According to the standard medical literature on AIDS and HIV testing, sex is not the driving force in world wide immune-deficiency, but this information is actively suppressed from the public discussion on AIDS.

The idea that sex is the most important factor in worldwide ‘immune deficiency’ reflects well-worn cultural biases, but ignores the local factors lacking in those who suffer from AIDS, a lack of:

Add to those:

And you’ve painted a portrait of the lives of people suffering chronic immune deficiency.

This “lack” separates AIDS patients worldwide from persons suffering no chronic immune deficiency. Those who have the protections listed above by and large do not ‘acquire immune deficiency.’ Those who live with the lack of basic amenities listed above, have ‘AIDS.’

The bias in favor of sex as the primary cause of immune deficiency has strong roots in our culture. The negative view of sexual reproduction among certain groups is a major plank of our history of science, an idea forwarded in 20th Century Eugenics, and carried into our era in international population control and sterilization programs.

This is a medicine driven by ‘scientific research,’ ie. technologically-complex and research-heavy data and methods, which were, however, based on flawed, unchallenged, dogmatic and racist notions. These practices are only called ‘scientific racism’ in retrospect, many decades after the fact of their popular success.

Read the literature on Sex and AIDS.