Arsenic and Old Lies – Or, An Argument about History

RTB: A letter from the legendary Cal Crilly, turned into an article; quoting heavily from sources, including Mike Baillie, author of “New Light on the Black Death,” Cal weaves together an argument that should attract the interest of those working to eradicate the war against biology, currently being waged by the pharmaceutical juggernaut.

Take it as a counter-argument to the fictions we receive in school, and on PBS.


Did Arsenic or other poisonous gases cause the Plague?

by Cal Crilly

Did arsenic cause the plague,was it rats at all, when comets and meteors hit they leave earthquakes and severe earthquakes will release gases and poisons like arsenic.

If there were meteors in the sky they could have hit an area like Kamchatka in Russia so eyewitnesses were few or even volcanoes like Katla exploded in Jan 1311, what else exploded?

Eruption of the large Icelandic volcano happened and there were natural world events of unimaginable destruction.

I love that bananas in 1633 came to the UK, it was the first happy thing in 400 years.

Arsenic causes all the symptoms of Bubonic plaque, add things like possibly Uranium and Lead from the sky at the most pessimistic and we get exposed to these chemicals via breathing and ultimately end up drinking it and eating animals dying from Arsenic too.

And it is horrifying.

“Based on an investigation of the present incident and a review of the literature,[10,11] skin lesions associated with acute arsenic poisoning can be characterized as follows. Within a few days of the poisoning, transient flushing of the skin on the face, trunk or extremities and facial oedema may be seen, particularly on the eyelids, and also conjunctival haemorrhage. At 4-6 days after the ingestion of arsenic, when hepatic dysfunction starts to develop, peculiar erythematous papules suggestive of malaria develop symmetrically in the intertriginous areas. Because the same clinical picture was found regardless of whether prior treatment with sodium thiosulphate had been carried out, we believe that this eruption is characteristic for acute arsenic poisoning. In some cases, these papules may be confluent and form diffuse erythema, spreading over the entire body over several days to develop into exfoliative dermatitis accompanied by numerous small blisters or pustules. At 6-20 days after the ingestion of arsenic, hyperkeratosis and lamellar desquamation of the hands and feet develop, that may last for more than 3 months. Starting at 2-4 weeks after ingesting arsenic, Mee’s or Beau’s lines begin to appear on the nails. Periungual or labial pigmentation is also observed. During or after acute arsenic poisoning, some patients exhibit herpesvirus infection. Histopathologically, abnormalities of the dermal capillaries are found in the erythematous papules which appear 4-6 days after the ingestion of arsenic. The endothelial cells are swollen, and the vascular walls are occasionally destroyed. Around these capillaries, moderate to marked inflammatory cell infiltration, consisting mainly of lymphocytes and histiocytes, and occasional neutrophils and eosinophils, is observed. Numerous pigment granules, which are positive for Masson-Fontana stain, are sometimes seen in histiocytes around the capillaries or among the collagen fibres in the papillary dermis. When the eruption becomes more intense, the perivascular cellular infiltration is more pronounced, and apoptosis of the basal cells of the epidermis becomes apparent.”
Skin Manifestations in Acute Arsenic Poisoning: Discussion

A book by Mike Baille called ‘New Light on the Black Death questions the validity of the ‘Plague theory’

I could explain how ghastly the Plague was in the 1340’s but here is what happened in a sentence or two.

At the start of the 1300’s it got so cold the Baltic sea froze over.

Even before that in 1270it got so cold that there was a battle on the Baltic sea ice called the Battle of Karuse.

In 1315 France’s crops failed due to flooding and there was famine, reports of cannibalism and epidemics. Fleas on rats were blamed for the plague which came along from 1346 onwards. Areas of China, India, Europe,The Middle East andNorth Africa then lost between 20 to 75% of their populations.

So Dr Mike Baillie is a Professor Emeritus of Palaeoecology in the School of Archaeology and Palaeoecology at Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland and a Tree Ring expert disagrees with the rat theory.

“Over the years doubts have been expressed about the accepted view that the Black Death was caused by bubonic plague. By looking at the evidence of tree-rings and ice cores, Mike Baillie, professor of dendrochronology, has identified a series of natural catastrophes at the beginning of the 14th century caused by meteor strikes. On the basis of the current scientific evidence and of contemporary accounts of the nature and spread of the disease, he is convinced that the disease was airborne, not carried by rats.”

New Light on the Black Death

My opinion is if the ground is hit by meteors or volcanoes erupt then the most worrying gas to emerge is Arsenic.
It can’t be smelt easily with apparently a light almond smell?
It is already at levels that are dangerous in some water supplies so it accumulates.

So what did Mike Baille find from people quoting in the 14th Century.

‘Droughts, floods, earthquakes, locusts, subterranean thunder, unheard of tempests, lightning, sheets of fire, hail stones of marvelous size, fire from heaven, stinking smoke, corrupted atmosphere, a vast rain of fire, masses of smoke.’ (Ziegler)

‘In the thirty-first year of Emperor Lewis, around the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (25 January) there was an earthquake throughout Carinthia and Carniola which was so severe that everyone feared for their lives. There were repeated shocks, and on one night the earth shook 20 times. Sixteen cities were destroyed and their inhabitants killed…. Thirty-six mountain fortresses and their in habitants were destroyed and it was calculated that more than 40,000 men were swallowed up or overwhelmed’ (?)

‘It says in the same letter that in this year [1348] fire falling from heaven consumed the land of the Turks for 16 days; that for a few days it rained toads and snakes, by which many men were killed: that a pestilence has gathered strength in many parts of the world.’ (Horrox)

‘… a dragon at Jerusalem like that of Saint George that devoured all that crossed its path …. A city of 40,000 … totally demolished by the fall from heaven of a great quantity of worms, big as a fist with eight legs, which killed all by their stench and poisonous vapours.’ (Samuel Cohn)

‘. massive rains of worms and serpents in parts of China, which devoured large numbers of people. Also in those parts fire rained from Heaven in the form of snow (ash), which burnt mountains, the land, and men. And from this fire arose a pestilential smoke that killed all who smelt it within twelve hours, as well as those who only saw the poison of that pestilential smoke.’ (Dominican friar Bartolomeo in Samuel Cohn’s book)

‘Insofar as the mortality arose from natural causes its immediate cause was a corrupt and poisonous earthy exhalation, which infected the air in various parts of the world… I say it was the vapour and corrupted air which has been vented – or so to speak purged – in the earthquake that occurred on St. Paul’s day [1348], along with the corrupted air vented in other earthquakes and eruptions, which has infected the air above the earth and killed people in various parts of the world.’ (Horrox)

‘On the island of Cyprus, the plague from the East had already broken out; when an earthquake shook the foundations of the island, and was accompanied by so frightful a hurricane, that the inhabitants… fled in dismay… The sea overflowed… Before the earthquake, a pestiferous wind spread so poisonous an odour that many, being overpowered by it, fell down suddenly and expired in dreadful agonies. … and as at that time natural occurrences were transformed into miracles, it was reported that a fiery meteor, which descended on the earth far in the East, had destroyed everything within a circumference of more than a hundred leagues, infecting the air far and wide.’ (the German historian Hecker taken from Cohn)

The best recent example was the Laki explosion in Iceland in 1783.
So perhaps it is best to expect and get ready for these events as this is ‘Miasma’.

‘of key importance to the events examined here is the fact that in 1783, volcanic gases emitted by the eruption in Iceland were transported to Europe by the prevailing winds, where they caused considerable respiratory distress to susceptible people and damage to crops, trees and fish. Very detailed descriptions of severe acid damage to vegetation, insects, people and property have been left by a number of scientists, of which the recently rediscovered records of two Dutchmen, Brugmans (1787) and Van Swinden (1786), reveal the impacts of the Laki eruption during the summer of 1783. In mainland Europe the volcanic gases were described as a ‘dry fog’, an ‘acid fog’ or ‘sulphurous fog’. For example, Brugmans (1787) noted: “On many days after the 24th June, in both the town of Groningen and countryside there was a strong, persistent fog…the fog was very dense and accompanied by a very strong smell of sulphur.., many people in the open air experienced an uncomfortable pressure, headaches and experienced a difficulty breathing…”.

This account is typical of many that were written at the time. Many crops withered because of the acid deposition but there are no reports on the continent of famine. This is different in northern Scotland where the population was facing hardship because of a harvest failure in 1782, a year before the eruption. The food situation was already poor when acid deposition and ash from the Laki eruption rained down and destroyed crops. Contemporary reports from northern Scotland suggest that many farmers and their families abandoned their farms and ‘were forced to beg or perish’. This shows that the effects of the Laki eruption were not the direct cause for famine in Northern Scotland but the last straw which triggered the crisis.”

Volcanic Eruptions and European History

But Miasma theory was dismissed in the 19th Century after finally realising cleaning your hand didn’t pass on bacteria and fungi to patients.

They conveniently forgot in the biggest case of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ in history that we are on a small ball of rock and beneath the ground are a lot of poisons like Arsenic, Lead and more while there really are solar storms and meteors and comets out there to run into.
So Miasma theory has been forgotten but it is still valid in case of disaster via breathing.

“In miasma theory, diseases were caused by the presence in the air of a miasma, a poisonous vapour in which were suspended particles of decaying matter that was characterised by its foul smell. The theory originated in the Middle Ages and endured for several centuries.”

Miasma theory
When the Pope gathered experts during the Plague of the 1340’s this is what they advised.

“”The pope sent to Paris to obtain the opinions of the medical faculty there in 1348. They studied the problem for a time and returned a report. The good professors opined that the disaster was caused by a particularly unfortunate conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the sign of Aquarius that had occurred in 1345. This conjunction cause hot, moist conditions, which cause the earth to exhale poisonous vapors. The report went on to recommend steps to keep safe from the disease. This, in part, was their prescription:

No poultry should be eaten, no waterfowl, no pig, no old beef, altogether no fat meat. . . . It is injurious to sleep during the daytime. . . . Fish should not be eaten, too much exercise may be injurious . . . and nothing should be cooked in rainwater. Olive oil with food is deadly. . . . Bathing is dangerous. . . .

The Black Death

The Pope was giving good advice to avoid poisoning.

Jamestown Virginia may be a good example of what happens to people poisoned by Arsenic.

“The Starving Time refers to the winter of 1609–1610 when about three-quarters of the English colonists in Virginia died of starvation or starvation-related diseases. In his unpublished account A Trewe Relacyon, George Percy, who served as president during these grim months, wrote that Englishmen felt “the sharpe pricke of hunger which noe man trewly descrybe butt he which hathe tasted the bitternesse thereof.” Already for two years, the Jamestown colonists had died at alarming rates, mostly of summertime diseases. In 1609, the beginning of the First Anglo-Powhatan War (1609–1614) prompted the Indians to lay siege to the English fort, helping to provoke the famine. Settlers were forced to eat snakes, vipers, rats, mice, musk turtles, cats, dogs, horses, and perhaps even raptors. Although there is no archaeological corroboration, multiple gruesome stories even suggest that settlers devoured each other. The siege lifted in May 1610, and when the survivors of the Sea Venture wreck arrived in Virginia, they found just 60 gaunt remnants of the 240 people who had crowded the fort the previous November. Many observers argued that the colonists’ idleness—their persistent refusal to work for their food—contributed to the famine.”

The Starving Time

So what did Arsenic do in Jamestown?
Because they did find it in the water and extreme weakness or ‘idleness’ is a symptom.

“Because arsenic affects every part of the body, it could account for the wide range of symptoms experienced by Jamestown’s settlers, Hancock says. He has pored through the historical accounts of those symptoms, and found striking parallels with the effects of arsenic poisoning. “I found six or seven categories of illness that fit with arsenic,” Hancock says. For example, the settlers reported “bloody flux” — bloody diarrhea — extreme weakness, and delirium. All are symptoms of arsenic poisoning. Some of the ill suffered from strange skin peeling — which, Hancock says, can also be caused by arsenic poisoning. In addition, the historical records contain accounts of sudden death. “People went to bed at night in adequate health and were dead in the morning. Arsenic poisoning will cause cardiac arrhythmias,” Hancock says, which can lead to sudden, fatal, heart attacks.”

“We now know that the Jamestown colonists’ fear of Indian attacks kept them pinned inside their palisade during that winter, a period that became known as “the starving time.” Only 10 percent of the colonists survived that winter. James Whittenburg, a historian at the College of William & Mary’s National Institute of American History & Democracy (NIAHD), said that starving-time colonists ate their own domestic animals. When the horses and dogs ran out, they turned to rats and snakes. When they got thirsty, they had wells inside the fort, but the water was just plain awful.”

Pocohontas Drank Here but you Wouldn’t Want To

Genetically anyone eating animal livers full of Vitamin A then switch on their genes or hypomethylate.
Without adequate Vitamin D from Sun the switched on genes don’t differentiate in the right direction to become adult cells and they get confused and cancerous while Arsenic causes further hypomethylation of the genome by depleting S-adenosylmethionine, it is like your cells become babies again while being poisoned.

“We find that arsenic causes the depletion of S-adenosylmethionine, the main cellular methyl donor”

Starving people do not get Vitamin C or protein so they get scurvy and their skin falls apart.

Without enough Selenium and Folate from food the supply of S-adenosylmethionine gets lower and our genome begins to have retroviruses jumping around in a similar way to pregnancy or cancer as in our cells revert to being baby cells again as so many are dying and the new ones are literally baby cells.
The retroviruses are more to do with growth but Arsenic without any doubt is toxic and terribly dangerous for our DNA and makes the genome lose methylation and become cancerous.

We can also get Herpes attacks if poisoned by Arsenic.

This is an example of a meteor causing Arsenic poisoning in Peru in 2007.
This was not a big case but it is all over the US and Arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh is on a big scale.

“Nearby residents who visited the impact crater complained of headaches and nausea, spurring speculation that the explosion was a subterranean geyser eruption or a release of noxious gas from decayed matter underground.
But the illness was the result of inhaling arsenic fumes, according to Luisa Macedo, a researcher for Peru’s Mining, Metallurgy, and Geology Institute (INGEMMET), who visited the crash site. The meteorite created the gases when the object’s hot surface met an underground water supply tainted with arsenic, the scientists said. Numerous arsenic deposits have been found in the subsoils of southern Peru, explained Modesto Montoya, a nuclear physicist who collaborated with the team. The naturally formed deposits contaminate local drinking water. “If the meteorite arrives incandescent and at a high temperature because of friction in the atmosphere, hitting water can create a column of steam,” added José Ishitsuka, an astronomer at the Peruvian Geophysics Institute, who analyzed the object.”

Meteor Crash in Peru Caused Mysterious Illness

Both the 1919 Flu and H1N1 ‘Bird Flu’ could be attributed to Arsenic poisoning.
So Arsenic is a DNA hypomethylator, it kind of turns genes on like opening a book but then words come out blindly.
We fall apart but it also switches some genes off.
The antidote being Selenium which is a methylator and Garlic was a cure for plague and influenza along with CodLiver that has high Vitamin D for TB and D is also antiviral on Chickenpox and Herpes.

“However, in 18% of patients given cod liver oil, the disease was arrested”
Vitamin D is a gene differentiator, without adequate sunlight or vitamin D in the presence of a hypomethylating chemical like Arsenicour genes undergo expression with no control causing death.
Plus the other poison symptoms which include chronic coughing.

In 1906 Paul Ehrlich, the famous German physician, who died in 1915, discovered Salvarsan 606 and Neosalvarsan 614, the world’s first chemotherapeutic agents for systemic treatment of a micro-organism. These were to revolutionise the treatment of syphilis. For centuries before Salvarsan, treatment was by the use of mercury and iodides but these medications usually failed to prevent the disease progressing over the years to the incurable tertiary stages. It is of interest that in 1915, nine years after the discovery of Salvarsan, mercury was still prescribed by injection and inunction.”

Arsenic.--Fowler’s and Donovan’s solutions are useful alternatives, but the powerful specific is salvarsan, and its derivative neosalvarsan. Neosalvarsan is possibly not quite so strong as salvarsan. but it is easier to use, and causes fewer toxic symptoms.. Moreover, intravenous injections can be given in the consulting room, and the patient allowed to go home immediately afterwards. Both can be used for intramuscular injections, but the necessary bulk is so great, that much pain and induration may follow. Another great disadvantage of the intramuscular route, which necessitates several injections, is that, as there is no guide as to the amount of the drug that has been absorbed, there is no indication when it is safe to repeat the injection.
“Ioha” is the best preparation of salvarsan for iintramuscular use, and for neosalvarsan the proportion of l gm. dissolved in 22 cc. of pure distilled water.”


And they usedLead Arsenate as a food preservative, this war uprooted people so they went off the land and started eating factory food laced with poison.
The Alaskan communities may have died from gas clouds or the local water with some help from canned foods.

“Arsenic exposure is a significant worldwide environmental health concern. We recently reported that 5-week exposure to environmentally relevant levels (10 and 100 ppb) of As in drinking water significantly altered components of the innate immune response in mouse lung, which we hypothesize is an important contributor to the increased risk of lung disease in exposed human populations.”

Low-dose arsenic compromises the immune response to influenza A infection in vivo.

“On Christmas eve of 1917, a young Inupiat Eskimo from Nome arrived in Wales. Ill with fever, he had lain sick in his sled while his dogs brought him to the door of his home. Two days later he died of “Spanish Influenza,” an extremely virulent form of virus influenza that previously had caused millions of deaths in other parts of the world. When it appeared in Nome and the nearby village of Teller, doctors in these areas were unfamiliar with the disease and how to treat it. Within a week, 197 people from Wales had died with hundreds more sick and dying. Of Teller’s Inupiat adult population, one hundred and ninety-nine died in the same time period.”

The Big Sickness

How in winter can this happen in Alaska?

“Mutnovsky is one of the most active volcanoes of the southern Kamchatkan. Principal hazards are ash plumes, ash falls, and lahars.”


“Significant amounts of toxic chemicals Arsenic and Boron are extracted, mostly from the deep liquid-dominated wells, and then are reinjected in the wells O27 and O7 at the Dachny site. Nevertheless, regular monitoring of the chemical compositions is recommended in the local rivers (Falshivaya river, Zhirovaya fish-populated river and Trudny creek) that drain the Dachny 50 MWe power plant and Verkhne-Mutnovsky 12 MWe power plant sites.”
Gas and Chemical Monitoring of the Mutnovsky (Dachny) Geothermal Field Exploitation (Kamchatka, Russia)


Another community downwind in 1900.

Description: From Grey (2003): “An explosive eruption is said to have occurred in 1899 (Dunn, 1908). Robert Dunn (1908) details his visit to Umnak Island while ‘vulcaneering’ in the Aleutians. After landing on the beach south of Cape Aslik [see figure 4.2 in original text], he hiked up the slope past Jag Peak to the top of the ridge (the WSW rim), where he first laid eyes on the caldera: ‘Below, yawned simply one titanic crater, five miles from far side to far side, if one single inch. Strewn on its floor, like toys perfectly carved, rose seven ash-cones; cones varied from symmetrical mounds that towered upon quite circular steep terraces, up to 500 feet and more, to the broken, chaotic black thing, like a big sand dump right under me. And that was the living soul of the discovery. Out of some vague cavern in its midst, undulated a column of white steam, a serpent-like Atlas, buoying the world’s cloud cover.’

“Dunn also observed the ash spread to the west and south of the caldera: ‘The devastation reached between four and five miles from the crater edge. This, of course, was the eruption of 1899.’ Judging from Dunn’s description of his location and his map, his black ‘sand dump’ is likely Cone A, thus implicating the then undeveloped cone as the source of this event. Dunn is the first white man known to recognize the existence of the caldera and name it.”

Okmok reported activity

“One tragic aspect of Arctic colonization in the early 1900s was the introduction of new diseases such as measles, smallpox, and influenza. For local indigenous populations without immunity, it took devastating toll. Small settlements disappeared and larger ones lost many of their members. In 1900, for example, more than 200 inland Inupiat Eskimo trading at Pt. Barrow Alaska died of influenza following the arrival of a whaling ship. Two years afterwards over 100 Barrow Inupiat perished in a measles epidemic. A decade and a half later, another major influenza epidemic reached the village of Wales at the eastern tip of Seward Peninsula. Known as the “big sickness,” more than one-third of the town’s 600 Native residents died within a week. The story that follows describes what happened during this tragic time. A poignant portrayal of personal tragedy and drama, it also serves as a dramatic reminder of the influence exerted by non-Native colonizers at the beginning of the 20th century.”

The example of Hawaii in 1848.

1848 Eruption
An eruption of Mutnovsky in 1848 was described as severe and accompanied by “collapse of the volcano.”

“A SUCCESSION OF DEADLY EPIDEMICS struck the Hawaiian Islands during the last four months of 1848 and the early part of 1849. Measles,

whooping cough, dysentery, and influenza raged across the kingdom.

An estimated 10,000 persons died from these causes, more than one-tenth of the population. In total mortality, the combined 1848-1849 epidemic toll was one of the most devastating in Island history.”

“During the last four months of 1848, several epidemics have swept over the Islands, some of them simultaneously, others following in quick succession.. . . The [measles] spread with great rapidity; so that in two months it had reached the utmost extremes of the Islands.”
“A diarrhea then succeeded the measles, which affected the great mass of the people. . . . It was caused by a too speedy indulgence in improper food, such as beef, pork, raw fish, and numerous other articles almost equally hurtful. . . and the epidemic raged for many weeks.”
“For one thing, the climate perversely turned ugly, far worse than was normal for the season. “Unfortunately the mortality occasioned

by these two diseases was aggravated by the fact that the cold and stormy season commenced earlier than usual, and the rains poured down abundantly all over the Islands.” Medical opinion in Hawai’i held that the heavy downpours greatly exacerbated the people’s health


As previously stated, the Mission doctors tended to blame the Hawaiian diet for the widespread diarrhea coursing through the population—

“a too speedy indulgence in improper food,” as they described it.17

A more serious problem was the reckless reaction of many Hawaiians to their ailments. “Burning with fever, they would rush into the

sea for relief, and died by the thousands.”

Death in Hawai’i: The Epidemics of 1848—1849

So is Bird Flu caused by Arsenic too?

They have been poisoning them for years, the flu is caused by the chicken feed additive in addition to hormones they give which switch genes on.
H1N1 is already an RNA strand in birds, the Arsenic just makes it come out.
“Arsenic, chicken feed and the FDA are three terms not normally seen together in health articles. Here’s how such an alignment can happen… An arsenic-containing drug used in chicken feed will no longer be sold in the U.S. after FDA researchers detected a more dangerous form of arsenic in chickens fed the chemical.”
Arsenic-containing drug in chicken feed to be pulled from U.S. (June 2011 LA Times)

But they knew it was poisonous back in 1969, Industry is a bit slow to act…

Toxicity of an organic arsenical, 3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid. Residues in chicken tissues

“The team believes their study is the first to link flu morbidity to arsenic, which occurs naturally in the drinking water of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. In the United States public drinking water must meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) arsenic limit of 10 ppb, but private well water is unregulated. Up to 25 million Americans with private wells may be exposed to arsenic levels above the EPA limit. In many regions of the United States and in Mexico, where the novel H1N1 outbreak began, arsenic levels in well water commonly exceed the EPA limit by tenfold or more.

The current study was inspired by recent epidemiologic research indicating that chronic exposure to arsenic increased the risk for a variety of pulmonary diseases including impaired lung function, cancer, and bronchiectasis. Other studies, including recent work by members of this research team [EHP 117:1108–1115 (2009)], have indicated that arsenic exposure can suppress the innate immune system. Impairment of the immune cells in the lungs as a result of arsenic exposure could also alter the ability to fight other infectious challenges”
New Face of a Well-Known Hazard: Arsenic Alters H1N1 Response in Mice


3 thoughts on “Arsenic and Old Lies – Or, An Argument about History

  1. And on we go!

    “New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection by dendrochronologist Mike Baillie of Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland.

    I just finished reading this one and all I can say is: Wow! This was an intense book! Not a long one, either – just 208 pages including appendices. It’s tight and economical with no wasted words or idle rambling around. Every example and temporary diversion is crucial to the central argument which is – brace yourself for this one – Mike Baillie (yeah, a real scientist and not a crackpot), is saying that the Black Death, one of the most deadly pandemics in human history, said to have killed possibly two thirds of the entire population of Europe, not to mention millions all over the planet, probably wasn’t Bubonic Plague but was rather Death By Comet(s)!

    Oh yeah! That’s far out, isn’t it?

    Maybe not. Baillie has the scientific evidence to support his theory and his evidence actually supports – and is supported by – what the people of the time were saying: earthquakes, comets, rains of death and fire, corrupted atmosphere, and death on a scale that is almost unimaginable. Most people nowadays are not really aware of what happened just 660 years ago. (Hmmm… the inquiring mind immediately wonders what might happen when we hit 666 years after?! That would be 2012…) “

  2. Finally! For a long time I have been hoping for a different take on the ‘black death’, one that doesnt repeat the tiresome ‘germ’ theory… it certainly never rang true that rats’ flees should have caused it; a theory just as badly thought through as the one of dying birds
    flying miles and miles to shit on european geese.

    And by the way: syphilis schmyphilis, another rubbish theory:
    Tanned sheep red blood cells for goodness sakes!!!

    Love your articles and shows Liam!!!!Wonderful

  3. Kept going….
    The Accumulation of poisons leading to Epidemics (Mexico)

    Here in Queensland, Australia we have been getting horse flu outbreaks called Hendra Virus which they blame on bat colonies.
    The bats get exposed to pesticides and the pesticides are in the horse’s drinking water too.
    Outbreaks of Hendra Virus occur after heavy rains.
    In South Africa the same type of flu happens and there they call it African Horse Sickness.
    Again it occurs after rainfalls when pesticides wash into rivers.
    To me it’s obvious what the causes of the outbreaks are.

    “Record-breaking rain over summer has left flying foxes undernourished, with weakened immune systems and a higher amount of Hendra virus in their bodies.
    Biosecurity Queensland principal veterinary epidemiologist Hume Field, who played a key role in identifying fruit bats as the natural host of the Hendra virus, said he believed the rain was the reason for the increase in virus cases in 2011.”
    Hendra outbreak a rain-spawned ‘aberration’

    And the government here is trying to hide stories like ‘Three-headed fish found on Sunshine Coast’, this poor lady was ordered to destroy her horses because they were so full of pesticides, the horses were so contaminated they could not leave the property, but she was a fish farmer so it came from other farms.
    “”Due to persistent high rainfall in the rest of the country the number of cases has increased dramatically and African horse sickness is also occurring a lot earlier than in previous years.”
    African Horse Sickness kills 52 SA horses

    So there are more correlations with poisons like arsenic and pesticides causing influenza than any other factor.
    I can do and anyone can do this with a mere Google for ‘pesticides and other chemicals’ is find a poison in the population or animals effected for every so called outbreak of viruses.
    Ebola cases have a phenomena where you can Google an Ebola outbreak, then paste the area into a search with ‘measles campaign’ and the campaign will be a year or two before???
    Starvation being the other factor in viral outbreaks.

    The question is then which comes first?
    The poison or the virus?

    I’ll leave a link to an anti-vaccine campaigner from the 1920’s, if you take a peek you realise the vaccine campaign in the 19th century did not effect smallpox, the outbreaks got worse.
    I think all that happened was they spread it into everybody and killed the most susceptible people to it, after that the people who had strong enough immunity kept that immunity.
    But the vaccine is without a doubt poisonous.

    “That fight for freedom from medical tyranny in this particular matter has been waged in England for nearly sixty years and it is going on still.
    For many years it was confined mainly to the poorer classes. Only a very few men of intellect and distinction championed our cause. It was natural that most of the disasters due to vaccination should fall on the poorer classes and that those classes should publish them while the upper and middle classes would be more likely to keep such things to themselves. But by degrees what might be called the artisan class, the smaller shopkeepers and the lower middle classes became the backbone of the movement. They paid large sums in fines, they had their goods seized and sold when they could not or would not pay fines. Those who had no goods or would not let them be seized went to prison, some were ruined, and some emigrated to avoid ruin. There are men living in America today whose parents left England on account of the harsh vaccination acts. The public saw honorable, upright men appearing again and again before the magistrates and many began to ask what it could mean when such men were willing to go to such lengths to save their children from the operation. Inquiry was usually followed by conversion to our side and the side of resistance went higher and higher. Defense funds were formed all over the country to assist resisters either to pay the fines inflicted on them or to keep the wives and families when the men went to jail. In more than one case a widow went to prison for carrying out her husband’s injunction never to have the children vaccinated. Elections for boards of guardians — the public authority that had the administration of the vaccination law in its charge — were fought on the vaccination question, and by the year 1898 at least one-fifth of the 600 or more boards in England were pledged not to enforce the law.

    Four very important things happened between the passing of the vaccination act of 1867 and the passing of the act of 1898, which contained the first conscience clause.

    The first was the smallpox epidemic of 1870-72, which carried off 44,000 persons in England and Wales and proved to hundreds of thousands of people that vaccination is not a protection against smallpox, for that epidemic occurred when 97½ per cent of the people over two and under fifty had either had smallpox or been vaccinated, as was stated by Sir John Simon, chief medical officer to the Privy Council, in his evidence before the select committee which in 1871 inquired into the vaccination act of 1867.”
    Address by Miss Lily Loat
    A quotation from “PHILOSOPHY OF HEALTH” January, 1927.

    That quote was taken from The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean in 1957
    In that Eleanor lists country after country with many times the number of dead after getting the Smallpox vaccine so it never worked.
    To hop up and own and say the Smallpox vaccine was a success is a fib.

    Now the 19th Century was colder than the 21st Century and pollution was terrible from coal fires and industry so people ended up with Vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sun.
    They estimate up to 80% of the English population in towns may have had rickets.

    The Vitamin D problem continues to this day especially in Indian and African communities.
    In London the air wasn’t actually cleaned up until they introduced the Clean Air Act in 1956 and this was only a result of ‘pea souper’ smogs which killed many people.

    There is also suggestion that Vitamin D deficiency is a major factor in TB, tucked away in this study they said this.

    “Vitamin D deficiency and TB

    There has been increasing interest in a possible link between vitamin D deficiency and TB. In the first half of the 20th century, TB was treated with cod liver oil and phototherapy (for Lupus vulgaris); however, it wasn’t until the 1980s that it was demonstrated that patients with TB had significantly lower levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) than matched controls [45]. This work was confirmed in a case–control study in London (UK) in patients with active TB and matched healthy TB contacts where a clear gradient of effect was shown to exist [46]. Vitamin D deficiency was shown to be associated with active TB disease and in patients with undetectable 25(OH)D, the effect was greater still.”

    Update on tuberculosis: TB in the early 21st century

    NASA have just completed Chickenpox and Herpes studies which found Vitamin D stopped chickenpox outbreaks in Antarctic subjects.

    “Immune function was tested by studying reactivation of varicella-zoster virus (VZV), which causes chicken pox in children and shingles in adults. This virus is said to be widespread in adults, and reactivation of VZV has been found to occur during space flight in most astronauts.”
    They conclude in the results.
    “Importantly, the roles of vitamin D status and stress in immune responsiveness to viral reactivation interact.”
    Vitamin D Supplementation in an Antarctic Ground Analog of Space Flight: Study of Supplementation Protocol and Relationship to Immune System Function

    and another they did on Epstein Barr.
    “The data also provide evidence that vitamin D, interacting with stress, can reduce risk of latent virus reactivation during the winter in Antarctica.”

    Which means Vitamin D and Sunlight can be antiviral in the case of Herpes infections like Chickenpox and Epstein Barr (glandular fever) and both natural and industrial pollution in the 19th century cut off light and most likely made epidemic problems worse in overcrowded living conditions.
    And if people were exposed to Arsenic they were coughing all the time and catching TB.
    Cod liver oil and phototherapy being pretty good ideas really.

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