Hiv tests give no one single diagnosis; they may indicate immune suppression from a variety of illness. They may indicate drug abuse or toxic environmental exposure. They may indicate pregnancy.

Recovery from Immune Deficiency, as described in AIDS patients, is possible and probable.

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All AIDS patients are not the same, and should not be assumed to follow the same deterministic and enforced fatal diagnosis. Types of AIDS Immune Deficiency are as varied as people given the diagnosis.

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Answer: We don’t count, we ignore them; but they are the key.

What treatments are being excluded at present because they do not conform to the enforced, but unreasonable and unethical dogma of AIDS? How many “Long Term Non-Progressors” are out there who have already been put on these over-burdening drugs before ever discovering that they did not need them? How many falsely diagnosed are buried under the avalanche of drug toxicity, without ever realizing that their test result was the result of a poly-reactive test?

Patients will be socially and psychologically healthier when we remove the presumptive mark of death (the false HIV test result) from their hearts, minds and souls. By removing the presumptive but inaccurate stigma of of sexual infectivity, and social leprosy, that we now hang on people on the basis of the flawed HIV test rubric.

By allowing a diversity and flexibility in treatment to the many illnesses and conditions that create Immune Deficiency, we may, for many people, effectively reverse the course of their disease; for those whose illness is severe, we may develop integrative approaches in which pharmaceuticals, used in a short course, are able to address an emergency situation, and which nutrient and other immensely supportive therapies are used to manage and improve – and even rehabilitate – the chronic condition. In terms of actual patient health, we have nothing to lose – and everything to gain – in pursuing a deeply integrative approach, and in reducing the initial weight and permanence of the HIV test diagnosis.

But, now it can be appealed. And returned. Return Your HIV Test Diagnosis Now.

Reduce the Burden, Remove the Stigma.