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Do you have a story to tell about HIV testing? About Aids drugs? About the Aids industry or doctors? A personal success story? Consider submitting your story for publication at RTB.

Send us your story, and we’ll feature it in our ‘featured articles’ section.

Tell us your story, and RTB will write to your doctor or clinician and ask them why they haven’t given you all the literature on HIV testing, and we’ll publish their response.

Submit your story HERE, or to [email protected] Please include your full name, an email where you can be reached, and how you would like to be identified in your article (ie. only first, or first and last name)

Artists Welcome

Are you an artist? Submit your RTB-themed web art, for web posters, or for printing as stickers and flyers.

Make a statement that supports the idea of improving the lives of Aids patients by “reducing the burden” and “removing the stigma” of the diagnosis; talk about the HIV testing problem, or the overly-harsh and terribly limited choice of Aids drugs. Express yourself.

How to submit artwork and photography:

Upload your JPEG, GIF or PNG image to Flickr or Photobucket, or the host of your choice, and send us the link, along with your name and a description of your work. RTB will feature your work on the site, post a link to your site, if you have one, and make your art available to others to use and enjoy.

About Us

Reduce the Burden.org was founded by Liam Scheff, and is a group project with contributions and editorial support from Jonathan Barnett, Tony Lance, Cal Crilly, Ricci Davis, Russell Schoch, Dan B, Emma Holister, Jonathan Campbell, Sepp Hasselberger, Zero Sum and… you!

So, submit a relevant journal article, or your own, about the tests, drugs, stigma, recovery, or your story of HIV testing, and the obstacles you’ve faced with the diagnosis