AIDS Eugenics Industry’s Woman of the Year

by Liam Scheff

The AIDS Industry now wants to own all of women’s bodies; not only by drugging them before, during and after pregnancy, but by turning them into pill dispensers for their new-borns:

In order to reduce the transmission of HIV from mother to baby during breastfeeding, scientists are developing a low-cost, modified nipple shield which dispenses antiviral compounds. [link]

Read about the wondrous project, and other Eugenic works, at: as well as the UN population fund.

Oh, did anybody mention that HIV tests (which are used to validate the notion of “transmission”) come up positive for everything, and nothing? Including pregnancy?

Or that these drugs deform, distress and kill the grown men and women who take them?

Well, they already cut children’s stomachs open to take the drugs…I suppose it’s just a logical progression…

Modified pill-dispensing nipple-shields. Fraudulent tests. Population control and management – all for a good, honorable cause…

Gosh, I wonder what ideas they have in store for us, if we’d only let them?

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Have you ever noticed that those who talk about “empowering” women always seem to want to “empower” women to do what THEY think women should do, not what women themselves think they should do?

They want to “empower” women, for example, to negotiate for condom use — which is fine, but when have you ever heard anyone say they wanted to empower women to refuse to use a condom if they don’t want to? Do we just automatically assume that every woman wants to use a condom? I could introduce you to a number of my current and former girlfriends who would blow that assumption right out of the water. Indeed, if my own experience is any indicator, women seem to hate condoms more than we guys do.

For that matter, how many of them want to empower women to say “yes” to sex? They seem extremely concerned with empowering women to say “no” — which again is a fine idea — I don’t think that anyone should feel obligated have sex if they don’t want to.

But are they unaware that there are still places on this bass-ackwards planet where a woman can be killed for consenting to sex — or for that matter, even for dressing too provocatively? And even in so-called “civilized” societies like America, it’s all-too-common for a woman to be ostracized, scorned, or treated like human garbage for doing things that most guys would brag about. Where is the concern for empowering women to enjoy healthy sex lives without having to sacrifice their reputations or even their very lives? Surely it’s at least as important to empower women to say “yes” as to empower them to say “no”, and yet the latter is all you ever hear people talk about when they talk about “empowering” women.

And now they want to “empower” women to poison their own children?!? What mother with natural maternal instincts would want to do this?

And more importantly, where’s the movement to empower women to say “no” to drugging their children if that’s what they feel is best?

Once again, we’re all in favor of “empowering” women to do what WE think they should do. Call me crazy, but I think that the only true empowerment of women requires that they be empowered to do what THEY think they should do.


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