in DNA, effectively shuts off the methylated gene. Without such a defense system, parasitic sequence elements would proliferate unchecked and might impose a lethal mutagenic or cytotoxic burden.
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Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

By Cal Crilly, 27 May 2006
edited by Fintan Dunne, Editor

“HIV is so 80’s.
That’s why it’s called a retro virus.”

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Section 1

“First of all I’m not qualified. I’ve been an electronics factory worker for the last decade. I’ve done half a year part-time of university biology but discovered that under our government’s cutbacks, night classes don’t exist anymore –so all of this was researched during tea breaks.”

I’m here because I read John Lauritsen’s AIDS War and for me HIV/AIDS was over once I discovered the truth about the AIDS drugs. That book was written in 1994, so why am I even writing this now? I don’t know.

I also became incredibly ill from Phenol (Benzene) exposure at work and that’s why I know the fine details. This is because Benzene is still the most obvious culprit involved in the T-cell depletion that causes AIDS.

  • “By carefully measuring individual laborers’ exposure to benzene and other chemicals, the researchers showed that the 109 workers exposed below the 1 ppm level still had white blood cell counts almost 15 percent lower than similar workers who were not exposed. The reduction was larger for individuals subjected to more than 10 ppm of benzene.”

My first shot, if I ever say Benzene causes more T-cell depletion than HIV I get called a holocaust denier. Oh well. Continue reading Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases