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HIV is More Difficult to Transmit than Most STDs – Dr. Nancy Padian, from her 10-Year Study

What do you know about AIDS and Sex? Who is Nancy Padian, and why is her study – the longest and best on HIV transmission – censored from the Wikipedia pages on both HIV and AIDS? Why does Dr. Padian’s own Wikipedia page censor all of her findings?

by Liam Scheff.

nancy_padian-lg – Image from House of Numbers Click to enlarge.
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Will the Real Seth Kalichman Please Stand Up?

RTB: What does it take to be a qualified, orthodox AIDS thinker? Please find below the story of Dr. Seth Kalichman, and his alter-ego, Joseph C. Newton, as they instruct the world in matters of science, right-thinking, and true-belief.

Dr K. and Mr. N.

Dr. Seth Kalichman, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut (that’s 406 Babbidge Rd, Storrs, CT – mark that address), has written a tremendously [you tell us] book, called “Denying AIDS,” in which he claims to have held interviews and conversations with many AIDS critics (who he lovingly equates with ‘Holocaust Denialists.’

Let’s give him some points for cheek and imagination, shall we? Certainly critics of any large, industrial, multi-national, capital-earning project deserve no less than to be equated with the few people who deny the existence of the Nazi Holocaust against the Jewish and other minority peoples of Europe in WW2, n’est-ce pas?

We must remember to forget, after all, that the Holocaust was a social, but also a medical and scientific project, the systematic “Eugenic” annihilation of millions of people, carried out by men in lab coats, and others just ‘following orders.’ History, if we read it, can tell us where we are… but who reads history?
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Outing the Dissident Orthodoxy, and Putting the Patient First

RTB: In this essay, Liam Scheff puts forward the argument that AIDS dissidence is currently hamstrung by a recalcitrant lack of decisive debate on the most accurate, predictive, useful and correct alternative theory of AIDS.

In AIDS dissidence, the older, and Scheff claims, outdated and incorrect notion in is that HIV is a singular, harmless retrovirus.

This idea was subsequently challenged, and to most AIDS critics, overturned by the argument that the original work on AIDS patients, which yielded the notion of a unique particle called HIV, was deeply flawed, and revealed no unique particle, but rather separable phenomena – proteins, genetic strands, cell fragments – which are highly variable, and occur in a large percentage of people globally, especially those under any physical or toxicological stress.

A debate was called for in the AIDS dissident community, to find the best and most accurate scientific and medical theory that describes this multi-factorial phenomena called AIDS. But the debate has been curtailed, hamstrung and left in a festering state of indecision, for a variety of reasons.

These include loyalty to individual scientists, or to individual ideas; and also to a siege mentality that many dissidents or ‘rethinkers’ have suffered from being, in actuality, under siege and attack by the very toxic AIDS mainstream, which has continuously acted in an unscientific and unethical manner regarding competitive, and more predictive and accurate theories of AIDS.

In the following essay, Liam Scheff, a writer, observer and investigator of AIDS as a medical and social paradigm, proposes that the debate must now be decided, and conceded by the weaker argument, so that the best, most accurate, and most useful theory can move forward to properly address the needs of people given the diagnosis worldwide, who are given the as of now overstated and overly brutal standard AIDS=Death diagnosis.

Scheff proposes the following:

  • HIV is a constellation of separable phenomena, not a singularity. HIV phenomena may and often do relate to immune suppression, but not necessarily to sex. The phenomena most often relate to poverty and toxic exposure. These are very often highly treatable conditions.
  • AIDS is many illnesses, many of which are treatable. AIDS exists as Acquired Immune Deficiency, and no single prognosis exists for immune deficiency caused by multiple phenomena – but treatments abound, and should all now be put on the table, for use.

Please forward this essay for discussion among AIDS critics, patients, researchers and clinicians, and any scientists concerned with the abuse of ethics and power when a paradigm grows exceptionally large and becomes entrenched.

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Scientists faking results and omitting unwanted findings in research

RTB:  From the Telegraph…

Faking results and omitting inconvenient truths in scientific research is more widespread than originally thought, a study suggests.

More than two-thirds of researchers said they knew of colleagues who had committed “questionable” practices and one in seven said that included inventing findings. Continue reading Scientists faking results and omitting unwanted findings in research

The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers

For General Release:
House of Numbers is a new film which does good investigative journalism in researching the nature of the AIDS industry. The film reveals deep-seated corruption within an industry that now has total control of the lives of tens of millions worldwide.

Have you ever heard of an investigation of the AIDS industry?

No, because the AIDS industry uses the fear-based and hate-fueled tactics of dangerous activists, not the open dialog of science, to force its agenda down the throats of millions worldwide. The individuals in charge of this massive propaganda attack are the AIDS Apartheidists.

What is an AIDS Apartheidist? It is a pharmaceutical activist intent on suppressing the Black population of Africa, the Gay population of the West, with a sex-death diagnosis based on over-applied and faulty tests, called “HIV tests,” which react with almost every recorded illness that occurs in people of poverty. Continue reading The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers