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Alcohol Researchers Show “Friendly” Virus Slows HIV Cell Growth

ScienceDaily (Sep. 6, 2001) — A team of alcohol researchers led by Jack Stapleton, M.D., (of the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Iowa College of Medicine and the Iowa City Veterans Affairs Medical Center), report in the September 6 New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 345, 2001 (Effect of co-infection with GB virus type C (Hepatitis G Virus) on survival of HIV-infected individuals:

In vitro co-infection suggests inhibition of HIV replication by GB virus C) that GB virus type C (GBV-C) appears to have retarded the progression of human immunodeficiency virus in a 12-year clinical study of HIV patients. Using an infectious molecular clone of GBV-C, the same team showed in a laboratory study that GBV-C reduces the growth rate of HIV in cultured human T-cells, a form of white blood cells or lymphocytes. Continue reading Alcohol Researchers Show “Friendly” Virus Slows HIV Cell Growth

Alcohol Consumption Linked To HIV Disease Progression, Study Shows

ScienceDaily (Aug. 22, 2007) — Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found a link between alcohol consumption and HIV disease progression in HIV-infected persons.

Alcohol use is common among HIV-infected persons, and its impact on HIV disease progression has been examined in in-vitro, animal and human studies. Alcohol may adversely affect immunologic function in HIV-infected persons by various mechanisms, including increased HIV replication in lymphocytes.
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Monkeys exposed to alcohol have higher SHIV viral load

Keith Alcorn, Thursday, July 14, 2005

Macaques infected with the simian immunodeficiency virus and exposed to alcohol in their drinking water had significantly higher SHIV viral load after 18 to 24 weeks of alcohol exposure, according to findings from a small study published in the August 1st edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.
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Cocaine Accelerates HIV Infection

October 7th, 2008|Published by BRAHA Editor in Interesting Information, Medicine & Health

It has been known for more than two decades that many illicit drugs inflict damage on the immune system leaving the body open to a host of opportunistic infections, not the least of which is the HIV virus. Other drugs accelerate the progression of HIV to full blown AIDS. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Public Health 87:585-590, noted that the risk of AIDS mortality in marijuana users versus non-users was approximately doubled, though the authors insisted this phenomenon was related more to male homosexuality behavior than to smoking marijuana, a drug known to undermine the immune system.

However, here is further scientific research showing the correlation between the use of street drugs and HIV. The study was done on mice because “Such a study in humans would be ethically impossible to conduct, doctors said” showing that drug use in itself, apart from the use of contaminated needles and risky sexual practices, accelerates HIV infection. The study “suggests that cocaine increases the efficiency of HIV in destroying the type of immune cell that fights the virus”
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Still on Trial

April 2005. NY Press

Last July, New York Press published “Orphans on Trial,” the story of the HIV-positive children of Incarnation Children’s Center (a Washington Heights Catholic orphanage overseen by Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center). The piece detailed how these children are being used in National Institutes for Health- and pharmaceutical-industry-sponsored clinical trials. Continue reading Still on Trial

The Good Man at the NIH

GNN, January 2006

Mr. Fishbein Goes to Washington

Dr. Jonathan Fishbein’s fight for medical ethics in AIDS medicine

Editor’s note: In December 2005, GNN’s Liam Scheff spoke with NIH whistleblower Dr. Jonathan Fishbein. In an exclusive interview, Fishbein discusses the controversial African AIDS drug trials he exposed, his firing and reinstatement and how medical ethics and the public trust are violated when profit and politics rule the day. – A.L.
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The NIH Scandal and the Future of AIDS Research

GNN June 2005

A federal investigation calls drug trials on orphans unethical. Now what?

ICC) has found that the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital acted unethically.

The Associated Press reported Thursday June 16th: “The government has concluded at least some AIDS drug experiments involving foster children violated federal rules designed to ensure vulnerable youths were protected from the risks of medical research.” Continue reading The NIH Scandal and the Future of AIDS Research

HIV Foster Babies, Children Used to test safety of Experimental Drugs – NY Post

HIV Foster Babies, Children Used to test safety of Experimental Drugs – NY Post

Sun, 29 Feb 2004

As a society, we need to be concerned that too many within the medical research community seem to have abandoned the foremost principle of medical ethics: First, do no harm.

The latest evidence of medical research gone awry was uncovered by The New York Post (below). It involves foster care children diagnosed with HIV. “The most vulnerable, disadvantaged children are being exploited by powerful entities and used as guinea pigs as if they were not human beings.”
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Aids Tots Used as Guinea Pigs


By Douglas Montero

NY Post

“I took the girls out of hell—and the city stole them back”
February 28, 2004

Jacqueline Hoerger will never forget the raid of her Nyack home by foster-care social workers who snatched the two HIV-positive sisters she was trying to adopt.

Her crime: She was accused of neglect by the girls’ doctor of because she refused to give them a potentially dangerous cocktail of high-powered AIDS medications that she felt made them sicker.
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Gastric Tube for AIDS Drug Adherence in Children

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The study states that Aids doctors want to be able to (and so do) put a tube surgically through the stomachs of children who don’t like to, want to, or can’t swallow their very “unpalatable” FDA Black-Box labeled “Aids Drugs.”

The study notes that drug adherence improves after taking choice out of the equation.

They note that there are only minor complications, such as intravenous antibiotics required to treat infection, and “local site tenderness.”

The study considered children “non-adherent” if they had had “2 visits” to the hospital, “where nonadherence was documented” over the course of one year.

That’s when they became “eligible” for the non-elective surgery.

One “older child” had to quit gymnastics. Children (or their hospital records) were reviewed for one year, and not more.

Children at the Incarnation Children’s Center who had the tubes inserted in their bellies, I was told, over and over and over again, by staff, mothers and teenagers from the place, always deteriorated and did worse than children without the tubes.

Fig. 1. GT button on a child’s abdomen.

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Interview with a Pediatric Aids doctor – the ICC Investigation

In May 2003, I began my investigation of the Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC), an orphanage in New York City’s Washington Heights that was being used by government (N.I.H.) and pharmaceutical companies as a test center for the standard AIDS drugs – AZT and its analogs, Nevirapine, and the various protease inhibitors. ICC received funding from both government and corporate sponsors to enroll its wards, primarily abandoned children of drug (crack cocaine and heroin) abusers, in NIH clinical trials(1).

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BBC Guinea Pig Kids Transcript

Transcript for the BBC documentary “Guinea Pig Kids.”

With added notes by Liam Scheff.

I have provided a few comments in brackets. The rest is from the BBC transcript of the film.
The Narrator throughout is Amanda St John.

This World – Guinea Pig Kids

Date: 30th November 2004

This script was made from audio tape – any inaccuracies are due to voices being unclear or inaudible

Dr David Rasnick: They were just experimenting, like you had a bunch of lab rats, an unending supply. You had subjects, you had drugs and you were just experimenting, throwing things around.

Boy: [ ed. – this is “Sean” from The House that AIDS Built. He is later called “Carlos” by the film producers. Both are aliases, as per his guardian’s request]
It’s just that I don’t like it when I see my best friends pass away, you know.

Vera Sharav: Would they have done those experiments to their own children? I doubt it.
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