A Regimen for Health – part 1

A Natural Therapy for AIDS/CFS/CFIDS

By Jonathan Campbell, Natural Health Consultant [www.cqs.com]

What do you do if you test positive for HIV?

If you test “positive” or reactive on HIV test, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and many doctors will tell you that you have an incurable, death-certificate disease, and that you have to take expensive, toxic drugs to possibly extend your life. Some “AIDS dissident” websites such as Rethinking AIDS suggest that the test is not meaningful and imply that you should do nothing. Who do you believe?

In reality, these tests do not actually test for any single particle or virus. [Read about HIV testing]. But there is good evidence that the HIV test DO detect an immune challenge of some sort. They test positive for a wide variety of ordinary and curable bacterial and fungal diseases, some of which can be very harmful or even deadly if untreated, like syphilis. They also test positive for ordinary health challenges such as exposure to toxic chemicals, pregnancy, and even vaccinations. These are all called “false positives” in medical literature.

In other words, the HIV tests are multi-factorial non-specific tests which measure your immune response. Unfortunately doctors do not read the medical literature about the tests, and they believe that they are an accurate, direct measure of your exposure to one and only one specific virus. So now you have a big problem – your doctor thinks that you are infected with a deadly virus and that you must take toxic drugs for it.

But you are now aware that this positive test means something very different – that you may have an immune response to something treatable and curable, or even possibly to a previous illness, vaccination, or pregnancy. If you are now ill, or if you suffer from chronic infection or illness, your immune system does have the ability to overcome any viral, bacterial, or fungal infection, but it often requires help. You need to provide your body with large doses of certain specific nutrients to rebuild your immunity and fend off illness.

The AIDS regimen, based on the research of Dr. Matthias Rath (and Dr. Ian Brighthope for his contribution of large-dose vitamin C infusions for acute AIDS illness), can help you overcome even severe illness by enhancing your natural immunity, inhibiting growth and spread of bacteria and fungus infections, and providing you with an arsenal of natural antibiotics and anti-fungal agents.

What are AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are diseases that have a common cause: they are brought about by a combination of exposure to toxic chemicals and drugs that suppress immune system function, along with bacterial, fungal, and common viral infection. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the pharmaceutical industry have vested interests in preventing people from knowing the truth about these illnesses: that they have a common cause and that there are naturopathic ways to treat them effectively.

People with CFS are treated by the CDC and most doctors as if there is something wrong with their brain chemistry: that it is “all in their heads.” Yet many of these people have so little cellular energy that their hearts cannot adequately keep up their blood pressure and the slightest amount of exertion sends them to bed for days. There is evidence that their mitochondria – the energy-manufacturing organelles in their cells – are not functioning, possibly as a result of chemical or heavy metal toxicity. Their immune systems are weak.

People who test positive for “HIV” are treated as if they have been given death certificates. They are then told they are infected with a deadly virus and that they must take toxic drugs that will actually cause AIDS progression and hasten their death. Yet the tests for “HIV” are not specific. They don’t measure any virus, they are not tests for AIDS (there is no such thing as a test for AIDS), and they are not an indication that someone will necessarily ever get AIDS (even according to the test manufacturers). These are just tests of antibodies and other biological markers – the human body’s natural immune reaction to ordinary or serious bacterial, fungal or virus infections, such as colds, influenza, syphilis, and tuberculosis, as well as past or current pregnancy. There are many people who are consistently “HIV-positive” who have never taken any AIDS drugs and live normal, healthy lives.

In Africa, people with tuberculosis, cholera, malaria, and all of the other diseases of extreme poverty and malnutrition, are now given the general label of “HIV+” or “AIDS.” It has become a convenient label to enable the promotion of ineffective and expensive toxic drugs by the pharmaceutical companies, which are now completely consuming funds that should be going to public health, and sanitation, and food infrastructure.

People with CFIDS are given the same grim prognosis as AIDS patients, and are given different immune-destructive drugs to alleviate the symptoms. They are essentially just sent home to die.

The people afflicted with these three diseases think of themselves as having nothing to do with one another: people with CFS do not want the stigma of having a “death certificate” disease, people with AIDS often think the drugs work, and people with CFIDS don’t know what to think, but go from doctor to doctor in an often vain attempt to find something that will halt their downward spiral.

All of these diseases appear to have a common cause – traumatic or long-term immune suppression (the result of malnutrition, use of pharmaceutical and/or illicit drugs, toxic exposure to pesticides or heavy metals, etc.) combined with infection by opportunistic bacteria, fungi, and common viruses.

If you have just been diagnosed as “HIV+”, it is not necessarily an indication of any particular disease. It is an indication that you have a normal (antibody) immune reaction to one or many ordinary – or serious – bacteria, virus, or fungus infections, or as a result of pregnancy. That does not mean that you should do nothing about it. If you are ill – especially if it is chronic – you need to treat and cure the illness by enhancing your immune system and provide your body with other defenses against the disease agents.

The primary regimen in this manual (described below) is designed for people who are seriously ill. If you have no other signs of illness, then it is recommended that you take the Maintenance Regimen starting on page 9. If for some reason you become seriously ill, you may use the primary regimen below.

The primary regimen is a purely naturopathic route to rebuild your immune system, to fortify your body with nutrients that are depleted by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and exposure to chemicals and toxic pharmaceutical medications, to neutralize and remove toxins and free radicals, to provide the raw materials for tissue repair and replacement, and to halt disease progression and restore health.

The following are recommendations regarding the use of this regimen.

1. The drugs typically prescribed for AIDS can present extremely serious adverse effects. The chemotherapeutic anti-viral drugs used for AIDS and HIV diagnosis, such as Combivir, AZT, ddI, ddC, and Nevirapine, interfere with normal cell division and function. While the drugs kill some bacteria and fungus outright, so there appears to be an improvement, I believe these drugs do nothing but harm, if taken for a prolonged period. Long term use of these anti-viral drugs can actually cause AIDS progression, immune suppression, bone marrow failure, and death.

Synthetic protease inhibitors such as Kaletra, Efaverenz and Crixivan interfere with normal protein and collagen synthesis, so that your body cannot repair and replace muscle and connective tissue. Long term use of synthetic protease inhibitors causes improper fat metabolism, muscle wasting and death. You will need to make your own decision about using these drugs.

2. Stop ingestion of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, especially nitrite inhalants (“poppers”). Nitrites are cytotoxic chemicals which destroy the immune system and cause cancer. Nitrites are likely the primary cause of Kaposi’s sarcoma.

3. Avoid all use of immune-suppressive pharmaceutical drugs such as hydrocortisone, prednisone, and fluocinolone. These anti-inflammatory drugs, often prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of CFS, CFIDS, and AIDS, inhibit your immune system’s ability to fight infection. Some researchers claim that they could be one of the primary causes of AIDS progression. There are many natural anti-inflammatory supplements. The doses of turmeric and ginger anti-inflammatories in this natural regimen are usually sufficient for symptomatic relief, but if you also have asthma, MCS, or serious allergies, you may need to seek other natural anti-inflammatories. See the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (see below) for further reference.

4. Reduce ingestion of recreational or addictive drugs. All psychoactive drugs disrupt cell metabolism, and many of them are immunosuppressive, that is, they suppress or destroy the immune system. (This is especially true of intravenous drugs.)

5. Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption. Cigarette “tar” (benzopyrene) is a powerful carcinogen and both it and nicotine are cytotoxic. Alcohol opens the “blood-brain” barrier, allowing toxic chemicals in the bloodstream to attack brain cells. Both smoking and drinking harm the immune system.

6. Avoid foods high in dioxin and PCBs – meat, shellfish, fish, and dairy products. Dioxin and PCBs are super-toxic hormone disruptors; they bio-accumulate in animal fat. It is extremely harmful to the immune system. But you must keep up your protein intake, so eat lots of soy (organic or non-GMO, if possible) and whole grain products. Soy drinks such as Spirutein and vegetarian burgers are ideal for boosting protein intake; choose the non-GMO or organic varieties in order to reduce exposure to pesticides. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. As with soy, buy organic food (if it is within your budget) to reduce pesticide exposure.

7. Obtain and read other information about immune system restoration, such as found in the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno. The human body can heal itself, given proper nutrition and environment.

Important note:

The list of nutrients for the Natural Regimen for AIDS, CFS, and CFIDS below is rather extensive. If there are financial or other considerations that make it impossible to obtain or use all of them, the most important are:

  • Vitamin C (use calcium ascorbate – “buffered” vitamin C – if the stomach is sensitive) (powdered is cheapest)
  • Lysine amino acid (powdered is cheapest)
  • Proline amino acid (powdered is cheapest)
  • Glycine amino acid (powdered is cheapest)
  • Arginine amino acid
  • Decaf Green tea extract
  • Beta Carotene
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
  • Selenium
  • Zinc/Copper
  • Co-Q10, especially if suffering from chronic fatigue
  • D-Ribose if suffering from chronic fatigue
  • Oregano Oil and Olive Leaf Extract for infection
  • Easy-to-digest protein (in other words, keep eating wholesome meals, and use soy or whey protein shakes if appetite is down)
  • Hi-potency multivitamin/multimineral
  • Calcium/magnesium supplementation
  • At least 8 cups (2 quarts, 2 liters) of water or other non-caffeinated liquids per day

The most important consideration is that you must be consistent in taking the regimen, whether you take just the minimum set of supplements above or the entire list. If you miss a dose, do not “double” because you’ll probably get diarrhea from too much vitamin C at once. Just get back on track as soon as you can.

Important Note and Disclaimer

Jonathan Campbell is a health and environment researcher and consultant. He is not a physician, and the information, suggestions, and recommendations that he provides are not prescriptions. When you pursue alternative remedies, you are taking full responsibility for your own health decisions, and it is recommended that you consult with a qualified physician supportive of naturopathic approaches to immune enhancement who has access to testing laboratories to monitor your progress. This is especially the case if you currently take any pharmaceutical drugs, as your dosage requirements will likely change as your body heals.

Many patients have used a subset of the therapeutic supplement regimen described above to successfully treat and reverse their disease conditions. However, it is important also to understand that no therapies, no matter how well tested or proven, can be guaranteed to be effective for every case. Advanced AIDS sometimes completely destroys tissue and essential organs vital for life, and no therapy, no matter how effective, can reverse this destruction.

Stay tuned for Part 2…

9 thoughts on “A Regimen for Health – part 1

  1. Anyone diagnosed with AIDS needs to listen to the Audio Archives below and read the Bioinitiative Report (also below). Their immune systems are likely being destroyed by area cell phone and wifi towers and antennas…

    Audio Archives – Interviews with Top Researchers:

    Attitudes to the Health Dangers of Non-Thermal EMFs:

    Becker Interview:

    Bioinitiative Report:

    Electro Hypersensitivity – Talking to Your Doctor

    German Doctors Unite on RF Health Effects:


  2. Great article except for the use of soy. Soy is fine if it has been fermented, such as soy sauce, tempe etc.. but unfermented soy is dangerous and interfers with your bodies ability to absorb many nutrients.It is NOT the food that many people think it is. It interfers with thyroid function also.Many healthcare professionals have no idea about the dangers of soy. See the link below. There are many articles published on this subject.Do not fall into the soy trap!!!!!


  3. It’s one thing to say that HIV does not cause AIDS, and I believe this is true. However, this doesn’t mean that we know what does indeed cause it.

    Your theory of what causes AIDS is just that – a theory. You do not know. I know, however, that sexual transmission is one of the ways you can catch it. I lived in a gay neighborhood of San Francisco back in the 80’s, and people who did not do drugs or drink like a fish or stay up all night still got AIDS. What they did have in common with other victims of AIDS was anal sex.

    Note that straight people in SF were just as likely to be taking all sorts of weird drugs and abusing their bodies just like a lot of gays did. But it was (and still is) a gay disease or a disease of people using drugs intravenously.

    I think the jury should still be out on this one, but note that you would have to show me some scientific studies to prove your belief in the causes of AIDS.

    At the same time, I don’t necessarily dispute what you offer to alleviate the problems of AIDS. And I do believe that the drugs have put a smokescreen on any ability to really study the disease/syndrome in a scientific way.

  4. Excellent article. I would add vaccines to the list of things that can cause one test HIV-positive as well.

    I’ve also found that people do better on a diet of mostly raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds than any of the supplements, but most people would rather take a pill than change their lifestyle. It’s unfortunate that we’ve been programmed to worship doctors and take their poisons.

  5. I love your website, and agree that toxicity coupled with bacterial, viral, and fungal infection are behind CFS, BUT you’ve left out the most important factor that would explain WHY these toxins are not being eliminated from the body and WHY these infections take over – chronic exposure to electromagnetic/microwave/radiowave radiation. ‘Think’ cell phone and wifi towers and antennas.

    Exposure to cell phone and wifi tower radiation is…

    1) Causing a redistribution of metals in the body.
    2) Causing ‘magnetotrophic’ microorganisms to be attracted to our bodies.
    3) Opening up the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins, metals, and microorganisms inside.
    4) Confusing our immune system which operates on the basis of electromagnetic communication between cells.

    Please google the Becker Interview and Bioinitiative Report. Lots of audio interviews with top researchers in the link below…

    Audio Archives – Interviews with Top Researchers:

  6. This article is a good start for someone with a positive HIV-diagnosis and health problems to find some direction for alternative healing.
    I would only add that true health and healing requires a serious commitment to rethinking what we do with our bodies (and mind and spirit) and what we put into it. It’s not as simple as just taking some supplements. Diet, exercise and some form of meditation are all important components of a whole-istic approach.
    Your list of supplements is similar to the one I follow since quitting HIV drugs and all other pharmaceutical drugs. The others I’ve added for immune healing include l-glutamine, a good probiotic and mushroom extracts.
    Looking forward to the next installment.

  7. This is a very informative site.

    It is also the second site on alternative medicine I have visited today where there is always one person who stands up and asks for proof.

    In all honesty, I say thank God for people like that because I didn’t learn what I know today about alternative healing methods by simply listening to someone else’s opinion.

    But there does come a point in the learning process where you seek certain information out for yourself. You must also get to the point where you know the truth from a bunch of garbage by its ‘ring’. Without that you will forever wander – unconvinced, unsure and just a puppet waiting to be manipulated.

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