Reduce the Burden

What is RTB?

RTB is an idea, a website, and a social movement whose aim is to improve the lives of AIDS patients worldwide, by improving understanding of the over-simplified and often incorrect publicly advertised AIDS diagnosis.

The AIDS diagnosis is severe; it profoundly affects – and often derails and destroys – the lives of people who are given the diagnosis. A diagnosis which can result in personal isolation, stigmatization and life-long drugging with severe, debilitating and even fatality-inducing medicines.

This information is common knowledge, and many organizations attempt to minimize the stigma placed on AIDS patients. What is not disclosed is that the basis for the diagnosis itself is incorrect, over-stated and overly-harsh; and that the realities of HIV and AIDS diagnosis are at present not freely disclosed to the public by scientists or the mainstream media.

In sum, the AIDS diagnosis is too severe, too final, too harsh; it has become the primary burden that we place on patients worldwide who we so easily give the overly-deterministic, brutalizing, permanent and irrevocably fatal diagnosis.

We must do better for people worldwide than to subject them to a cruel and overly-certain, often self-fulfilling medical diagnosis, which, upon examination, is revealed to have roots in our recent histories of scientific racism and poorly considered applied technologies that are fed by an undercurrent of yesterday’s flawed, race-dividing ‘eugenic’ sciences.

The complex realities of AIDS and HIV testing are not reported in the press; they are often actively suppressed. But read the standard medical literature and you will find:

Because the tests diagnose or give indication for so wide a swath of immune responses and conditions, it is unethical to use these tests to issue a single final or fatal diagnosis - a death sentence. We must reduce the burden of the HIV test diagnosis, to better match the diversity of HIV test responses.

The belief that AIDS is primarily sexual has caused a false but deadly stigma to be applied to millions of individuals worldwide, ostracizing them from their homes and villages, cities and communities, making them sexual lepers, untouchable, and labeled ‘permanently infected.’ All this, despite the fact that 25 years of medical literature make it plain that the major factor in Acquired Immune Deficiency is not normative, reproductive or recreational sex - despite what our unchecked biases would have us readily believe.

We must remove the stigma of the HIV and AIDS diagnosis, start looking at the underlying, environmental and toxicological causes of complex immune deficiency, and cease targeting sex as a leading concern or factor to be managed or interfered with as a global project.

These many conditions that combine to create the AIDS diagnosis are very often treatable, repairable and even reversible, and should not be called “irrevocable, permanent and fatal” based on a conflicted piece of technology like the HIV tests.

But, now it can be appealed. And returned. Return Your HIV Test Diagnosis Now.

In the name of improving the lives of millions, and addressing our historical inheritence of much flawed racist scientific thought, we must now -

Reduce the Burden, Remove the Stigma, and Remake AIDS.”

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We hope you will enjoy and dig deeply into your exploration of the topics on view – by reducing the burden on AIDS patients, we may see better treatments, longer lives, a more honest and more flexible approach to AIDS and illness, and a better day for those given the diagnosis worldwide.