AIDS is Real, HIV is Fake

by Liam Scheff

AIDS, as in immune deficiency, is real enough. It certainly can be ‘acquired,’ either through drug abuse, poverty, toxic exposure, or antibiotic overload. It can be congenital – some people are born with broken, weak or deficient immune systems. AIDS is real enough.

HIV, as in “HIV tests,” and the ‘wily retrovirus,’ however, is an invention, or really, a conglomeration or accumulation of separable phenomena – cross-reacting protein tests, budding ‘exosomal’ sub-cellular particles, bits of broken cellular structures – brought together over time, by different researchers at different labs, all believing that this hodge-podge of cellular detritus adds up to one thing (but only in the gay men and African women they like to target for the make-believe ‘HIV test’ rigmarole).

The drugs that come next will knock out any fungus or bacteria that’s growing in you – but it will destroy your blood, intestines and bone marrow too, leaving you lifeless after extended use. It makes the drugs dangerous to take, and hard to quit.

AIDS is real enough. Immune deficiency exists, and has many causes. It’s the idea that this diagnosis has one, and only one cause, that is the greatest medical fiction of our age.

18 thoughts on “AIDS is Real, HIV is Fake

  1. This is a great summary, and wonderful PR for the movement for sanity in diagnoses and treatments.

    I would only add the sexual dimension: Please cite the number of sexual contacts with a supposedly “infected” person that the CDC itself claims are necessary for “transmission” of the “virus.”

    And then ask people to think about that. That number: 1,000? 3,000? This is usually with multiple partners, once each, a kind of Russian Roulette where you have sex with a person who is “infected” on that 1,000th or 3,000th time or whatever that they are actually “transmitting” the “virus.”

    What kind of drugs, with what kind of immunological side effects, are necessary to sustain that kind of activity? What kind of psychological woundedness would a person carry into such an experience? How many other infections, viruses better documented, would a person pick up, and what would be the long-term effects on their immune systems of that level of constant onslaught? How would those things be risk factors in themselves?

    And if somebody is objecting that this is Puritanism, ask them: What is their “ick” number? What level of sexual activity is too much? What level of detachment is a sign of psychosis? If not 3,000, how about 10,000? Because that’s how many sexual partners some of the original “AIDS” patients had.

    This has nothing to do with the “HIV test,” because, as Neville Hodgkinson documented, the test was set at an artificially low threshold of “positive” to test blood supplies. Nobody minded if they threw out a lot of bags of blood, erring on the safe side — but if they’re labeling people as doomed with that test, they’re throwing out people who never even came close to that level of sexual activity or infection or malnutrition. Healthy people, caused to worry needlessly.

    Sacrificing people.

    And who are these people? Anyone important to us? People with issues, problems, drug addictions, sexual habits most folks don’t want to talk about? Human beings worth saving?

    Is it OK to sacrifice certain people, or not? Avoiding the question is key to keeping “AIDS” alive.

    I believe the answer, for most mainstream AIDS activists, is yes. Certain people are to be sacrificed, but we’re supposed to pretend we care. We’re not supposed to look too deeply within ourselves.

    But if I really care . . . what then? Won’t I object to this labeling of people? Killing of people? Using a bogus test, an unreal label. Yes, I do care about the “stigma of HIV.” Stop labeling people with “HIV,” and the “stigma” is no longer a problem.

    Start diagnosing people with their true immune deficiencies, and the source of these, and you begin to actually help them.

    Thanks, Liam. On a clear day, you can see forever. You can see the truth.

  2. But Liam ,if you keep using the AIDS terminology then you keep going with the myth that AIDS is new syndrome, not just a new badge for old diseases.
    I think the term AIDS should be thrown in the bin with HIV and never used again, then more people might understand the mistake science has made.

  3. AIDS certainly WAS real in the beginning because it was defined by rigorous criteria of differential diagnosis by Armstrong et al in the “AIDS Volume” published by the Annal of the New York Academy of Sciences.

    Does “HIV Disease” equal AIDS, a new syndrome? There’s the term to throw in the bin.

    Does immunosuppression = AIDS? Not if it’s caused by ionizing radiation or work-place exposure to toxic chemicals.

    Look, certain terms have been incorporated in the body of science, whether you like it or not.

    It is up to the critical thinker to frame extant terms properly; simply stating that AIDS is a myth doesn’t get us anywhere.

    I’ve proposed a handy tag – accelerated aging – consistent with PG’s oxidative-stress model and the articles by Kremer and Lanka at

  4. Think a minute, 1000 unprotected contacts with different HIV “positive” partners with a single transmission does not an infectious disease make. What would the transmission rate be if it were syphilis? And that’s only the rate for male to female or male to male. Isn’t the rate for female to male 1 in 8000? Anyway, someone tell me how they arrive at those numbers.

  5. Liam, if we had a third of the world believe in u trust me , this world would be the best planet.I know one can live longer without taking any kinds of drugs like AZT.The only thing we need to live longer enough is to stop using those dangerous drugs,have enough rest, eat a balanced diet,live in a toxic free environment,regular physical exercises,drinking enough water daily(4litre) I believe with all that there is no HIV.

  6. I’d like to view this all from a different perspective. If you read about symptoms of most any afflictions, there are many symptoms that overlap.
    This demonstrates that any virus, bacteria or condition that throws the body out of its natural state of functioning. If we then look at how most modern humans live and look at the different things they take in extreme amounts, that alone would put the body out of balance. When this occurs and is not identified as what the cause is, then making the proper diagnosis to get the body functioning again is key. However since the dawn of HIV and the big pharma hay day, people have been convinced that taking prescribed chemicals is the answer. This I believe is wholey flawed and may be a large contributor to the health epidemic in the USA especially.
    The answer I’ve found through my own personal experience, is to be aware of your body’s needs and keep it in balance, and never let it get so far out of health that getting it back is more complicated than the physician is willing to put forth. Or is even capable of doing.

  7. Also, to add…
    An HIV test is no more than a reflection of the state of a persons antibody activity. This is why it’s do flawed in its usage. For example, if a person is sick, goes to the doctor and in the course of finding the problem the doctor asks, “are you high risk” and you say yes, you get HIV tested, remind you that you are already there because you are not feeling well and likely have antibodies working within your body to repair itself. If then the antibodies that are active fall witching the spectrum of the proteins the HIV test looks for. Then you have simply fallen into the trap of testing positive for the first HIV test. Bam you are in the HIV market and are profitable as a customer to that medical field.
    Let’s take the same example but leave out the “high risk” admission. The doctor would then continue to run other tests and not even test for HIV. Eventually finding the true problem and treating it short term with a successful result.
    Which of the above scenarios is more revenue for the medical field, long term?

  8. Yea this is so true Liam but when will this fraud end??? I have seen the light and why cant other people see it? simply because they have been brainwashed by the cdc and fda and al those nurses and doctors…..once they offer you an hiv test, tell them ok but first you wanna see the test insert for that test kit and if they refuse to show it to u then tell them ur not interested in taking an hiv test. then u will see what happens…..bogus bogus bogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Well, i am recently diagnosed with HIV+ after several tests perform by the clinic and then CDC…
    The CDC revealed my result stating my CD4 count is 494. and need to start the AZT drug immediately. When i said the drug is acidic and i am feeling very well, and have no painful symptons why should I go for the drugs. The CDC doctor threw temper alittle and got impatience with me… And ask how would i cured myself. I said more organic vegetables and fruits to boost my immune. And i ask do you believe in garlic treatment. She frowned and give me an unbelievable look.. hahahhaha… go ahead and irritates them people when they diagnose you.. for HIV… hahhaha…. Learn what is balance diet…. go for alkaline food and natural vegan healing diet to strengthen ypur bod… you no need pain killers and antibiotic anymore……

  10. Yesterday as I was researching I found out that people with syzopherinia have low imunity and they show the same kind of symPtoms with HIV petients if they don’t get enough treatment.syzopherinia is a disease of fear.if some fears about some thing continuously for a long period of time he will show the same symptoms as the HIV Petients.when I research I found that people with syzopherinia have a low level of interleukin-2 a protien which is responsible for the propagation and reproduction of White blood can find this search on google typing syzopherinia and imunity.I just wanna remind you that syzopherinia is a kind of fear which stays for a long period of time.

  11. I love you guys! Finally, the truth is coming out. We are what we eat and drink. If we get away from the processed foods, junk, drugs & what have you that’s not healthy and start eating and drinking what our bodies were designed for naturally, the medical profession will hang their head in shame about this HIV crap.

  12. Hi guys, interesting articel. I remembered. I have friend. She is a girl. In 2007 she was diagnosed with hiv and she was very sad and wants to kill her her self. Hahaha. She was my very best friend since we were kids. I told her to be strong. And then she is back to get a good life like doing gym, eat healty food, pray and going to church everyweek. not eat junk food. There’s a miracle. There’s no symptom about her, and in 2010 she went back to test, unbeliavable, she got negative. She were screaming cos she is happy. Based on that story I told you guys, there’s no hiv, if its has, just like flu virus. By the way, I’m livin in Bali,Indonesia. My friend are married now and happy. We must share this to those who doesn’t know yet. Indonesia’s denials is rising

    up now. Lots of people are saving. No drugs and no suffering anymore. God bless you. I’m so sorry my english was not very good, cos Indonesia is my common language. Cheers

  13. Just look at the list the CDC published in the nineties/This list gives all the allready know diseases, on which you test + if you are so unlucky to be in this category. Hiv is the biggest lie in pharma industry but I am sure. It won’t be long, before this lie will be revealed. The sad part is, most of the doctors, they don’t have a clue.

  14. I couldn’t agree more the test was not looking for the virus itself it was looking for raised white blood cell activity, unfortunately I have lost both parents down to this outrages misdiagnosis and blatant disregard for human life. What good is money if it has no value? The world is governed by greed and inhumanity.

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