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The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers

For General Release:
House of Numbers is a new film which does good investigative journalism in researching the nature of the AIDS industry. The film reveals deep-seated corruption within an industry that now has total control of the lives of tens of millions worldwide.

Have you ever heard of an investigation of the AIDS industry?

No, because the AIDS industry uses the fear-based and hate-fueled tactics of dangerous activists, not the open dialog of science, to force its agenda down the throats of millions worldwide. The individuals in charge of this massive propaganda attack are the AIDS Apartheidists.

What is an AIDS Apartheidist? It is a pharmaceutical activist intent on suppressing the Black population of Africa, the Gay population of the West, with a sex-death diagnosis based on over-applied and faulty tests, called “HIV tests,” which react with almost every recorded illness that occurs in people of poverty. Continue reading The AIDS Apartheidists Attack House of Numbers