A Regimen for Health – Part 3 by Jonathan Campbell

Maintenance Regimen for The Natural AIDS/CFS Therapy

by Jonathan Campbell, Natural Health Consultant [www.cqs.com] for RTB.

See Parts 1 and 2

Once you have successfully eliminated the disease agents in your body and your health is restored, you will need to keep up a strong immune system maintenance regimen to prevent re-occurrence. The following nutrients will help you to do this.

a. Beta Carotene – 25,000-50,000 IU per day, in 2 doses. This is the safest way to obtain vitamin A, since Beta carotene is very safe in extraordinarily large doses, whereas vitamin A oil is toxic in large doses.

b. Vitamin C – 6,000-20,000 mg (6-20 grams), in the form of crystals or capsules, keeping near bowel tolerance (as discussed in the primary regimen). Take crystals with orange juice; follow all doses with food or something that will coat your stomach, such as soy drink.

c. Lysine – 3-4 grams (3,000-4,000 mg) per day. Combined with vitamin C, this is a natural protease inhibitor.

d. Proline – 3-4 grams (3,000-4,000 mg) per day. Combined with vitamin C, this is a natural protease inhibitor.

e. Glycine – 3-4 grams (3,000-4,000 mg) per day. This is a natural protease inhibitor.

f. Arginine – 3-4 grams (3,000-4,000 mg) per day. This is a natural protease inhibitor.

g. Green Tea Extract – 1 gram (1000 mg) per day.

h. Curcumin (Turmeric Extract): 500-600 mg per day with meals. Curcumin has a powerful anti-viral effect.

i. Vitamin E – 800-1200 IU per day.

j. Calcium/magnesium – 1000 mg. calcium, 400-500 mg magnesium, per day.

k. High-dosage multivitamin/multimineral complex per day.

l. Zinc – 50 mg zinc/3 mg copper, taken at a different time than Vitamin E. If tablets irritate your stomach, there are zinc lozenges available at health food stores. (Check the content of the multimineral/multimineral supplement. Take enough to reach 50 mg/3 mg total.)
m. Keep fluid levels high by drinking ½ to 1 gallon (8 to 16 cups, 2-4 liters) of fluid per day. This is essential both for the high vitamin intake and also to flush toxins out of the body.

n. Aloe juice – drink 1-2 fluid ounces per day, especially if you have stomach or intestinal problems.

o. Ginkgo Biloba – 120 mg per day for increasing and maintaining blood flow in the brain and extremities.

p. Grape seed extract (95% proanthocyanidins): 100 mg/day

q. Lutein – 10-20 mg per day helps to prevent cataracts and eye degeneration.

r. Bilberry – 300 mg per day helps retain visual acuity.

s. Lecithin – 1 tablespoon per day. This extract from soybeans provides the raw materials to maintain neural membrane health.

t. Organic Flaxseed oil – 2 tablespoons per day. This provides the correct balance of essential fatty acids for cellular and neural membrane health.

u. If you have hepatitis that has not been resolved by the time you begin this maintenance regimen, continue with the high doses of chlorella, selenium, and milk thistle extract recommended in the full-strength regimen.

If you have allergic symptoms or inflammation:

a. Ginger: 1000-8000 mg per day with meals.

b. Turmeric Extract (Curcumin): 1000-8000 mg per day. Must be taken with meals. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory, and also has a powerful anti-cancer and anti-viral effect.

c. Quercetin: 800 mg three times a day, about 20 minutes before each meal.

The Natural AIDS/CFIDS Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

How does this natural AIDS therapy work?

The symptoms of AIDS/CFIDS – immune dysfunction, opportunistic infection, and tissue destruction – are caused by toxins and enzymes produced by disease agents. These disease agents spread (replicate) by using an enzyme called protease, which destroys collagen. The AIDS/CFIDS regimen, the core of which was developed by Dr. Matthias Rath, works in eight ways to stop AIDS and its symptoms:

1. The core nutrients of the regimen – vitamin C, lysine, proline, glycine, and arginine – together stop the action of disease proteases. Thus in combination they act as natural protease inhibitor. In other words, the disease protease molecules are neutralized by the amino acids, which act as “decoys” to prevent the protease from attacking T-cells and destroying collagen in living tissue. Synthetic protease inhibitors such as in Efaverenz, Crixivan, and Kaletra have the disadvantage that the disease agents can mutate to produce a different protease that makes the inhibitor ineffective. This is not a possibility with the natural AIDS therapy because the inhibitor amino acids lysine and proline are biologically identical to the amino acids in the target tissue (collagen).

2. The regimen builds and strengthens your immune system by supplying the raw material (vitamin C and zinc) for building healthy white blood cells, which can identify, surround, and destroy bacteria, viruses and unhealthy cells. This fortifies the body to fight the disease agents directly and strengthens the body against opportunistic infections.

3. The therapy contains two potent anti-disease nutrients – green tea catechins (GTCs) and curcumin. There are many studies showing the effectiveness of these natural anti-disease nutrients against disease agents, yet they are completely non-toxic in enormous quantities since they are common food an drink nutrients. Turmeric is the main ingredient in Indian curries, and green tea has been one of the most popular drinks in China and Japan for thousands of years.

4. The vitamin C in the regimen acts as an anti-oxidant detoxifying agent – a toxin sponge mop. AIDS/CFIDS disease agents – and the tissues they destroy – produce toxins that cause more tissue destruction. Vitamin C neutralizes these toxins into harmless chemicals that are then excreted.

5. The vitamin C, lysine, and proline in the regimen allow your body to quickly rebuild and regenerate the connective tissue – collagen – and other tissues that have been destroyed by the disease agents.

6. If you are using pharmaceutical anti-viral or anti-bacterial drugs, the vitamin C in the regimen reduces side effects of these drugs by removing the toxins produced by their action in the body. However, as stated earlier, these drugs are often cited as a cause of AIDS progression, so their continued use should be avoided.

7. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, the therapy provides sufficient nutrients to restore normal cellular metabolism. These nutrients are often deficient in AIDS patients.

8. The gingko biloba in the regimen increases peripheral circulation, including to neurons in the brain and elsewhere. This helps to reduce or prevent neuropathy, a common problem faced by AIDS/CFIDS patients.

Are there documented studies of this therapy?

The studies thus far have been small pre-clinical studies done by Dr. Rath and his associates, and are ongoing. The results have been very positive. For the first time, there have been documented cases of dramatically increased white blood cell counts and improved health solely using a natural therapy. Anecdotal reports of the therapy can be found at http://www.cqs.com/winningwaronaids.htm.

(The pharmaceutical industry is not particularly interested in inexpensive, natural nutritionally-based therapies; as a result, their allies in the government do not generally fund studies of natural therapies.)

Is this AIDS therapy safe?

The AIDS/CFIDS therapy nutrients are ordinary food nutrients. It has no side effects.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient needed for dozens of cellular systems – tissue reconstruction and regeneration, cholesterol recycling, and white blood cell creation to name just a few. Most animals produce their own, but humans must get it in food or nutritional supplements in large quantities – much larger than the federal RDA – to remain healthy. (For more information about the safety of vitamin C, see the section entitled “Is vitamin C safe?”)

Beta carotene is derived from carrots or other yellow-orange vegetables. It is proven safe in enormous quantities. Your body makes as much vitamin A as it needs from it; vitamin A is needed for healing and to maintain eye health. Any excess of beta carotene is safely excreted.

Lysine, proline, glycine, and arginine are ordinary amino acids derived from protein such as soybeans. The concentrations provided by the regimen are higher than in normal food, but consider: the semi-solid part of our bodies – mostly made of collagen – is composed primarily of lysine, proline, and glycine. This is the very tissue that the AIDS disease agents are destroying.

As mentioned earlier, curcumin and green tea are common food and drink nutrients.

Aloe juice has been safely used for many years for gastrointestinal problems, which often accompany AIDS/CFIDS.

Gingko biloba has been used for many years for helping middle-aged and elderly people maintain brain health.

Does the AIDS/CFIDS therapy interfere with pharmaceutical drugs for AIDS?

The regimen does not interfere with these drugs; in fact, the vitamin C in the regimen reduces the side effects of these drugs by neutralizing toxins produced by their action in your body. However, as stated above, these drugs are cited as causes of AIDS progression, and should be avoided.

What about other medications and insulin?

If you are currently taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol, you can discontinue using it once you have started taking this regimen. Having a sufficient blood level of vitamin C will naturally reduce and balance your cholesterol count.

If you are taking other heart or blood-pressure remedies (e.g., beta blocker, calcium channel blocker), ask your doctor to carefully monitor the symptoms that these drugs are supposed to address, and taper off the dosage as your cardiovascular system becomes healthy again on its own.

If you have diabetes, it is imperative that you monitor blood sugar closely and frequently, as your need for insulin will likely decrease. This is especially true in the case of Type II (age-onset) diabetes.

Why is there a range of dosage?

For people with AIDS, CFS, or CFIDS or have been diagnosed “HIV-positive”, the smaller dose is the beginning dose and the larger dose is the target dose. For most people, taking this number of supplements is quite different from what they are used to, and a bit overwhelming. Furthermore, it takes your body a few days to adjust and begin to use the amounts of vitamin C in the regimen. Elevate your dosage to the target dosage range as soon as practicable.

Why don’t most doctors know about this therapy?

This therapy and other natural remedies for chronic illness are not known by most doctors because their primary source of information is the pharmaceutical industry, which has no incentive to publicize non-patentable, inexpensive, natural remedies or cures. Doctors are literally barraged each day with drug company reports, press releases, and free samples. Meanwhile, we are treated to advertisements for these expensive new pharmaceutical “remedies” on television and in virtually every newspaper and magazine in the United States, so that we know just which drugs to ask for from our doctors.

The conventional treatments for chronic illnesses do not generally cure or prevent these illnesses, but instead call for expensive maintenance drugs or toxic chemicals that destroy the immune system and inhibit healing.

These maintenance and/or toxic therapies represent hundreds of billions of dollars per year in drug company revenue. Thus cheap, non-patentable natural remedies and cures represent a major threat to these companies.

Is vitamin C safe?

Vitamin C is probably the safest nutritional supplement. In fact there is no toxic dose. It is proven safe in huge quantities. Intravenously it has been in quantities of 200 grams per day with no side effects. Dr. Ian Brighthope of Australia and Dr. Robert Cathcart in California use 100+ gram vitamin C infusions for their AIDS patients, with no adverse effects. Its only “side effect” is mild diarrhea if you take too much orally. Some AIDS patients have taken enormous quantities orally – upwards of 100 grams per day – for extended periods of time, again with no side effects.

Almost all animals on earth produce their own vitamin C, at concentrations between 30 and 300 times as much as the FDA says we need. Humans, monkeys, guinea pigs, and a few other animals have a genetic defect that prevents them from turning blood sugar into ascorbate – vitamin C. When most animals are under stress – when they are scared or ill or exposed to toxins – their internal vitamin C factories go into overdrive and provide this nutrient in very large quantities.

What about the vitamin C scares?

There have been no documented cases of anyone who has ever had adverse side effects from taking very large doses of vitamin C, other than the diarrhea mentioned above, which is simply the indicator that you have exceeded the dose that your body is using. But for many years, the pharmaceutical industry has gone to great lengths to scare people away from vitamin C. These companies have huge investments in expensive prescription drugs that attempt to treat the symptoms of diseases that would be addressed, cured, or prevented easily and cheaply with the same dosage of vitamin C as is found in the blood of most animals.

The scares have accelerated since 1999. One researcher noted finding vitamin C in a cancer tumor, and then reported that vitamin C might induce cancer or interfere with anti-cancer agents. If he had understood the action of vitamin C against cancer, he would have realized that the vitamin C that he found was contained in leukocytes — our body’s natural immune defense mechanism against cancer — that had collected in the tumor to attempt to destroy it!

A few months later, two researchers reported “thickening of the artery wall” from vitamin C, assuming that the arteries were being blocked. In fact, they did not test for blood flow, and if they, too, had understood the action of vitamin C, they would have realized that the thickening was in fact related not to the blocking of the arteries, but rather to the strengthening of the arteries that was due to proper collagen formation.

Finally, in June of 2001 a researcher at a university that receives large amounts of funding from drug companies reported, with great media attention, a test-tube experiment in which he analyzed the action of vitamin C on “peroxidized lipids” (blood fats that had been made toxic by extreme free radical damage) and reported that the resultant compounds might be carcinogenic. This researcher failed to mention that this test tube reaction has been known for several years and that no such reaction has ever been found in animals or humans. He also failed to mention that peroxidized lipids do not form in the first place in a person who takes adequate vitamin C. Finally, he failed to mention that peroxidized lipids are extremely toxic to the body anyway, so that claiming that they turned into something toxic when exposed to vitamin C is misleading at best. This might be equivalent to saying, “When I applied vitamin C to cyanide I got something poisonous.”

It is interesting to note, as has Dr. Matthias Rath, that the timing of these scares coincides with the meetings of the Codex Alimentarius commission of the United Nations. In his public lectures Dr. Rath has pointed out that this commission is strongly influenced by the major pharmaceutical companies.

Safe Testing Protocols for CFS, AIDS, and CFIDS

The only tests that can adequately test your progress against the diseases are the ones that measure your white blood cell counts.

CD4, CD8, and NK counts.

Normal CD4 counts are between about 500 and 1500, with women’s CD4 counts slightly higher (by about 100) than men.

Normal CD8 counts in healthy people are typically about one-half the CD4 count (250-750).

Normal NK (natural killer) counts in non-infected people are typically about 100-500.

It is important to stay on the full Natural Regimen dosages consistently until your CD4, CD8, and NK counts are normal for at least a year. Thereafter, it is important to re-test every 6 months and to stay on the Maintenance Regimen as a lifetime commitment, increasing to the full regimen dosages if you become ill with a cold, flu, or other illness, and returning to the maintenance dosage as you become well.


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Important Note and Disclaimer

Jonathan Campbell is a health and environment researcher and consultant. He is not a physician, and the information, suggestions, and recommendations that he provides are not prescriptions. When you pursue alternative remedies, you are taking full responsibility for your own health decisions, and it is recommended that you consult with a qualified physician supportive of naturopathic approaches to immune enhancement who has access to testing laboratories to monitor your progress. This is especially the case if you currently take any pharmaceutical drugs, as your dosage requirements will likely change as your body heals.

Many patients have used a subset of the therapeutic supplement regimen described above to successfully treat and reverse their disease conditions. However, it is important also to understand that no therapies, no matter how well tested or proven, can be guaranteed to be effective for every case. Advanced AIDS sometimes completely destroys tissue and essential organs vital for life, and no therapy, no matter how effective, can reverse this destruction.

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