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A Castle Wall Theory of Disease

RTB: We present another in Cal Crilly’s breakthrough series:

Retroviruses are reversed DNA from our Cells. Some obviously have function.

Viruses are reversed DNA from our cells and all mammalian cells. Hence viruses are our DNA simply reversed by Reverse Transcriptase to become RNA

Most of our disease originates from our own bodies as retroviruses/viruses come out of our genome and then land in the wrong places. This is caused by a process called DNA Hypomethylation which is a feature of EVERY disease known to man.

The Unified Theory Of Disease

by Cal Crilly

Or in other words the Castle Wall Theory of Disease as I call it to sound less pompous.

It’s 2.22am in the morning on the 22nd of April 2010 in Brisbane in Australia. My 8gig computer with a pre-year 2000 processor has just switched on.

To make it go I have to press F1 after half a minute when it freezes, then it gives the frozen blue ‘WELCOME’ screen at which point I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to make it finally work. (My screen saver is a lovely picture of Brighton Pavilion in England with two hedge sculptures of grown elephants and their two baby elephants in the Brighton Museum park in front of the Pavilion, in the picture are 3 couples in and around the sculpture with prams and 3 children under the Elephants, two of the women are pregnant, one of the couples is chatting while looking at their mobiles.) Continue reading A Castle Wall Theory of Disease

Six Ways to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Nutrition by Cal Crilly

I see a tumour as acting like a foetus, this is not new as many researchers both mainstream and alternative descibe cancer in exactly the same way….The Trophoblast Theory of Cancer is now over a hundred years old, this theory describes Cancer cells as behaving like the invasive Trophoblast cells that occur during pregnancy.

by Cal Crilly, reposted from


Pineapple flower – by Sepp Hasselberger  (Bromelain is obtained from unripe pineapples)

This is dedicated to Jacquie, my loving ex-mother in law who was a surrogate mum to me for a good decade. If I had known these things 5 years or so ago she might be still with us now but when I press send on this button here I know she’ll be behind me with the biggest cheesiest grin and she’ll be happy.

I’ve been giving dietary advice to various friends who have been passing this information on to relatives with differing forms of cancer. So far all the ones who have taken this advice are alive and also free of cancer, this is over a period of 3 years, 2 had surgery first and no more, one had surgery and chemo, one had chemo and radiation.

Writing this is an attempt to get a my interpretation of the cancer phenomena out of my head, to describe with proof what I think the data means and to come up with simple, affordable and doable self treatments that can be used with whatever other therapy is chosen. I’d like to see the work of oncologists who treat cancer get easier. I also want to see people get better and get on with their lives.

All I tell them to do is take up to 2 grams of Bromelain with meals. To get some form of Selenium food either from 3-4 Brazil nuts a day or from Broccoli and Garlic. I now recommend a bottle of Cod Liver Oil a week (I do this for psoriasis, it’s not recommended if pregnant). I suggest Green Tea as Green Tea and Cod Liver Oil work synergistically. Some Lysine tablets, at least 3 grams worth with cancer. Vitamin C, preferably from food such as lemons though Sodium Ascorbate powder will do. I haven’t advised people to take B3 or Nicotinamide but I now think I should.

So here’s why… Continue reading Six Ways to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Nutrition by Cal Crilly


RTB: We are pleased to present Cal Crilly’s patent submission (which is yours for the taking, should you want to take it up), for the treatment of HIV – which is, in reality a group of human endogenous retroviral sequences, which are activated in damaged or nutrient-starved cells. The sequences, aligning with the AIDS industries ‘gag, pol and env,’ gene-encoding regions, are really long terminal repeats in our own human DNA, which are expressed when they are no longer properly methylated (bound by methyl groups and restricted from over-production).

This work, if we at RTB may be so forward, is the future of AIDS research.

Patent for HERV and Methylation Activity Ratio Test,
by Cal Crilly
Continue reading Cal Crilly’s HIV (HERV) and METHYLATION ACTIVITY RATIO TEST

HIV Tests, Benzyne, Collagen, Cancer and Everything Else

RTB: No one thinks and no one writes quite like Cal Crilly. There’s deep insight and deeper connection in his process, and all AIDS researchers and critics should read his work. (I wish he’d write a few short articles to sum up some of the major planks, but work through it – it’s worth it). Reprinted from Sepp Hasselberger’s blog.

HIV Tests Are Not Tests

by Cal Crilly

Well I’m sure this is the first time a serious dismantling of the HIV antibody test has ever reached a mainstream publication and I bet the AIDS researchers involved are beginning to sweat and get a tad worried about losing their jobs. HIV Test Are Not HIV Tests. By Professor Henry Bauer. (Printed in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 2010).

For 26 years they been fluffing on about sex viruses destroying our T-cells and giving us the mantra that their toxic pile of rubbish is going to save us. At the moment South Africa is actually on the edge of disaster because the AIDS scientists are campaigning to get EVERYONE in South Africa tested for HIV and President Zuma has gone along with the medical colonialists by offering himself up for testing. He knew he’d be alright because he had to take the HIV test before after that “washing himself in the shower after sex to make sure he didn’t get HIV” scandal, you all remember don’t you? But if you look closely it never sounded very convincing. Continue reading HIV Tests, Benzyne, Collagen, Cancer and Everything Else

Retrovirus is the New Black

Retrovirus is the New Black
by Liam Scheff.

Question: What is HIV, and who is more correct, Dr. Peter Duesberg, or the Perth Group (or the mainstream)?


The mainstream, with its ‘one size fits all’ and ’till death do you part’ approach with its lousy tests and lousier drugs, is not correct. They are, however, totally and transparently corrupt.

Dr. Duesberg gets it right on AZT (it’s too toxic for use), and on the idea that HIV is not a pathogenic particle per se, but gets it wrong in identifying “HIV” as “a” particle, or “a” retrovirus. Why is he wrong? Because, as anyone can witness by reviewing the HIV genome databank, “HIV” is actually a name now given to disparate, separable biological/cellular microscopic phenomena, the various proteins and variable areas of strands of embedded DNA culled from experiments, that are, for show purposes stitched together – according to Duesberg’s retroviral model!

The Perth Group gets it right on HIV in the sense that “HIV” as a term used in Gallo and Montagnier’s experiments, does not represent a uniform particle, but rather a collection of fragments, proteins, variable in size and nature, with wide and non-specific affinities for antibodies produced in a dozen dozen diseases and conditions; Perth gets it wrong in saying that “There is no proof for the existence of HIV,

Continue reading Retrovirus is the New Black

“HIV Negative” Apes, Monkeys and Humans Share “HIV-Related” Sequences

RTB: This study makes it clear that putative HIV sequences are really commonly occuring endogenous retroviral sequences (ERV or HERV). Here, conserved (clearly related) sequences to what they’re calling HIV, are found in (non-AIDS) monkeys and human beings. Which means that these sequences aren’t so special after all.

The trouble is, researchers never bother to look at all the variable, “wildly mutating” material they call “HIV” in comparison with all the material evolution and ERV researchers find, because it would spoil their belief that there was a unique, single (though wily and constantly mutating, therefore never-the-same) entity which, despite being shown to barely exist as a separate phenomena, and which does not negatively effect T-Cells, and which is not a sexually-transmitted disease, is still their most worshiped God in their loony AIDS religion.

Novel human endogenous sequences related to human immunodeficiency virus type 1. PDF

Endogenous retrovirus-related sequences exist within the normal genomic DNA of all eukaryotes, and  these endogenous sequences have been shown to be important to the nature and  biology of related exogenous retroviruses and may also play a role in cellular functions.

[Endogenous retroviruses aren’t viruses – they are transposable elements, and other cellular machinery that have not yet been properly understood, because medicine operates in a war-model, seeing everything as an invader or threat]

To date, no endogenous sequences related to human immunodeficiency virus type1 (HIV-1) have been reported.

Herein we describe the first report of the presence of nucleotide sequences related to HIV-1 in human, chimpanzee, and rhesus monkey DNAs from normal uninfected individuals.

[Well, I guess somebody finally bothered to look?]

We also present the isolation and  characterization of two of these endogenous HIV-1-related sequences, EHS-1 and  EHS-2.

[HIV-1 ‘related?’ In uninfected humans, monkeys and chimps? Wha? Huh? I thought…well, I guess ‘we still have a lot to learn.’]

With use of low-stringency Southern blot hybridization, complex banding patterns were detected in human DNA with 5′ and  3′ HIV-1-derived probes. When an HIV-1 env region probe was used, we detected a less complex, conserved banding pattern in human dNA as well as a related but distinct banding pattern in chimpanzee and  rhesus monkey DNAs.

EHS-1 and -2 were cloned from normal human genomic DNA libraries by using the env region probe.Clone EHS-1 shows sequence similarity with the domain of the envelope cellular protease cleavage site of HIV-1, while EHS-2 has sequence similarity to the over-lapping reading frame for Rev and gp4i.

Stringent hybridization of EHS-1 back to primate genomic DNA indicates two distinct EHS-1 loci in normal human DNA, an identical band pattern in chimpanzee DNA, and a single locus in rhesus monkey DNA. Likewise, EHS-2 is present as a single highly conserved locus in all three species. An oligonucleotide derived from EHS-2 across a region of near identity to HIV-1 detects a complex banding pattern in all primates tested similar to that seen with the 3’HIV-1 probe.

[They’re saying that they’re ‘non-HIV’ gene sequence is pretty darned close to their ‘HIV’ sequence. Go figure…]

These data suggest that most of the HIV-1-related sequences identified in primate DNA share a common core of nucleic acid sequence found in both EHS-2 and  rev and  that some of these H1V-1-related sequences have additional larger regions of sequence similarity to HIV-1.

[Common core…do they mean that all of these elements are…similar? Despite being from “pos” and “negative” monkeys, humans and apes? Golly…

What’s this “HIV-1 related?” In HIV-negative people? Wouldn’t that indicate that what they’re looking at are Endogenous Retro-elements?

Yes. Yes, it would].

Which of These is HIV?

RTB: HIV tests are poly-reactive and non-standardized; they give no single reaction, and react with no single disease. The list below, from the National Institutes of Health Reference and Reagent Program, is “The Source of Critical HIV Research Materials.” These are what scientists and researchers refer to when they refer to HIV. There is no single particle, no reference particle for HIV tests, and no complete particle.

The proteins and genetic strands are assembled from sub-fragments and partial genetic strands, copied using PCR tests and stitched together with molecular cloning and engineering technologies. Is HIV itself a multiplicity of particles, proteins and events, mistakenly stitched together under one name? Is this why so many illnesses give “positive” reactions on “HIV tests?”

How many different entities are we now collecting under the name “HIV?” Is HIV a catch-all for many activities in the body, some indicating disease, some not? This would explain the diversity and difficulty with HIV testing.

Continue reading Which of These is HIV?

Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

By Cal Crilly, 27 May 2006
edited by Fintan Dunne, Editor

“HIV is so 80’s.
That’s why it’s called a retro virus.”

Download as PDF

Section 1

“First of all I’m not qualified. I’ve been an electronics factory worker for the last decade. I’ve done half a year part-time of university biology but discovered that under our government’s cutbacks, night classes don’t exist anymore –so all of this was researched during tea breaks.”

I’m here because I read John Lauritsen’s AIDS War and for me HIV/AIDS was over once I discovered the truth about the AIDS drugs. That book was written in 1994, so why am I even writing this now? I don’t know.

I also became incredibly ill from Phenol (Benzene) exposure at work and that’s why I know the fine details. This is because Benzene is still the most obvious culprit involved in the T-cell depletion that causes AIDS.

  • “By carefully measuring individual laborers’ exposure to benzene and other chemicals, the researchers showed that the 109 workers exposed below the 1 ppm level still had white blood cell counts almost 15 percent lower than similar workers who were not exposed. The reduction was larger for individuals subjected to more than 10 ppm of benzene.”

My first shot, if I ever say Benzene causes more T-cell depletion than HIV I get called a holocaust denier. Oh well. Continue reading Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases