Breaking News: HIV Tests Do Not Hold Up In Court

RTB: The OMSJ has gotten over thirty defendants liberated from their “HIV” indictments – by bringing the facts to court, and holding the “experts” to simple honesty and logic.

Step 1: Does anyone “have” HIV? Answer: “No, not based on HIV tests.”

The reality is this – there are no tests for HIV in existence, despite the massive propaganda peddled by the pharmawhores in media and medicine. There are …no tests that find a single, unique particle; these garbage tests react with every disease known to human kind.

When this resilient, repeated, incredibly well-documented and sustained evidence is to be presented at court, the prosecutors buckle, and offer lesser ‘plea agreements,’ so the humiliating and shameful reality of the HIV fraud isn’t paraded before a judge or jury.

In this case, Jason Young would have spent 70 years – the rest of his life – in prison, for being falsely accused of being “HIV positive.” Instead, he’ll walk out of prison in a couple of months. [Link]

HIV testing is an absolute fraud, and an absolute lie. If you know anyone who has been falsely condemned with one of these abysmal tests, please have them contact the OMSJ.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: HIV Tests Do Not Hold Up In Court

  1. What I find interesting is the news station, so eager in the beginning to air a two minute emotionally charged (diatribe) evening news segment, is deafeningly silent on reporting the outcome. In fact the internet is also silent, whereas a dozen or so reports abound from January this year, which are the only ones to be found.

    Kinda substantiates the chances that prosecutors, as OMSJ’s believes, wanted to spare top HIV experts from being discredited in a court of law.

    I think it goes far beyond that though. Knowing they can’t win, who is ever going to want to set that type of precedent? Nobody.

  2. Thanks for the info and cross-post. One thing – remind your readers that – depending upon the state where you live – malpractice lawsuits for a false positive HIV misdiagnosis typically pays out between $2.5 million and $20 million. People who have been wrongly identified as HIV+ should consider filing lawsuits against their clinics and clinicians. They should speak with their attorneys and HAVE THEIR ATTORNEYS contact OMSJ for investigative assistance.

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