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Washington Times – Today – AIDS Drugs for Healthy Positives

“A pharmaceutical experiment on hundreds of mostly black homosexual men and heterosexual women in Washington is about to be undertaken…”

Listen to Audio Interview with Terry Michael with Liam Scheff:

RTB: The CDC and NIH are stirring the cauldron yet again: Black Box-labeled drugs are being dispensed to healthy gay men and heterosexual women – as long as they’re African-American. What’s a Black Box drug? One that has caused permanent or fatal injury in patients at normal prescribed doses. Why would a healthy person take such a drug?

Well, they’ve done it before, and even though it was a disaster, they’ll do it again.

Why? Because you’re not stopping them.

Because the AIDS establishment preys on Black women, and homosexual men through targeted testing with poly-reactive HIV tests that are used to convince young, un-informed testees that their lives and futures are now over, and that their only option is to submit to the control of a pharmaceutical mafia of “never wrong” experts.
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Africa: Treating Poverty With Toxic Drugs

By Liam Scheff
AIDS Debate Part Three
Reprinted from the Boston Weekly Dig, June 4, 2003

“As to diseases, make a habit of two things-to help, or at least to do no harm.” -Hippocrates, 5th Century B.C.E. Greek Physician, regarded as the father of medicine.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS, 42 million people around the world are infected with HIV, and nearly 22 million people in Africa have died of AIDS. But AIDS isn’t a single disease; it’s a collection of diseases. When people are said to die of AIDS, they’re known to die of a particular disease or condition, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, malaria or basic malnutrition. AIDS researchers claim that HIV plays a role in the development of these illnesses, but in spite of this claim, 20 years of AIDS research has failed to prove causation between HIV infection and any so-called AIDS disease (as explored in “The AIDS Debate” parts one and two). So why do we call them AIDS deaths? Continue reading Africa: Treating Poverty With Toxic Drugs

Clinical Trials in NYC Orphans

by Liam Scheff

The following is evidence in the long-running investigation into the use of toxic drugs on orphans in New York City in the Incarnation Children’s Center orphanage and in New York’s major hospitals, and then in Aids medicine in general.

Background on this story – here and here.

Below is the ICC webpage as it appeared when I first looked at it, in 2003. It was taken down in early 2004, after press attention focused on the practice of using orphans in government and pharma-sponsored drug trials.

The page announces the clinical trials then in progress, as well as making some strong statements about improvement of patient health without the admittedly toxic and potentially fatal standard Aids drugs. Continue reading Clinical Trials in NYC Orphans

Side Effects – Letters to The

RTB says – “Ask the Experts – real letters from real patients to the ‘experts’ at the What the Aids industry won’t tell you about Aids drugs, these people are living it.

Ask the Experts about Managing Side Effects of HIV Treatment

Lactic Acidosis=Death?

Jun 18, 2003

Hello –

I’m a 32-year old man who’s been poz for 14 years (yes, since I was 17 or 18). Though I’ve managed to hang on more or less through the years, the last few have brought serious problems with various organs, most notably pancreatitis and liver and kidney failure. My virus has not been under control since ’97 as I have serious resistance to all currently available meds (inc. T-20). Continue reading Side Effects – Letters to The

Fatal Drug Error Kept From Family – Nevirapine

Associated Press
Dec. 16, 2004 | by Chris Hawke

Never Told That Experimental AIDS Drugs Likely Killed Woman

A family photograph of Joyce Hafford, who died in 2003 in an experimental drug regimen. (AP /APTN)

(AP) A pregnant Tennessee woman who enrolled in federally funded research in hopes of saving her soon-to-be-born son from getting AIDS died last year when doctors continued to give her an experimental drug regimen despite signs of liver failure, government memos say.

Family members of Joyce Ann Hafford say the 33-year-old HIV-positive woman died without ever holding her newborn boy. They also said they never were told the National Institutes of Health concluded the drug therapy likely caused her death. Continue reading Fatal Drug Error Kept From Family – Nevirapine

Vaccine Blues, The Aids Crusade Moves On

Bad day at Merck …. But good day at Boehringer Ingelheim! (Proud maker of Nevirapine. ‘Nevirapine – Give it to Someone You Hate’)

Why? Because: There’s Gonna be no ‘Aids Vaccine,’ after all!

WallStreetJournal: Aids Effort Suffers Big Blow

  • In a major setback, one of the leading experimental AIDS vaccines not only failed to prevent test subjects from becoming infected with HIV, but it didn’t offer any indication it might delay the onset of full-blown AIDS, which had been a key hope.
  • The collapse of the trial leaves Merck & Co., which had spent a decade developing the vaccine, with no remaining prospects in the global hunt for an AIDS immunization. The vaccine was tested in a network funded by the National Institutes of Health.” Continue reading Vaccine Blues, The Aids Crusade Moves On

Still on Trial

April 2005. NY Press

Last July, New York Press published “Orphans on Trial,” the story of the HIV-positive children of Incarnation Children’s Center (a Washington Heights Catholic orphanage overseen by Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center). The piece detailed how these children are being used in National Institutes for Health- and pharmaceutical-industry-sponsored clinical trials. Continue reading Still on Trial

The Good Man at the NIH

GNN, January 2006

Mr. Fishbein Goes to Washington

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein’s fight for medical ethics in AIDS medicine

Editor’s note: In December 2005, GNN’s Liam Scheff spoke with NIH whistleblower Dr. Jonathan Fishbein. In an exclusive interview, Fishbein discusses the controversial African AIDS drug trials he exposed, his firing and reinstatement and how medical ethics and the public trust are violated when profit and politics rule the day. – A.L.
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The NIH Scandal and the Future of AIDS Research

GNN June 2005

A federal investigation calls drug trials on orphans unethical. Now what?

ICC) has found that the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital acted unethically.

The Associated Press reported Thursday June 16th: “The government has concluded at least some AIDS drug experiments involving foster children violated federal rules designed to ensure vulnerable youths were protected from the risks of medical research.” Continue reading The NIH Scandal and the Future of AIDS Research

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, NIH-Whistleblower on Nevirapine, Reinstated with Honors

by Liam Scheff

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, former NIH AIDS doc and good apple who was fired after he threatened the worldwide sale of the dangerous AIDS drug Nevirapine by reporting ethical misconduct during the course of the Ugandan drug trial, has been reinstated to government service, with praise. Continue reading Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, NIH-Whistleblower on Nevirapine, Reinstated with Honors

HIV Foster Babies, Children Used to test safety of Experimental Drugs – NY Post

HIV Foster Babies, Children Used to test safety of Experimental Drugs – NY Post

Sun, 29 Feb 2004

As a society, we need to be concerned that too many within the medical research community seem to have abandoned the foremost principle of medical ethics: First, do no harm.

The latest evidence of medical research gone awry was uncovered by The New York Post (below). It involves foster care children diagnosed with HIV. “The most vulnerable, disadvantaged children are being exploited by powerful entities and used as guinea pigs as if they were not human beings.”
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