The AIDS diagnosis, following the over-certain and over-reaching HIV test diagnosis, violates both human rights and good medical practice: treatments are overly-toxic, over-dosed, over-damaging, because they are not measured against patient improvement over time, but against a false notion of a pre-ordained death.

The approved drugs don’t have to be successful in helping patients recover their health; their effectiveness is measured against two laboratory surrogate markers, TCells and Viral Load, which fail to predict or care for actual patient health. If a patient on the drugs continues on for a few years at moderate to declining levels of health, the drugs are said to be successful. If the patient dies, the drugs’ recorded toxic effects, including fatality are ignored. Instead the artificial-but-enforced HIV test result is blamed.


– Nevirapine Toxicity. Yes, that’s the result of an Aids drug. Yes, we give it to human beings.

Treatments that are successful, but which do not proceed from the assumption of unavoidable fatality are actively suppressed by the medical establishment, FDA and derided by the major media.

Treatments are mandatory in pregnant women, and children. These treatments are nauseating, causing severe vomiting and diarrhea, so are often rejected by children. They are thus administered forcefully to children through a variety of mechanisms, including tubes inserted through the nostril, and tubes inserted through holes cut surgically in the abdomen; these are called gastric tubes or G-tubes, and this forced surgery is now used for adherence in small children to teens.

What treatments are being excluded at present because they do not conform to this rubric? How many “Long Term Non-Progressors” are out there who have already been put on these over-burdening drugs before ever discovering that they did not need them? How many falsely diagnosed are buried under the avalanche of drug toxicity, without ever realizing that their test result was the result of a poly-reactive test? A test that may, at best, show some evidence of immune deficiency, or at worst, show nothing but that the patient has one of a hundred conditions that cause reactivity?

In sum, this diagnosis needs a public evaluation and a scaling down, so that all patients with Immune Deficiency, of any kind, can receive appropriate treatment, whether it be with micronutrients, less-toxic pharmaceuticals, or with better treatments that have yet to be put into place.

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